Why Walking Away From Him Works (11 Reasons It Will Have Him Running Back)

Walking away from a man may leave you wondering what the next course of action might be. 

Will it make him realize his wrongdoings? Will it help you get him back or will it liberate you forever? 

This article will throw light on the possible outcomes of walking away from a man and why it works.

11 Reasons Why Walking Away From Him Works

1. Absence makes the heart grow fond

Walking away from the man you genuinely care about may not be such a bad idea, especially if he’s been doing the wrong things recently. Has he been displaying strange and awkward behavior towards you lately? Then instead of acting like his actions are killing you, it may be time to make a more powerful statement.

As we can easily relate, action speaks louder than words. Walking away from a man can create the desired change that you need. More so, men respond to actions more effectively than they respond to words. 

This action will serve as a wake-up call to him, thereby making him realize his mistakes. Also, when he stays for an extended period without enjoying your company, it will leave him longing for it again. 

2. Men like to pursue women

men like to pursue women

There is a general conception that men love challenges. This claim has been projected by a good number of scholarly written work, and as such, it will not be out of place for us to build our framework on it. 

Walking away from a man who has consistently exhibited a lousy vibe towards you may not be the solution in its entirety; however, it will rekindle the flames of value and appreciation in your favor. A man who thinks he is losing his woman will put in more effort to secure her. This effort may include giving up most of the nasty behavior he has been putting up and making straight his crooked ways. 

Furthermore, when a man thinks he is losing his woman, this automatically becomes a challenge to him to either fight to win her back or sit back and watch her walk away. Most men would rather fight to win back their women. It is also important to note that his behavior at this juncture will show much he truly loves and values you. 

3. Everyone needs someone

Regardless of who is involved, the fact remains that no man is an island; and everybody needs somebody. Giving your man that kind of space, or in this case, walking away from the relationship will create that lacuna in his life, hence, leaving him stranded and empty. 

Men generally have the trepidation of being alone. Therefore, they strive for companionship. With that being said, a man will always want to be around people that treat him nicely. 

If you have been treating your man with love and care, and he only reciprocated with a lousy attitude, leaving him for a while will trigger a feeling of nostalgia in him. It is only a matter of time until he comes back begging. 

4. His true feelings for you will show

The power of walking away brings out the true feelings in a person. If a man truly loves and cares about you, he would do everything he can to make sure he does not lose you. This may include changing from his old and crooked ways to keep you. 

However, don’t think that this will always end up the way you want. If you walk away from a man who doesn’t value you, it won’t make a difference. You could walk away, and he moves on really quickly. 

This action will go to show that he never loved you in the first place. You also don’t want to take back men like this, if you walked away and he moved on, he never respected you.

5. He will learn from his mistakes

he will learn from his mistakes

If you want to know if a guy likes you, the power of walking away will prove that. This act would shake any relationship, it would make the guy feel like he has an important choice to make.

You see, people don’t know what they have until they lose it. Walking away from a man could leave him retracing his steps, adjusting his behaviors, and mending his ways. In the end, he will come to realize that he was wrong and careless, and now he has to think of a better way to treat you else, you walk away again.

6. It will increase his possessiveness

No man wants to share his woman with another man. Even though there is a handpick of men who would initially act like they don’t care, I am here to tell you that they are born jealous and possessive. 

The moment you initiate a breakup or try to walk out of his life, his true nature will come forth. I would be all over you, calling and texting like never before, asking about your location, who you are with, etc. All these antiques are in a bid not to lose you to any lurking contender. 

7. He will have space to think clearly

Maybe, one of the reasons why he’s been acting strange recently is because he has a lot on his mind and needs to clear his head. However, he might not be able to do that accurately with you around, especially if any of it has to do with you. 

Therefore, it is in both of your interests that you give him space to think clearly. The outcome of this action might not always be in your favor; nonetheless, it is a course worthy of pursuit. Giving him such space will allow him the chance he needs to think through issues carefully without any external influence. 

8. You will determine your true feelings for him

On some occasions, you can be the missing link to the puzzle. Maybe it is you that needs to think out issues. In that case, you need some space to do that without external influence, and that’s why walking away from him works for both partners. It will help you re-evaluate your love for him, as well as ascertain if you truly want to continue in that relationship. 

9. He will miss the good days

It is true that people hardly forget the good old days. Regardless of how bad things must have been going, there are always good moments to be remembered. Walking away from him will only create a vacuum in his life in which someone needs to fill it. When he remembers the good old days, he will long and yearn for your presence. 

10. His love for you will either increase or vanish

his love for you will either increase or vanish

There are usually two ways this could end. It is either his love for you increases as a result of your absence in his life, or he falls out of love with you by probably meeting someone better than you in that interval. 

The power of walking away may feel uplifting, but he may also like the feeling of being alone or without you, so take that into consideration.

11. The relationship might end

It doesn’t always end the way you think it would. Sometimes, the outcome might not be in your favor. However, you should expect the worst when making such moves. Like we have earlier mentioned, men do not like the idea of being alone. They may meet someone else in that small interval you’ve created. 


Why is walking away so powerful? 

Walking away from a situation is a powerful message to the other party that you are utterly displeased with the way things have been going on. And most importantly, you need something to change as you deserve better than you got. More so, there is a high chance that this action will trigger a chain of activities that will work in your favor. 

Why do guys come back when you walk away? 

Men only go back, begging the women they truly love and care for. If he comes back to you after you left him, then he must care about you a whole lot. If he doesn’t, you know the answer already. 

What does it mean when someone looks back at you when walking away? 

This can be interpreted as a feeling of attraction. A guy would only look back at a woman that he is physically attracted to. 

Why do guys let go of a lady they love? 

There are several reasons why a guy might decide to let go of a lady he loves, and it may include that the girl in question does not love him enough; she is becoming a financial, emotional, or physical burden to him. The relationship is more of a parasitic one than a mutual or symbiotic one.

What is a toxic relationship? 

A toxic relationship is one that is at the detriment of either one or both parties. In a relationship where the energy given out is not reciprocated in the same or similar measure, such a relationship is toxic. It could also be considered harmful where one part seems to be a parasite to the other party. Note that this could either be intentional or unintentional. 

To Conclude

Women have all the rights to walk away from a relationship that does not offer a future or is toxic. In this article, I have elucidated the different things to expect when walking away from your man. If this article helped you in any way, please leave a comment below and share it with others who need it.

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