What Does It Mean When A Guy Touches Your Face: 37 Things He Could Be Telling You

When a guy touches our face it instantly warms our heart. That’s because we often assume that men mean the same thing that we do. When a woman touches a man’s face, it’s often a symbol of love. It is how we show them that we care very deeply about them. Men are very different from women, though. When a guy touches your face, it could mean quite a few different things. 

Some men will do this to simply see how you react. It’s a great way to see if you’re open to getting to know them on a deeper level. Other times, a guy might simply use this as a reason to touch you. We also want to touch on things that we like. 


What It Means When A Man Touches Your Face (And How To Tell)

It can be hard to decipher the body language of a man. A man touching your face could be anything from a sign that he is being serious to him telling you that he’s madly in love with you. It’s simply not easy to tell what men mean. The fact that they are not always the best at communicating doesn’t make it any easier. If a guy touches your face, pay attention to the rest of his body language. He’s trying to tell you one of these things.

1. He’s attracted to you

A person’s face is the first thing that we usually notice. We’ll also be attracted to certain things, like a person’s eyes or their lips. If you notice him finding a reason to touch your face, it could simply be an indication that he has a lot of attraction towards you. 

Keep in mind that this is pretty general. A man might be attracted to you because he thinks that you’re gorgeous. He simply finds your face stunning. A guy might also be attracted to you sexually.

2. This signals he wants you sexually

Sometimes, that attraction goes beyond a man just thinking you’re pretty. When a person touches your cheeks or hair, it signals that they are close to you. It can also signal that they want to be closer in a physical way. If you’re just friends with a guy, he might try to play this off as platonic behavior. For example, he’ll pull on your cheeks or chin in a playful way.

3. A guy’s way of flirting

Those cute little “platonic” gestures like flicking your chin are more than likely his way of flirting with you. He claims that he’s just playing, but really he’s judging your reaction. If you like him back, laugh and playback with him to show him that you’re interested too.

4. Sweet caresses mean he cares about you

When a man cares a lot about a person, they tend to be sweeter. He’ll gently touch the skin on your face. If he looks into your eyes at the same time, it shows that you’re very special to him. Men don’t exhibit this body language with just anyone.

5. Intimacy

For many people, touching a person’s face is off-limits until you’re closer. This is why it is one of the most common signs of intimacy. He might gently stroke your cheeks or hold your face in his hands while kissing you.

6. A deep connection

If your man looks into your eyes and touches your face, it signals a deep connection between the two of you. This is something beyond casual interest. It shows that you are special to him and that he has feelings on a deeper level for you.

7. He’s a face toucher

We all have our things. Some of us are huggers. Some people are face touchers. If he’s a face toucher, it means absolutely nothing. Pay attention to how he acts with other people to determine if this is why he touches your face. 

A man that only touches your face is trying to say something. A guy that touches everyone’s face for no apparent reason during conversation is more than likely just one of those people. Don’t put too much thought into it.

8. You have a beautiful face

you have a beautiful face

If you are often described as beautiful, it makes sense that some people will want to touch your face. It’s similar to visitors at a museum wanting to touch a beautiful piece of artwork. Or when you see a gorgeous diamond, you want to touch it. In this situation, it just so happens to be your face. 

I know that sounds a bit weird, so here’s an example. My hair used to be slightly below my waist. It was dyed a perfect platinum blonde. When it was curled, it was heavenly. 

However, every time I went somewhere, someone was touching me. People walking past me in the grocery store would randomly touch my hair. They just wanted to feel it. It can also happen with your face. Consider it a compliment because people think you’re beautiful.

9. He’s comfortable with you

A man can turn into a face toucher when he’s comfortable around you. It doesn’t mean that there is any attraction. Instead, it simply means that he feels like he can be himself around you. If you notice that he does this with other people too, it more than likely isn’t a signal that he’s looking for intimacy.

