What Does It Mean When A Guy Calls You Dude? (21 Things You Need To Know)

When a guy calls you dude, you instantly think that you’ve been friend-zoned. Why would a guy call you dude if he has a huge crush on you? However, it’s not that simple. We try to decode everything that men do because they are so great at hiding their emotions and not communicating. This one takes a bit of thought, though. 

Why Did He Call Me Dude?

If a guy calls you dude, it could mean quite a few different things. Don’t assume it’s because he doesn’t like you. Instead, follow these tips to determine the meaning behind his words. Consider these reasons to see if they apply to your situation.

1. He says hey dude to everyone

To this guy, it’s just a word. It doesn’t mean you’ve been friend-zoned. However, it also doesn’t mean that he likes you. If you notice that he says it to everyone, don’t look into it much further. 

This can be a bit complicated if you just met the get. You haven’t been around his friends yet, so you don’t know how he interacts with everyone else. Going out to the movies together can help you find out. People that say dude to everyone will even say it to people that they don’t know. 

If he says thank you, he’s more likely to end it with the word dude. Hanging out with him and his friends can also let you know. As a last resort, you can stalk his social media. He might reply to other people’s comments and call them dude.

2. You’re actually in the friend zone now

Let’s say that he just started calling you dude. Pay attention to his actions and see if you’ve been demoted to the dreaded friend zone. He won’t touch you as much or stare at you. Guys that were showing signs that they liked you and suddenly quit are doing this because you have been friend-zoned. 

Thankfully, it’s not hard to get out of this zone when it comes to guys. Guys have a flexible friend zone. Make sure that you let him know that you like him with these tips.

3. He calls girls dude too

Maybe he doesn’t greet you with the word, but he still refers to you as a dude. It might still be just a word to him. Pay attention to how he acts around other people to see if the guy calls everyone dude. 

Men that refer to every person as a dude will do the same for females. Other men will only refer to men as dudes. Pay extra close attention to determine which category he falls into. If you notice that he doesn’t call all girls dude, like the cashier, but he does you, it says something. Either he feels close to you or he is flirting with you.

4. He looks at you like he does his guy friends

You’re one of the guys to him. It means that you’re in the friend zone, and he views you as one of the guys. Keep in mind this usually doesn’t happen if he has a crush on you.

5. It means he likes you

Sometimes, guys try a little too hard to pretend that they don’t like someone. He might call a girl dude to make it seem like he’s not interested. If this is the case, he’ll call a girl dude more than he does other people. He will also show some classic body language signs that he likes you, like staring or touching you.

6. He’s comfortable with you

hes comfortable with you

A guy calling a girl dude doesn’t always mean she’s friend-zoned. It could just mean that he feels comfortable with you. He feels like he can joke around with you like he can the guys. If you like him, that can actually be a good thing. 

When a man is comfortable around you, there are ways to tell. Boys that feel comfortable will tell you secrets without being embarrassed. They’ll talk about anything. Unfortunately, you’ll find out what their real personal hygiene is like. If he doesn’t usually brush his teeth, he won’t do that just because you’re coming over either. Bodily functions, like farting, might happen, too.

7. Maybe you’re his bestie

When a guy considers you a close friend, it means that you’re in the best friend category. He’ll treat you like he does his other best friends. This means he might wrestle with you or tell inside jokes with you. A guy that views you as being close to him will show all of the signs that he is comfortable with you too.

8. Show him you’re interested if you are

I think the most frustrating part about a guy referring to you dude is when you like them, and you can’t figure out what it means. If your crush called you dude, try flirting with him and see if he flirts back. This is a great way to tell if you’re interested. Other ideas you can try include: 

  • Smile at him
  • Make eye contact
  • Ensure that your body language is open when he’s around
  • Touch him more, such as touching his arm during conversation
  • Angle your body towards his
  • Laugh at his jokes
  • Pay attention to him
  • Compliment him
  • Ask him questions
  • Strike up a conversation with him
  • Listen to him
  • Tell him when he’s great at something

If you really like him but he doesn’t seem to know, you can always take a bolder approach. Have a friend text him and tell him to see what he says. You can text him yourself and tell him that you like him too.

9. He wants to know if you like him

Sometimes, guys will do something to see what you do back. This is their way of seeing whether you like them. He’ll do it, and then watch to see what you do after you’re called dude.

10. Watch for other signs that he likes you

He might be comfortable with you, think of you as a best friend, and still call you dude when you’re together. It doesn’t mean that he doesn’t like you. Instead, watch for body language that he likes you. 

When a guy has a crush on you, he’ll mirror your body language. You’ll see him uncross his arms and have more open body language when you’re around. He might lean forward to talk to you, which shows interest.

11. Look at his pupils

If a guy is shy, he might not show the same body language when he’s around you if he likes you. You can also tell by checking out his pupils. They’ll dilate if he really likes you, and he can’t control that.

12. Maybe he just thinks you’re cool

maybe he just thinks youre cool

We call the cool people in our life by equally cool nicknames. In his world, that might mean the word dude. All guys do it. Pay attention to whether he calls other people by things that aren’t their names.

