Working Out Together (11 Reasons Why Couples Should Work Out Together)

Going to the gym with your significant other may not be your idea of a dream date, but it has its benefits. Trust me, working out together with your partner will work wonders for your body and relationship.

There’s a common saying that goes thus – “couples who sweat together stay together”. It’s challenging to make out time for your significant other, especially with a hectic work schedule. Think about how much quality time working out together affords the both of you.

The prospect of doing a couple of fitness challenges with your significant other can be thrilling and romantic. Come to think of it, having your significant other do physical exercises with you will give you the extra motivation you need to achieve your fitness objectives.

Some couples hit the gym together but rarely work out together. Chances are, one partner doesn’t like the type of workout routine the other fancies doing. For instance, one may be looking to slim down while the other favors building muscles.

You may probably be more productive doing solo workouts. Notwithstanding, you should try to exercise with your significant other from time to time. Below are several reasons why we feel it’s a good idea.

11 Reasons Why Couples Should Work Out Together

1. Safety purposes

No matter your choice of physical activity, safety should be a priority. Remember, safety on the trail and to your body matter a lot. It’s possible to get carried away by the sheer thought of losing weight or keeping fit.

Having your partner do drills with you means there’s someone to keep you on course. You also have someone to help in case you get a muscle pull or migraine. If you are a Hollywood movie fan, you know that people can get lost on the trail. A hike or run through the woods can end up as a missing person report.

With a workout partner, you both can serve as each other’s eyes and ears while you try out new fitness tips. We know working out together may not necessarily guarantee safety, but it beats working out alone.

2. To get away from your kids

Every couple with a kid(s) dreams of moments alone without their kids. No, this doesn’t make you selfish or unloving towards your kids; everybody deserves a time out from kids. The usual way to get this would be to plan a weekend trip or your kids visit their favorite aunt or grandparents. 

While those options are occasional, this is one of several tips that can help you and your partner have regular time together. All you need do is create and stick to a workout program schedule, and voila, you get your time away from the kids. 

There’s no telling the endless possibilities that can arise from having a couples’ time out; stolen kisses and more romance in the works. What’s that saying about killing two birds with one stone? Do you get to work out together? Check! Time out from kids? Double Check!

3. To keep the excitement in the relationship

New experiences bring a rush of emotions which is good for relationships. For your workout program, think outside the box from time to time. Think of fresh and fun ways to stay fit and in good health. Go hiking, register for a skiing class, offer to take your neighbor’s dogs on walks, or sign up for a cross-country marathon. 

Do something different from your norm and enjoy the experience together. This does more than keep you on track with your fitness goals; it keeps the positive energy in your relationship. The release of dopamine associated with new thrills also creates closer bonding among partners. It helps you stay in love with your partner and keeps the fire burning.

4. To strengthen the bond between them

to strengthen the bond between them

Many couples are becoming increasingly busy with varying work schedules. This mostly leaves them with little or no time to bond or communicate with each other. That’s what makes an early morning or evening time workout schedule all the more exciting.

It’s not uncommon to see couples catching up on the events of that day while they work out. Ooh, quit thinking, “but we don’t have a gym subscription”; who says all physical exercises` have to be at the gym? A quick walk or run around the block or at the park counts too. Just get creative and think of fun ways to stay fit while spending time together. 

The more time you spend with your significant other (working out), the stronger and better your relationship becomes.

5. Motivate each other

If you have ever set out on a weight loss program, you know what a challenge it is. Every weight loss routine starts as fun, what with the idea of dropping a few pounds. Please give it a few, and it begins to feel like nothing other than stress.

One of the easiest ways to continuously feel motivated is to get your partner involved in your fitness goals. We all need someone to keep us on our toes, get us out of bed, and encourage us to run that last lap or do one last sit-up. 

Having your significant other as a workout partner is the only thing better than having a workout partner. Your partner knows your strengths and weaknesses better and can push you to do more within your safety limit.

6. Create long-lasting memories

It’s ever so romantic to see couples look at each other and burst into laughter at random moments. Sharing inside jokes should be like a relationship goal, and this is just one of many reasons for you to work out together.

You get to laugh at the man in torn pink sweatpants or the lady struggling so hard to keep up with the Zumba instructor. If you have ever been to the gym or park, you’ll agree that there are usually many funny occurrences. It could even be you or your partner being the butt of a joke.

Whatever it is, what matters is you laughing together and building your fodder of inside jokes. The best part of life is the memories we make together. The cutest part is that you become an embodiment of our theme – “couples who sweat together stay together”.

