What Men Find Irresistible (13 Surefire Tricks To Win Him Over)

What men find irresistible varies from one guy to the next. Some guys just want to have a good laugh, while others care about your hot body! Being confident in who you are is a must, though, no matter who the guy is!

If you want to know what guys find irresistible, just don’t be someone you aren’t. The idea here is to be yourself. You want to shine like the gem you are!

If you are looking for a long-term relationship, you should consider finding a guy who likes you just the way you are. Of course, wearing that sexy black or red dress will help, but in the long run, it doesn’t matter what you are wearing on that first date! He’ll fall in love with your personality. If you’re shy, just ask him questions, and let him take the lead!!

A well-rounded woman is impossible to resist and will make the guy wonder what he did to get so lucky to be in a relationship with someone so great!

If you want your boyfriend to fall harder for you, just be a little more interesting; invest in a new passion, start a new hobby, and/or find joy in a new area in your life. Be somebody he is proud to be with!

What Men Find Irresistible (13 True Things)

1. A woman with independence is hot

Neediness is just not appealing. Guys want to date girls with ambitions, goals, and passions. They want to know that their girl has her own life, her own relationships, and her own career. Many girls depend on men for their happiness in these areas rather than making their own happiness with what they have been blessed with.

If you are not an independent woman naturally, consider starting your independent journey today. Find something to be nuts about! Maybe quilting is your passion!

You may never know unless you give it a shot. Create a soft t-shirt quilt out of old t-shirts you have lying around, and you’ll impress his socks off with your talent!

2. A girl with confidence is irresistible

a girl with confidence is irresistible

Being sure of yourself is completely irresistible. Men want a woman who can make decisions, is interested in having a say in what they do or where they go, and someone who can carry herself with grace and elegance. Think of yourself as a Princess, and you can pull off this trait with ease – even if you aren’t that sure of yourself!

3. Cleanliness is a must!

Being clean and smelling yummy makes all the difference in the world to guys. They want to be with a woman who takes care of herself and knows what to do to stay clean. If you need to invest in some new perfume, I suggest purchasing some with pheromones in it! He will not only find you irresistible, but he will also want to kiss you right away!

4. A smart woman is hard to find

With education prices at an all-time high right now, many women cannot afford to go back to school, but it is a great plan if you can afford it – not just for meeting the guy of your dreams but for your career also. If that’s not in your cards, consider taking night classes or online classes to learn a new skill. Guys like intelligent girls!

5. Sexiness wins every time!

What is a sexy woman? Is it somebody wearing a tight red dress, or is it someone wearing jeans and a t-shirt?

Remember that every guy is different in what they want in a relationship. Of course, they want to be attracted to your body, but there is more to men than just your appearance. Don’t let yourself go! Put on makeup and fix your hair!

Some men are crazy for girls with long hair; if that has been your experience, you should look into growing your hair out. You can take certain vitamins and use certain products to help with this.

Most important of all, now is the perfect time to take care of the way you look. Men aren’t only attracted to your outside, though. They want a girl they can laugh with, too!

If you want to turn boring into breathtaking, just consider wearing a red dress with high heels. This way, you can show off your legs. Men find this irresistible. If you don’t like tight dresses, consider wearing beautiful colors or sexy lace or ruffles in your dress. Your date will surely think you are a Princess! That’s a winning formula for any date!

6. Honesty is key!

honesty is key!

Not only does lying make guys uninterested in you, but it can also land you in hot water and embarrass you quite a bit if you are caught in a lie. The best course of action is to be yourself and be genuine. You don’t need to make things up to seem appealing. Just be yourself, and ask him questions if the conversation gets dull!

7. A fun gal will surely win his heart

Know how to have a good time. Enjoy going places like out to a club to go dancing or to an amusement park to hit the rides! He will think you are a blast to hang out with!! If you need to, plan ahead. Think about what would make a fun date and plan accordingly. Consider what he would love to do, too! What would you enjoy doing on a date?

