When He Says You Deserve Better (7 Possible Meanings)

When a man says you deserve better, best believe that you do deserve better and begin to check yourself, him, his commitment level, his responses to your wants, and the relationship as a whole.

The truth is that men always say what they want, they never fine-tune anything or sugarcoat things. And if there is anything I know men have, it’s the audacity for me, they are not afraid to say anything provided that is how they feel.

Women, (myself included) like to believe what they want. We want to believe the ideas, imaginations, and possibilities of what could be with a particular man, instead of facing the reality and handling things logically. The problem is that we want it to be something else so bad, so we hear the words, but ignore the literal meaning of it.

This is why when men say things, we need our friends, sisters, the president, and seven wise men to interpret a three-word clause. We want it to be something else, anything else but the truth. When a man says “you deserve better”, it’s one of seven things. So keep reading, as I share 7 possible meanings to when someone says you deserve better.

7 Possible Meanings When Someone Says You Deserve Better

1. He doesn’t like you as much

Rejection comes in various words and actions and “You deserve better” is one of the many ways to express rejection. Other variants in this category include “any guy would be lucky to have you”, “I need to break up to fight my demons” etc. 

Some men do not have the effective tools for proper communication or you could call them cowards too. So, they say this instead of just coming clean.

So the next time you hear a guy saying you deserve better, consider the fact that this simply means the guy is unavailable for the kind of commitment you are asking for at the moment. Don’t waste your time convincing him that he is the better you need. If he has said it, even Zeus won’t make him see it.

2. He has low self-esteem

Saying you deserve better is a red flag. If he says you deserve better, you better listen to him and flee as fast as you can. You need to understand that a person has to be totally in love with themselves before they can give out what they have. You cannot give what you don’t have.

He had the right to sell himself to you, to tell you about all his amazing qualities, and convince you to be in his life. However, he chose to tell you about how you do not deserve him. If you put in a lot of effort and you go into a relationship with him, chances are you will regret every part of the way.

3. He wants to break up

he wants to break up

It usually goes this way “I have given this enough thought, you are an amazing person, but you deserve better than me” don’t try to explain or persuade him. Girl, let that man go. He wants to leave the relationship and is trying to cushion the blow. He wants to relieve you of the girlfriend position. So, take the chance and set yourself free from the shackles of being boo-boo the fool”

It is a classical coward move. I mean, you would expect a grown man to communicate his emotions better but since he has gone down this road with the flimsy excuse, just count it as a win. In the end, you will be glad that the trash took itself out.

4. He is cheating

That guy has cheated and he is trying to cover his tracks. I am sure your instincts are kicking in and screaming “I told you so” you are probably right, he is cheating and wants to take the easy way out.

Do not hesitate to walk, run or fly when he says you deserve better because the fact is that you do. So no matter how he may phrase it, turn the other shoulder and excuse yourself from the situation. There is someone out there that is fully deserving of you and wants the entire package. 

5. He is sending a warning

He is giving you the 411 that he is a top threat to your peace of mind, emotional stability, and mental health. He is trying to let you know that he is a bottom-tier man and hanging out with him or dealing with him will end in premium tears. Relationships are so interesting and you deserve only happiness from them.

So woman, here is what you are going to do when you hear that potential is letting you know that he will cause you factory-fitted difficulties. You run. Run as fast as your tiny feet can carry you because that man means it.

6. You both want different things

you both want different things

Relationships work better when partners want similar things. You want love and he wants something else, so he goes “you deserve better”, this is not a compliment, responses are important, this is a man stating facts on how he feels about you, he knows where he is at, so just listen to him.

He is not where you want him to be presently relationship-wise, so simply read through the very short line, say to yourself “he is not good enough” and walk away from the situation. Find someone that is on the same wavelength as you.

7. He is lazy

“You deserve better” is exactly what they mean and you should run so fast that your heels touch the back of your head whenever you hear this from guys. But here is the tea. If he thinks you deserve better, shouldn’t he work hard to be better for you?

He could mean this sincerely, but if someone is not willing to put in the work to better themselves, for your sake then is it worth it? I know it is hard, and you love him, but if your goal is a serious relationship, you can do better than trying to persuade a lazy person to stay.


What does it mean when someone says you deserve better?

You deserve better” sounds self-explanatory to me, it simply means that whosoever you are dealing with understands that you can do better than them. So whomever, this is their way of saying “I see what I can and will put you through, leave this mess for the love of God”. And ladies what do we do when we hear this? We run!

What do you say when someone says you deserve better?

Say “thank you for letting me know” and keep it moving. Don’t ask why and don’t try to persuade him to change his mind. 

Why do guys say you're too good for them?

There are a lot of reasons why men say you are too good for them, but the commonest reason is usually that he is lazy. Too lazy to put in the mental and emotional work it takes to bloom a relationship into something meaningful. He doesn’t love you enough to put in the work and that’s the sad reality.

How do you know you deserve better?

When your man's words don’t correspond with his actions, then you know you deserve better. Because you deserve the love you give and I’m sure you don’t give half-baked love else you won’t be here on my article reading about the signs and wanting to get better. You deserve someone that worships you.

What does a woman deserve from a man?

Honestly, what a woman deserves is everything good and more a man has to offer. Anything at all that can make her feel loved and wanted. So be it gift giving, acts of service, words of affirmation, physical touch, she deserves a portion of all of these and more. She deserves a man that is intentional about everything.

To Conclude

I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing every bit of it. Remember that once a guy says “you deserve better” and there are no actions to show him trying to be the better you deserve, he is not good enough. 

And it is time to run as fast as your legs can carry you. Let me know what you think in the comments, your feedback means a lot to me. Also, kindly share the article if you liked it.

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