Why Do I Fall in Love So Easily? (15 Things You Should Know)

Do you find yourself falling in love before you have even properly gotten to know the person? 

Perhaps this has resulted in multiple heartbreaks. When you fall for someone too quickly it can end in ruin, especially if the other person doesn’t feel the same way. It is important to be able to take things somewhat slowly before you know exactly where you stand. 

For many people, it takes a long time for them to fall in love, however, for others, it can take as little as a few weeks of knowing someone before they fall deeply. However, if you fall for someone too soon, and they are not in the same position as you, it may result in them becoming scared off because it was all a bit too much too soon. 

Falling in love is a beautiful thing, however, it is not always easy. You cannot help when and who you fall in love with. Perhaps you have always tried to stop your feelings from coming to the surface too soon, but you just have a tendency to love too easily. This is normal for many people, however, it may cause you a lot of heartaches. 

Keep reading to find out more about why you fall in love so easily. 

Why Do I Fall In Love So Easily?

If you find it easy to let people in and open up to them, it is usually a positive thing, if you meet the right person. However, often other people are not so open or quick to fall in love, which can result in an awkward situation and often heartache. If you let someone into your life and they reject you because it is too soon for them, you can get hurt and have your heartbroken

However, if you do fall in love with someone quickly and they fall for you too, there is nothing to worry about. There are no restrictions or set rules when it comes to love, so even if it feels a bit too quick, as long as it feels right, there is nothing to worry about. Love can often be all-consuming and for a while, it can take up all of your thoughts and your time. 

If you do fall in love easily and wish you didn’t there are reasons to explain it and things to help you to avoid it. If you have had your heart broken a few times because of your tendency to develop feelings for someone too quickly, it is natural to want to make a change so that you can avoid any potential hurt in the future. 

1. Your Guard Is Down

Falling in love quickly usually means that your guard is down and you are open to letting someone that you are eating into your life. That doesn’t mean that there is anything that you should change or worry about, it just means that your defenses are down and you are not protecting yourself, perhaps because you have never been hurt in the past. 

Those people that have gone through difficult relationships in the past may be more guarded and closed to other people. 

2. It Can Result In Heartache

it can result in heartache

Often falling in love quickly can result in hurt and heartache, especially if you are dating someone that doesn’t feel the same way. Perhaps you have been dating for just a few weeks and you can already imagine being in a serious relationship with them, and then they tell you that they don’t see a future with you. 

3. It Is Normal

It is important to remember that falling in love quickly is normal and there is nothing to worry about, it may just be an idea to take things a little bit more slowly so that you are on the same page as the other person. Make sure to communicate properly with the person that you are dating so that neither of you gets the wrong idea and ends up getting hurt. 

4. Build A Foundation 

If you are dating someone that you can see a future with, don’t run away with your thoughts. Don’t assume that you will end up in a serious relationship until you have gotten to know each other properly and built a good foundation for a healthy relationship. There is nothing wrong with falling in love quickly, just remember to take your time before you do actually commit to them. 

5. Make Sure You Are Compatible

Just because you have developed romantic feelings for someone, it doesn’t mean that you are necessarily compatible with each other. Think carefully before you commit to this person, especially if you haven’t yet spent much time together. Take a bit of time to properly get to know each other and check that you are compatible emotionally, otherwise a relationship won’t work. 

6. Check Your Feelings Are Reciprocated

If you do start to develop feelings for someone, it is a good idea to check that these feelings are reciprocated by the other person. Otherwise, if you feel this way for a long time before you let the other person know you will be even more hurt if they reject you. Don’t avoid communicating how you feel with the person you are dating. Stay on the same page to avoid anyone getting hurt. 

7. Check For Hints

If you have just started dating a person and you can feel yourself developing feelings for them, make sure to look for hints that they feel the same way as you. If they are, you can relax a little and know that you are on the same page and you can enjoy this time. However, if you don’t think that your feelings are reciprocated, it may be time to take a step back from them. 

