What Does It Mean When A Guy Touches Your Lower Back? (29 Possible Things)

When guys touch girls, it can have different meanings. If he is sexually attracted to you, he might touch your body in an inappropriate way. He might touch a body part you wish to remain private – a sensitive part. So, what does it mean when a guy touches your lower back? Does it mean that he is showing signs of interest in you?

What if he touches your lower back but isn’t interested in being more than friends? How do you know what possible meaning a guy is thinking? Is this one of the signs that he is wanting to be more than friends? Is it a sign he just wants sex? What if he grabs your arm? Is he being protective or just controlling? Is it sweet or possessive? Is there a hidden meaning?

These are great questions! Guys can be so confusing, especially when sexual attraction is involved with a close friend!! Does physical touch mean he wants more than friendship? Hopefully, we’ll answer all your questions in this blog post about what it means when a guy touches your lower back.

Possible Reasons A Guy Would Touch Your Lower Back

1. He is being protective of you

Sometimes, a guy will touch your lower back as a means of protection. He may be trying to lead you out of traffic or in the right direction if the two of you are headed to a restaurant or something like that, and you are going in the wrong direction. A guy friend might do this just to be polite; in that case, it does not mean anything – really.

I think it’s sweet when men do this because it just means they are being adorable. It’s one of those signs that a guy cares about you and wants the best for you. Often, when a guy touches you, he does not have an ulterior motive. He is not touching your lower back to indicate that he “owns” you or anything like that.

Instead, he just does it naturally. It’s like when you are hanging out with friends, and you put your arm around your best friend. It does not mean that you want sex or that you have a dominant personality. It is just a sign of friendship, so if a guy touches your lower back, it does not have to mean anything at all. However, it could mean other things!

2. He loves giving PDA

A guy that enjoys PDA (personal displays of affection) may just touch your lower back because he is that way. It does not mean that he is full of attraction for you. It just means that he does this with every girl. If you think this is the reason he is touching your lower back, watch for other signs. He may touch another part of your body, for example. 

What does his body language tell you? Does he touch the body parts of other girls when he’s with them? If a guy thinks it is okay to touch just any body part of yours, be sure to stand your ground. This could be one of those signs that he is a pervert or something of that nature. Notice his body language; is he being gross with you?

3. He has a crush on you

If a guy touches your back, he might simply have a crush on you! He could be wanting to give you a signal that he is wanting more out of the relationship the two of you share. Do you feel attracted to him? If you think that a man touching your back is okay, you might be a flirt just like he is trying to be. Show him affection to indicate you like him too.

4. He is just a good friend

As mentioned earlier, some men just want to be protective of the girl they are in a relationship with – a friend or another type of relationship. He may just be trying to be a good friend and steer you away from the street so that you do not get run over by a car!

5. He’s testing the waters

Sometimes, a guy touches a girl because he is testing the waters. How far can I go with this girl before she says no? What else could I do that would allow me to be close to her? If he puts his arm around you, for example, he may be trying to see if you like him. He’s showing ownership by doing that, so you may notice a change in his behavior.

6. He has low self-esteem

Some men have very low self-esteem. They just don’t believe in themselves. They think that if they can show other men that they have a woman by their side that it makes them better somehow. Of course, we know this is not the case. It’s not true in every circumstance. Instead, they are just being macho and stupid if they believe this!

7. He is interested in sex

If a guy touches you, he often is thinking about sexual intercourse. He finds you attractive, clearly, and he wants more out of the relationship. He is hoping that you feel the same way about him and will show that you find him attractive, too. If the two of you are attracted to each other, maybe it will lead to something in the bedroom!

8. He cares about you

he cares about you

As mentioned, some men just care about you and touch you because they want to protect you or show they have feelings for you. He may be leading you away from a group of strange men that could cause a fight and hurt you or something like that. He is just trying to be sweet and protective of you. 

