What Does It Mean When You Dream About Your Crush (13 Possible Meanings)

We all have that man that looks good and makes our heart palpitations go a bit faster than usual. You’ve had a crush before and so have I. It’s a beautiful feeling which I sometimes miss. However, my crushes die off as soon as they come to life because of how fast the other party gives me a reason to kill them. 

That said, dreaming about a crush is more! It's normal for a girl in her teenage age or twenties to have a crush dream but above that age, there's more to it! I'm kidding, it's the same thing.

There's no use beating yourself up about dreams about your crush, we've all been there honey and if I am being honest, some of us enjoyed it. I know I did. The number of meanings to dreaming about your crush is numerous. It could be so many things but I know for a fact it's never as serious as we tend to make it at first. 

To have a crush on someone is so cute. Here's a piece of advice, enjoy the feeling while it lasts; at some point that might be a luxury. Dreaming about a crush when you've got a boyfriend, smells like “trouble in paradise” to me. Lucky for you, I have thirteen answers to “What does it mean when you dream about your crush?” below. 

Amongst those should be the answer to your question specifically, enjoy! 

What Does It Mean When You Dream About Your Crush (13 Possible Meanings)

1. You're in love with him 

If you’re having dreams about a crush often, perhaps it’s more than a crush; you’re in love. Dreams are a result of our subconscious. There are other theories about dreams but this one has been scientifically proven to be true. 

Maybe your feelings for this man have grown deeper than you’ve realized it to be. When you’re in love with a man he’s almost all you ever think about; there’s no surprise he’d show up in your dreams as well. 

2. You thought about him before going to bed

This happens a lot, even with inanimate objects. Try thinking of a blue glass before going to bed and you’d see a blue glass in your dreams, it works ninety percent of the time. 

Perhaps, you saw a picture of him on Instagram (stalker!) or you spoke about him to a friend right before you slept. It’s that simple! Stop trying to find deep sophisticated meanings to things that are sometimes, really simple

3. He likes you back

What are the odds? There’s a myth that says “If you dream of someone you like, they’re dreaming about you too.” It’s not been proven but there’s no harm considering it. 

However, I think telepathy is a real thing, and if that’s been proven, it’s almost the same thing as seeing your crush in a dream and that being a revelation of his feelings. There’s a chance he likes you too but I wouldn’t buy a one-way ticket for this cause if I were you. 

4. You're lonely

you're lonely

When we’re lonely, our bodies, minds, and even our subconscious try to find solace in something. A dream about a crush could be a result of loneliness, you want to be with a person, and of course, it makes sense that you would choose your crush to spend time with. Because you can’t be with this person in real life, dreams about them would suffice. 

5. New awareness

This can mean when you dream about a crush on a stranger it's a new awareness. Something good is about to happen to you, superstitious (I know) but what are the odds? These things happen, whether coincidentally or not, they happen. In regards to dreaming about a stranger, it happens sweetie, you’re not crazy or anything. For what it’s worth, something good is coming your way. 

6. A feeling

When you see a crush in a dream that’s a good feeling. Perhaps, your subconscious is just giving your body a sign that you need some goodness in your life. Chase that goal. 

7. Desire

The desire to have something or someone in your life can cause you to dream about a crush. Perhaps, you have a relationship that isn’t exactly satisfying your desires, it can cause you to dream about even a stranger. 

Your brain could probably be playing tricks on you as well, it happens to the best of us, trust me. Best believe that in your dream state you could be fulfilling your biggest desires. There’s no need to have anxieties over crush dreams, it can happen as a result of jealousy. 

8. Fantasy


This can mean when you dream about a crush, that’s the last fantasy you had before going to bed. That dream may just be a fulfillment of that fantasy, don’t think too much about it. This dream can be part of your memories with the said crush. 

9. You're happy

Your crush is a happy thought to you, when you’ve had a stress-less day, it’ll reflect in your dreams as well. Thinking about your crush gives you peace of mind, I know it does for me. It’s a happy place to be. Dreaming about your crush can just be a reflection of happiness in your heart and brain. 

