Why Do Guys Like Being Called Daddy? (11 Possible Reasons)

Some guys love to be called daddy. Many women find this to be a bit weird. I mean, why do guys like being called daddy? Does it make them feel like a more dominant person, perhaps, or do they just have a daddy fetish? If guys like being called daddy, what is the reason behind this? 

It may make them feel dominant. A woman calls a man daddy thing when she wants to refer to a sexual notion. Sometimes, a guy is called cute daddy or big daddy as a way to boost his sexual appetite. Drive a man crazy by calling him an alpha male or give him a playful calling by saying, “Come here, daddy!” He’ll know it’s a sexual term. 

Why guys like this – only they know! Why guys don’t like this – they may think it’s too much of a serious thing. Daddy means the guy in charge, but call your man whatever he wants. Men respect the guys in charge! Call your guy, “Daddy!” And have fun with it!

Let’s dive into the topic a little more deeply, daddy!

Why Do Guys Like Being Called Daddy?

1. It means that the guy can solve the girl’s problems

Calling a guy daddy may mean that he is like a knight in shining armor. He is going to save the princess from the dragon because he’s the savior in the story. Many guys feel heroic when they are called daddy. It makes them feel as though they can conquer anything. Given the right inspiration, they might be able to!

2. It shows that the girl thinks the guy is in control

By being called daddy, the girl is showing she thinks he is in control. She may be asking him for advice or what to do in a particular situation (his opinion), just like she would do with her real daddy. If a guy likes being called daddy, he may enjoy control! That’s not always a bad thing. It can be nice to have a guy who knows what he wants in life.

3. It makes him feel like more of a man

Many guys do feel more masculine with the nickname daddy. Not all feel this way. Some guys think it is a bit demeaning to be called daddy and would rather be called their actual name or a suitable nickname – something that the two of them have agreed upon in advance. Daddy is just not the right fit for every guy out there; everyone is different.

4. It seems like he is the head of the household

Since the father is the head of the household, it’s no surprise that the nickname daddy makes a man feel dominant. He may think that if a girl is calling him that, she is wanting to be submissive to him, like with sex. She may want to play a helpless victim and to have her “daddy” rescue her. Some girls think like that, which is why they love the name.

Some men have superiority issues and like to be in control. They want to know that their woman is submissive and will do whatever they say. Because of this, they enjoy the term daddy. They want to be called that as much as possible because it means the woman knows the man is in charge of the household and will take care of everything.

If your man enjoys this term and you don’t have a problem calling him that, go for it! You should always try to make your spouse or man happy as much as possible. So, go ahead and call him any name he enjoys – provided it doesn’t offend you in any way. If you feel like less of a term for naming him that, don’t do it! Go with what you like!

5. It may make him feel influential and powerful

it may make him feel influential and powerful

Like the President of the country or the Mayor of a city, a guy knows when he is called daddy, he can maybe have his way with his girl. Sometimes, this makes a man feel as though he can do anything he wants. Of course, this is not okay – unless it is alright with the girlfriend or female in this situation! If a guy wants to be in control, that can be okay.

6. It seems like he is more mature

Since fathers are almost always older than daughters, it seems like the guy is wiser and more mature than perhaps he is. Some girls say this name because they are showing that they are roleplaying. They want the guy to look at her like she’s an inexperienced girl – even if she is not in any way that kind of person.

7. It shows that she respects him

Maybe the girl uses the nickname, and the guy likes it because it means she looks up to him. It’s a sign of respect. She may want to turn to him when she needs something in particular or wants to bounce ideas off of him. She knows that he is someone to be respected and can definitely turn to him for advice.

8. It makes him feel naughty

Quite often, this term is known for its naughtiness. Because of the sexual insinuations, many men love to be called this nickname. It shows a willingness to do something bad in the bedroom. She may get to film the two of them making love, or he gets to tie her up – willingly, of course. It all depends on the couple and what they are into!

9. It may help him live out a fantasy

Maybe the guy grew up with a stepsister that was near his age, and he thinks by being called daddy, he can live out a fantasy he had of having sex with that girl. You really never know what’s going on inside of a guy’s head unless you ask him, but he may have some kind of fantasy or roleplaying game he wants to live out by being called daddy.

10. It is all part of foreplay

it is all part of foreplay

Many women do not call their spouses or partners daddy because it is reserved for the bedroom. For some women, this is the way that both parties feel about the nickname. Because of this, the man knows that when he’s called this nickname, she is ready for some serious bedroom time. Many guys know it’s time to get naughty!

11. It can be used as a sweet term of endearment

Many men like to be called this term because it’s sweet; it represents their status in the family. They are the father, so the term fits them well. My man likes to be called daddy because he is the daddy to three cats. So, we will say things like, “I wonder when daddy will be home” or “I wonder what daddy is doing in the kitchen at this hour!”

Some girls just use the name as a substitute for sweetheart or honey. It’s just a sweet term in the lives of some people. They enjoy using the term to describe the man they are in love with. They might say, “Oh, I hope daddy is alright with this weather or traffic!” This is something they could say to their friends or family members. It just depends.

Sometimes, girls say the nickname daddy because it’s just the name they started calling their significant other when they were dating, and it stuck. They don’t see it as a sexual word or anything like that; instead, it’s just the name they call their man. Some guys get used to it and just like being called that name rather than being called their first name.


Why does my boyfriend want me to call him Daddy?

Call your guy daddy if he likes it. He may like being called daddy because it’s a dominant thing or because he knows sex will follow. Some guys like to be called daddy to feel powerful; there’s a power dynamic and ego boost associated with simple nicknames like daddy.

What does it mean to call someone Daddy?

Some guys like being called daddy because it’s sweet and better than being called handsome. Other guys just know it means sex will soon come because it’s a name used during foreplay. So if you are calling your guy daddy, he may know you want to have some sex.

What do guys like being called instead of cute?

Many guys like being called sweetie or baby; there are a variety of nicknames out there for guys. Men like a variety of names, but it really depends on the man. Some just prefer to be called daddy or honey. Other guys like to hear their name screamed aloud!

When did daddy become sexualized?

When sex became a more talked about thing in society, the name daddy came into play. Many times, a girl calls a guy daddy because she is talking about sex and what will come during sex or after sex. She may be trying to live out a fantasy of her own.

How do you woo a man?

Some men like to be called honey or baby as a term of endearment. You should figure out what your man would like to be called and then call him by that name. If you talk to him about what he does and does not like to be called, you are better off. 


If your man would like to be called daddy, you should call him that. Calling a guy daddy doesn’t make you less of a woman or anything! If a girl calls a guy daddy, it just means he likes that name! What do you think? Leave a comment below!

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