What His Dog Says About Him (21 Interesting Things)

There is no denying that sporting a man with a dog is like a chink to our heart’s armor, but did you know that man’s dog can give you clues into his personality? I guess not. 

You see, when it comes to understanding a man’s characteristics, as women, we look to science, zodiac signs, and temperaments to show us a sign when, in reality, the answer might just be within his furry four-legged companion and best friend. 

If we believe a man’s dog is his best friend, and we also know that you can tell a lot about a man by the company he keeps, then I can’t think of a better way for ladies to get clues about a man than taking note of his dog’s breed and characteristics. 

In this article, we will look at 21 things a man’s dog says about him. After all, the sooner you can find out about the fellow at the other end of the leash, the quicker you can decide to stick with him or lose him. 

21 Things A Man’s Dog Says About Him

1. The active golden retrievers

Warning! If you’re a neat freak, please stay away; otherwise, you are in for a roll. Golden retrievers are outgoing, active, and intelligent animals. They make the perfect sporting companion and have an intimidating look that makes you wonder if there is a heart underneath all that skin. 

Men who own these dogs share similarities. They are intimidatingly good-looking and have charming charisma

Men who own this dog are pretty much what every girl wants, a guy who looks tough but is a softie on the inside. He is affectionate and will shower with love, and oh, you do not have to worry about introducing him to your family because they will get along quite well. This guy is family-oriented and playful, although you might sometimes question his maturity.

2. The self-sufficient Yorkshire terrier boy

Except you are on the lookout for a friend with benefits or a summer fling, I will advise that you do not take men who own a Yorkshire terrier dog seriously. For the most part, that dog either belongs to an ex (which means their heart is still grieving), or he is secure in his manhood. Whichever it may be, it is a sign that this man is self-sufficient and guarded

While he might not have a problem with commitment, he likes to take his time, so when he finally commits to you, it’s not because he needs you, but because he wants you. Now, there’s a difference.

A Yorkshire terrier dog is cute, independent, protective of its owner, and tougher than what meets the eye. Think of a small dog with a big attitude and take it as a sign that its owner is no different.

3. The patient German shepherd guy

When it comes to describing a German shepherd dog, it’s all about the person handling it because they are like two sides of a coin. Generally, the German shepherd does not lack energy and aggressiveness

In the hands of the right owner and with patience, they turn out to be one of the noblest, loyal, and affectionate companions a man can ever have. However, if a German shepherd is aggressive, then it means the owner isn’t dedicating the necessary time or energy to it.

A German shepherd dog says a lot about its owner, and a man with a well-behaved one has patience, is disciplined, and is intelligent. These men are loyal to the ones they love just as any shepherd would be – literally. Now, ladies, we can all agree that these qualities can make a man wholesome and sexy.

4. The adventurous Boston terrier guy

If you’re looking for the word ‘no’ in this dog’s dictionary, try again, and I can’t promise that you will find it. Similar to the Yorkshire terrier, the Boston terriers breeds are free-spirited. Men who own these pups are generally adventurous and active. So, put on your hat Dora the explorer, because you are in for a ride. 

This man is dynamic and always on the move, so stability is not his strong suit. He doesn’t mind chaos or noise, and he knows how to inject humor into every situation. Ladies who love children will find him adoring because he will treat them like little pups by showing them love, attention, and laughter. 

5. The homebody Maltese guy

If you are wondering what a Maltese dog says about its owner? One word comes to mind – homebody. A man who owns this dog is not the manliness of men, and there’s a chance a cold beer is not one of his favorite poisons. Such a man is unique in his preferences and behavior. 

Maltese dogs do not need to exercise, and this man shares that belief, which is probably his reason for owning the dog in the first place. He prefers to stay indoors and makes the perfect homebody (don’t be surprised if he hasn’t been to the gym in years).

It can be tricky if you choose to go after a man like this. On the one hand, he might not be into girls, but on the other hand, he is emotional and sensitive. So, you should expect a lot of hugs and cuddles from this fellow. Oh, by the way, did I forget to mention? These men can melt your heart with their kisses.

6. The soul-crushing Pug guy

the soul crushing Pug guy

With its funny face, quirky appearance, and soulful eyes. Pugs always seem to have a past life they are trying to forget. They are easy to spot and might even be considered the class clown because of their funny looks, but these dogs can be extremely playful and affectionate animals.

Men who own Pugs are usually just as soulful as their dogs. They are empathetic, and you will feel comfortable baring your soul to this man. He is a great listener and knows just the right way to soothe and comfort you on bad days. He knows how he likes to be loved and will love you right back. Spa days and poetry nights might become a regular part of your weekend with this guy.

7. The upfront pomeranian daddies

Pomeranian dogs are small but willful pups. They are intelligent and do not shy away from demanding what they want. Similarly, pomeranian daddies do not have the patience to wait for you to figure things out.

