What To Text A Guy To Get His Attention (63 Messages To Text)

For so long, the norm has been that men make a move towards a lady they fancy. Admirers come in droves to show their interest while we have our pick of them. Those were simpler times, wouldn’t you say? Except for one tiny limitation.

The flaw in that age-long practice, even today, is that by adhering strictly to it, your dating pool consists mostly of people who want you. From experience, I’ve come to realize that there’s usually a difference between them and those you actually want.

It’s been some time now since we started breaking out of that stereotype, but we have to admit that decades of social conditioning aren’t that easy to wipe away. Even if you’re brave enough to want to pursue a guy you like, the fear of rejection tends to hold us back more than the average male counterpart.

Thankfully, texting gives us that middle ground where the right words can help you set a pace you’re most comfortable with. But even with a phone in your hand, you’d still need to know what to text a guy to get his attention. Whether you’re trying to play it safe, keep the spark alive, or throw all caution to the wind, here are a few tips that should help.


63 Text Messages To Get A Guy’s Attention

Playing-It-Safe Texts

playing it safe texts

1. Send a meme

Wondering what to text a guy to get his attention? Memes can be a great way to get a guy’s attention whether it’s an excuse to slide into his DMs or you’re looking to break the ice after some time. If possible, make sure it portrays the kind of humor he can relate to.

2. “I’m at that [food] place you like, do you want anything?”

This obviously implies that you have some kind of relationship going. Offering food to a total stranger might get the guy’s attention alright. Just not the way you want.

3. “I hear you’re the fixer around here. Can you help me with this [problem]?”

Play to his ego/hero instinct by asking for his help with homework, a work presentation, or something else that suits your situation.

4. “Sorry to bother you, but which would you recommend between x and z?”

Asking his advice specifically on something he’s good at or passionate about, can also open the floor to more. Don’t ask for some confidential information, though, keep it casual.

5. “It’s been a crazy couple of days. How are you holding up?”

If you want to get a guy’s attention, then ask him questions he can’t avoid answering. Asking about a guy’s wellbeing when a lot is going on around will not just get you his attention, it keeps you in his good graces too.

6. “Hey, so someone just walked by me and looked exactly like you, Are you at [xyz]?”

Here’s one thing you should know, a little white lie never hurt anyone. If you want to text a guy to get his attention, you have to learn to send texts that get a guy wondering and wanting to learn more.

7. “For all that you do, thank you.”

A text of appreciation from you out of the blue would definitely have me calling back if I were a guy. Just give him a minute to get over all the smiling and blushing first.

8. [Send a throwback picture of you with him] “Look what I stumbled on.”

If you really want to get his attention, check your gallery for some memorable pictures he can’t help but feel nostalgic about. You can follow the caption with something like ‘Good old days, huh?’

9. “Long time no hey.”

This one is casual enough for the guy not to overthink it. Yet, it shows that you noticed his absence, which is pretty nice. 

10. “Texting is not my strong suit. I promise I’m more fun in person.”

You don’t actually have to suck at texting for this to work. It’s just an excuse to make him laugh, and sometimes make him try to overcompensate by texting you back immediately and keeping the conversation lively.

11. “I noticed you have a soft spot for [a group he likes]. They are my favorite too! How crazy is that?”

This works better if he doesn’t ordinarily seem like the kind of guy that would like that stuff. A harmless conversation can start from there, and maybe eventually a date to see them together?

‘Wouldn’t You Like To Know’ Texts

wouldn't you like to know texts

We’re all curious cats at heart, some of us just hide it better than others. That being said, the following texts will get his attention no matter how busy he is. 

12. “Do you have a minute?”

This one works best when you don’t use it a lot. Even if he’s occupied at the moment, he’d want to know why you are asking. For your sake, I hope you come up with a good enough reason.

13. “We need to talk.”

If there’s one thing we humans are afraid of, it’s those four words above. Break this out if you’re sure you mean something to him and he hasn’t been acting like it lately.