8. They Make You Feel Good 

Just because a person makes you feel good, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you love them or you should be in a relationship and spend your life with them. Check that they are good for you and will make a positive impact on your life before you commit to anything. Check that you are not falling in love with the idea of them either. 

9. They Are Your First

they are your first

Often people love fast with the first individual that they date. If you develop a strong attachment to your first partner, it is likely you will develop deep romantic feelings for them quickly because you have no one to compare them to. Perhaps they didn’t even make much of an effort but that little bit of attention they paid you made you feel like this. 

10. It Does Not Mean You Are Desperate

Developing feelings quickly does not mean that you are desperate but simply that you are more likely to let other people in because you are not so guarded. If you have never been hurt in the past, you are likely more trusting of others and likely to let others in easier. However, if you do develop feelings quickly, they may not always result in a serious relationship. 

11. It Is Not Necessarily A Bad Thing

If you develop feelings quickly, it is not a bad thing and you should not immediately want to know how not to fall in love fast. However, it may cause you hurt and heartache if you keep falling for people who are not in the same place as you. If you constantly get rejected because your feelings are not reciprocated, it may cause you to act differently in the future. 

12. You Are More Likely To Get Hurt

Those who develop emotional bonds and feelings quickly are more likely to get hurt because they are more vulnerable. Just because you develop feelings, it does not mean that your partner feels the same way as you. Just be careful and take things a bit slower if you feel like your feelings are not reflected by your partner. 

13. It Can Be A Good Thing

Falling for others quickly can be a good thing because you do not have to spend the first few weeks of a relationship doubting whether you should let your partner in or not. Being able to trust others is a good thing despite that it may cause some extra hurt. 

14. Take Things Slowly

If you are prone to developing feelings that aren’t reciprocated, it is a good idea to start taking things a bit more slowly when you do enter a new relationship. This does not mean that you should hold back your feelings, rather ensure that they are right for you before you make a commitment to spending your life with them. 

15. Don’t Change 

don't change

Just because you have got hurt a few times, does not mean you should change how you handle a relationship. Falling quickly for another is a beautiful thing, just be a little careful about how you handle things, and take a moment to consider before you commit. 


How can I stop falling in love so easily?

It is not easy to stop falling in love so easily, but there are some ways to make it easier to avoid heartache. When you meet someone, try to keep your expectations realistic and don’t start planning your future when you have only been dating for a few weeks. Give things time to properly progress and see where things go without putting pressure on them. 

Why do I fall in love so easily and always end up getting hurt?

You may develop feelings easily because you are open to letting people in. Many people are guarded and take a long time to let others in. There is nothing wrong with either personality type, but letting people in quickly can often result in heartache if the other person doesn’t feel the same. If you get rejected because things are moving too soon you can get hurt. 

Why do I get attached so easily?

Some people do just get attached to other people easier than others. If you tend to develop feelings and an attachment to people easily, it may be time to slow things down. When you are dating someone new, make sure not to set overly high expectations or you may be destined for heartache if they are not in the same place as you are and are not so ready to let someone in. 

What do you call someone who falls in love easily?

Someone who develops feelings quickly in a relationship is often known to have Emophilia. People with this tendency often love too quickly, resulting in a lot of hurt and heartache. If you develop a romantic connection with someone as soon as you meet them, it may be the case that you love too fast. 

When a man falls in love quickly?

There is nothing wrong with someone falling in love quickly, however, make sure that his feelings are authentic and that you feel comfortable with things moving quickly. If you don’t feel comfortable and you feel like you need to take a step back or slow things down, make sure to make that clear to the person that you are dating so that you are on the same page. 

To Sum Up…

Falling in love is a beautiful thing, however, it is not always easy. Those people that develop an emotional and romantic connection to others quickly can often experience hurt and heartache if the person that they are dating does not feel the same way. It is important to try to take things somewhat slowly at the beginning of the relationship to protect yourself from hurt. 

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