What To Say To Your Cheating Husband? (10 Things)

Now you know he is cheating and you feel very bad about it because you love him so much and never expected him to go after anyone else. This is the stark reality that many ladies experience and it has brought great pain, quarrels and eventual breakup in a lot of relationships.

It is always a better option to fix our problems instead of trying to run away from them and an unfaithful husband is one that can be fixed.

Instead of feeling displeased and dejected because of your cheating husband you can face it squarely and deal with it using the right approach and the powerful weapon of words.

Words are very powerful and they can make or break depending on how they are deployed. So what are the things you should say to your cheating husband that can make him stop cheating and stick to you forever?

What Can You Say To Your Cheating Husband?

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Before delving into this, there are some other essential questions to ask. First, what are the cheating signs you saw that made you think he cheats? Do you have clear and unassailable evidence that he is cheating? If the answer to these is a yes, then I am about to show you 10 amazing things to say to that cheating husband and maybe save your relationship from hitting the rock.

1. I will always love you.

This is a memorable line in the song of the great Whitney Houston of blessed memory “I will always love you” As simple as these words may sound, they are very powerful words that are capable of changing even the worst of cheating husbands. Love is a very powerful force and I dare say that it is the most powerful force in the world. No one can resist the power of genuine and unfeigned love, not even a cheating partner. No husband starts out his marriage with the intention of cheating later in the relationship but many factors can spur him into cheating.

It is very vital that you frequently affirm your love for him and you should increase the frequency you do so once you discover that he has started meeting another woman. You may not always feel at ease to say it but the earlier you said it, the better it gets for you. It is only a matter of time before your words prevail over him and he will stop it and remain faithful to you and your relationship will thrive..

2. Have it your way.

In a relationship, both parties always have essential roles to play to make the union a success but you have more role to play as a lady once you realize that your husband is having affairs with other ladies. Unknowingly to you, there could be a part in his life that he feels you are not fitting into and this could prompt him to start considering having other women in his life.

For you to have a stronghold on him and give no room for infidelity, always give him the liberty to have some things that he wants just the way he wants them. Sex, for instance, is one thing that husbands don't joke with after good food. If his sex drive is very high, then you have to do your best to satisfy his drive. Always be quick to give it to him anytime, anywhere and anyhow he wants it.

The truth is, there are many women outside who are willing to give it to him in excess and if you are not giving him as much as he wants it, he will look for it elsewhere and this one reason that will make him cheat on you. So when it comes to sex, food and other kinds of pleasure, always tell him to have it his way and this could be the glue that gets him stuck to you.

3. I have it all.

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From the very moment that you discovered that your husband cheated on you, you should start telling him that you have it all and you must mean this because really, you do have it all.

A promiscuous spouse sometimes needs the reminder that all that he seeks in other women are readily available in his partner and you are in the best position to remind him. Men by their nature will always want more. They could get so busy looking for more whereas they have all that they seek outside right with their partners.

So one of the best things to say to him when he starts to cheat on you is “I have it all ” and it won't be long before he realizes that you have all that he could ever desire in other women and he will stop being a cheat.

4. Let’s fix it.

The best solution to the challenge of your husband having extramarital affairs could be your readiness to iron out issues with him. The three words “Let’s fix it” can go a long way to communicate your love and sincere intentions for him. This could cause him to rethink.

The great music icon, Bill Withers, sang that “we all need somebody to lean on” and this is very true. You may feel that he no longer has a desire for you but that is many times far from the case. He could have other deep concerns that you know nothing about and instead of nagging him for having affairs with other women, you can make him see the need to share with you those deep concerns or reasons that made him go after other women and if you are sincere enough, he will freely share with and the both of you can work together and address those issues so he won't have to cheat in the relationship any longer.

5. You put us at risk.

Everyone desires to live a long life free of sickness and other life-threatening situations and circumstances but unknowingly, some men get themselves entangled in dealings and relationships that will destroy them and those that are close to them. A reminder that your husband puts both of you at risk when he has affairs with other women can be a message that sinks deep into him.

