Why Do Guys Like Long Hair On Women? (9 Reasons Why And How To Get That Healthy Hair)

Do you want men to give you attention but are confused about how to go about it? Do you want to enhance your beauty but have no idea how? Have you been trying to get healthy, long hair but with no success? Don't worry, all these problems can be solved once you are successful in growing long hair.

I had short hair for a long before I decided to grow my hair. Growing my hair was never easy and it was only after a proper healthcare routine that I was able to achieve healthy, long, lustrous hair. However, once I achieved those beautiful tresses, things around me changed and I got newfound confidence and male admiration both.

Although, it should depend only on you whether you want long hair or short. However, once you decide that it is the long hair that you prefer, you need to take efforts to achieve long hair. Moreover, no matter the length of your hair, the most important thing is that your hair is healthy and lustrous.

In today’s article, we are going to see why males prefer women with beautiful, long hair and what you can do to achieve gorgeous hair. These tips will not only help you get better hair but also be the man of your dreams.

How To Get Healthy Hair?

Getting beautiful, healthy curls does not mean that you need to buy expensive products that can burn a hole in your pocket. There are many natural products and some simple health care routines that can help you get the long, healthy tresses of your dreams. 

You should start by including haircare in your routine and take care of your tresses as much as you care for your skin and body. Once a week oiling is something that you should never miss and you should make it a point to use as many natural products in your hair care regime as possible. You can also use eggs and coconut oil, which can help you to get smooth hair. 

Also, as much as you love styling your hair, you should avoid using heat for styling your hair. You should get your hair trimmed regularly to get rid of split ends and damaged hair. Also, no matter how much you love hot showers, you should avoid them, because just like heating tools, they can also damage your hair.

In the end, no matter how much hair care you practice, nothing will work if you don't take care of your hair internally. So start by having a well-balanced diet and lots of water, which will not only keep your body healthy but will also help you achieve long, healthy, shiny hair.

Reasons Men Like Long Hair On Women

1. Health and fertility

health and fertility

Healthy and long locks signify the physical and emotional well-being of a woman. Typically, there are specific characteristics that males like in women, which include, high voice, big hips, and of course, long hair. Whenever men look at long-haired women, they think about her genetic code and see her as someone with whom they can have healthy children in the future.

Growing long hair requires a lot of patience, and maintenance, thus, guys believe that women with long hair are strong, patient, and have great genetic strength.

2. Femininity

Men see long hair as a sign of femininity. Typically, men prefer feminine women who are soft, and innocent. The feminine characteristics of a female make men feel that they are dating an actual girl. Just like males like women in high heels, dresses, and with big innocent eyes, long hair is also one characteristic that men like in women.

3. Various options in hairstyle

Women with long, healthy hair have a variety of options and they can experiment with their hairstyles much easier when compared to women with short hair. This versatility of women to change their styles attracts males as the continuous change in the hairstyle of women shows adventure on the woman's part. This fun and guts of women to experiment is liked by guys.

4. Enhances face

Although different men have different preferences when it comes to the hair length of women. Men, in general, like long hair on their women. They find women with long hair much more attractive and believe that long hair enhances their beauty. Having long hair means you can try a new style occasionally, which can change your whole look. Long hair attracts the male gaze!

5. Adds sex appeal

adds sex appeal

One advantage that a woman with long hair has is that she can get a haircut, which enhances her facial features. All ladies have to do is get to a hairdresser and ask them for a nice haircut as per the face structure. And, wooah! Just like that you will turn into a beauty queen and have all the male attention on you! The good news is, all men prefer women with healthy, long hair.

6. Responsibility

A male understands that it takes a lot of care, patience, and commitment for a woman to work towards getting those beautiful locks. To get long hair, a woman needs to oil them regularly, condition them, etc. In addition to that women need to have a healthy diet and exercise regularly to get healthy hair. A woman who does all this shows a responsible side, which attracts men

7. Society’s conditioning

Not long before, movies used to show all their lead actresses in longer hair. Not only movie heroines, but Disney princesses, paintings, etc. all of them used to depict women with longer hair. These art forms have conditioned men in a way that whenever a man pictures a woman, he automatically sees someone with long flowing tresses. This has made males prefer long hair!

8. Hides imperfections

Long tresses are useful in hiding less appealing features on a lady's face. It makes the jawline less protuberant and wide and it likewise diverts the focus of the people from your under-defined cheekbones. Generally speaking, it makes ladies look more ladylike and beautiful. As a result, you not only get beautiful pictures but also look attractive in real life.

9. Excites men

excites men

Males prefer women with long hair because long hair arouses them. However, men don't always like long tresses in a sexual context and many times just enjoy playing with them! Many times, while talking, a man will just put the strands of hair of a woman behind her ear, which means they find the woman cute. Women can also use their long tresses to flirt with men.


Why Is long hair considered attractive?

Long hair is considered attractive because in many cases long hair may act as a sign to youth and health, suggesting a woman's reproductive potential. Many men find long hair beautiful and sexy. It makes a woman look more feminine and she looks attractive when her tresses are against a white pillow.

Is long hair or short hair more attractive?

People find long hair much more attractive than short hair because long hair makes it easy to experiment with different styles. However, more than the length of the hair, it is important that the hair is healthy and well cared for as different people have different preferences when it comes to the length of the hair.

Do guys like tall girls?

Women like tall men, however, the same does not hold for males. Males like tall women only when they are tall and thus, in most cases like short women. However, for guys, height is not the only criteria for selecting a woman and their choice depends on preferences.

Do men like short girls?

Guys, in general, prefer women who are shorter than them. Guys like short women for the reason that they make a man feel tall, tough, and manly which can be a big draw for many males. These small women look petite and little, which makes them attractive to guys.

Do men like tomboys?

Just like everything else, it also depends on preference. However, guys who like tomboys like them for the reason that these women are fun, adventurous, and easy to be around. Guys can share many of their interests with tomboys, like, outdoor activities, camping, video games, etc.

To Sum Up

Do you agree that guys prefer women with long hair? What kind of hair do you personally like? Do you have some remedies that can help in getting healthy, lustrous hair? Do you agree that long hair can make you look attractive? We would love to hear your thoughts. Please comment below!

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