What Do Guys Think When They See Their Crush: 43 Things Going Through His Head

Guys are amazing at hiding what they are thinking. Sometimes you’ll catch a smile when they see the face of their crush, but they might not be ready to show how they are feeling when it comes to someone that isn’t their girlfriend. Men can have a poker face so good that you’ll have no idea what is running through their minds. 


Thoughts A Man Thinks When He Sees His Crush

Sometimes, they stare so intently it’s hard not to wonder what is going through a guy’s mind when he locks eyes with his crush. If he has a crush on you, you’re probably dying to know what’s going through his mind. This comprehensive list will finally help you put your mind to rest. He’s thinking at least one of these things.

1. Does she like me?

Boys might have a hard time making the first move when they have a crush on someone. Instead, they’re more likely to hang back for a little bit to see if you like them back. 

Girls that like a guy shouldn’t shy away from eye contact. This gives him the signal that it’s okay to come to talk to you. If you’re not sure if this is why he’s staring at you, pay attention to other signs that a guy likes you. These are some common things a guy will do when he’s feeling you: 

  • He’ll keep the conversation going
  • A man that likes you will find reasons to be around
  • He’ll also find reasons to touch you, even if he says it’s an accident
  • Expect some compliments
  • It might take some time but he will initiate contact
  • He hangs around you a lot more
  • He will find a reason to be right next to you, even if he’s just standing by you

These are just a few of the signs that he likes you. A man that has a crush on you will act differently towards you than he does other people, so you’ll want to pay attention to see if that is happening.

2. He’s envisioning holding hands or kissing

When he stares at his crush and seems like he’s in a daze, he’s more than likely staring through her. Instead of enjoying her beauty, he’s lost in a daydream about the two of them. This could be something sweet, like holding hands or going on a date. It might be something a bit more sexual, too.

3. She’s so beautiful

While we might be full of insecurities about ourselves at times, men don’t seem to see them the same way we do. In fact, when a man has a crush, he’ll focus on all of the wonderful things about her, like how gorgeous she is.

4. Should I smile or wave?

Once he starts to initiate contact, or makes eye contact, he might keep staring because he’s frozen. Guys don’t always know how to approach their crushes. 

Guys that are frozen tend to freeze everything. They are like a deer caught in the headlights. Watch for other movements. You won’t see any. You could even notice that it looks like he’s barely breathing.

5. What do I say to her?

If he figures out how to walk over to you, he might not have gotten to the part of what to say yet. Initiating conversation can be a struggle for a lot of us, but particularly for a person approaching their crush. Give him a quick smile and some time. He’ll figure it out. 

If that doesn’t sound appealing, consider being the one to make the first move. Some men don’t appreciate this. Others love it because it takes the pressure off of them. They don’t have to figure out how you feel, whether you like them or come up with the perfect thing to say.

6. You have the prettiest eyes

Guys tend to fixate on things they like about their crushes. If you’re known for having gorgeous eyes, he’s probably thinking about them.

7. Is she looking at me?

He could seriously be wondering if you’re looking back at him, or if you’re looking at someone else. Sometimes, guys are pretty clueless.

8. Does she have a boyfriend?

When a boy doesn’t know his crush very well, he won’t want to take a chance of getting rejected because of her boyfriend. Even worse, he might not want to take a chance on the drama that can follow you telling your man that he hit on you. Instead, he could just passively wonder until he knows whether you’re in love with someone else or not.

9. Am I going to throw up?

Have you ever felt butterflies in your stomach so intense that you literally felt sick to your stomach? That feeling does not just happen to girls. He could be wondering if he should turn around and run into the bathroom or risk hurling all over the floor in front of you.