10. You’re his secret crush

When a guy has a crush on you, he touches you. You’ll notice that he touches your cheek or chin along with other body language that signal he has a crush on you. His body language will mirror yours. He might talk in a deeper voice around you, and you’ll definitely notice that he touches you more than he does anyone else. Other signals that he’s attracted to you include: 

  • Dilated pupils around you
  • Always facing his body towards you
  • Looking to see if you’re laughing at something he thinks is funny
  • Standing or sitting close to you, even if you’re in a group
  • Making eye contact
  • Appearing anxious when you’re talking to other men

Guys might not come right out and say that they have a crush on you, but you can always look at their body language for signs that they are dying to be your boyfriend.

11. To assert dominance

This is one of the least adorable reasons why a guy might touch your face. If a guy touches you to assert dominance, it could be over you or to show that they are the alpha male in the group. He might also tell you what to do, put his hands on things that clearly don’t belong to him, and he’ll talk in a deeper voice. His actions are dominant in nature, and he’s just using this gesture as a power play.

12. He’ll show other acts of dominance 

If you’re unsure whether he is using this gesture or another form of touch as a sign of dominance, watch for other important signs through his body language and how he acts. Dominant men will stand in dominant postures, such as with their hands on their hips. They are generally more focused on results than anything else, so expect them to be goal-oriented.

13. He wanted to know how you would react

If he has a mild interest in you and isn’t sure if you like him back, this could be one way that he is seeing if he has a chance. In this situation, he’ll probably watch you closely to see how you react. Men that are doing this will more than likely apologize as if it were an accident, too.

14. Reassurance

It’s common for a person to touch someone else’s face if they want to reassure them. They might also touch your knee, hand, or arm. When a man is only going to touch you as a method of reassurance, he won’t show other signs of attraction through body language.

15. He wants to be your boyfriend

A man that wants to be more than just friends will show you with several different body language moves. For example, maintaining eye contact, smiling more around you, and using open body language when they are with you are all ways that a guy shows he’s interested in you. If you do not notice those signs that he likes you, he might take things up a notch with a quick touch on your face. You can’t ignore that! Look for these signs that he wants to be a couple to make sure.

16. You touched his face

you touched his face

When men like women, they tend to mirror their body language. If the girl sits a specific way or has certain body language, the man will copy it. This could be why a guy touches you, and it could explain why he felt the need to touch your face. If you touch his face, and he does it back, he’s mirroring your body language.

17. He’s thinking about kissing you

We associate the lips with attraction, kissing, and sex. If he strokes your lips, he’s trying to initiate a kiss. A man might try to play this off as wiping something off your face for you, but he’ll make sure that he takes his time so that the idea to kiss him will occur to you.

Most of the time, a guy will do this when he doesn’t want to make the first move. That doesn’t mean that he doesn’t like you, though. Instead, it probably means that he’s nervous. If a guy isn’t sure whether you like them back, they might be scared of rejection.

Sometimes, they’re just so into you that the thought of kissing you makes them nervous. It’s hard to make the first move when your stomach is full of butterflies.

18. He’s being serious

This isn’t as common as a guy touching your face because he’s showing an interest in you, but it is one of the reasons. I had a boyfriend that would do this when we were discussing something. It was more than likely one of two things. He may have been trying to show dominance, but he did not exhibit any other signs of that through his body language. This could have been because he wanted to make sure that I was paying attention. (I have horrible ADHD.) 

If you’re not comfortable having serious conversations, he might instantly do this when he’s being serious as a way to comfort you. It’s his way of having the conversation that he feels the two of you should have while simultaneously making sure that you’re okay.

19. Your chubby cheeks are cute

This is one way of flirting, but it’s also a way of saying that you’re cute. If you have chubby cheeks that he thinks are adorable, he won’t be able to help but touch them. He might pinch them too. When a man thinks your chubby cheeks are too cute not to touch, you can always trust that he’s flirting with you. Flirt back with boys that you like by giving them a quick giggle and playfully pushing their hands away.

20. You actually have something on your face

While most guys will play off flirting by saying you’ve got something on your face, you might actually have something on your face. He could be trying to save you some embarrassment. If he’s not being flirty, he won’t make sure that he touches you softly or try to explain it away awkwardly. Instead, he’ll be blunt and even tell you to hold still without using that adorable, soft-toned voice.