Most men have contracted sexually transmitted diseases from having multiple sexual partners and went ahead to infect their spouses with the same. A husband who cheats can expose your health to great danger and the earlier you remind him of this, the better. The risk even becomes higher if the both of you already have children as he will not only expose the children to danger but he will also be a bad example to the children who ought to be able to learn good values from their father.

Even if he thinks he protects himself when meeting with other women, there are a whole lot of other communicable diseases that are deadly. Therefore reminding him that he puts the family at risk with his act can be a perfect deterrent from continuing with such.

6. More women, more trouble.

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Women are very delicate creatures by nature and they demand nothing less than 100% attention from their spouse. To satisfy a woman and make her happy requires focus and a man who goes after other women other than his wife will most likely get distracted and will be unable to satisfy them all and this could most likely cause him a lot of trouble.

Generally, men believe that one woman is equal to one trouble and more women will be equal to more trouble. Men that are faithful to their partners tend to live a more peaceful and prosperous life than men that cheat. Heart attacks and similar other physiological conditions are easily seen in men who cheat on their spouses because they end up carrying on themselves the burdens of the several other women that they are having affairs with and this ultimately has an adverse effect on their lifespan.

7. We have a glorious future.

Most men tend to get their minds fixed on the present without giving a second thought to the great future that lies ahead of them. Turning their attention to it could be a great way to stop them from going after other women.

A man, no doubt, needs a woman that can help him prepare for the future and a woman that reminds him of that glorious future will be the ideal partner to plan with. So putting yourself in that place of a woman who is so concerned about his future can make him listen to you and let go of all obnoxious attitudes and tendencies. Reminding him that temporal pleasures destroy while fidelity and discipline have long term gains can be powerful enough to keep him on the right track.

8. Come out plain.

Always encouraging him to open up the cards and come out plain can be a great way of safeguarding your relationship and protecting your husband from becoming a victim of women who are seeking men to have reckless sexual relationships with. Like a marriage counselor will tell you “open up the secret”. Make him feel at ease to share any secret with you and that could be the beginning of preventing him from ever trying to cheat on you.

Telling him to come plain can prompt him to tell you secrets that he ordinarily wouldn't have wanted to tell you and this will be very vital for the wellbeing of your relationship. Being too vexed and provoked at him will cause him to withdraw and not want to share vital secrets with you.

9. You are the best.

A husband who cheats in a relationship should probably be regarded as the worst of husbands but the woman can change him by calling him the opposite of what he is. So instead of calling him a cheat or describing him as an irresponsible partner, you should call him the best. This is not stupidity but wisdom on display. Words are so powerful and capable of causing changes.

If he has been unfaithful to and treated you unfairly and you kept calling him the best, it won't take long before those traits of the best husband start coming from him. Your words can mold him into the kind of husband you want.

You will be doing more harm by calling him odd names or confronting and standing up to him; it may work temporarily but will never be enough to stop a husband whose mind is bent on going after other women that appeal to him. When you feel like it or not, don't hesitate to call him the best and you will be amazed at the changes you will see in the relationship over time.

10. I am praying for you.

Even the most unaffectionate and inconsiderate husband knows that prayers have a lot of great benefits and will hold in high regard a woman who takes out time to pray for him in their relationship.

So spend time praying for him and while doing so, let him know that you are praying for him even though you know that he cheats on you. Whenever those provocations of his unfaithfulness to you try to erupt, be quick to hold them in and instead just say “I am praying for you.” He could appear to be unyielding but it won't take long before he comes back to his senses and asks for your forgiveness with a vow never to cheat on you again.

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In Conclusion

There are many things you would ordinarily have wanted to tell you cheating husband but most of them will only create a wide divide between you and your man and it could get you depressed eventually. Kindly go through the 10 listed items above and use them strategically, and you will be so amazed at how they all work like magic.

I trust that found this piece quite useful. Don't hesitate to share your thoughts and experiences with me. You can as well go ahead and share it with others.

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