Why Do I Catch Feelings So Fast (13 Possible Reasons Why You Fall Easily)

Many women fall in love fast because of their nurturing nature and soft feelings. Each time you see a man you like, your maternal feelings are kindled alongside your sexual ones. Then all those butterflies dancing in your belly trick you into thinking you’re in love. 

You start planning your engagement and wedding ceremonies and even start naming your unborn children in your head before the guy asks you out. However, can all encounters with men you admire and in love, or some of them are simply pure infatuation?

It is normal to fall in love with a few men at different intervals of your life, but jumping from one relationship to another hoping for a happy ending, can make you do reckless things just to satisfy men who are merely passing through.

Not everyone will have the fairytale-like love experience when you immediately fall for a man you barely know, and this would certainly not happen every time you see a guy you like. You can have honest feelings while dating multiple people, but the feelings can’t be deep in all cases. 

So, why do you catch feelings so fast? Why do you believe yourself to be in love with one man after the other? How do you quit falling in love so fast and with even the men who treat you less than you deserve? 

Understanding why something is reoccurring can help you come up with ways to stop it from happening again. As such, this article gives you 13 possible reasons why you have been falling in love too easily. 

13 Possible Reasons Why You Fall Easily

1. You see the good in everyone

One of the reasons why you might be catching feelings pretty fast is because you are a good person who sees the good in everyone. You don’t date people with a preconceived idea that they will hurt you, so you let yourself fall for them without any restraint. You think that because you’re good to them, they won’t harm you either, but that is far from the reality.

Even when people hurt you, you choose to always be the better person, and despite their previous mistakes, you still give them second chances. While you shouldn’t stop being a good person, you need to start watching for your own well-being first before anyone else. 

If you don’t, men will come and go, treating you as they wish, and leave your heart broken time after time.

2. You get attached easily

you get attached easily

If you attach too much importance to people you should treat as ordinary acquaintances, you will find yourself falling in love unintentionally. You might find it hard to stop catching feelings for the wrong men if you usually get attached to people easily. 

Having a genuine attachment to different men doesn’t mean you need to develop strong feelings such as love for each of them. If you do, you will hurt every time they are on the same page with you.

When you desire to fall in love with someone who’ll stay, you cannot afford to leave your heart unguarded for anyone to swoop in. The heart wants what it wants, but you can’t leave it available to people who will eventually leave you. 

3. You are looking for love at all costs

When you think your life depended on finding somebody to love and who will love you in return, you will leave yourself vulnerable to just anyone. This is why you think an unassuming physical contact with a man you find attractive means he is falling for you.

This might also be why in your last relationship you thought that your boyfriend’s feelings hadn’t changed even when he started acting otherwise. Someone acting desperate for love will cling to a toxic partner if it means having someone you can pretend loves you.

However, you might simply be suffering from low self-esteem and such a partnership cannot be called a healthy relationship. Before you head into a new relationship, consider rebuilding your self-worth so that you won’t settle for less anymore. 

4. You have a longtime sense of abandonment

If you have a history of people leaving you despite all your efforts to make them stay, you might be struggling with abandonment syndrome. So, when you find someone you like, you will get close to them so quickly to make them like you.

Unfortunately, you might just be continuing the sad cycle you’re used to. Instead of getting close to men quickly, try to know them to a large extent and determine if they deserve your precious time and heart. When you start practicing intentional check and balance, you’ll know who to weed out and who to keep around.

5. Your childhood sucked

your childhood sucked

Almost everyone has leftover feelings from their childhood, but not all of these feelings are good. If your childhood experiences are nothing to write about, or your relationship with your parents sucked, you might be looking for ways to overcompensate for what you think you missed growing up.

You’re not a child anymore but you still have those emotional scars that remind you of your unpleasant experiences. Rather than face them though, you bury the feelings you should be confronting and bring to the surface the ones you’re pretending to feel.

You will get tired of the pretense someday and realize how much time you’ve wasted chasing the wrong people while deepening your wounds.

6. You only see what you want to see

You fall easily for men because you only see through a smokescreen you created. You’ve probably been hurt several times in the past, yet choose to act like every breakup was your fault.

You go into every new relationship with the idea that it must work, and if it doesn’t, you’ll move on to the next person. Instead of seeing the person you're dating for who he is, you only pick out the part of him that you like. This is why, the moment you’re forced to deal with the other sides of him, you are quick to move on to the next person that comes your way. 

Henceforth, try to take things slowly by creating a solid emotional connection so that you will be aware of everything concerning who you’re dating. This way, you won’t need to go through men the way you do clothes.