A man with a pomeranian dog is usually upfront about their needs and desires. They are not quick to play games and will not tolerate anyone who shows a sign of toying with their minds either. If they feel like a person is taking them for granted, these guys will either call you out in your mess or back out. 

8. The self-absorbing Chihuahua boy

Chihuahuas are fun-loving and sincere dogs with a burst of personalities. They make excellent travel buddies because of their portable sizes and cute looks. Be wary of men who own Chihuahuas because while they meat be honest and will not tell you things they don’t mean, you can’t trust them to stick around forever because they are self-absorbed. 

First, they care more about their looks than any guy you may ever meet, so you will find yourself struggling for the bathroom mirror. Secondly, they easily allow their problems to drown them, and this can be a challenge if you want to make your relationship work. 

9. The curious Beagle guy

Hello drama queen! Congratulations, you’ve got a match. Any man who can put up with a Beagle dog's eccentrics will know precisely how to handle your occasional outburst of emotions and drama queen moments.

Beagles are interesting dogs to be around. Besides their unique howling, they tend to wander off on their own. They like to explore, and men who own this dog share a similarity here. They are the type to do things for the fun of it. A man like this is quirky with a well-developed sense of humor that might take a while for you to appreciate if you are a stiff person. 

10. The cocky Pitbull guy

I am yet to see a lady who looks at a pit bull dog and instantly pronounces it as ‘cute’. Come off it, girl, we all know you’re pretending, and many of us are outrightly scared of Pitbulls. Well, what if I told you that is the exact reaction the dog owner wants to see from you. 

Pitbulls are some sort of kings of the park, and the owner is most likely someone who likes to own a room. His dog is a sign that he is cocky, never misses his gym appointments, and can finish a burger with three bites. 

Okay, you get the point; he is the classic manly-man. He is a protector and will not allow you to disrespect those he cares about, like you, his girlfriend (If you find his cockiness sexy). 

11. The intuitive Basset hound guy

Basset hounds are loving and pleasant. Although initially known as a hunting dog, it is an excellent pet for children because of its sturdy and energetic disposition. However, these pets do not like to be left alone for too long, and they can get destructive and howl during this period. Perhaps, it is their intuitiveness trying to figure out what’s wrong.

The guys who own bassets are also pleasant, intuitive, and reliable. They are typically family men, the type who turns out to be an excellent father and caregiver because they can sense your mood. They are sensitive, sweet, and lead a laid-back life. 

12. The classic Collie guy

the classic Collie guy

A Collie is a herding dog that belongs to the same breed as the German shepherd. This is a go-getter dog that has a keen eye for every moving thing. Similarly, their male owners are goal-oriented who believe in rewarding hard work. They have a shepherd’s instincts and tend to settle for a classic lifestyle. 

The Collie owner is not one to move with the winds of change. You see, they are typically traditional and value stability. They are set in their ways, and changing their ideas is not easy. So, if you want a classic man, someone with a man’s values from the 1950s, then he’s your guy. 

13. The dominant Dalmatian guy

Controlling a Dalmatian is not an easy task. It’s like they dance to a different drum from everyone else, but then again, what are we expecting from a dog who can easily be spotted from a sea of other breeds. Their classic black and white spots give them a unique look that their male owners love. 

Similar to the dog, you can’t boss their owners around. Instead, they prefer to do the bossing themselves. You can’t tell them what to like or do. So, if you’re someone who doesn’t mind stepping out of societal norms, this is an edgy guy for you. 

However, be careful with this one. While he may be quick to commit to you, he likes to be in charge, and you might not be able to change him. 

14. The organised Doberman pinschers guy

The Doberman pinscher dog is a medium-breed dog that always has a serious and intense look. They seem to take their roles seriously, which makes them great defense and police dogs. You can count on this one not to wander off like the Chihuahuas.

Guys who own a Doberman pinscher tend to be leaders who value stability. They can plan and organize anything from its beginning to the end. Irrespective of their situation, these guys always have a solution or plan to sort themselves out. While they are not aggressive, they know how to stand their ground in a firm but polite way that only great leaders know how to do.

15. The ambitious Great Dane guy.

The Great Dane is a people-oriented dog that is always eager to please. This makes them easy to home train and they respond well to training that uses positive reinforcement. These dogs understand that you get what you give, which is why they tend to be well-behaved.

The owners of these dogs are very much alike. They like to watch things grow and do not mind devoting their time and effort to see it happen. They are ambitious, and you will always find them putting in their best in every task. They are good researchers who enjoy a healthy debate, and they like to stay up to date with news and life. 