14. “How do you do that?”

“Do what?” The nature of your relationship will determine how you answer that question. “Look so good on all your Instagram posts,” “Make me turn to jelly whenever I see you,” “care for others like you don’t have a million issues of your own,” etc.

15. “Can you keep a secret?”

Haha, seriously can he? If he says no, he is probably not interested in what you have to say. But he’s more likely to say yes. When he does, follow it up with something exciting, but not too predictable or personal.

16. “OMG, you’ll never guess…”

Say you haven’t talked in a while and you’re looking to break the ice with a text. Starting with OMG automatically reels him in, how long you have his interest for, though, depends on how good the tea is.

17. “The other night was crazy. Too bad you couldn’t come.”

Did he miss an event you were supposed to attend together? If you’re itching to bring it up again without sounding hurt, simply act like you were reminiscing about all the fun you had. 

18. “Did you hear about…?”

Be the first to bring him some hot gist, but make sure you don’t make him feel like you’re gossiping with each other. Some guys don’t like to feel that way, they’d rather listen to updates on work, new developments, and the likes. I’d steer clear of gossip altogether with guys unless you’re certain he digs them.

19. “So I haven’t been totally honest with you…”

Another way to get a guy to pay attention to you is through a confession. They love that. But don’t do something cliché like telling him you have a crush on him. Make it exciting and unexpected like being a guru at some stuff you’ve always pretended to know zilch about.

20. “You were in my dreams last night…”

She dreams about me now? Did we kiss? Is she trying to smash, does she have feelings for me, is she just messing with me? These are only some of the things that are likely to run through his mind with that one text.

21. Make him wait a bit before replying.

Sometimes shifting the power dynamic between you and a guy is all you need to get and keep his interest. If he’s been taking his sweet time to reply to your texts lately, simply take a step back to make him miss you without making it too obvious.

22. “Work has been hectic lately. On my way out again, thought I should holler”

After making your guy wonder if you’ve lost interest in him, give him a peek into your ‘busy’ life without divulging too many details. Trust me, the less available you are to him, the more premium he places on the little time you have for him.

23. I forgive you.”

An ‘I forgive you’ text out of nowhere would hit hard when you haven’t talked in a while even if you were the one who ghosted him. Of course, you can always use it too when there hasn’t been a long gap, just follow it with something silly.

Cute And Funny Texts

cute and funny texts

24. “My cheeks hurt from smiling too much. I blame you.”

It’s hardly your fault that you can’t stop replaying every single minute you’ve ever spent with this guy now, is it?

25. “I’m a strong independent woman, but this pickle jar seems to have a thing for you.”

Don’t you just hate it when your own things seem to prefer this strong, handsome stranger’s hands to yours? When you text a guy this, it won’t just make him smile, he’ll feel ‘needed’.

26. “Can you stop running through my mind? It’s distracting.”

One way to get a guy’s attention is by letting him know you’ve been thinking of him.

27. Come to think of it, he must be tired from all that running…

“How do you manage to dominate my mind and still have time for a day job?” 

28. “What’s a girl gotta do to get some love around here?”

This one is a bit direct, but it can be cute if the guy in question is already your boyfriend. It also works if things are starting to look serious between you guys.

29. “I’d give up anything to have you here right now. Except for coffee, of course.”

Nah, even he wouldn’t want you to give up coffee. 

30. “I really miss you. Can we fix that?”

Want to take things up a notch? Don’t stop at telling the guy you miss him, instead offer an opening to do something about it. 

31. “Excuse me, could you help me pick up my jaw?”

Speaking of things he caused, your jaw would still be intact if he didn’t look so gorgeous. So complete this text with “I dropped it looking at your pictures”

32. “I don’t have a camera, but I have some pretty clear pictures of you and me… in bed.”

This is bound to get you at least a ‘lol’ from a shy guy. If he’s into it, you could even get a “You’re funny, wyd?.”

33. “I’d call you a cute-cumber, but you’d think I’m cheesy.”

