Why Do Guys Always Ask For Pictures When Texting? (7 Reasons Why)

Since the age of technology and social media started, texting has become more prominent. Almost everyone is caught in the web of taking pictures and uploading them online for validation via likes, comments, or simply for the fun of it. 

Over time, texting has become one of the most common ways of socializing. On almost every social media platform, the user has a spot for profile pictures. The profile says a little about you, and of course, the image shows what you look like. Because of the flexibility of social media, not everyone uses their real photo or a recent photo. 

It's not out of the ordinary for someone you met online to ask for pictures of you to confirm if you're the person your profile says you are, but shouldn't it apply both ways?

The main question here is, why do guys always ask for pictures when texting? What’s the reason even a guy friend you haven’t spoken to in a while, would suddenly ask you to send recent pictures of you?

I was curious enough to find out why through some in-depth research on the topic. I'm more than excited to share seven reasons from my findings with you. 

7 Reasons Guys Always Ask For Pictures When Texting

1. He wants to make sure you match your profile 

he wants to make sure you match your profile

Say you meet a guy on Tinder, Instagram, or any other social media platforms, you would want to be sure the person you're having a conversation with matches his profile. The same thing applies to a guy when he starts talking to a girl he met off the internet; he wants to be sure you are the person he thinks you are. 

Let's face it; social media can be deceitful. A lot of social accounts on Instagram are fake because people are masquerading as someone they're not to scam others. So, if this dude is considering a relationship with you, that’s certainly one reason he’d want to see your pictures first. 

 2. He wants to show you off

That's right! He's probably said a lot about you to his friends and maybe they're not satisfied with just your profile picture. Now he wants more images of you so he can show you off to them. Asking you to send photos is one way for him to confirm how stunning you are, before his friends meet you, that is. 

It's also not out of the ordinary for something like this to happen, especially if you’re in a relationship with him. If your boyfriend enjoys showing you off to his friends, this could be one other reason he always asks for your pictures.

Men are always proud of the woman they love; he won't get tired of telling anyone who cares to listen how beautiful you are or how beautiful you've become. Let your man show you off. 

3. He misses you

When you're texting your partner or your best friend who's miles away from you, he's going to miss seeing you and request a recent picture of you. Photos of you would make him feel closer to you even though you're not. You know what they say, out of sight is out of mind, and he doesn’t want that to happen. 

So to keep the relationship budding, guys like this would keep asking for pictures of you just so they feel more involved in your life. It also depends on the kind of pictures you're exchanging with each other (be careful.) 

Don't you ever just feel like seeing what your man looks like when he's all dressed up for an event you can’t attend? Of course! So that’s probably one reason he also wants to see you when you dress up in something fancy, or sometimes, nothing at all. 

4. He's trying to sex chat

he's trying to sex chat

With how close social media has brought people that are miles apart, they can now sex chat (sext.) They not only exchange pictures but videos of themselves as well. Some guys who are bored with mainstream pornography text random women on social media to get provocative images of them to ‘do their business’ with it. 

If you’re not in a relationship with this man, it's very creepy. No good comes from a man who claims to be your friend but is asking to see naked pictures of you online, be careful. However, for couples who are far from each other, this is one way to keep up their sex life. Considering they are in a committed relationship, it's safe. 

5. He's a stalker

I mean, we're talking about social media here; there are bound to be stalkers. It's weird when someone you've never met is asking for too many pictures of you; you'll begin to wonder what he's doing with it. If he wants a constant reminder of how you look, he has your profile picture for that. 

An old friend can request a photo of you just to see what you look like recently, whether they're any weight gains or losses. However, some guys could also be trying to set up an Angel Priya account for you ( a male with a fake female profile). You need to be careful about the way you exchange your pictures with someone you meet online via text; there are so many fraudulent activities online in this day and age. 

6. He likes you

If you're looking for a sign, there you have it. When someone you're texting asks to see a picture of you while you are doing something or just randomly, it means you pique his interest. Texting is like communicating with a person's mind, it’s definitely not the same as when you talk to them in person, although the latter is equally significant. 

As soon as you strike a chord in his mind, he would want a reminder of how you look. If he likes you, he would want a picture to be sure it's you he is talking to. 

Trust me, nobody wants to fall in love with an Angel Priya. Your partner can ask for photos of you as well because he likes having them in his gallery. It's cute. Every time he misses being with you, he can just look at a recent picture you sent him to feel like you're close. 

7. He wants to see you

he wants to see you

Last but not least, he wants to see you. A guy would ask for your picture because he wants to see you and be aware of what you are up to at the time. It's sweet to know someone you like enjoys just seeing your face, even though it’s just a picture. 

He probably can't want to come home and be with you, but all he can have at the time is a photo or a video. Guys ask for a picture to fill their imagination or daydreams of you.


What does it mean when a guy asks for a picture?

Well, apart from the fact that he wants to see what you look like, a guy like your partner would ask for pictures of you because he misses you. He wants to be reminded of how beautiful you are, mostly if you've both spent a lot of time apart from each other. 

Sometimes it's sexual, but a stranger asking to see pictures of your private parts is perverse (I wouldn't do that if I were you). Guys also ask for pictures of you so they can stalk you; they want to be virtually involved in what you're doing. 

How often should a guy text if he likes you? 

If a guy likes you, he's going to want to talk to you a lot. He won't mind asking what you're up to a couple of hundred times as long as he enjoys the conversation. There's no particular time frame for how often he should text you. Assuming he's got work to do, it won't be for the whole day but a good part of it. If a man likes you, he would always find time to communicate with you, whether via text or a phone call. 

How do you know if a guy is interested or just being friendly?

If a guy is interested in being more than friends with you, he will find a way to tell you, whether directly or indirectly. It’s obviously better fors the man to come clean and say, “I want us to be more than friends,” or something of the like. Assuming a man wants more than friendship from you is a hill you don't want to run on. Wait for the signs, and these signs come through flirty words, gestures, and sacrifices. 

Why would a guy take a picture of you? 

If he's not a professional photographer or your partner, then honey, that is weird. It's beautiful and sweet for your partner to have lots of pictures of you in his gallery. To be honest, if he doesn't have a couple of pictures of you on his phone, there's a problem. It's not out of place for him (your partner) to take photos of you. However, it's very creepy for a stranger to do so. 

Why would a guy send me a picture of himself? 

They do this to break the ice. Like I said earlier, it's a fair exchange if you both want to. Sometimes he sends it first to make you feel comfortable or as a subtle request to see yours. However, if his picture is a nude one, that man is looking for porn from you. Here is relationship advice, don't do it. If there's nothing to leak, nothing can be revealed, my dear. 

In Conclusion 

Men are very visual human beings who are moved or persuaded by what they see. The above reasons are why they want to see a picture of you via text (social media.) I would like to read your opinions on the topic in the comments section below. Please share this article with your friends as well. 

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