13. It was an accident

If a guy really likes you, he might be kicking himself because he called you dude. Maybe he didn’t even mean to! Guys that didn’t mean to will act a little bit nervous after they do it. They can’t take back what they said, but they know deep down that they didn’t mean to say it.

14. It’s a cute nickname

Maybe he’s giving you a cute little pet name. I know a guy that used to call his girlfriend little dude. It started out as him being playful, but it stuck. That became her nickname in the relationship.

15. He could be flirting

Some guys are bad at flirting, or they do it in a way that we’re not used to. If he calls you dude while smiling that sexy, flirtatious smile, he’s probably flirting with you. Flirt back if you like him.

16. Always consider the context

You can’t just look at the word dude and know what he meant. Instead, consider what else he was saying. 

Did he simply state “what’s up dude?” like he does with everyone else. Or was it something that he doesn’t usually do, such as calling you dude in the middle of a sentence? Was it something you have never seen him do with someone else? Context is everything when you’re trying to decipher what someone means by something.

17. Consider who else is there

This is another important thing you should look at. Was your crush in the middle of doing something fun with his friends? 

Maybe he didn’t want to seem interested because he’s not ready to tell everyone he’s attracted to you yet. No guy likes to look rejected, especially in front of his friends. He might not be willing to openly flirt with you unless he knows that you’re also attracted to him.

18. Look at other actions

look at other actions

You can’t look at him saying that you’re a dude in conversation and instantly know how he feels. Instead, look at all of his actions. That will tell you whether he likes you. 

His body language is a big clue to whether he’s attracted to you. Shy guys will appear nervous or uncomfortable. They will look down at the floor and are more likely to exhibit closed body language. Confident men will stick their chests out and talk with a deeper voice when they speak to you compared to other people. Men that want your attention will go above and beyond to get it. Regardless of what the change is, you’ll notice that he acts differently around you. 

Another key thing that men do when they have a crush on you is trying to make you smile. If you think something he does is funny, he’s guaranteed to do it again if he is attracted to you. Guys will do anything, no matter how weird it is, if they do not like you.

19. Is he in a relationship?

If the guy is in a relationship, he could be referring to you as a dude to downplay the fact that he’s still attracted to you. We can’t always help whether we like someone else physically. Sometimes, it’s bound to happen when we’re in a relationship, too. 

When a man with a girlfriend calls you dude, he’s making it clear that you two are just friends. This is especially true if his girlfriend is around. If the only time he does it is when she’s not around, he may be flirting but it’s best to just ignore it.

20. Does he make an effort to spend time with you?

When a man likes you, spending time with you is on the priority list. You’ll find that he’s calling you more. He might include you in a group chat so that you are automatically invited to events. Texting you to invite you out or to see if you want to grab something to eat is going to happen. 

The guy that doesn’t reach out to you will make subtle hints. He might let you know that he’d be happy to help you around the house. Perhaps he’ll volunteer to work on your car. Either way, he’s trying to find a way to be around you. It’s because he likes you!

21. Ask him

If you’re still not sure what he means, and whether he likes you, just ask him. I’ve never asked a guy if he likes me and then be really mean. Sometimes, I misinterpret them saying they’ll help me out as trying to be around me when in reality they’re trying to look out for me because they feel like I’m like a sister. It happens. 

On the other hand, there are times when I have been right, and they’ve opened up to tell me that they do like me. Asking a guy whether they like you can be as simple as saying “do you like me as more than a friend?” Even if he doesn’t want to talk about it, the way he acts will tell you how he feels. 

You can also ask him why he keeps referring to you as a dude. Maybe it’s just a word to him. If it is, he’ll tell you. This is a great time to bring it up if you don’t like it, too. Make sure that you tell him you don’t think that he did anything wrong. However, it’s just not something you like. 


Is it bad if your crush calls you dude?

No! This means that he’s comfortable around you. He might feel closer to you or feel comfortable confiding in you. Guys don’t have an inescapable friend zone like girls do. Instead, you still have a chance even if he called you dude. 

What does it mean when a guy calls me dude?

It means that he likes you as a friend. He views you as one of the guys. When a guy calls you dude, he might look at you as a very close friend that he can talk to and joke with. Sometimes, guys will do this to a girl they like in a flirty way or to see how she acts. 

Can a girl say dude to a guy?

Yes! There’s no right or wrong way to talk to a guy. However, this does insinuate that you see him as a friend. Most guys who wind up in the friend zone know that they don’t have a great chance of making it out of it. This isn’t the best idea if you want to be in a relationship with him. 

Does he like me at all?

If he likes you, he’ll act differently around you. Making you smile and laugh will be a top priority. He’ll go out of his way to spend time with you. When a guy likes a girl, his pupils will dilate when he’s around her. This is something that he can’t change, even if he wants. To tell, simply look into his eyes when you talk to him. 

Can I say dude to my boyfriend?

Yes, you can. The only problem with saying dude to a guy is when you like him, and he thinks he’s wound up in the friend zone because you call him dude. The two of you are already together, so it shouldn’t be an issue. Lots of couples call each other nicknames or dude as the relationship progresses. 

In Conclusion

If a guy called you dude, what would you think it means? How do you tell when a guy likes you versus when he sees you as more of a friend?

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