What Do Married Men Want From Affairs? (13 Possible Things)

Do you wonder, “What do married men want from affairs?” This article will have some great answers to that question so that you can better understand why men cheat. Do they feel that their current sex lives are just not cutting it? Do they have unfulfilled sexual needs or sexual desires? If so, why can’t they talk to their wives about it?

Many married women also cheat, and we don’t always understand why. Are their relationship problems going on? It seems like that is most likely the case in every extramarital relationship. Married people today are just not as focused on their committed relationship as they should be. Let’s explore extramarital affairs more closely to see what’s going on! Are you ready? 

Reasons Men Have Affairs (13 Possible Things They Want Out Of It)

1. They enjoy having someone to complain about their wives to

Often, with an affair, a guy has someone to complain to. They have someone on their side, someone who will listen to what they have to say, and someone who doesn’t judge them based on a million little things that have happened in the past!

If you think this is why your husband is having an affair, you should talk to him. Make him not want to have affairs with other women! Find out what his complaints are and listen carefully so that you can change whatever is bothering him! Work together to find solutions!

2. They want more sex

Lots of men just feel like they are not getting enough sex in their marriage, so that is why they seek sex in an affair. If you think this is the problem in your marriage, you should talk to your man. Try putting on lingerie and showing him that you are still a sexy woman who enjoys sexual intercourse! Don’t give him a reason to cheat!

3. They have an emotional void in their lives

Some guys just need someone to listen to them. They may just need someone to talk to and have found that an affair is a safe place to do that. That is usually not a true statement, though. Why would a woman in an affair be more trustworthy than someone else? Why would you share your innermost thoughts with a different partner?

I think many guys just want to express their feelings and emotions with a new person. Affairs seem like a safe choice, even though they are not. They are probably more dangerous, in fact. Think about it. If your affair partner decides they want more out of the relationship, they might tell your spouse what is going on to get revenge or something.

4. They seek comfort from another person

Some men are looking for someone to lean on and find that relationships outside of their marriage are great for that. However, they should look inside their marriage for comfort. If they don’t feel like their spouse is receptive, they may need to go to marriage counseling, where a third party can listen to both sides of the situation.

5. They just want to be with someone new

Often, guys are just sick of their wives. They want to cheat because they want to be around someone new. They think that a new person will have different ideas and opinions that they can listen to. They believe that this new person will be better in some way, even though in most cases another person will just have a new set of problems!

6. They love the excitement that comes from extramarital affairs

they love the excitement that comes from extramarital affairs

With a relationship outside of marriage comes a rush, a thrill, or even more drama. As crazy as it sounds, some people actually enjoy drama. They find it to be fulfilling because it means that there is more going on – something underneath the surface. Usually, excitement like this passes soon, and an affair is rarely rewarding!

7. They enjoy the quietness of an affair

With a sexual relationship outside of marriage, many men find that they do not have the responsibilities they have in their marriage. They also don’t have a nagging wife or someone who is constantly badgering them to do various chores or things around the house. This isn’t the best reason to cheat, but some guys find it to be a good one!

8. They have found someone to bond with

Guys find that with affairs, they have someone new to talk to. They might also find that they now have someone with who they have more things in common. If they make a new friend outside of their marriage, they are likely to feel excitement and happiness, even if it’s just temporary. No one is great 100% of the time!

9. They have discovered a new connection

Some men think that they have found their soulmate in a new relationship. Often, they believe that this new woman is better than their wife is, even if that isn’t true at all. They just want someone new to connect with. They may even believe that they have found a best friend – someone they can confide in with all their secrets. This isn’t usually true!

10. They find an escape from their spouse in an extramarital affair

Men often need an escape from real life, real responsibilities, and their real family. Taking the kids to soccer practice and changing diapers can get old really fast. Cleaning up poop and throwing up can get gross and tiresome. Many guys just want an escape from all of that and find that escape to come true in an affair.

11. They want more attention

A narcissistic man needs to be the center of attention all of the time. He wants to know that he is the center of your universe and no one else could ever take his place. He may believe that the world revolves around him, especially your world. Usually, women have a million other things on their minds, especially when they have children!

However, guys that need attention are selfish and want everything to go their way. They may think that everyone is talking about them because they are so cool, even if that is the farthest thing from the truth. In fact, the truth is the more conceited a guy is, the less appealing he becomes to his woman. She may want to find someone else, actually!

12. They have decided to have an affair for revenge

they have decided to have an affair for revenge

If a wife has cheated, even if it was just an emotional affair, the man may be trying to get even with her and feel better about the events that happened in his marriage. In reality, an affair is unlikely to make a man feel better about what happened in his marriage. He’ll actually probably feel worse about what happened and what he just did. 

If you have cheated on your spouse, it might be a good idea to not mention it to him. What are the benefits of sharing this information with your spouse? He might want a divorce, but you will definitely cause him pain, and it may tear your family apart. It may even cause him to cheat on you with another woman. You should just forget it happened.

Although that is a tall order, you can always seek therapy to talk to someone else about what happened. If there are problems in your marriage that caused you to have an affair, you should just talk to your spouse about what you are feeling. Tell him what is bothering you and try to work it out together as a team would.

13. They seek further validation

Some men need to feel wanted. They want to know they are still desirable and sexy. New women can tell them things that their wives probably have just forgotten to say for a long time. The smarter choice would be for them to talk to their wives about what happened. Explain that they are no longer feeling wanted and talk it out. 

If you are a man feeling this way, you should discuss your concerns with your wife. Tell her that you no longer feel wanted and need some extra attention. Surely, she will understand and start trying to change her behavior so that the two of you can be happy. Often, communication is the key to a successful bond between two people!


What does a married man want from another woman?

Usually, married men want physical intimacy when seeking out third parties. They have crossed over to the dark side and decided to have sex with someone outside of their marriage. Their physical needs weren’t met by their wife, so they decided to try an affair.

How do affairs usually end?

According to Redbook, most men who have extramarital affairs have issues in their relationships or have problems with themselves. If they have self-esteem issues or anything like that, they are likely to have the same problems in their extramarital affair, so the relationship will end the same way.

How do you make a married man love you more?

Match his sexual desire. If he wants a greater amount of sex, meet his needs! In a marriage, it’s crucial that you understand the needs of your husband so that infidelity doesn’t become a problem in the relationship. Sexual activity plays a huge role in marriage!

Should a married man be alone with another woman?

If a husband is alone with another woman, he may start feeling desired in ways his wife doesn’t make him feel. An extramarital affair will cause hurt and pain in his marriage, so it may be best for him to stay around his wife rather than another woman.

How do you test a guy to see if he really loves you?

Testing a man to see if he is into you is not the greatest idea. If you encourage him to have an emotional relationship with someone else to see if he really loves you, infidelity could become a real problem in the relationship. There’s no reason to risk it!

In Conclusion

Why do you think men have extramarital affairs? Are you having issues of infidelity in your relationships? What causes affairs? Does a person need more intimacy in their marriage? I would have to say YES! We’d love to hear about infidelity in your relationships! Please comment and share!

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