21. He cherishes you

Sometimes, when a guy holds your face in his hands, it’s a sign of just how much you mean to him. He holds your face softly in his hands because he cherishes you. Deep down, he thinks you are absolutely perfect. 

A guy that is doing this because you mean the world to him is already madly in love with you. You’ll be able to see it by the way he holds your face and looks into your eyes at the same time.

22. It could be the moment

If it’s not you that he cherishes, it could be the moment. Sometimes, a guy gets caught up in the romance of the moment just like a girl does. He could be feeling romantic. Nothing makes a kiss more romantic than him holding your face in his hands, making eye contact, and slowly kissing you.

23. Pay attention to what else he touches

When a guy playfully touches your cheek, he’s more than likely looking for a reaction. However, if you’re not sure whether he likes you, start paying attention to anything else he touches. Does he casually touch your leg when you sit next to him? What about touching your arm during a conversation? The more a man touches you, the more he likes you. 

This can also tell you exactly what he wants. When a guy touches your leg more often than anything else, it’s a strong indicator that he’s more interested in having sex than in a solid relationship. The leg is the closest he can get to your private part. In his mind, he’s slowly working towards that goal.

24. No one knows why strangers do it

no one knows why strangers do it

If you’ve ever had a stranger randomly touch your face, you know it can be weird. It usually catches you off guard. It could be because they think that you’re beautiful. Maybe they’re attracted to you. The thing is unless you boldly ask the person why they touched your face, you’ll never know what gave them the idea to do it because they don’t always apologize or tell you why. 

A girl that finds herself in this situation needs to just move on. It could have been because of several different things. Maybe he thought your skin looked soft and just couldn’t help it, but was too embarrassed to stick around and say that. If you’re never going to see him again, it doesn’t really matter why.

25. You’re his best friend

A guy that views you as his best friend might touch your hands, arms, and face. He’ll make eye contact too. This isn’t always because he is romantically interested in you, though. If the two of you have known each other for years, and are best friends, it’s his way of showing that he cares about you. His body language shows that he’s interested in what you’re saying. 

This is another time that you’ll need to take a close look at the relationship. If you put him in the friend zone but knew that he liked you, he probably still likes you. Most of the ones that we put in that friend zone spend at least half of their time there trying to get out of it. Touching you is a subtle way of seeing if you like them back yet.

26. He doesn’t know where to put his hands when you kiss

If a guy holds your face in his hands while the two of you are locking lips, we think it’s sweet. We also put a lot of thought into what that body language means. However, it could be that he just doesn’t know what to do with his hands when the two of you are kissing. Guys that are on the inexperienced side do a lot of things because they don’t know what else to do. If he seems to put his hands in different positions a lot, he’s still figuring out just what to do with them.

27. Remember that comfort body language can be mistaken as a sign he’s into you

When people are comfortable with one another, they display certain body language. Unfortunately, this can be similar to the body language you see when a guy likes you. For example, he’ll move his body towards yours. Touch is common. It’s also common for him to listen intently to what you’re saying if he feels comfortable. Any one of these can also be a sign that he likes you. 

To tell the difference, watch how he acts when he’s doing other than talking to you. He’ll show the same relaxed body language when he’s watching television, for example. You’ll also want to look at the relationship the two of you have.

28. Look at the context of his body language

We put a lot of thought into body language. Paying attention to where his hands are can tell us how he feels. Pointed feet can be a sign of comfort as well as discomfort. However, you can never forget the context. For example, a person might cross their arms because they are cold, not because they are shutting you out. This is why it’s important to consider every sign in the interaction instead of zeroing in on one or two.

29. Listen to your gut

Analyzing body language or paying attention to where he touches are great ideas, but don’t forget to listen to yourself. Usually, your gut knows more about what is going on than your brain does at the time. If you think a guy is feeling you, he more than likely is. 

Your gut will also instantly give you a tingly feeling when someone touches you if there is mutual attraction. Neither one of you has to say a word to make this happen. It’s the chemistry between the two of you that causes that spark when you two touch.