10. Do I have anything in my teeth?

do I have anything in my teeth

When a guy is mentally preparing for a face-to-face conversation, he’ll be a little self-conscious. He might run his tongue over his teeth to make sure that he doesn’t accidentally embarrass himself. Other signs that he is feeling self-conscious or nervous include: 

  • Fidgeting
  • He avoids meeting your gaze
  • Looking at the ground
  • Blushing
  • Nervousness triggers some guys to laugh more (and he thinks you’re hilarious suddenly)
  • He’s really agreeable

He’ll look you in the eye when talking to you, but he might still show some of these signs of being nervous. If that’s the case, he’s bound to be full of thoughts like this. When guys are nervous, be extra nice to them. Once he starts to feel comfortable around you, you’ll get to know the real him as he opens up.

11. Is she relationship material?

It’s a lot better to imagine that he’s thinking about how gorgeous we are or that he’s fantasizing about holding our hand, but that’s not always the case. Some men are looking for a long-term relationship, so they’re bound to wonder if a girl they have a crush on is ready for that. 

The thing is, every person has an idea of what they want in a relationship. That idea is different for each person, too. What one person might be looking for, another one might be opposed to. There is not really a formula to tell you what he’s looking for in a girl until he tells you.

12. She would be the perfect girlfriend

Other times, a guy will skip all logical thought. Instead of wondering whether you are on the same page as him, he instantly skips forward to imagine how the two of you would be the perfect couple. He’s already in relationship mode. 

This sounds adorable, but guys that are already head over heels for you are usually the ones that also want to jump into a relationship. Don’t forget that there’s nothing wrong with taking it slow.

13. Is that other guy her boyfriend?

He will instantly wonder if you’re in a relationship with a boy as soon as he sees the two of you talking. He might watch the two of you for a moment in an attempt to figure out whether you’re in a relationship without having to ask you.

14. What should I say when I text her?

If he’s already gotten your number and is still staring hard, it’s because he’s trying to figure out what to say next. There are extremely confident men that would like to talk to you face to face, and then there are those that would much rather text you. Guys that are texters are wondering what they should say to you.

15. He’s overanalyzing something you said

When you say something confusing, he’s going to stop to think about it for a while. He doesn’t want to look dumb by asking you something, but he doesn’t want to be confused either. It’s a careful balancing act that often results in men staring.

16. How does she always look so perfect?

Guys appreciate it when a woman looks put together. If he always sees you with your hair and nails done while wearing an amazing outfit, he’s bound to wonder how you pull it off while other girls are wearing sweatpants.

17. Can I glance without being caught?

You’re his crush, so of course, he wants to look at you. He’ll want to appreciate how beautiful you are. If you don’t know that he has a crush on you, he’ll be wondering if he can sneak a look here and there without being caught by you.

18. Should I make eye contact?

Men that are confident will love looking into your eyes. At the same time, they don’t want to make their crushes feel uncomfortable. Shy guys think about it before gazing into a crush's eyes too.

19. Calm down…

A guy might be pretty good at playing it cool. That makes us girls think that we’re the only ones on a roller coaster of emotions when we’re in love. Guys go through the same thing though! They get nervous, anxious, overly excited, etc.

20. Is she feeling me?

is she feeling me

Guys think about whether a girl likes them or not. This could be them overanalyzing your every move. It could also be the simple thought of him wondering whether you like him for a moment. When he is thinking this, and you want to let him know that you like him back, do some of these moves: 

  • “Accidentally” touch him
  • Smile at him
  • Look him in the eye
  • Have longer conversations
  • Invite him out to show you want to spend time with him
  • Text him (long gone are the days when women were waiting for a text first)
  • Laugh at his jokes

These are just a few ways that you can show him you’re interested in him too. It’ll put those nervous musings about how you feel to rest.

21. I hate this…

Having a crush can turn a guy into a pile of mush. Guys might feel vulnerable and weak. Some days, they are bound to love having a crush on a girl. Other days, they are going to hate what it does to them. They don’t like having those butterflies in their stomach.

