Why Am I So Desperate for Someone to Love Me? (7 Possible Reasons)

Are you ready to fall in love? Do you think you might be forcing love with the one you are with? Maybe you wonder, Why am I so desperate for someone to love me? Well, it’s time to stop feeling desperate! 

However, if you do feel that way, you should know that we all crave love from time to time. We are social animals, and our social circle is important! We want to feel loved!

The one thing you don’t want is to feel desperate! With the right steps, you can stop craving love in all the wrong places. 

What are those? An abusive relationship is not the best place for desperate people. They are craving connection with people with horrible personality traits. Instead of abuse and love, they are likely to find hurt and pain.

I’m not the first person to wonder what you can do! With the right mindset, you can conquer just about anything. 

If you are feeling sad because you need new friends, don’t worry; you can make them! Spend time with the right people and you won’t feel lonely anymore! 

Let’s look at some of the signs or reasons you may be feeling desperate for someone to love you! Are you ready?

7 Possible Reasons for Feeling Desperate for Love

1. You carry emotional baggage

Emotional baggage can come in many forms. You might have daddy issues if your father left you when you were a child. Maybe he abandoned your family to pursue another family of wife and children. If this sounds like something similar to your past, you might have emotional baggage that you have been carrying around for quite some time.

2. You are insecure

you are insecure

Do you feel the need to hear the words I love you from another person? Do you crave that experience when you are in a relationship? Have you had many experiences where you felt love but the other person did not? Do you feel like you’ve been in a lot of one-sided relationships? Do you want to change this aspect of yourself?

3. You don’t have a strong social network

If you do not have a lot of friends, this could be you. You might have trouble making friends because of your personality. Maybe you are shy or awkward around other people. Maybe you just don’t enjoy talking to other people because you don’t like being put on the spot when it comes to your turn to speak.

4. You have never felt love

If you have never felt love, you might have this problem. You just do not know what to expect. It is very hard to anticipate something if you have never been put in that position – not even one single day of your life. Perhaps, love confuses you; you have seen it on television, but the real-life experiences are not even close to that.

Lots of people feel this way. They wonder if their spouse or mate is truly a person that they can go the distance with. Maybe they think that they have found love, but then they see a movie and wonder if that is truly what they have experienced. We all question life, so this is not uncommon with people. Continue to be curious – an endearing trait!

5. You are afraid of being alone

you are afraid of being alone

Often, we are afraid of being alone because we worry that there is something wrong with us. We think that we are odd, different, or just plain weird in some way, and no one will love us the way we are. This is normal, as we all have doubts from time to time.

Do you think you might be feeling scared? Do you suspect what you are experiencing is uncommon? Are you worried you will never find true love? Are you afraid of being alone for the rest of your life? Don’t worry; you are never completely alone!

Remember your Higher Power, and you’ll feel less alone. You could try meditation or prayer to get closer to your Higher Power – whatever that is. This can help you in your partnership, too. You are likely to need your partner less if you depend on someone else or even yourself more!

6. You feel down or depressed

If you feel depressed, you might want to visit a mental health professional. They can help you feel less alone and down about how things are going in your life. 

You might find that they have the right self-help books and tools to help you out. Often, a trained professional can prescribe medication if needed, as well. Get any help you need!

7. You have relationship anxiety

you have relationship anxiety

Relationship anxiety is a pressing issue that happens to plenty of people. According to the Center of Shared Insight, relationship anxiety occurs when we worry too much about how things are going with our partners. You might need constant reassurance in your relationship, which is not the most healthy thing in the world.

Be sure to speak to a mental health professional if you are experiencing any of the problems listed in this article. Read some self-help books in your spare time. These can help you sort out your feelings and determine where you need help. You might need assistance in more than one area, as listed in this article.

If you are with someone, you might want to speak to them about your concerns. Explain that you think you might be desperate for real love and want them to understand what you are thinking and experiencing. If you are honest and forthright about your issues, they will likely want to help you out along the way! You will find success in love!!


How do I stop being desperate for love?

For one thing, stop evaluating yourself in comparison to other people. Second, spend quality time alone. This will build your self-worth. Finally, consider some other self-care techniques. You could pray, meditate, or even write in a journal to find relaxation and restoration. Spend your free time doing something productive!

What does it mean if you're desperate for love?

If you are desperate for love, finding love is your top priority. You can stop being desperate by hanging out with the right person – an individual who is healthy and makes you into a better person. Your potential partner should be someone you have little doubt about – someone who loves you for you!

How do you know you're desperate for love?

If one of the reasons in this article speaks to you, you might be desperate for love. Consider a first date. Do you spend the entire time being totally engrossed in having a potential life partner? That might be a sign you think too much about love or relationships!

Is it bad to be desperate for someone?

It’s never healthy to act desperate about anything. It can destroy your life if all you think about is your future relationships. Have a talk with a friend or family member about your needs. Provided your relationships are supportive, this should help build your low self-esteem.

What is the best age to find love?

While some people believe that the process of falling in love takes a lifetime, many people talk about finding true love at the early age of thirty years old. By that age, you have developed your career and education. You are likely to be mature and have great relationships with your friends and family.

To Sum It All Up

If you are looking for a relationship in all the wrong places, you might want to reconsider. Look out for what’s best for you, which is someone better!

Are you desperate for someone to love you? What tools and techniques have helped you? Please share your experiences for our readers!

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