30. What does his vibe feel like?

what does his vibe feel like

People tend to give off a certain vibe when they like you. Sometimes, this affects how we feel. When someone is reassuring us, it feels comforting. If a man likes us, we might feel happy or flirty. This is because of the way that their energy is affecting ours. If the attraction is really strong, you’ll be able to feel it from across the room.

31. Does he remember the details?

When a guy is interested in you, you’ll notice that he remembers things about you. For example, your favorite movie. He’ll make a mental note of things that you like to do. This is because he’s paying attention, and he is interested in you. He’ll need to know what you like to do because that will help him plan future dates. Test this out by mentioning something that you like, and then bringing up the topic later. If he remembers those details about you, he’ll happily point them out to you to show you that he’s interested in you.

32. If he’s interested, he’ll put more effort into his appearance

Men who like a girl instantly start to look better. Suddenly, their clothes are perfectly coordinated. He might start paying more attention to his hairstyle or wearing cologne. The more effort he puts forth, the more of a sign it is that he likes you. Once he catches your eye, expect him to touch you. If you notice this behavior, he’s casually getting a crumb off your cheek because he likes you.

33. Watch where his eyes are

Where a man looks can tell you what he’s thinking. If you notice that he touched your face, and he’s staring at your lips, that is a sign that he wants to kiss you. When he stares at your hands, he might be thinking about holding hands. Staring at your breasts indicates he wants to do a lot more than kiss you. That simple touch was opening the door for him to see if he can eventually get where he wants with you. Where his eyes are looking is where he wishes he was with you already.

35. What does he do with his hands?

What a guy does with his hands when you’re around says something. Dominant men will not appear nervous, and they’ll have open body language. If he really likes you, and it has left him feeling awkward, he’ll fidget more. He won’t know what to do with them. While him not being nervous isn’t a sign that he doesn’t like you, him being nervous usually is a sign that he is interested in you.

35. Some men flat out ignore girls they like

It’s the age-old, traditional game of cat and mouse. None of us like it, but most of us play it. It can make it even more confusing because he seems to be completely uninterested, but then randomly stroked your cheek “on accident.” It makes us think it was really an accident. Don’t let this confuse you. He’ll stop ignoring you in a little bit. They always do.

36. Consider the conversation

Context is always important. Think about what the two of you were talking about when he suddenly touched your face. If you were discussing something that upset you, he was more than likely reassuring you. Guys that blow it off as an accident are typically ones that like you. In other situations, always look at the context. This will give you clues as to why he did what he did.

37. Remember the relationship

While you are considering the context of things like the conversation don’t forget to look at the relationship itself. Are you guys best friends? Is touching normal in your relationship? Did you just meet him a few days ago? The depth of your relationship and the type of relationship that the two of you have can provide valuable insight into his behaviors. 


What does it mean when a guy touches your face while kissing?

If he caresses your face or holds your face in his hands while kissing you it shows that he likes you, cares about you, and more than likely wants to be more intimate with you. Having sex with you is more than likely an idea that is already in the back of his mind when he does this. 

What does it mean when a guy touches your private part?

He wants to have sex with you. There is simply no other explanation for this. I can guarantee you that no guy is going to “accidentally” touch your private part. He might also be doing this to see how you react. It tells him whether you feel the same way about him or not. 

What are the obvious signs that a guy likes you?

He’ll put more effort into his appearance. Men who like you will listen to you during conversations, and make mental notes about your likes and dislikes. He’ll touch you more, even if he claims that it’s an accident. You’ll notice that he’s always around, and when you’re in a group he stands closer to you. 

Where do guys put their hands while kissing a girl?

They put their hands on her face or stroke her hair. Some men will wrap them around her waist. If you wrap your arms around her, make sure to pull her closer while you’re kissing. Casually draping them around her shoulders is another option. 

Does a guy get turned on by kissing?

Yes, they do. The lips are one of the most sensitive areas for both guys and girls. This is because they are packed with nerve endings. The bottom lip in particular is very sensitive. That’s why sucking and biting on the bottom lip is so popular when people are in the mood. 

To Conclude

He might have touched your face to be reassuring or because the two of you are close. If that’s not it, you can usually trust that a guy likes you, even if he says he did it by accident. Why else do you think a guy would touch your face?

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