7. You do not practice logical reasoning

If you always operate on an emotional level, you will fall for men quickly every time. Letting your emotions decide for you all the time is a sign of emotional immaturity. That you’re falling in love doesn’t mean you should disengage your logical reasoning.

Logical thinking is what helps you stay with a man who has proved his mettle over time, even when challenges try to force both of you apart. However, if you do not have deal breakers that will prevent guys from walking all over you, you will fool yourself into thinking that you’re in love in every relationship.

When you learn to reason logically, you can easily calculate when a man’s heart is yours just as yours belongs to him.

8. You model your love life after fictional characters

you model your love life after fictional characters

Love at first sight can happen, but not exactly the way it is portrayed in movies or books. Physical appearance can trigger an intense feeling of attraction, but it doesn’t make you automatically fall for someone. Soap operas and romantic fiction are exaggerated to keep you glued to your screens and seats. 

As such, falling in love in situations similar to the ones from your favorite fiction is the same as setting yourself up for possible heartbreak. Or how do you explain you falling easily for almost all the men you meet on dating apps? 

Facing reality by taking realistic steps to make your relationships work will help you stop falling too quickly for every man.

9. You fear being alone

No matter how much you think you are outgoing or a people person, you shouldn’t be scared of being by yourself sometimes. When you are not comfortable with your own emotions and self, you will trick yourself into thinking that you’re in love with every man you meet. 

You fear emotional emptiness, so you cling to almost whoever comes your way. You stay with men who have a string of broken hearts trailing them, and won’t hesitate to add you to that long list.

When you jump into new relationships as you would at clothes on sale, it could mean that you’re terrified of being alone. You should ask yourself why or what you’re afraid of, and address that root problem before entering another relationship.

10. You don’t know what you want

When you live by very poor standards or let another person’s values guide your decisions, you might find yourself falling in love too quickly. When you can't specify what you’re looking for in a man, but accept whoever comes your way, you’ll think you’re in love every single time. 

Poor self-esteem can make you doubt your feelings, so you just grab onto the comfortable feeling of dependency on a man, and call it love.

Most men fall in love only after they’ve seen what they desire in a woman they want to be with for a long time. They think with their head, just as much as they allow their heart to feel. You should try doing the same.

11. You compare yourself to other people

you compare yourself to other people

You can start catching feelings easily when you use other people’s relationships as a yardstick for how you should feel.

Your ideal partner cannot be just anyone you meet, but because you don’t want to be the only single person among your friends, you ensure that you’re in a relationship all the time.

Letting yourself be guided by other people’s values, even when said values are perfectly acceptable, will only lead to more harm than good because you haven’t internalized them as yours. It is only when you stop living a comparison-based life that you will stop catching feelings for the wrong men.

12. You are not self-aware

You can be catching feelings because you’re not consciously aware of who you are and what is happening around you. If you usually allow situations to sweep you along rather than make things happen, you won’t stop catching feelings.

Being self-aware allows you to know why you are with the man you’re dating, and lets you know when you should stop being with him.

13. You are juggling too many things at a time

When you are inundated with so many things at the same time, you will be unable to separate real feelings from pressure-induced ones. For example, if things are tense at work and you have issues at home too, your mind might start looking for someone to share that burden with.

So you think falling in love quickly is the solution. However, adding a relationship you’re not sure is the best for you at the time might be a bad idea.

You might not even be in love but be unable to honestly admit to yourself what you’re feeling because you’re overwhelmed.


What does it mean when you catch feelings fast?

This is when you fall so deeply for someone you hardly know and are willing to do anything to make the person stay with you.

Why do I fall in love so easily?

You fall in love so easily because you might be trying to overcome a negative feeling or situation with a good one, so you let yourself believe that you’re falling for the person.

Is it normal to like someone so fast?

It is possible to like someone quickly, especially if you have shared interests with the person. However, it is rare to feel deeply connected with someone within a too short period.

How fast can you catch feelings for someone?

You can fall in love with someone before you know it, but that realization doesn’t usually come on time because it takes trust to admit to another person that they can break you.

Do guys fall in love faster?

Most times, guys fall in love just as easily as women, but they don’t dive headlong into the feeling until they have logically sound reasons for being in a committed relationship with her.

 In Conclusion 

Falling in love quickly with one wrong man after the other will wear out your love elasticity, so much that you might not recognize when the right person comes along. As such, you should learn from previous mistakes and be careful of how much of yourself you give to men who haven’t proven themselves worthy of your love. 

If you want a serious relationship, first practice self-love and don’t put your values behind other person’s values. Self-awareness and emotional intelligence are also vital before building a romantic connection and before the other person catches feelings.

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