When A Guy Asks, What Do You Think Of Me? (17 Things To Say)

‘What do you think of me?'. This is a question we tend to hear very rarely in our lives. We usually reserve such questions when we're feeling lost, less than, or confused about what the future holds. We pose this question to family, sometimes with a little humor to prevent them from freaking out, while we smile innately worried about how they'll answer. 

Imagine if your boyfriend asked you this question without humor or jokes. You might probably smile back but wonder mentally why he asked that question and what it could mean. Well, girl, you're not alone. We've all been there. What does it mean when a guy wants you to tell him what you think of him? 

In this post, we try to figure out what it might mean when a guy brings this up in conversation. We also try to give you helpful tips on how to answer such that he's less worried and more excited about your relationship when the conversation is over. If you're game, be sure to keep reading. 

17 Things To Reply When A Man Asks You What You Think of Him

1. ‘You have a way with people that melts my heart.'

Now, this is one of the sweetest messages you can tell your partner. What does it mean when a guy wants you to tell him what you think of him? When he asks you to let him know what you think of him, you can start by how he relates to you and others, how you admire it and how good it makes you feel. This lets him know that you consider things apart from appearance, and it's one of many signs that he's won the hearts of those who mean the world to you. 

2. ‘Your humor is one for books.'

What does it mean when a guy wants you to tell him what you think of him? Does he make you do the ugly laugh more times than one? It would be best to let him know you think that's an amazing quality

He might be stressed that the love has gone stale, that you're both moving through the motions, but if you tell him what you think regarding how he makes you feel with humor, you're likely to have him light up and resolve to keep that smile on your face for as long as possible. 

3. ‘You're the nicest of all the guys.'

you're the nicest of all the guys

Talk about his physical qualities! Let him know how interested you are in his looks, and tell him how cute he is. Women are used to being complimented about their bodies or how they've dressed, but men don't get that as often.

Let him know you find him appealing, and that awkward high school phase did not prevent his current glow. Talk about his eyes, lips, hair, and even his wide feet. All the physical signs that make him who he is. 

4. ‘You're a little clumsy.'

It's great to focus on the positives. Still, it is safe to slip in some things you think your man can do better in. let's take clumsiness for example if he truly is clumsy, you could bring that forth, mention one or two examples to bolster your point, and then to prevent him from feeling sad, throw in a little joke about it. Tell him you love him regardless, and you find that even with the clumsiness, you still want him.

5. ‘You love to think long-term. I think you care a lot about us.'

Tell him that even with his thoughts, he doesn't shove the idea of marriage down your throat or make it seem scary. Let him know you appreciate that he sees a future with you and makes you aware with every chance he gets. Mention other signs that show his eagerness to be with you for the long haul, and be honest about how that makes you feel.

6. ‘You are an encourager.'

And make sure this isn't a fake answer. Honesty is the best policy. What does it mean when a guy wants you to tell him what you think of him? Tell him about those moments when you need help preparing for an interview, an assignment, and he always comes through for you. 

Appreciate the potential he sees in you and how he pushes you to move from being mediocre to magnificent. In relationships, you're meant to build each other up, not depend on another person. Building each other helps everyone reach their potential while dependence wears one person out while another pursues their goals. 

7. ‘You compliment me.'

What does it mean when a guy wants you to tell him what you think of him? He wants to know if his actions evoke some emotions in you. You can answer if you're in a relationship by telling him how he compliments you. Complete you and compliment you are two different sentences. The latter means you rely on him to exist, while the latter means you both come together to make things happen.

‘You compliment me' is a simple yet very deep statement. It is seen as cheesy by many, but it is a very beautiful response to give. 

8. ‘You make me feel beautiful.'

Talk about how he looks at you. Like you're the only person in the universe. Like you're the most beautiful girl in the room. Talk about how his eyes light up when you walk into the room, even when you're dressed in your pajamas, with whipped cream on your lips and your air tied up in a messy bun. This lets him know that even in moments when you're feeling self-conscious, you know he's there for you, and he loves you.

9. ‘You're intelligent.

you're intelligent

When a guy enquires you what you think about him, his intelligence is one of the best things to talk about. If he is intelligent, be sure to state that. This is because one of the reasons they ask this question is because they're feeling self-conscious and need affirmation

Talk about how great he is with remembering little facts and signs, how he knows his favorite books from cover to cover, and how comfortable you are learning from him every time you have a discussion. You can even chip in on how his tips have made you smart before your other friends. Every guy likes that. 

10. ‘You're good at dating me.'

You can tell your lover this when he asks what you think of him if you're together. There comes a time in some relationships where dates become foreign. The people involved get used to each other, and they get so comfortable that they don't see the need to date each other. 

If he takes you on adventures, be honest and let him know, even if it's just around the corner. Every guy likes to hear that their efforts aren't going to waste

11. ‘You love me.’

If he allows you to be yourself at all times, it'll explain why you like him the way you do. Talk to him about how natural you feel whenever you're with him. Let him know that you're always ready to be yourself with him. He feels like home, and you feel as though you never have to worry about a thing. 