Yup, that’s definitely cheesy, plus he’ll probably appreciate your sense of humor and text back.

34. “I bet you ten bucks you wouldn’t be able to kiss me tonight.”

If he does, cool cash for him. If he doesn’t, you make ten bucks. I call that a win-win in my books.

35. “I’m so glad you can’t see my face while I text you, been smiling so hard I look like an idiot.”

If you want an ‘Aww, I did that?’ kind of reaction, you can back it up with a picture of you wearing a big smile.

36. “Fair warning: If you kiss me, you can’t hold me responsible for whatever happens next.”

Follow it with an emoji, so it sounds more like a daring invitation instead of a threat.
“Continue at your own risk, but please continue anyway” should be the underlying message.

37. “We go together like bed and breakfast. Did that just make you hungry or is it just me?”

Are you hungry for food, a little something more, or a combination of both? He can reply to your text if he wants to find out.

Flirty Texts

flirty texts

38. “Hey, hot stuff! Sorry, [his name]. Silly autocorrect.”

If autocorrect had a penny for every time we’ve blamed it for something it didn’t do, it would probably be crazy rich by now. 

39. “I’m at this underwear store, and I could use a second opinion. Care to help?”

If he doesn’t respond after sending a text like that, it’s probably safe to assume nothing’s ever going to happen between you and move on.

40. “[Sarah] isn’t here, and I need some fashion advice. [Send hot pic]”

Ask for his opinion on whether to wear a hot dress or an even sexier one. Be careful not to reveal too much in the pic though, a little bit of mystery keeps the soldier raring.

41. “Just went through your Instagram. Nah, the bottom of my laptop’s got nothing on you, damn!”

…and that’s after a whole day of binge-watching your favorite TV show. Complete that text with a flame emoji so he knows exactly what you’re talking about.

42. “I heard caffeine boosts a woman’s libido, down for some coffee later?”

Or make the second part of the text “that explains why you always want to go out for coffee.” Will he defend himself? Will he own it even though it’s unlikely to be true? You won’t find out if you don’t hit send.

43. “Did you know your body is made mostly of water? Do you also know that I’m thirsty asf right now?”

Now that you’ve provided him with these two very useful bits of information. What’s he going to do about it?

44. “Hey, how you doing?” [insert a gif of Joey smiling slyly]

Do you watch Friends? If yes, and he’s a fan, I’m sure he’d get it right away. If he isn’t, that’s fine too, any guy worth his salt should be able to decode that face.

45. “I’m in my bed tonight, and you’re in yours. We all make mistakes, but can we do it right tomorrow?”

Try this only if you and the guy already have some chemistry going between you. Even if he doesn’t code right away, he’d reply to tell you he’s confused and you can take it from there.

46. “I think it’s about time our lips officially met. Just thinking out loud.”

Preferably during unofficial hours, somewhere private. With candles and wine and some music. Too far?

47. “A woman’s place is by her man’s side, though I do prefer beneath or on top.”

Who says you can’t taunt your partner, after all, he’s all yours. It’s important to let him know you’ll be there for him, wherever he wants it.

48. “I almost got in a bind with HR today. My thoughts were so NSFW, and guess whose fault it is.”

If there’s one time a guy wouldn’t mind the blame game, it’s when he gets a text from you saying he sponsored your not suitable for work thoughts for that day.

49. “I have one extra ticket to [something he’s interested in], know any hot guy that might want it.”

That ought to do it. You can follow with preferably someone who looks like you if he tries to play coy. Could be a ticket to the games, a concert, a fashion show. Anything you know he’d find hard to resist.

50. “Remember I’m always here for you, especially for the hard stuff 😉

Being a bit naughty and forward will only work with someone you’re already intimate with. Doing otherwise would be a bit inappropriate. 

51. “Just finished drawing myself a bath. Gotta run.”

With one text, you get to retract your attention, while simultaneously planting a picture of you relaxing and cleaning yourself – naked. An average guy’s mind is fertile enough to grow the seed from there.