10. A wish-fulfillment dream

You wished to be in a relationship with him so bad you’re having your desires played out in a dream. It happens! Think about it, you want to have a particular cell phone or there’s a dress you want to wear on your birthday, it’s not out of place to have a wish-fulfillment dream. 

If you ask me, it’s from this type of dream you get the real thing. It makes you work hard for your crush in real life and that's good motivation in certain situations. 

11. There's a life with him

Dreaming about a man you like could be a sign that there’s a relationship you can have with him. You’d be surprised that a number of relationships have begun based on a dream or a feeling of a better time with the other person. If you haven’t talked to this man about how you feel, maybe you should make the move, you never know until you find out. Also, what’s the worst that could happen? 

12. He will take advantage of you

It’s true, some dreams are like a revelation of something to come. Does it mean when you dream about your crush sometimes translates to you being exposed to your weakness? Yes, especially if you kiss your crush in this dream. 

The myth states that you’re liable to be taken advantage of by the said crush. I suggest you be careful around him. This shouldn’t cause you to act weird or anything, just be on the lookout and maybe this crush isn’t going to work out well. 

13. He's thinking of you

he's thinking of you

What does it mean when you dream about your crush? He’s not thinking of you. I’m sorry, that’s only a myth. Unless you’ve both been talking with each other and there’s some sort of chemistry, you’re reaching. 

A dream about that man, especially if it’s a crush on a stranger or a celebrity, is solely about you and not the person you’re dreaming of. If you can’t find your answer in any of the reasons I’ve written out above, perhaps you should see a therapist. 


Is it true that if you dream of someone they dream of you?

I'm so sorry darling, this is based on a huge myth. The reason for this myth is because of the odds. We dream about the people we interact with daily and if you do see him daily, even if you don't talk to each other much; for as long as he sees you too, what are the odds? 

Don't go on a wild confession spree to your crush just because you saw him in a dream and believe he saw you too. Pause for a minute, thinking about how ridiculous that sounds about a crush in real life. You're just thinking a lot about him and had the boy registered in your subconscious. For your sake, I hope you get that relationship

What does it mean when you dream about kissing your crush? 

This just has “horny” feelings written all over it. There's no need to go about in circles when that's primarily what this whole dream session your googling is about. Hopefully, you don't have a boyfriend because if you do, perhaps you're mentally and emotionally cheating on him. 
That only takes a while to manifest. Kissing your crush means you have feelings for him and a huge part of you would like to be with that man. If you saw “Bridgerton” on Netflix right before this dream, I do not blame you, for it is the Duke of Hastings you seek. 

How do you know if your crush likes you? 

Well for starters, if your crush likes you back the best way to find out is to ask him, and if he says “yes!” believe that! All the body language or signs you get from a man you like maybe completely misinterpreted because of your cloud of emotions. If you can't do the asking, let someone you trust help you find out. 

It's not out of place to know your crush likes you too from the ways he acts around you. Things like; asking you on a date, buying you gifts, and sending you flowers are a sure sign. Having a dream may be about your feelings than it is about your crushes. 

How do you know if a person is thinking about you?

Showing up in your dream doesn't mean he has feelings for you. To know a person has thoughts about you, they either have to show you or tell you that they are. Showing you can be by way of gifts, quality time, and whatnot. 

Don't buy a one-way ticket to anywhere based on a dream, you will be hurt. However, it's not impossible to feel someone's attraction toward you. It isn't the same thing as a dream. Only in real life can you tell if a person is thinking of you or not. 

How do you get your crush to like you? 

It's not by dreaming of him that's for sure! Your crush isn't going to fall for a girl he doesn't know, so you had better be talking with him. Find out the type of person he is and pick out a similar interest to bond over, which could be a shared love for food. 

Communicate with him, I don't mean to bother him with your feelings. In communication, there has to be a back and forth, coupled with a shared understanding. Be there for him, in the littlest way, try not to overdo it. 


We've all had a dream about a crush, don't feel weird. I've shared with you the meaning to have a crush dream or desire whether you’re in a relationship or not. Go over them again to find what speaks to you, so you don’t continue to dream about that love (if you want). I would love to read your thoughts in my comment box below and please share this article with your friends. Thank you! 

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