How and Where Do Men Like to Be Touched? (21 Things You May Not Know)

Are you wondering, “Where do men like to be touched, and how can I best touch them?” That can be a tough call, especially in a new relationship when you don’t know his preferences, right? 

Often, you have to let the guy make the first move so that you can gauge how affectionate he truly is. 

However, if you find yourself in a relationship with a man who is different from you, you may be in for a rollercoaster ride, as both of you juggle which way to go. Do you feel like you and your man are on different pages when it comes to affection? 

Learn how to communicate your needs with each other to see the greatest success as a couple. 

Another consideration when deciding how much touch to share with the man you are with is how fast you want the physical part of your relationship to go. If you move too fast, you risk messing things up and even scaring him off. If you move too slow, he may not think you are interested in him. Find a happy medium to balance everything out.

Where Men Like to Be Touched

1. Neck


Squeeze his neck tight when you kiss each other. This will show him you are really into this kiss and want it to last a long time. 

You can also kiss his neck; I’ve found the neck to be one of those erogenous zones that men just love to have any woman kiss them. It really turns them on and lets them know that you are one of those girls that will make him happy!

2. Shoulder

Wrapping your arms around your man’s shoulder will show him that you are there for him – no matter what. You are excited to be on this journey with him and want him to know how much you care for him. Guys appreciate being touched there; it shows that they can rely upon their women to make them feel better after a rough day.

3. Hand

Holding hands or touching his hand ever so softly is a great way to get things started. Imagine the two of you at the movie theatre. All you have to do is touch his hand with your hand, and most likely, he’ll take over from there. Some guys are shy and just need that opening to let them know they should move things along to the next level.

4. Feet

Watch out when massaging your man’s feet. He may be too ticklish for that!

5. Lips

Most guys who are interested in girls love getting tongue action or even just a soft kiss on the lips. Being approached this way lets a guy know that you are on the same page as him; you both are hot and heavy for one another.

6. Cheek

Look into his eyes, let him know the idea that is going through your mind by your gaze, and gently touch his cheek. This will show him you truly care about him and enjoy sharing moments of intimacy like this together.

7. Back

The back is an area of the male body that you can do all sorts of things to. You may want to run your fingers up and down his spine, giving him a light back massage, or show him you want to be more than just a friend by offering to give him a back massage when really you want to rub your bodies together. He’ll get your intentions before long!

8. Lips


Touch his lips with your fingertips, or give him a sweet kiss. No matter what you do, this is an area that he will enjoy you paying attention to.

9. Hip

If your man is tall like so many are, you may have a tough time wrapping your arms around his shoulder. In this case, try putting it around his hip. This is an area you can reach much easier, and you’ll be showing a great deal of support and friendship as you hold him like that. Build a strong partnership with your lover by showing affection. 

10. Hair

If you enjoy getting a little rough with your guy, you can pull his hair when making out – not too hard, but enough that it will get the point across. Another approach is to softly run your fingers through his hair as the two of you kiss like you were in the movies. Playing with your guy’s hair will let him know that you are very into the kiss!

11. Thigh

If you are a girl who knows what she wants, you may want to indicate this by letting your hands roam to his inner thighs. This will let him know that you want to do more than just make out. 

Most people understand that having contact with this area means that you are ready for sexual intercourse!

12. Face

As you kiss each other or communicate in another way, touching his face can really show him you are there for him. When you touch his face, study his expression to determine how much he likes it and if you should do it again in the future. This is definitely a moment of intimacy that you can share. 

13. Head

Putting your hands in a cup shape around the back of his head will demonstrate the intensity and closeness you feel toward him. 

How To Touch Men Just Right

1. Take things slowly

You don’t want to rush things by going too fast, especially if your relationship is already going full speed. A lack of affection isn’t what you want, but to stay on the same level with him, try to figure out what is considered to be too much and what is just right.