Get-Over-Here-Tiger Texts

get over here tiger texts

There is subtle flirting and then there’s ‘get over here and take me now or I swear….!” Kind of flirting. Here are a few examples.

52. “In the mood for some, ‘we shouldn’t be doing this’ stuff. Wyd?”

We all know forbidden fruits slap the hardest. But it can be even harder for guys to resist when the barrier only goes down for a short window. He knows this mood won’t last forever, so he’d want to come over before you can change your mind.

53. “You did some inappropriate things to me in my dream last night. Wanna recreate it?”

Yup! You’ll certainly get his attention alright! Just ensure you don’t tease him that way if you don’t really want to do anything ‘sexual’.

54. “I’m having the worst day. Can I look forward to a better night?”

This is an open invitation that allows him to sweep a damsel in distress off her feet while looking forward to a good time afterward. A text of promises, not many guys can ignore that.

55. “You and me soon?”

This particular challenge has gone round on social media enough times for you to be familiar with how it works. Send a risqué picture of a random couple kissing or doing what you’d like to do with him. Then caption it ‘you and me soon?’ 

56. “Randomly remembered how your butt looked in those joggers, so… how soon do you get off work?”

This text obviously tells him you’ve got the ache, and not the type Ibuprofen can help you with. It’s a good idea if some sparks have been flying back and forth between you.

57. “I’m so obsessed with my new dress that I can’t bring myself to take it off. A little help?”

Text a guy this, and you’d find out chivalry is indeed not dead.

58. “I want to tell you all about my dream, but a lady shouldn’t say those things.”

I can show you though if you want. *insert an upside-down emoji*

59. “Dinner’s on me tonight. Literally”

dinner's on me. literally

How many ways do you think a man can interpret that? I can think of at least two right now, and they are both quite attention-grabbing.

60. “I’m a vegetarian, but seeing you in those gym pants made me crave meat.”

This won’t just make him laugh, it would give him something to look forward to when he gets home.

61. “How soon till you get here? I can’t guarantee keeping my hands to myself for much longer.”

Although the best of men won’t mind you getting the party started, this text is bound to get him one or two tickets on his way to you.

62. “My bed has been too neat for comfort lately. Want to help me rough it up a little?”

Yes or yes?

63. “[Hotel address]: You, me, and some red wine. Tonight.”

That’s it. That’s the text.


What to text a guy to make him miss you?

When it comes to drawing a guy in with a text, you need to have a strategy and stick to it. You can choose to play to his ego and send him a sweet text, or a picture from the past to make him feel nostalgic. Or even nothing at all, so your absence does the work.

Do guys like Good Night texts?

Some men appreciate getting a good night text from someone they care about since it implies you’re thinking about them before you go to bed. Others, however, may feel indifferent towards it; different strokes, and all of that.

Do I tell him I miss him?

Yes, absolutely. They may act like they don’t, but men also want to know that you have them in mind and notice when they’re gone. You should, however, use your discretion before telling a guy you miss him as some may take it as a sign you’re starting to get attached too soon.

How can I seduce him with words?

When trying to seduce a man with words, the safest way is to make him come get it. Play with his mind using double entendres hinting at the fact that you're down if he is, without coming out to say it directly. The more you're able to keep that up, the longer you have his interest until he can't take it anymore and makes the next move.

Does silence make a man miss you?

We tend to appreciate people in our lives more when we no longer have as much access to them as we used to. So yes, not talking to a man for some time might make him miss you. Nevertheless, you want to make sure not to overdo the silence as being out of sight for too long can eventually erase you from his mind as well.

To Conclude

I hope you enjoyed my list of what to text a guy to get his attention. They may not all resonate with you, but I'm sure some will. Remember that less being more for some people doesn't necessarily make that your reality. Find what tickles your text buddy's fancy and tailor your messages based on that. If you liked the article, kindly leave a comment and share it.

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