Will No Contact Make Him Move On (11 Rules To Follow When Going No Contact)

When a girl goes no contact with her boyfriend or ex-boyfriend, they’re usually worried that their absence is going to make him move on. It’s bound to drive him into the arms of another woman. However, that’s not the case. In order for this to make him move on, you’re going to have to do it for months. Even then, he still won’t forget about you. 

We use no contact for the opposite reason: to make them miss us. When you do no-contact properly, he’s going to be begging for your attention. He’ll reminisce on all of the good items that the two of you had together. 

Over time, he’s going to want you back. The only way that it works is if you follow these no-contact rules. Make sure that the no-contact rule works in your favor by following these tips. 

Will No Contact Make Him Move On?

1. No texting or calling

Not only will your ex miss you, but you might miss them. You’ll probably want to call them. That’s just the truth. Resist the urge and don’t text or call them for the entire no-contact period. Block them if you have to. Do not pick up the phone if they call you. It’s a surefire way to get your ex back. 

2. Don’t talk to mutual friends about him

If the two of you had a fight, you want to give him time to cool off. You don’t want to antagonize him by discussing things with mutual friends. It will inevitably get back to him. Instead, tell your friends that you simply don’t want to talk about it. Then, change the subject to something else that is going on in your life. 

When you simply have to talk to someone about him, make sure that it’s someone that won’t tell other people. 

3. Avoid his house

You want him to miss you or not move on if you’re using no contact, not the opposite. That means that you don’t want to be pushy or constantly remind him of you. Instead, you want him to miss you all on his own. Don’t show up at his front door. No driving around the block he lives on to see if there’s another car parked outside of his house, either. 

4. No social media stalking

You can go about this however you would like to. Some people completely block them. However, that also means that you won’t be able to use social media to your advantage, either. 

Instead, you can simply log off your social media accounts except for when you post a picture or cute quote. Resist the temptation to comment on his status updates. You can notice his pictures, but don’t like or react to them. 

5. Ignore his relationship status

ignore his relationship status

It doesn’t matter if he bounces into another relationship within a week or two. He’s still the same person that was head over heels in love with you. He probably still feels the same way. It’s pretty common for guys to jump into a rebound relationship to try and hide their feelings or get over you. Check out this website to see if he’s in this type of relationship. 

6. Attention-seeking behaviors are not good

Moving forward, you’ll want him to miss you or at least accept that you’re not going to talk to him. Whichever you’re going for, attention-seeking behaviors are not going to help. If you go no contact, bail on the rules, and reach out to him he’ll smell desperation

Instead, pretend like you’re in a very normal place and you are simply making life happen. Don’t reach out to him at all. 

7. Live your life

You don’t want to simply tell people that you’re having an awesome time. When a relationship ends, you don’t sit around just talking about things. Instead, you actually go out and do them. 

If your relationship revolved around him and doing things as a couple, it’s time to rediscover yourself. Hang out with friends and family. They probably missed you! Take a class. Start a new hobby. 

In the worst-case scenario, he’s going to move on because the two of you were not really connected. This is one of the only situations in which you’ll see him truly move on. 

In that case, the right guy is going to come along and love that you’re doing things outside of being obsessed with him. Most guys appreciate that because people have lives outside of the partnership when they are in a healthy relationship. 

8. This is a great time for self-improvement

It takes two people to make a relationship work, and two people for it not to work. If your boyfriend felt that there was one-way communication, consider improving your communication skills. Meditate. Work on career goals that you want to achieve. 

When the two of you finally start communicating again, you’ll be able to have a civil conversation or discuss what’s going on in your life. 

9. It’s okay if you feel a little lost

It’s common for people to feel completely lost after a romantic relationship comes to an end. This is because you were so invested in the relationship that you didn’t make enough time for yourself. Typically, this is when most relationships reach their breaking point. People are together so much they start to lose themselves and eventually lose interest in each other as well. 

Unfortunately, this is also why most people break the no-contact rules. They feel a little lost, so they want to be in their ex’s life. There’s great pain in a breakup, so you don’t want the breakup to happen. No one likes feeling lost. 

You have to look at this in a positive light. There are so many opportunities for you to grow as a person. If you don’t see that the no contact is working in your favor, there are wonderful parts of you that you can take in a new relationship. 

10. Use social media to your advantage

use social media to your advantage

If you didn’t block him from social media, and hopefully you didn’t, you want to use your social media accounts to your advantage. There are certain things that you should, and should not, do to remind your ex how amazing you are. 

First, don’t post too often. Instead, only post every two or three days. You don’t want him to know every detail that is going on in your life. Instead, it’s good for him to wonder a little bit. 

Avoid posting anything about your ex. No sad quotes or song lyrics. Don’t go on rants about him or talk about how much you miss him. Those are needy behaviors, and you don’t want to seem needy. Likewise, you don’t want to talk about how he’s a great guy either. Simply pretend as though he’s not there, because he’s not in your life right now. 

Post pictures that you look beautiful in. This will give him a little insecurity push to reach out to you. Even though you’re not going to have contact with your ex, you want him to think about talking to you. 

Don’t be petty on social media. Posting pictures of you with some random guy is a huge mistake. Don’t give an immediate response to him commenting on a picture or liking it, either. Instead, simply show you enjoying your life. This will guarantee that he doesn’t move on. You want to build subtle attraction during this period. 

11. Reach out the right way when no contact is over

Once the no-contact period is over, you can reach out to him provided he has not started dating a new girl yet. If he’s already in his next relationship, wait for the rebound to be over. Then, reach out to him. 

You can do this in a letter or email. A text message also works well. These allow you room to go back and edit them until they sound flawless. Tell him that you were thinking about him, and the relationship. Don’t mention his faults. Let him know that you’d like to work things out, if possible. Then, leave the ball in his court. 

If he doesn’t respond immediately, don’t reach out again. Instead, go about your happy life. It may take him a few days, but he’ll respond eventually. They always do. 


Does no contact make them move on?

No, it does not. Instead, it makes them miss you if you do it right. That means no liking your ex’s picture or driving past their house. Once he begins identifying all of the things he loves about you, he’ll reach out to you. 

Why do men come back after no contact?

According to dating advice guru Zan, this is because men begin to think about the great things that were happening in their previous relationship. They start to crave the serious relationship that the two of you had. Also, the less you have something, the more you miss it. 

How do you know if no contact is working?

He might post vague things on social media about past relationships. (He’s talking about you.) He’ll reach out to you. Your ex will start acting differently. You’ll feel more positive about both your life and the future, even if your ex is in it. 

Is my ex thinking about me during no contact?

Yes, he is. An ex will always think about the person they were with after breakups. At first, it might be in a negative light. However, it won’t take long for him to start remembering the good things about you and why he fell in love with you in the first place. 

Should I text him first after no contact?

If you would like to try to work things out, yes. However, it’s important that you consider the reason for no contact in the first place. Was it to heal? Then, maybe you shouldn’t. Instead, focus on healing. If it was for him to gain some clarity, it’s a good idea to reach out. 

In Summary

There is always a fear that your ex will move on if you go no contact. However, if you continue to build subtle attraction and leave them alone, they will not. What are some things you believe people should always do during no contact?

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