What Does Man Want In A Relationship? (17 Things A Man Wants In A Relationship)

Every woman wants to know the secret to intimacy, which leads to the question, “What does a man want in a relationship?” 

If you can learn the truth about a man's desires, you can build a healthy connection with him. There are ways to satisfy a man in a relationship, but you can’t compare what women want to what a guy needs in a relationship. Therefore, it’s crucial to know what men want, if you want to sustain a healthy relationship.

It will give you an advantage in the dating world and ensure you don't miss out on someone great just because you don’t understand the way they think. In like manner, it’ll help your man appreciate you more as a partner, and see reasons to fight for the relationship. 

In this article, I will reveal the truth about what men want in a relationship, especially for those looking for peace and harmony in their relationships.

17 Things A Man Wants In A Relationship

1. A play partner

a play partner

When it comes to relationships, men undoubtedly want a play partner. This type of scenario occurs because men are active beings. They were raised through activities, and they feel alive when they engage in them. 

Contrary to women, who prefer to relax and have conversations, the things men want in a relationship are partners they can engage with and are comfortable to be around. If they can't be free around you or do the hobbies they love, they'll feel constrained

He doesn't just want you to respect the fact that he loves his playtime, but he also wants you to love and participate in them as well. It could be random events like watching sports, playing video games or even goofing around the house. 

There will be a serious side to every guy, but once in a while, he wants his inner-child to come out so he can enjoy his life with you for a moment.

2. Physical appearance

Research shows that men and women naturally gravitate to those they feel are attractive to. However, physical features tend to stimulate men more than women. Here’s the thing, both men and women are motivated by the idea of a ‘praise-worthy body or appearance’. They want to be with partners they are proud of in public or private. 

Their bodies respond to the things they see, meaning that they're bound to react when they like something they see. Guys are keen on good looks and physical appearance because these areas stimulate them more than they can control. When they get excited, a hormone is released in their brain that arouses their interests, pushing them towards their subject of attraction. 

This reason sums up why a man secretly wants his partner to look good for him. It isn't exclusive to a certain stature or figure but depends on what can visually stimulate a male's interests. If you can get him aroused or excited because of your appearance, he'll undoubtedly be happy in the relationship.

3. Space

As much as men want closeness in their marriage, they also need space. A man wants to feel free doing activities independently and not feel parented by his significant other. If you hang around him all the time, he will feel constrained. Even though he's married or in a severe association with you, he would still love to have his free time. 

For example, hanging out with his friends or engaging in some hobbies. Couples can spend time alone, but reserving special moments for the guy is crucial. The need for space is also vital when you sense that he's stressed or bothered about something. 

If he comes back from work tired, toning down on conversations is prudent, to give him some room. Bear in mind that male individuals regard silent activities as one way to recuperate after a tiresome or frustrating day.

4. Praise

Although males may not admit it, they really want recognition and approval in their relationships. In the same manner that women wish for reassurance from time to time, guys also desire this part from ladies. A man would love to hear everything that makes him feel like a man from his girlfriend. 

This act boosts his sense of masculinity and gives him more reasons to prove himself to her. It's also closely related to the hero instinct that many believe is naturally present in the male gender. They want to be a hero to their ladies and get recognition for it. 

They might secretly plan grand gestures just to make her feel special because it makes them feel important and valued when they get praised. This fact is why hailing your man ends up being beneficial to both parties in the long run.

5. Respect


Irrespective of how life may present itself, men think of ways to preserve their masculinity. They refrain from things that make them feel inferior or could reduce their status of manliness. This fact is one reason why the male gender tends to hide their vulnerable emotions from others. Thus, one thing men want in a relationship is respect. 

This desire goes hand in hand with feeling important in the association. If a man feels disregarded or unimportant in your life, he will slowly lose interest. He wants you to healthily boost his ego because this action triggers several positive emotions in him. 

He may not always admit it, but he secretly wants to know whether he's important to you. He'll be able to determine this by how much you respect him.

6. An independent woman

Men want women to depend on them for the most part, but they also appreciate the independence that a woman shows. Knowing that a lady won't rely on him to solve every issue of her life gives a man the space that he desires from time to time. Guys feel at ease when a woman can control her life and make independent decisions. 