9. He is trying to make someone jealous

Does this guy find another girl attractive? Does it seem like he is crushing on her? Maybe he is doing this to make her jealous. Alternatively, he could be trying to get back at her for cheating on him or something like that. If he knows his ex-girlfriend will be at the restaurant you are going to, he may touch your back to show off in front of her!

He is hoping that she sees the two of you and gets jealous. She might think, “Man, I wish I hadn’t dumped him because he sure looks good with that girl on his arm!” She may come running back to him, or at least, that is his hope! If that is the case, it is up to you if you want to allow him to touch you or not! Do you want to support him in doing this?

10. He is supportive

Maybe You are the one who has gone through a breakup or just been stood up by a guy. Maybe you are hurting in another way. You might have just lost someone close to you and be suffering from grief. In these cases, a guy touches your back to be supportive of what you are going through. He wants you to know he has your back.

11. He has old-fashioned values

Many men are just old-fashioned. They like to hold doors open for girls or enjoy pulling out the chair at a restaurant for the girl before she sits down. He might even order your meal for you! If you like a guy with old-fashioned values, you could certainly enjoy him touching you on your back! That is just part of the charm!!

12. He likes to tease you

Maybe the two of you have an inside joke that he is your boyfriend, even though that is the farthest thing from the truth. Maybe he likes to pretend that the two of you are a couple when you go out in public. If he’s being playful, it’s up to you if you want to play along or not. You might kiss him on the cheek or show him you are up for some fun!

13. He is very shy

Shy guys will often take risks because they do not know what to do. He could just be testing the waters with you to see if you like him. He may just be awkward because of his shyness and not know how to act in front of another girl. 

14. He wants guys to know you are off-limits

When a guy touches you in public, he is often signaling to other men that you are off-limits. He does not want another guy to have the wrong idea about you. He is hoping that another guy does not come up to you and tell you that you are beautiful or ask for your number. Instead, he is protecting you from another gentleman!

15. He likes you

Some men touch women because they want more out of the relationship. They might want to be more than friends. He may actually like you quite a bit. Have you noticed other signs that he wants to be with you? Has he shown you that he wants more from you? Maybe he has been hinting at this for a while but you did not notice before. 

If you like him, be sure to tell him! Let him know that you are interested in being a couple or something to that effect. It really just depends on how you feel about the guy. If you would like to be more than friends, talk to him about what’s going on between the two of you. That way, all the cards are laid out on the table!

16. He wants to be in control

he wants to be in control

Some guys are just controlling. They want to steer your body in the right direction because they want to control the situation. If you admire this about the guy you are with, enjoy it! If you find this to be appalling, just walk faster so that he cannot put his hand on your back!

17. He trusts you

If a guy touches you, it often means that there is a level of trust between the two of you that is unspoken. He may be trying to signal that through his actions. Watch for the signs that he trusts you. If he tells you secrets, for example, he believes you are a trustworthy person – someone he can tell anything to! You clearly have a special bond!

18. He is trying to flirt with you

Any touching is a kind of flirting, so he may just be teasing you in some way. There is always that possibility. Watch what he does and what he says to determine if he is flirting with you or just being a pervert by touching you when you did not ask him to.

19. He thinks you are pretty

If you look stunning, a guy may touch you because he wants to recognize your beauty. Did you wear your favorite red dress? Are you wearing those extra high kitten heels? How you look could certainly affect his actions!

20. He is being friendly

Sometimes, a guy means nothing when he touches your back. He is just friendly like that with all girls. How does he usually behave? Is this normal for him? 

21. He wants to be more than just a friend

Guys trying to sneak out of the friendzone will typically make a stand at some point. They have to do something to indicate they like you. He may be doing this to show you he wants out of the friend zone. Instead, he wants to be your boyfriend! How does that make you feel? Do you feel the same way toward him? Think about it!

22. He is a touchy, affectionate guy

Some men are just affectionate and like to touch the women they are with. They just find it to be a natural thing to do. It does not mean anything; it is just how they are. In this case, do not read too much into his actions. Just realize this is part of his personality.

