What Does It Mean When A Guy Winks At You? (19 Possible Reasons)

What does it mean when a guy winks at you? Should you take offense or think it’s an inside joke when guys wink at you? Should you wink back to a winker or reply or use body language to show you’re interested? Is winking a form of communication or an insulting approach men use to create eye contact with a girl they like? 

These are some of the questions that probably plague you when someone winks at you.

As much as winking is a common gesture used in regular conversations, it can also be misinterpreted by many people because there are several meanings and intentions behind a single wink. Since intentions are everything in relationships, you need to understand the meaning behind each action, including when a guy winks at you.

Furthermore, different situations and kinds of conversation will dictate the context and meanings of a wink and so, it’s best if you interpret winks according to the winker, his body language, the environment, and the level of communication you are currently engaging in.

To prevent confusion on your part, this article will help you answer the question “what does it mean when a guy winks at you” and hopefully, you’ll have an idea of how to respond to the signal.

19 Possible Meanings When A Guy Winks at You

1. The kind of wink that holds no meaning

Body language is an essential part of a relationship or contact with someone and winking is a body language gesture guys use to communicate or interpret actions. However, not all winks indicate a particular sign of what men want from you.

For example, if a guy winks unnecessarily in the middle of a serious conversation, you should find it completely weird. What if he has a health condition such as tick syndrome and you mistake his action for interest? As such, you need to observe if he repeats the wink multiple times before you take it as a good he likes you.

2. The kind of wink that indicates he is flirting with you

the kind of wink that indicates he is flirting with you

One of the most common reasons for winking is to flirt. As a girl, you have probably flirted with many guys by winking. So, it should be easy to know when someone is trying to flirt with you by giving you a cute wink. 

Does it mean when a guy winks at you, it translates to him flirting with you? No. However, winking is a strong signal that he is interested in being more than friends with you. Other things he does, apart from winking, will also make his intentions towards you clear.

3. The wink that the guy does to show you how awesome he is

A guy might wink at you to back up a confident statement he made during a conversation just to tell you how irresistible he is. This wink type might be followed by a secret dazzling smile that will draw your eye to his incredible lips and make you finally agree to date him.

He is trying to flirt with you and his winking charm will probably work if you are also attracted to him. The next time a guy winks at you, check if his actions match his words, and his winks won’t be the only reason you will accept his dating offer.

4. The kind of wink that states, “Trust me, I can help you with this”

If you are in a scenario whereby you need a solution to a problem and you are with a man with the right knowledge to help you out, you might get a wink or two from him, especially if he has a healthy dose of confidence. 

Another reason a guy might wink at you with that statement in his eye is that he wants to put your mind at ease and help you not worry about the outcome of the scenario. As such, this kind of wink might be just what you need at that moment to assure you all is well. 

5. The wink that says, “It’s a fact that I know my stuff”

You might get this kind of wink from a business partner or someone you hire to fix something/a situation for you. Depending on your relationship or level of communication with the man in this picture, it will be inappropriate for a business partner to wink at you, especially if you don’t relate with each other on a personal level. 

If you are not comfortable with him when the guy winks at you in the middle of a business meeting, be sure to tell him, so he won’t repeat the wink another time.

6. The icebreaker wink

the icebreaker wink

Like other conversation starters, winking can help be the icebreaker removes awkwardness from the atmosphere and make communication flow freely between you and your guy friend. 

This fact is especially true if you just started dating the guy and he has made it clear he wants to make it past the ‘friends only' zone. You can reply to his thoughtfulness with a return wink of your own.

7. The kind of wink a guy gives you just to be goofy and make you laugh

Apart from winking to flirt, a guy can wink at you just to be silly. When he does multiple winks at the most inappropriate times and places, you’ll know immediately that he just wants to make you laugh and loosen up. 

Also, a nice guy you are meeting for the first time through a blind date set up will try to diffuse the tension of meeting a stranger. And so, he will use the wink approach to make you feel more comfortable with him. His actions reveal that he loves you and would rather you both remember the date night as a good one.

8. The wink that hides a secret or more

If this person is one of your closest friends and you both always swap inside jokes with each other, then you’ll catch on to the fact that he is hiding a secret behind his wink. It might be in the glint in his eye when he winks at you or in the tone of the words that accompany his wink.

Since you know this person so well, it shouldn’t be hard for you to separate when he is just winking to make you smile and when he is trying to hide or tell you a secret. 

9. He could be because he is trying to share an inside joke with you

This kind of wink is common among friends who have mastered the art of eye contact communication. If he is one of your best friends you’ve hung out with so many times, you’ll be able to know what he is trying to say to you even if you are in the midst of a large group of people. 

With a wink, someone could let you in on an inside joke that will remain a secret to other people around you. As long as you’ve practiced the winking art as a form of communicating your words with your friend, you’ll get his drift every time.