22. This is embarrassing…

Some guys hate having crushes. Other guys are just flat-out embarrassed by them. They know that they get a goofy smile on their face. It’s horrible not being able to control their every move and thought. So, the main thought instantly becomes how embarrassing it is to even have a crush. If your friend is feeling embarrassed about you being his crush, he’ll show some of these common signs of embarrassment: 

  • Touching their forehead and then blocking their eyes
  • Red, flushed cheeks
  • Nervous laughter
  • Fidgeting
  • Sweating
  • Stuttering
  • Looking down at the ground

All of these are common signs that someone is feeling embarrassed. We can’t always help who we have a crush on. If you’re in his friend group or people start making fun of him for staring, he’ll probably start to feel a little embarrassed.

23. Her skin looks so soft…

When one person has a crush on another person, they want to touch them. This happens with both guys and girls. If he has that weird urge to touch you, he’s going to be thinking about your skin and how silky soft it looks.

24. Our life would be so happy together

A man might not be thinking this right away, but he could be if he’s had his eye on you for a while. He’ll already know a little bit about you, and that can quickly lead to him feeling like the two of you would be perfect together. When guys think you’re relationship material, and wife material, they start to imagine what your life would be like together. It’s like they’re in love already!

25. She’s a dream come true

In the beginning, we all tend to idolize our crush a bit. We ignore those annoying habits that will drive us crazy later on down the road and think about all the great things we love about a guy. Guys tend to do the same thing. They don’t even notice our flaws right away when they have a crush.

26. We would make beautiful children

Guys tend to get a bad rep for playing the field and having a fear of commitment. That is not all men though. There are plenty of guys that would love to get married and have children. When guys think about their future, they also might start imagining what their children are going to look like.

27. I want to kiss her

Men that are full of desire and want to touch you usually want to kiss you first. If he just has a crush on you, he’s obviously not going to walk up to you and kiss you. A guy might sit and think about it for a while yet.

28. Would she like a person like me?

Guys are a certain type just like a girl is a certain type. It seems like we all fall into a category somewhere. He might be more into the outdoors and wonder if you would like him because you’re not someone that likes to go fishing.

29. What does she think of my career?

Guys have certain areas of life that give them immense pride. They will instantly wonder if you like those same things or are impressed by them. For some men, that might be their career. (It could also be his love for his car instead of his career.)

30. Have I ever slept with her friends?

have I ever slept with her friends

Just because a guy is ready to settle down now doesn’t mean that he was always like that. If a man has been around the block a few times, he’s going to want to make sure that he didn’t have a one-night stand with one of your friends. In particular, your best friend.

31. What’s she doing this weekend?

When guys have not had the chance to get to know you yet, they’re going to want to get to know you. Some will stand back to watch you for a bit first, though. Then, they’re going to start thinking about what your plans are so that they can figure out when would be a good time to see you.

32. What’s her type?

Most people have a type. Sometimes, a girl prefers a boyfriend that will take them to the symphony. Other times, a girl wants someone that will enjoy camping. Guys think about things like that before they make their move.

33. I love her…

It’s not logical, but nothing about those feelings of bliss when you have a crush is.

34. Did she see me? Does she think I’m weird?

When a guy does something around his crush, he’ll instantly wonder if you saw it too. It doesn’t matter whether it was something embarrassing, like when a person accidentally trips, or something like him staring at you. He’ll wonder if you saw it, and come up with a reason for his behavior. (He wasn’t looking at you, he was looking at something behind you.)

Typically, a man that is wondering if you think he is weird will show the same signs that a guy does when he’s embarrassed. If you like him, make sure that you let him know you don’t think he’s weird. 

Asking him if he’s okay makes sense, particularly if he just tripped and fell, but that is not a good idea. It brings attention to what just happened, and he wants to forget about it. 

Instead, give him a moment to recover from whatever embarrassed him. Then, shoot him a smile. Start a conversation. Anything to give him a little bit of comfort, and to show that you like him back.

35. What do I do with my hands?

It’s awkward to not know what to do with your hands. Should he put them in his pockets? Does it look bad if he puts them behind him? 