16. The confident Rottweiler guy

Rottweilers have a superior that makes you understand the power they possess. There must be something about their posture and presence that commands respect. These breeds of dogs are considered courageous and loyal.

Guys who own rottweilers are often devoted to their best friends and family. While they are laid back and sometimes friendly, they do not treat people who overstep their boundaries kindly. They respect those who respect them and will be loyal only to those they trust. However, just like the dog, if you rub them off the wrong way, you will get a reaction. 

17. The Happy-go-lucky Boxer guy

Boxers and energy are two inseparable words. This dog is intelligent and likes to stay busy. It loves the company of its owner and is a loyal pet who guards fiercely. While they do not bark excessively, they are vocal dogs who tend to make growling sounds which is a dog’s way of talking.

A man with a boxer is typically energic, and they tend to move with the flow of things. They crack many silly jokes and use their playful demeanor as a coping mechanism when under life’s stress. 

They are welcoming to strangers, but you will see them in their complete element when they are around family and friends. This man hates to be alone and prefers a full home. If you’re going to be having this man as a boyfriend, the question of kids is a definite yes from him.

18. The bourgie Poodles guy

the bourgie Poodles guy

I am sure Poodles feel like superior dogs. I mean, besides their fluffy, unique, and elegant features, these pets are bright as they tend to outshine other breeds in advance obedience competition. They have the grace and strength of an athlete and a light springy gait that is breathtaking to watch. 

Just like a Poodle dog, their owners do not like chaos and prefer a peaceful and harmonious environment and, as such, may not appreciate the noise and mess that comes with children. They are soft at heart and gentle in spirit

However, they are very alert and will spot danger from a mile away. Poodles require regular grooming and exercise, and this man does not mind as he is the type who also pays rapt attention to his appearance.

19. The flirty Corgi boy

Corgis are fuzzy little dogs that have a clown look to them. The guys who own a Corgi dog know it will attract the girls, and they don’t mind using it to start a conversation. 

Originally herding dogs, Corgis like to stick around and follow their owners around. They are energetic and adore attention, just like their male owners. The Corgi dog owner is attentive and sensitive to people’s needs. So when he is talking to you, it’s easy to feel special even when he might be doing the same thing to other ladies. 

20. The loving stray dog guy

Stray dogs come from different breeds, so it’s not really about the dog as it is about the owner here. Men who adopt stray dogs are socially conscious with a generous and loving nature. They tend to be great caregivers who do well with older adults. 

In their spare time, they like to keep busy with things that benefit their community. So don’t be surprised if he invites you to join him as a church volunteer. 

21. The open-minded mixed breed guy

One prominent feature you should know about a guy who owns a mixed breed dog is that he is free-spirited. These guys are open to new experiences, making it easy for them to learn and unlearn things. 

He is not the type to worry and sweat over the little things. He picks his struggles and tries to focus on the bigger picture. A guy like this and a drama queen cannot make a relationship work because he hates overthinking. He is easygoing and prefers to keep everything around him that way. 


Are guys with dogs attractive?

It is no secret that guys who own dogs attract more women than their other fellows without dogs. Studies show that owning a pet plays a vital role in the dating world, particularly dogs. 

Women naturally assume that for you to own a dog, it means you are going to be a decent and responsible boyfriend. Dogs are a sign that these men are friendly, empathetic, and approachable. 

What do you call a person that loves dogs?

The love for dogs is called Canophilia, while a person who loves dogs is called a cynophilist. However, these can be unfamiliar terms to the average person, and it’s the reason people prefer referring to a person who loves pet dogs as a dog lover. 

Can a dog ruin a relationship?

While dogs cannot guarantee the success of a relationship, they are not bad omens. So although dogs sometimes cause arguments among couples, they are usually issues that can be resolved. 

For instance, a dog who is used to sleeping in your bed will have difficulty adjusting to the floor now that you have a partner. However, explaining to your boyfriend that dogs are creatures of habit, and it will take a while for them to adjust to the new routine can help make your relationship work better. 

Do dogs feel love when you kiss them?

A dog is a sensitive animal who, over time, will learn to associate behaviors with feelings. As a young pup, it may not understand the significance of a kiss. However, as it grows older, it learns to know that it is a sign of happiness and love. 

How do dogs choose their favorite person?

Dogs are attracted to people’s energy, and they are more likely to choose someone who matches their personality as their favorite person. For this reason, you will find that some dogs prefer single people because they do not want to share attention

For instance, a reserved dog will be more attached to a homebody, while an active dog will prefer to hang around someone more outgoing. 

In Summary 

They say all dogs go to heaven, and I can understand the reason why. These intelligent animals have come to be man’s best friends, and through them, you can tell a lot about a person’s personality. I hope you enjoyed reading this list of what his dog says about him. If yes, don’t forget to share with your loved ones and leave a comment behind.

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