10. His wink might be suggesting a sexual come-on

his wink might be suggesting a sexual come on

It is probably common knowledge that guys wink at women they want to know in a biblical way, whether the gesture is welcome or not. Regardless of where you are in your relationship with the man, you will understand when his body language indicates he wants to have sex with you.

His winking body language will come with other gestures such as licking his lips, touching his things, and generally, touching his crotch area.

11. The wink from a strange guy that simply means hello

As weird as this sign might seem, a winking guy might be someone who says hello with a wink. Most men who wink to say hello are usually older or elderly men trying to be cute. 

Winking stops being funny when the same person winking at you tries to take unwelcome liberties with you because of your positive response. As such, try to put limits on the way you respond to a wink.

12. He might just be trying too hard to catch your eye

Like the strange person winking to say hello, someone giving you a wink too many times is making their desperate obvious. The worst kind of winkers are usually the ones giving this kind of wink; they can’t perform a simple wink, so they squint their eyes so badly that it looks like they are going into a seizure. 

You can take pity on the dude and let him know whether you’re interested in whatever he is saying or not.

13. The creepy kind of wink

You might want to be careful with someone who falls into this category because he is usually with a short fuse that you can inadvertently trigger with your response. As such, if you get a creepy kinda wink from a stranger, you should ignore it and go the other way, especially if you are in a secluded area. 

However, if the wink is from someone you went out on a date with, come up with an excuse to leave the uncomfortable situation. 

14. The unsolicited wink that scares you out of your mind

Like the creepy wink, getting a wink from a person you didn’t give prior attention to can be scary and dangerous. Whether you are all alone in the bus station at night or going for a jog alone early in the morning, you should be security alert to leave the scary winker behind. 

You need not wait to see if he has a harmless or dangerous twinkle in his eye when he does it; take to your heels immediately.

15. When a guy gives you both a wink and a shake of his head to show his displeasure

This winking combination takes practice and can be a bit difficult to comprehend if you haven’t been communicating with the guy for too long or understand the body language he uses the most. However, the direction of the discussion will help you understand why he gave you a wink and head shake simultaneously. 

A wink and head shake could either mean he is chastising you for something you did wrong or to say you’re so silly. 

16. An “I’ll indulge you” wink meaning he will do your wish

an "i'll indulge you wink meaning he will do your wish

Someone can wink at you to tell you, “you aren’t completely right but I’ll let you have this victory “. That is, he is simply trying to make you happy even though you are the wrong party.

Another thing winking might suggest is that your guy just wants you to have your way, even though you’ve been asking for too much. So, the next time your partner winks at you with a smirk, just know that he cares even though he feels you’re a handful. 

17. The “I’ll pick up the tab” wink when at the beginning of the dating stage

If you go on a date with a winker who is also possessive and takes his masculinity to a ridiculous proportion, he will most likely wink at you, put a hand on your hand to stop you from reaching for your credit card, and give you a look that says “I’ll handle the bills”. 

If this highhanded body language doesn’t sit well with you, no matter how cute he is, his wink won’t elicit a positive response in you.

18. The “I’ll definitely see you later” wink signal suggesting there’s more to the conversation

Another set of guys who wink to display their overconfidence is the type who wink at you as a sign that they’ll be seeing you around. One of the reasons for this level of confidence is probably because you gave him your number or mentioned where you work. 

If you like the person in return and his wink wasn’t too lame, it might be a good start for both of you but if you don’t fancy him too much, you might not be too impressed by his body language. 

19. The good kind of wink from a guy you like that makes you feel amazing

When a guy friend bestows a well-calculated and perfect wink on you, it will draw a pleasant reaction such as a smile from you. What makes a wink fantastic and effective is not the wink itself but the way you feel towards the person winking at you. 

Therefore, if this is a person you like so much, it’s a no-brainer that you will feel flattered by his winks or any other body language he uses to show his interest.


What does it mean if a guy winks at you?

He could wink at you for different reasons but one major reason is that he wants to catch your eye so you’ll get his intentions. Communications work best with eye contact and so, he wants to be sure he has your full focus on him.

Is winking always flirting?

Every time a person winks, it doesn’t automatically translate to flirting. Someone might wink at you as an encouragement to complete a task you are finding difficult to do or, as a form of greeting.

Why is winking so attractive?

Winking can be considered attractive only when the recipient likes or appreciates the person doing the winking. If there is no foundation of likeness, the recipient of the wink will find it disturbing that someone is winking at them.

How do you respond when someone winks at you?

How you react to a wink depends on what you feel towards the person winking at you. If you feel comfortable with the wink and the actions surrounding it, you can wink back, wave, or establish physical contact such as touching the person affectionately or flirtingly. 

How can you tell if a man is attracted to you?

Winking is a sign that will let you know when a guy is attracted to you. Among other body language he will exhibit, he will constantly wink at you to let you know you rock his work too.

In Conclusion 

Winking is one of many body languages that people use to express their feelings but unlike popular opinion, winking isn’t just a way you communicate physical attraction to the opposite sex. As such, next time you get a wink from someone, consider the situation before you give a contract to the wink.

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