23. He feels dominant by doing this

A dominant guy may touch you to control you and show his dominance over you. If you are a strong woman who does not like this, be sure to stand your ground. Show him that he cannot control you in any way. If you like to be dominated, just allow him to do this as a sign that he is in control of the situation. It’s totally up to you how you want to be!

24. He feels comfortable with you

he feels comfortable with you

If a guy enjoys spending time with you and feels a special level of comfort around you, he might touch you on your back to show this. He is trying to tell you this without having to actually say the words. He thinks that his actions will tell you this, so he is not making an effort to tell you that he is finally comfortable around you!

I once had a guy friend that was very friendly but was very shy around me because he liked me a lot. We used to spend every night together; we’d usually go out to eat or something like that. We had a good time together as friends. I really did not want him to pursue things beyond that. However, he eventually let me know his true feelings.

He told me that he had feelings for me and wants to be more than friends. I had to tell him that I was not interested in that. It made things awkward for a while because he was very analytical and wanted to know why I felt that way. I had to confess that I just wasn’t attracted to him because he was too argumentative for me.

He eventually let it slip that he had fallen in love with me! That made things even harder between the two of us! I did not really know what to do. I think many times when you are in a situation like this and do not know what to do, you should take a break from the person to sort things out. He gave me the signal he liked me, though, through touch!

25. He is showing off

Some men just want to show off what a beauty you are. They are hoping that other gentlemen see you two as a couple and are jealous!

26. He is just a friendly guy

Some men are just flirty. They like to touch women as a sign of affection. They want to show that they are gentlemen through this action. It’s just the way they are wired!

27. He is very macho

Again, some men have a macho personality. They don’t want another guy to see the two of you and think you are available. They want to be in control of the situation, and their actions are telling you that. You may not know this about them, so it could come as a shock to learn this about someone you thought was a friend.

28. He is marking his territory

When dogs or cats are feeling threatened, they often pee to mark their territory. Men can exhibit the same behaviors with women! It is kind of gross, right? I mean, why do they feel the need to touch you just to show off in front of others? Can they not just tell you they like you and be done with it? Why do they need to touch you to mark their territory?

29. He is returning the affection that you have shown him

Have you shown affection to this guy? Is he just returning the favor? Maybe he thinks that you have indicated that you like him, and since he likes you as well, he wants to show you this by touching you on your back. If this is the case, you have your answer! You know that he is just trying to show you he really likes you!

If you have been flirting with him by touching him, it is no wonder that he is touching you! He just wants you to know that he recognizes your flirting and is trying to flirt back!


Why does a guy touch your lower back?

Some guys think it’s funny to mess with you. If a guy touches your back, pay attention to his body language and facial expressions to see if he’s just joking around. If a man touches your lower back and it’s unwanted, let him know! Protect your body!

Is touching the lower back flirting?

When a guy touches you there, it can be flirting. A man touches a woman’s lower back as a sign of support and protection, but it can be a sign of interest. Watch his facial expressions and body language for clues of what it is a sign of. Watch his body!

What does it mean if a guy touches your breast while kissing?

If a friend touches you there, it’s inappropriate. A guy putting his hand on your breast means he wants sex. If a guy touching you there doesn’t bother you, you may also want sex with him. Usually, a man touches breasts to signal he wants sexual intercourse!

What does it mean when a guy rubs your back during a hug?

It doesn’t always mean that he is trying to show sexual interest. It may seem like you are getting mixed signals if you are close friends with the guy, but really, the guy friend’s body language signals will tell you his level of attraction to you. It could mean reassurance.

Where do men like to be touched?

Men like it when you touch any body part because it shows you like them. You can also show a guy that you are into him through body language. Many body language signs or body language clues show men you are interested in more than just a friendship.

In Summary

What are the obvious signs that a guy likes you? Does direct eye contact count as a good sign he’s into you? What body language sign do you look for in a guy? What signs show that a guy likes you? Please share in the comments section and on social media!

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