A guy would find a woman attractive if she doesn't rely on others for her happiness and is confident about her choices. If she can afford things for herself and pay her bills, he will see her as responsible. 

However, it's crucial to understand that the male gender desires a woman's independence in different dimensions. This statement means that men have different extents that they love their women to be independent.

7. Inner beauty

Although physical appearance stimulates guys, what tends to matter in the long run is inner beauty. The happiness men feel in relationships is based upon the personality and character of the lady. This fact is why respect matters to guys. It tells them a little about your inner beauty, which is also crucial to the association. 

Although women's looks attract the male gender, her mind's beauty is what guarantees a connection. More so, this vital aspect is what ensures the association lasts. When a male individual develops feelings for a lady, it's because he grew to love her as a person. 

His emotions towards her will depend on how she behaves around him. Therefore, inner beauty is a criterion for any blossoming association.

8. Commitment

Commitment is vital in every long-term relationship. When two people make a firm decision to stick to each other, it solidifies the bond in the association. Every husband wants to know that his wife is committed as a partner and doesn't consider other options. 

If it seems like another man might have an advantage, it triggers a prominent fear that most male individuals have, which is losing their partner to someone else. All men want to feel secure in their associations, and they test this aspect through commitment. Your words and actions should let your significant other know that he's a priority in your life. 

More so, that you wouldn't replace or choose him over anyone else. These subtle acts of reassurance are what male individuals subtly desire. Therefore, it's essential to acknowledge that any action that counters these statements would instantly put him off.

9. Private women

Although men share their matters with others, they also value privacy. They really want to establish excellent communication with a girlfriend without needing to involve anyone else in their business. A lady who shares everything online about her relationship with a guy will slowly lose her partner's interest

The relationship's privacy is what builds intimacy and ensures both parties can work together without external interference. Men need to know that their partners can find happiness in the association without seeking validation from other sources. 

Certain things are appropriate to share with other people, but it's crucial to know where the boundaries are in every association. Sharing something that would make your spouse look bad can be detrimental to both of you in the long run, such as your active sex life or finances.

10. Emotional maturity

emotional maturity

Without a doubt, the female gender is prone to be more dynamic than the male gender. Women connect easily with their emotions and express them when they need to. Although being sentimental is natural, having a sense of matureness on this part guarantees the association will work. This trait is what guys want in a relationship. 

You can connect deeply with how you feel, but knowing how to manage these emotions is vital. This act makes sure that you don't respond negatively to everything, which could ruin the association's harmony. Unhealthy jealousy is a sign of immaturity, which men consider as a turnoff. 

This act can make him feel uncertain about your love towards him, especially when you doubt his actions. There's something attractive in making mature decisions instead of responding with outbursts.

11. Emotional connection

An emotional connection goes beyond liking a person's personality. It involves creating a profound bond with a person and knowing their temperance concerning certain subjects. When partners feel like they know each other to the extent that they can predict their feelings, they have an emotional bond. 

A husband wants his wife to foresee his mood even without speaking a word. He would also love her to know his likes and dislikes without necessarily stating them out. When you've spent an ample amount of time with a person, you begin to mirror their actions and do things as they would. 

This type of attraction is what men subtly crave for in their associations. They want a sense of understanding with their better halves, which would promote the idea of living as one.

12. Partnership

There are multiple ways a man feels valued in a relationship, and one of them is through teamwork. Men want to feel involved in every part of their ladies’ life even though it's to the barest minimum. 

Informing them about tasks you're about to embark on, asking for their opinions, and giving them feedback on the processes are the little aspects that can make a guy feel special. 

Likewise, showing interest in the activities he engages in, and suggesting to help out, is what will make your significant other feel loved. The primary essence of having an association is to be partners with someone, and this act is secretly what all male individuals desire to see. They subtly crave a marriage that's something more than just physical attraction.

13. Sex

Studies from multiple sites have revealed that men have a stronger sex drive than women. Not only is their purpose more profound, but it's more straightforward. Women tend to associate sexual attraction with emotional connection or other factors like environment and culture. However, similar physical traits stimulate men. 

