When Will He Propose? (23 Ways To Tell He’s About To Pop The Question)

My boyfriend is acting weird, is he about to pop the question? Many women who have been in a long-term relationship are quick to jump to the conclusion that their man is ready to settle down, especially when he acts differently but not in a bad way. 

Although people don’t get married as early as they used to back in the 70s and 80s, many women still want to get married early. Although the normal marriageable age is now between 26 and 30, a woman can get antsy when her boyfriend is taking too long to pop the question.

If you fall into the category above, it is possible that you’re worrying for no reason and your man might be out picking a ring for you right now! How then do you know if your boyfriend is getting ready to bend a knee to make a marriage proposal?

Before you become a nervous wreck or break up your beautiful relationship due to insecurity and uncertainty, read on for signs that will indicate you’re about to become a bride.


23 Ways To Understand When He’s Going To Propose

1. You know it’s the perfect year for a proposal

You wouldn’t be so anxious about whether he’ll pop the question or not if you didn’t think it was time to take things to the next phase. If you’ve been together for a long time and everyone is just waiting for wedding invites, then your boyfriend might be ready to ask you to marry him. 

Of course, what other people think isn’t more important than what you feel for one another. But when someone else feels he’s going to pop the question, that’s a good sign. 

2. You have been talking about dream houses and porches for children

you have been talking about dream houses and porches for children

If your relationship has reached the stage where you are already having discussions about the dream house you’d like to buy or build, that is a good sign that a marriage proposal is in the works. 

As long as the initiation of the discussion is mutual and you aren’t the only one pushing for such topics, then your boyfriend may want to get married too.

3. He knows you are ready to marry him, not because you just want to be called a ‘Mrs.’

Men know when a woman is all about keeping an image and if your intention doesn’t serve their purpose, they won’t marry you just to suit yours. Why do you desire to be his wife? Are you desperate for wedding bells to ring or do you truly want to marry him because he’s exactly who you want to share your life with?

A man knows these things and when he’s certain you’re the one he won’t hesitate to make the right moves.

4. You are both strongly attracted to each other and want to seal the deal soonest

Two people who are deeply in love with each other want to be together always. When there’s a strong sexual pull between them, staying apart is usually difficult. 

If your partner considers family values as paramount, he’d want to seal the deal and create his own family as soon as he establishes you want the same thing. If that’s the case, your man should be shopping for engagement rings anytime soon. 

5. There’s easy trust between the two of you 

Most people make the mistake of putting the cart before the horse and this leads to more troubles than they can handle when everything falls apart. If your partner is your best friend and you’re his, there shouldn’t be a problem with trusting one another. 

If you have the easy camaraderie that exists between two friends who trust each other, it’s safe to say he’ll want to be with you for life.

6. You know you have the qualities he is looking for

Apart from what your boyfriend needs or wants, there’s a certain confidence that you should have in yourself. Your partner wants to know that you possess the qualities any man would be a fool to ignore. 

Men want capable women who can take charge of situations and be great homemakers at the same time. You don’t need to become a plain Jane to achieve this. By being you, your man will certainly want to make things official

7. He says you improve him every day

he says you improve him every day

A man who has had his share of promiscuousness, and has sowed his wild oats in his youth, will most likely be on the lookout for a woman who grounds him in his prime.

As such, most men aren’t searching for Prima Donnas to spend the rest of their lives with. If your man verbally and actively tells you that you help ground him, he sees you as someone he can get married to very soon.

8. He has increased the number of times he says he loves you

If your man has started saying the L-word more often than normal, it means he’s overwhelmed with his feelings for you. Beyond saying he loves you if he has been doing more acts of service when not asked, he’s probably giving you an idea of what getting married to him will look like. 

9. He attests to the fact that you’ll be a great mother

You’ll find people saying women have natural maternal instincts but it takes a man who knows he wants to get married to deliberately say that to his woman. 

If he’s keen on having kids and keeping a traditional family, he’d want his future wife to have similar views. If your boyfriend says you’ll be a great mother, then he may be planning one romantic and intimate proposal.

10. He is acting sneaky with his cellphone

Before you go all gangsta or detective on him, you should consider whether he had ever acted that way before. If keeping his phone on him all the time isn’t the norm, he may be plotting a proposal event with family members or friends.

He wants the day to be special for you and wouldn’t want you answering the call of someone from the jewelry store. If you trust your man, you should just wait for the surprise.

11. He’s hanging out with his sister or best friend more than ever

As long as there’s no trouble in paradise, you shouldn’t panic when your man starts hanging out more with his sister or his female best friend. 

It’s normal to be worried that something else could be going on. However, if you’ve been together for long and trust isn’t an issue with either of you, they may be planning a proposal dinner.

12. He calls you to dress nice for an impromptu dinner date

Perhaps it’s Valentine’s Day and he doesn’t want to eat in like you both always do every year. He calls you to dress up and meet him at a new restaurant in town. He likely chose a new place where you can’t sneak up on him and ruin the surprise proposal he is planning to spring on you.