7. Creates room for more quality time together

One of the common love languages for many romantic people is quality time. When couples plan to work out at the same time, it helps them plan more quality time together. Let’s say you and your significant other both have 3 hours of free time daily. If you both choose different hours within that time to exercise, you will be left with 1 hour only. 

However, if you spend 1 hour working out together, you still have another 2 hours to spend together. This helps you plan more couple activities around the little time you have and makes for a healthy relationship. Plus, you don’t get to wonder what activity your partner does at the gym and with whom they spend their time.

8. A shared goal

a shared goal

Individuals have varying goals and interests that don’t necessarily change when they decide to be together. You and your partner could have very different interests. But choosing to work out together could be a unifying interest or goal for you both. 

So while you keep your interests, working out together becomes one more activity, you could both look forward to. The benefits accrued from this could be numerous. 

You can think of ways to make this activity more engaging, especially if one partner isn’t totally into the idea of working out at a gym. This includes gardening, having evening swims, or walking the dogs together. Just work around challenges that make you sweat together. Because couples that sweat together, stay together.

9. It builds the spirit of teamwork

Working out together can build the spirit of teamwork in both partners. With each person nudging the other to achieve their fitness objectives, a workout program’s benefits are seen faster.

This teamwork spirit quickly finds itself in other activities that the couple does together. If you can trust your partner with your exercise or health goals, it’s easier to trust their decisions in other matters. Communication becomes easier with each partner knowing that the other person has their best interest at heart.

So together, you conquer your fitness challenges, swear together, spend time together and develop a positive team spirit. What more can one ask for in a workout program?

Having issues completing a project with your partner? Get on that workout program with your partner today!

10. You stay healthy together

Many times it takes more than a diet regime to maintain good health. To be honest, it can even get tiring having to skip meals, maintain the one meal a day lifestyle, or even intermittent fasting. Even the best dieters have that one cheat day that they consume loads of calories. And we know that exercise is an excellent way to kill the guilt that comes with that.

In your journey to staying healthy, you can enlist your partner. That way, your partner knows your meal plan, workout plan and works the course with you. The outcome is two people working out together and staying in good health together. One of the many reasons to tow this path is that the benefits are lifelong!

11. It helps relieve stress

Our daily activities wear us out a lot. At the end of a day’s work, we either doze off or transfer aggression on our significant other. That sort of behavior affects relationships in negative ways.

One good way to work out all that stress and tension in your body is by working out. A better way is to work out together with your partner. You need to create and decide on a fitness program and stick to it.

You either hit the gym, take a run/ walk, or ride the rollercoaster. Whichever way, what matters is that you both work out together. Please get rid of the accumulated stress in your body and build your relationship while at it.


Is working out together good for a relationship?

Couples who sweat together tend to stay together. Relationships are better off when partners spend a considerable amount of quality time with each other. Working out together builds intimacy and strengthens the bond between the two of you. The happiness and satisfaction that come with engaging in physical activity with your partner are priceless.

Why working out with a partner is better?

A solo workout regime may help you stay focused, but it can also get lonely. Asides from being loads of fun, working out with a partner help boost your overall performance and make workouts effective. Additionally, a workout partner provides you with tips, moral support, and the motivation needed to achieve your fitness objectives.

How can I exercise with my partner?

A couples workout is an ideal relationship goal. However, knowing which exercises to do with your partner can be tricky because you both may likely have different fitness levels, styles, and objectives. So, firstly, acknowledge these differences and plan your routine accordingly. Choose a fitness challenge that works well for both of you.

Is it better to work out longer or harder?

More strenuous workouts will help you to achieve your fitness goal quickly. However, if you’re new to the gym, going hard can lead to soreness, fatigue, and injury. That explains why most people quit as soon as they start their fitness program. The best thing to do is to practice the longer routine to ease your body into it.

How can I get my husband in shape?

Regardless of how genuine your intentions are, going about it the wrong way can lead to resentment. Encourage positive, healthy behaviors like working out regularly, adopting a nutritious diet, avoiding excessive alcohol intake, and healthy sleeping positions. Moreover, if you want your husband to get in shape, be a good role model by staying in shape.


There are several benefits of working out together with your significant other. Going on workouts with your partner is good for your body and relationship, as you must have seen in this post. Feel free to share your couple’s workout experiences with us via the comment section. Please make sure you click on the share button before leaving.


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