Multiple surveys have also shown that the male gender tends to crave sex at every point in their relationships, while the motivation of sexual arousal in women seems like an unclear picture. These traits don't apply to a variety of male individuals but almost all individuals of the male gender. 

Some are more pronounced, while others make sure they control their urges. With this claim, it's clear that men really want sex. It may come as a surprise, but their libido is considered a vital aspect of every romantic setting.

14. Physical touch or affection

Apart from the sexual needs of the male gender, what guys want in a relationship or marriage is affection. They want their partners to surprise them with a non-sexual touch to communicate their love. For example, sneaking up and snuggling him from behind or giving him a foot massage. 

Physical contact is essential to the male gender because his senses quickly stimulate him. However, what men don't always reveal is their quest for something more than sexual arousal. These little acts are a way to confirm affection, and they translate it to love. 

If their partners care about them aside from the pleasure that intercourse brings, they'll rest assured that they have a keeper. Couples tend to rely more on non-sexual physical touch when their sexual drive fades as the years go by.

15. Support


Things men desire from associations is support in their careers and goals. Scrutinizing their choices will sink their pride and make them inferior. Although you don't agree with his plans for the future, you can agree to disagree for the moment and allow him to experience his dreams. 

If he faces disappointment, supporting him while sharing helpful opinions is what any man would love. Things like this will make him feel genuinely valued and respected rather than being monitored and controlled. 

One kind word about his goals will trigger something in him to impress you because of your support. Even when he fails, praising his effort is one way to gain affection from him.

16. Acceptance

In your relationship, let your man know that you cherish his choices and accept his decisions. Trying to change him is one of the things that will push him away. Guys are more appreciative of ladies that get their qualities without trying to dictate how they should be. 

The latter would only make them feel like he has to be different to please you, which would render his feelings unimportant. Since it's inevitable to find displeasing qualities in a significant other, it's vital to know how to communicate them without being demeaning or overly demanding. 

Using a subtle approach on someone while still praising their great qualities will work better than being forceful.

17. Companionship

What men want in a life partner is someone they can be friends with. Men want to know that their partners are in love with them but also have their backs. They want their thoughts about life to mirror their partner's own so that they can bond over subjects and genuinely connect. 

Men secretly want their relationships to be much more than spending time together but also be about companionship with each other. 

The one way to get a guy to commit to you for life is by focusing on being his friend first before anything else. Friendships are less complicated than romantic associations, which is why the male gender craves this aspect with their partners.


What does a man want from a woman he loves?

Some of the things guys want in a relationship are respect, love, commitment, and companionship. He also needs to feel valued and appreciated in the association, which will make him feel involved in every aspect of his lady's life. He will interpret these actions as a sign of affection, which will improve his commitment to the association.

What do men want in a wife?

Most men want acceptance from their marriage partners, apart from love. He doesn't want his significant other to force him to change but to support him nonetheless. Male individuals also desire their partners to be emotionally mature because it will help the relationship blossom amid several disagreements and discordances.

What can a woman offer a man in a relationship?

The needs of a guy go beyond sex in any intimate relationship. When women make emotional connections with their partners, and he's comfortable showing his vulnerable side to you, then the bond goes deeper than the surface. A guy wants to be his partner's friend above anything else, and this is what you can offer him.

What men look for in a woman physically?

A youthful appearance is one of the features a guy looks for in a woman, including full lips, an even face, or a curvy figure. However, note that the male gender tends to have different preferences when it comes to physical attraction. This notion means that a guy can be attracted to fuller hips while another may not.

How does a man feel when he is in love?

When a guy is in love with someone, his brain releases a chemical that keeps him glued to his subject of attraction. His brain rewards him for any activity that involves his subject of attraction, and he feels an intense bond associated with the feeling of addition. He'll always be thinking about her and would want to spend most of his time with her.

To Sum Things Up

Did you enjoy this article? Remember that every man's desire in a relationship varies. Therefore, to build the intimacy you have with your significant other, it's essential to engage in effective communication at all points in time. Kindly leave a comment if you liked this article and share it with your friends.

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