You shouldn’t think that’s the case every time he asks you out to dinner but, your intuition should lead you to know when it’s time. 

13. His closest friends tell you that you’re special to him

his closest friends tell you that you're special to him

You don’t need the validation of his friends to feel like you’re right for your man. On the other hand, it feels good to hear from your man’s best friends that you’re the best thing that happened to him.

They are his trusted associates and men don’t gossip to their buddy’s woman often. As such, you should take their confidence as a good sign that your man wants you permanently. 

14. You see a jewelry box in his suit pocket

Seeing a jewelry box is a dead giveaway that your man has a gift for you. If you know about jewelry, you might be able to tell if the length and breadth of the box houses an engagement ring or another piece of jewelry. 

It’s alright to feel elated. However, don’t bank on it being a ring until the moment he pops the right question and slides the ring on your finger.

15. You share common beliefs and views on religion and politics

Marriage isn’t just about kisses, hugs, sex, and making babies. It is a whole lot more. What are your views about politics, religion, abortion, gun control, and other related things? Do your views and principles match his?

What agreement do you have about parenting? How many kids does he want to have? Are you in agreement with his choices? A man wants a woman whose beliefs align with his. If you’re that woman, he’ll propose someday.

16. There is no conflict about raising your unborn children

Like shared beliefs, the issue of raising kids is a big deal. Your background as parents would influence how you raise your kids. So, if your discussions had never touched the kind of background you both come from, there’s no serious future for you and this guy.

However, if you’ve both reached a resolution on how much influence your background has on you as potential parents, you have a man who is ready to pop the question. 

17. Your relationship had a specific direction from the onset

Some people date for fun, knowing fully well that they have no intention of taking the relationship further than a casual one. However, some people start dating, knowing they are headed for marriage. 

While it’s okay to start at the fun part, it is important to put labels on each stage of the relationship to avoid wasting each other’s time. If your relationship has a clear direction towards marriage, at some point, your man would do the needful at the right time. 

18. You challenge him to be better and committed

A man who’s going to marry knows when to get serious but, having a woman who challenges him to be committed to her helps him get his acts straight sooner than later. 

If your actions propel your boyfriend to start planning a future for the both of you, he’ll be proposing to you someday. If he asks you to move in with him, that’s a great sign he’s committed to becoming your long-term partner.

19. The feeling of progress from one level to another is mutual for both of you

the feeling of progress from one level to another is mutual for both of you

For every relationship there’s a transition; from strangers to friends, from friends to friends who date, and then a proper love relationship. If the feelings are not forced and both parties stay true to their commitment to each other, there will be a natural transition to a proposal. As such, it will be a surprise when he proposes but it would certainly be an expected one.

20. You find it easy to do things together

Couples who find it easy to do things together usually last longer. If you and your partner have been carrying out many activities together and building mutual interests while dating, it’s highly likely that you’ll make a great married couple. As such, the relationship would naturally glide towards a proposal. 

21. You haven’t been browbeating him to propose to you

If you don’t do this it may sound strange to you but, as weird as it seems, some women nag their men into proposing to them. Even if the man caves and proposes to you, he won’t be doing it because he wants to marry you but, because you think it’s been a long time coming.

A proposal should happen naturally but, if you force a man to put a ring on it, it means he never wanted to marry you in the first place. 

22. Someone leaked the secret to you

Getting to know that your man is about to propose to you spoils the fun and excitement of a surprise proposal. But it is better than thinking he doesn’t want to marry you.

You could hear the secret by mistake, through eavesdropping, or from eager friends and family who couldn’t hold the news to themselves. As long as you act as expected when your man proposes, all is well in love-dom.

23. He has been more conservative than usual about how he spends money

A man who is about to plan a wedding won’t be splurging on items like he used to do before. If your man has become more prudent than normal, he’s probably saving up for the wedding ahead. Do you know what that means? He already got you a ring! Of course, you should confirm that he’s not run into debt before you start rejoicing.


How long should you wait for a marriage proposal?

There is no specific timeframe to when a man should propose to you. However, when you’ve been dating him for years and he doesn’t give any hint that he would pop the question, you might need to give him a push in the right direction. 

How do you know when he is going to propose?

Some things he does would give you an idea; he’d be sneakier than usual and he'd probably be in cahoots with one or more members of your family on picking out a ring for you.

How long does it take a man to know he wants to marry you?

It depends on a man’s state of mind and financial capability. His state of mind because men don’t marry unless they’re ready to and, financial capability because a broke man may not be ready to tie the knot yet. 

How long is too long to date before engagement?

Although there’s no timestamp, anything from four years upwards is usually not a good sign, especially if both parties were already in their thirties when they started dating.

How long do guys wait to propose after buying a ring?

Some guys want to be sure they’re doing the right thing, so, it takes them months to propose even after buying the ring. Some guys go straight to proposing because they are certain they want to be committed to the woman.

In Conclusion

Women sit on pinpricks and needles on the issue of “when will he propose” but the signs in this article should help you calm down and observe when your man is about to ask the ultimate question. 

If this article has helped you, do leave a comment, and don’t forget to share it with a friend. 

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