12. ‘You're doing a great job with…

This is the time to highlight whatever he's working on and encourage him. Tell him you're proud of him and how much you love that he can stand up to people who don't believe in his vision. He might be stressed from work or school and needs that affirmation so give it freely. If he's been through a lot to get to where he is, highlight these things, and give all the different reasons why he might have stopped but didn't.

13. ‘You are afraid of commitment.'

We've mentioned a lot of negatives; it's only right we follow up with some not-so-positive comments. If you're in a relationship with a person, you should be able to let them know about things that can work in their character. He might be afraid of fully committing to you because of old hurt or simply because he isn't sure about his feelings. 

They might not have noticed, or they have but don't know how to work around it. When you talk about these things and the other signs you feel affect you both, it is easier to find solutions to help your union flourish. 

14. ‘I think you are a spendthrift.'

What does it mean when a guy asks for your thoughts about him? He wants to know how he can be better than you or get your emotions centered on him. In answering, you can talk about his spending habits, if they're extreme and could ruin him. Let him understand that you care deeply about him, which is why you're letting him know what you think about him and his spending habits. Choose the words wisely as this is a rather sensitive topic. 

15. ‘You check all my boxes.'

you check all my boxes

He's different from those that came before him; tell him that. Let him know that he treats you right. This is for that guy you feel you're dating unofficially. You want to make him aware of your feelings and what you want from your current relationship. Tell him about how he fits what you want in a man. Make sure when he makes eye contact, your eyes are ever ready, staring back, to let him know how serious you are.

16. ‘You're a great friend.'

Do you like him, but only as a friend? Maybe this is the time to tell him. Yoummithve noticed a change in his behavior towards you. Everyone around you tells you he's in love with you, but these comments have never inspired feelings from you. You see the way he makes eye contact and smiles at you. You might want to nip it in the bud while you can to save both of you the stress of breaking your friendship.

17. ‘You might need therapy.'

Maybe you've noticed he's been off for a couple of months. He's snapping back at you, saying some hurtful words, or talking about hurting himself. When such a guy asks you this question, it is best to let him know he needs help. Again, choose your words wisely, and speak in a kind tone. Let him know you're saying this because you care about him and not reprimand him. 


How do you answer when someone asks, ‘what do you think of me?'

We all know about that striking fear that comes upon us whenever we hear this question. It doesn't matter if it's from the girls, our family, or even our partner. It doesn't matter how sweet the relationship is or has been, and it doesn't matter the compliments you've passed on between yourselves for years. When someone asks you what you think of them, the one-way thing you must ensure is that you speak the truth.

The truth is, people love the truth, but they hate to hear it, which is why you'll need to choose your words properly so as not to offend. Start with something positive, and slip in the negative it needs to be. Remind them that this is your perception, and it isn't set in stone.

What to say when a guy asks you how you feel about him?

What do you think of me, and how do you feel about me are two different questions. When a guy asks you the first one, he wants to know your general perception of him. Who do you think he is? Did you expect him to be a certain way by his appearance? Do you find him funny? And many more.

If he asks how you feel about him, he's referring to your emotions. Do you like him? Do you find him attractive and sexy? Do you think you can fall in love with him? Are you already in love?

If you don't want to be too specific, one of the best ways to answer is to let him know that he makes you happy. You can also mention that with him, you feel more whole. These are great responses. 

What to say when a guy asks, ‘what are you looking for?'

The best answer to this question during conversation is the truth. Be sure to advocate for what you want, unapologetically. Yes, asking for a long-term relationship on the first date might indeed sound very weird and downright scary, but there's nothing wrong with that.

Once you know what you want, let the other person know. If you want something casual, state it. Something more serious? State it. They might agree, or they might freak out. You could cough and laugh the awkwardness away in the latter and call it a night. Trust me, it all works out in the end. 

What to say when your boyfriend asks what you think of him?

Some helpful responses for the question include, ‘I think you're an amazing human being, and I'm glad to have you in my life. When answering this question from your lover, you could be funny with it to help keep his emotions relaxed. Talk about his great qualities and how they make you feel.

Putting his good qualities first will uplift his mood and is also a sign for him that you're really into him. If he asks you via text, you can get a little creative and send him music as a response. Find music with great lyrics you can both relate to. Chances are he'll have a great laugh and will always listen to that song differently. 

How do you tell a guy your feelings?

When you're in love with someone, you always look for a chance to let them know just how much they mean to you. This tells your feelings is essential because it helps them fall more in love with you. It is true that sometimes, communication can be tough, especially for us women, but we need to get our messages across somehow.

If he's not your boyfriend, you might want to keep it friendly and casual, making sure your words don't insinuate something different. If he's your boyfriend, don't hold back on the romantic words. It could be in writing, with your voice, with a song, or anything… Please don't be perturbed about his reaction. You never know. He might love it.

We've established some of the possible reasons your partner will pose this question and some of the fun answers you can give to keep him talking. We now know that usually, when a guy brings this topic up, it's because he's developed deep feelings for you, and he finds you extremely attractive.

As a result, he will want to know how you feel about him and whether or not you love dating him. In some cases, he might be self-conscious, paying extra attention to his appearance and what he has.

In Conclusion

It is your responsibility to assure him of your love despite everything as a girlfriend. Don't be scared of looking overly in love; that's what he needs. Look out for all the signs of self-consciousness, and make him aware that your feelings are pure and all his. 

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