Remember, if you are both having a good time, he’ll fall for you that much quicker because he knows you are a woman who can smile when the time is right! He’ll also know that he is able to make you happy and get a grin out of you when he does certain things! This shows that you are enjoyable to be around and exciting to get to know!

8. A genuine woman is a gem!

As mentioned, it’s never a good thing to pretend to be someone you are not. Instead, don’t be full of fear when it comes to being yourself. It’s true that you do not need to reveal everything about yourself when you first meet him, but you can be genuine. Don’t act fake or pretend to have skills you do not have. Act normal; you want him to love you!

9. A woman with a sense of humor is a must!

Everyone loves a good laugh every now and then. If you can show the guy you are funny by making him giggle or by laughing at his dumb jokes, you will be golden in his eyes! If you need to, prepare ahead of time. Think about what you will talk about on the date and be ready to make him crack up with the jokes you’ve read about!

10. Happiness is key!

happiness is key!

A happy girl is irresistible; there’s just no doubt about it. A gentleman will surely want to spend time with a girl who finds joy in the little things that life has to offer. If you are a glass-half-empty type of girl, you might want to reconsider your mindset. How can you turn your negative attitude around and be a more positive person?

One thing you can try is mindfulness. This is when you do not focus on the past or the future. Instead, you just think of the current moment. This way, you stay focused and present and enjoy the little things that life gives you every day – the blessings you receive each moment. This is a great way to live your life! Why not be happy?

11. A girl has to have an active social life

What does your social calendar look like? Do you have a million friends that you could hang out with but just don’t have the time? If so, you are very popular! That’s a great thing in the eyes of a potential mate. He wants to know if you have relationships in your life other than him. If you are able to display you are independent, he’ll fall for you!

12. Playing hard to get wins him every time!

Make sure you are not ALWAYS available when your man asks you out. He needs to know you have other things in your life that keep you busy. A girl who plays games with a guy’s heart is not going to win him over, but one who plays hard to get has a real chance at success because men love a challenge!

You don’t have to play mean games with his heart, but you’ll want to show him that your world does not revolve around him. Instead, you are independent and have a very balanced life. Your friends and family should have a significant role in your life, what you do in your spare time, and what you think about. 

If you have a life outside of him, he’ll be curious to know more about it! That’s what you want – him to be curious. If you are a mystery to him, he’ll want to know more!! That means that he will ask you out on more dates and call you more. Don’t always take his calls or answer his texts all the time. Practice being a little hard to get instead.

13. Always be friendly

always be friendly

Don’t be stuck up or rude to your man. Show him you have a tender heart by loving others. Volunteer at a local soup kitchen or nursing home. You could write letters of encouragement to soldiers overseas. Show you have a sweet demeanor and soft heart, and he’ll fall head over heels for you because of your personality!


What do guys secretly find attractive?

To be honest, many men just want to feel that special something when they are with women. One study, according to Time magazine, says that men fall in love with women based on how the women make them feel. They prefer women who make them feel special!

What is a man's desire for a woman?

Most men want to find a woman they can spend the rest of their lives with, a beautiful woman who doesn’t play games with their hearts. One thing men find attractive is a good cook. A woman who can take care of them when they are older is someone guys find attractive!

What do guys find physically attractive in a girl?

Most guys love a woman who is attractive and fun. Ladies, this means that you need to put your day planner away during dinner and have a good time! A beautiful woman might also wear a tight red dress with high heels to surely knock him off his feet!

Do guys like skinny girls?

While some men find skinny girls attractive, most men are not limited by a woman’s figure. What is going on on the inside is more important. If you want to capture a man’s attention, be yourself! Men love all sorts of figures, including plus-size, curvy, and voluptuous!

What texts do guys like?

Guys love getting texts from the girls they have the hots for. This will brighten their day! If you want to impress him, ask him questions, show concern for how he is doing, and ask about what is going on in his world during the day.

To Conclude

A lot of guys find sexiness to be irresistible, but each guy is different. Confidence is a turn-on – big time! If you are afraid that your crush won’t be crazy about you after the first date, you’re crazy! He’ll love you!! Just be yourself. Want to talk more about it? Leave a comment!

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