2. Be a little rough with him

be a little rough with him

There’s a time and a place for this, but it’s okay to scratch him with your fingernails and give him a bit of a hard time, especially if you know he likes those things. His life may be full of boring meetings and planned agendas; he may love the spontaneous side of you and love the rough stuff in life! You’ll never know until you try it!

3. Take a bite

I love leaving marks on my guy’s body; contact like this shows that he is all mine! I may be a silly girl for thinking of it that way, but he likes it just the same. This is something you can do when stuff gets hot and heavy. He may like the symbol of love that he can sport around in the gym room, showing off that he “got some.”

4. Be sweet when in public

It’s quite common for guys to want to be affectionate in private, but when he’s around his friends, he may be rather standoffish. Glamour explains that this is a normal part of being in a relationship with a guy. Also, watch how he is in front of his parents. His father may understand affectionate behavior, but his mother probably won’t.

If you like being affectionate with your man at all times, you may need to talk about his behavior in front of his friends and family. Another suggestion offered by Glamour is to give him time. It may seem like immature behavior at the time, but give him a few months, and he may warm up to the idea of being affectionate in public. 

Remember, too, that every culture is different. He may feel like when the two of you are in public, even holding hands is a bit too risky for him. If that is all that he’s comfortable doing, hold hands and enjoy that. Different cultures do things in various ways; it’s important that you accept that and learn to understand what makes him comfortable.

5. Hint what you want without saying a word

There are times in a relationship when you have to be a strong girl and show your man what you have in mind without saying anything. You can do this by letting your hands roam all over his body. 

As he learns more about you in your relationship, he’ll understand what it means when your hands do the thing they do, and it will be an unspoken bond.

6. Cuddle plenty of the time

One of the best ways for women to touch and show affection is to cuddle with the men they love. When you cuddle, you can touch each other in all the places you want, and it can lead to intense intimacy or even sexual intercourse. A touch is a powerful tool for women to use to explain to their men what exactly they are in the mood for. 

7. Pay attention to his mood

Some women just rush to the door when their men come home after long days at the office or other places without even assessing their moods. Instead of rushing to give men attention, take a moment to gauge their mood. Is he in the mood for touch, or does he just need some quiet time with a nice cup of tea? Figure out what he needs.

8. Learn what he likes the most, and do it all the time

learn what he likes the most, and do it all the time

Remember that most men are pretty easy to please when it comes to affection. You can touch them in just about any places you want on them, and they’ll be happy! Of course, the smartest thing to do is to learn about what your man loves the most and practice doing that all the time. 


Where is the best place to touch a man to turn him on?

No one is the same; we all like different stuff when it comes to where we like to be touched. Some people enjoy hand-holding, while others love being touched anywhere. Find out what your man loves the most, and do that over and over again! You’ll win him over!

Where does a guy like to be touched while kissing?

I prefer touching a guy’s head when sharing a kiss. That way, I can run my fingers through his hair and scratch his scalp with my long fingernails. Men just love that! Watch how they do it on TV to get some great ideas about what to do when kissing!

How do I kiss my boyfriend to make him crazy?

If you want him to feel like something magical is going on between you two, you should put your arms under his and wrap them around his body. Run your fingers up and down his back as you enjoy the kissing. You might even want to moan while kissing.

Do guys get turned on by their nipples?

There are many guys who get stimulated by touching, pinching, kissing, or biting their nipples or other areas on their bodies. You could even try giving his entire chest attention by licking his body, kissing his chest while moaning, or just rubbing him all over his body while making out.

What does it mean when a guy touches your breast while kissing?

He’s probably trying to tell you that he wants to take it to the next level. He’s letting you know that he is plenty turned on and excited about taking the next step with you. It could also mean that he wants to touch you in many other naughty places.

To Sum It Up…

Where does your man like to be touched, and as a woman, how do you meet his needs? Do you find public displays of affection to be disturbing or adorable? Whichever way you decide to look at it, make sure you are with the boy who really steals your heart!

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