What Does It Mean When Your Ex Ignores You? (10 Possible Things)

Are you wondering why your ex is ignoring you? 

Perhaps you agreed to break up on good terms, only for him to ghost you? 

Maybe you never discussed remaining in contact, but you assumed he'd pick up the phone when you called? 

In this guide, we'll take a look at the main reasons why men decide to ignore their ex after a break-up. 

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So I've listed some more ideas below.

Why Is My Ex Ignoring Me?

One of the things anyone anywhere in the world would vehemently detest is to be ignored by people close to them or people they once had a close relationship with and this is exactly the same when it comes to being ignored by your ex, it can be very discouraging.

Furthermore, everyone deserves to be treated with respect and ignoring someone could be an outright disrespect and no one would easily tolerate it.

So what could be the reasons why your ex is ignoring you? What message could he or she be trying to pass across? What could be his or her intentions for ignoring you?

You are about to see some amazing realities of what it means when your ex ignores you and I hereby encourage you to read through this piece patiently.

What Does It Mean When He Ignores You?

1. He is very confused

He is very confused

You may be feeling like “my ex-boyfriend dumped me and is ignoring me” but he is just confused in his mind. You may have occupied a very delicate place in his/her life when you were both getting along but after the breakup, he suddenly discovers that your exit has left a great vacuum in his heart and this gets him so confused and unable to think straight.

In this state, he will most likely ignore you. He may need time to get over it but that period of confusion could make him ignore you at every opportunity even when he doesn't really mean to make you feel bad or discouraged. It will be a perfect response not to take being ignored by your ex too personal simply because a confused person can even ignore others unknowingly.

2. He does not want a comeback

When your ex ignores you, it could be that he is trying to prevent every possibility of you both making up and picking up from where you broke up. He may not really mean to cause you pain but does not want to make up with you so you don't start the relationship again. This is a common one among the reasons your ex won't talk to you and even go-ahead to turn down every opportunity of meeting with you. Even though he has nothing against you, he simply doesn't want you both back together.

He could even take this to a higher degree if he notices any effort or moves from you that suggests you will want both of you to be together again.

3. He is trying to find love again

He is trying to find love again

When your ex is ignoring you, it could be because he is busy trying to find love again from another person and you could be a distraction to making that happen, hence, he ignores you very often. You are now his ex-girlfriend and he considers you to be in the past of his life.

The new mission of finding love again can so pre-occupy his mind and he will keep ignoring you until he finds another girlfriend to take your place. Similarly, it could be as a result of him falling in love with another lady after the break up; after all, it is said that love is blind. His newfound love could make him so blind, he doesn't notice your presence again.

4. Being hunted by the past

Your ex can ignore you because he is being hunted by unpleasant memories of the past when both of you were together, especially when he was unfair to you in the relationship.

In a situation whereby you gave in your best to make the relationship work but he went ahead to abuse and take undue advantage of you, the guilt of treating you badly could hunt him and make him ignore you out of shame.

Similarly, he will most likely avoid every opportunity to make contact with you or pretend not to see you when you both eventually make contact. The mere appearance of you could even make him feel uneasy and the best escape route for him could be to act like he never saw you. Foremost writer, Nikki Rowe was of the opinion that he will always be sorry about how he treated you.

5. New Rumors

Your ex ignoring you can be as a result of new rumors he might have heard about you after you guys broke up. Your ex-boyfriend could be close to some of your enemies who will most likely feed him with lies and disgusting news about you and this will cause him to ignore you whenever he sees you.

In a case where there is another girl that wanted him so badly while the both of you were dating, she could go to the extent of digging up scandals about you that can make your ex detest you and consequently ignore you perpetually. This could make him even feel justified to have broken-up with you and ensure that he makes no contact with you.

6. Coyness

Your ex-boyfriend may ignore you because he is coy. This is mostly the case if he so loved you when you guys were together and still has feelings for you. He might have been a coy guy before you both started dating but overcame coyness after meeting you. Now that both of you have separated, the coyness could have returned and he can't help it but ignore you.

I know of a young man who only felt bold and confident in the presence of his ex-girlfriend and ever since they broke up, he has remained a timid and coy guy.

7. Inferiority complex

Your ex ignoring you after a breakup could be a sign of an inferiority complex. In a situation whereby you invested so much of your time and resources in him before the breakup, he will find it hard to cope after you both have separated and this will make him feel inferior before you and most likely ignore you whenever he sees you.

This even becomes more pronounced when he knows the chance of you accepting him back is very slim and he would just rather ignore you than embark on an adventure of futility trying to come back to you.

8. War from within

War from within

Your ex-boyfriend could ignore you because of the struggle within, whether or not he should come back so you guys can pick up the relationship from where you left it. He probably still has feelings for you but doesn't know the way to express it. He is struggling from within him if he should come back to you or not and this will cause him to ignore you. The indecisiveness of whether to approach you or not and the uncertainty of your response and reaction if he made such a move will cause him to always ignore you.

9. Revenge

Your ex ignoring you could be a way of getting back at you especially if he feels that you treated him unfairly in the relationship. If he is nursing pains after the breakup, he will ignore you at every slight chance that he gets.

He could be doing it deliberately to cause you pain and make you feel very bad. He could even go as far as looking out for opportunities to make contact with you, just for the sole aim of ignoring you and making you feel that pain and discomfort that comes with being ignored especially when you least expected it. To him, every contact with you will be a perfect opportunity to ignore you.

10. Prompting a response from you

Prompting a response from you

Your ex will ignore you so as to stimulate a response from you. He could want you to come back to him and apologize or seek to make up with him. Ignoring you will, therefore, be a means to an end and not an end in itself. He will deliberately ignore you and expect you to call for his attention and when you don't do so, he will most likely create more opportunities for you to come to him.

Ignoring you every time you both make contact will be a way of calling for your attention and he most likely won't be at ease when you overlook and don't give the kind of reaction or response he expected.


Going by the list above, as unpleasant as being ignored by your ex could be, it sometimes could be to your advantage and not the other way round. So instead of hastily concluding that his or her ignoring you is targeted at humiliating you, it could be out of some innocent and genuine intentions that he or she can’t help.

I hope this article helped you figure him and his actions out. Let me know what you think!

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  1. Thank you for your insights. Your list of possible reasons has really helped ease my mind. It has once again demonstrated to me that I tend to default to the “what is it about me” narrative even when she cheated on me, as I’m doing the same tjing ahain now that she’s ignoring me after out breakup. It aint me, its her problem. Tjank you

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