This is common with guys that are nervous. He might shift positions a lot because he doesn’t want to look nervous, which actually makes him appear more nervous. He could start to wring his hands or begin sweating, too. 

Men that are nervous can be comforted by striking up a conversation about something else. You don’t want to make him the center of attention because that can make him feel worse. Instead, talk about art, zodiac signs, or common interests.

36. Please stop blushing…

When guys have a crush on a girl, sometimes they instantly blush. A guy can feel his cheeks turning bright red, and they will instantly want that to go away. Girls think this is adorable, but guys think it is embarrassing.

37. Should I take a chance on ruining a good thing?

When you’re friends with a guy, he will start to wonder what will happen if it doesn’t work out. Guys think about the future more than we realize. He might start feeling like it’s not worth the risk, even if he has romantic feelings for you. 

Men that are thinking this are the guys that are already your friend. It will be obvious that he likes you. Men tend to exhibit certain body language when they are around a girl that they like. They can’t help it. For example, he will:

  • Stand in a dominant stance with his legs slightly spread
  • Stare at you
  • Smile without meaning to
  • Gravitate towards you
  • Have open body language

Guys don’t realize that they instantly do these things when they like a girl. If you notice these signs, but he hasn’t, and won’t, make a move, it’s more than likely because he appreciates your friendship too much. 

Men in this position will need some reassurance that you like them back before they will make a move. Consider having a bold conversation with him to let him know that you like him too. If that’s outside of your comfort zone, shoot him a few smiles and “accidentally” touch him to give him a hint.

38. Don’t sound desperate…

Sometimes, a guy will think he sounds super smooth only to come off as someone that would do anything for a date. The thing is, no one likes desperate. That’s why this is one of the more common things that guys think when they are about to talk to their crush.

39. Was she just flirting back with me?

They will analyze everything a girl does. If you smile a little bit at him, he’ll instantly think it’s because you’re showing some interest. When you wind up gazing into each other’s eyes, he’ll try to decipher exactly what that means.

40. Should I try to touch her?

should I try to touch her

We instantly want to touch things we like. As people walk through an art museum, it’s difficult not to touch the things that they find beautiful. When a guy thinks you're as beautiful as a work of art, he’ll think about touching you. 

This is also something that a guy will do when he is trying to determine if you like him back. He’s watching for your reaction. In most of these situations, he’ll do something that can be blamed on something else. 

For example, he’ll touch your face to get a crumb off of your chin. He might move your hair because obviously, the wind was blowing it in your face. He will “accidentally” brush his hand across your leg. These are all signs that he likes you, and wants to know if you like him back.

41. I want to know everything about her

Once you’ve got his attention, and have kept his attention, he’ll want to know even more about you. He’ll start thinking about you more, and watching what you do. 

If this guy hasn’t talked to you yet, expect him to make an effort soon. Guys that are too shy to approach a girl, in the beginning, might hang back a bit to study you. It’s pretty common for them to start going out with the group more if they’re a part of your group of friends. This is all in an effort to get to know you on a deeper level.

42. What’s her zodiac sign?

Some men will think this when they have a crush on a girl, but some men won’t. It depends on how deeply he cares about astrology. You can tell a lot about a person based on their zodiac sign or their birth chart. However, some people believe that it’s fake. If he falls into the latter category, this isn’t going to go through his mind.

43. There are no rational thoughts. Sometimes, it’s just pure desire. 

I think we’ve all felt like this before. We simply can’t snuff out that instant chemistry. It causes a spark as soon as the two of you touch. You can’t keep your eyes off of each other. Everyone in the room can feel it. The chemistry is so strong between the two of you, thoughts don’t even form words. 

Desire is usually associated more with lust and sex than it is with love and relationships. Before you let him know that you like him back, you want to make sure that you’re on the same page. There’s nothing wrong with just wanting sex, but that’s assuming that both of you just want a nasty romp in between the sheets. 

If you want a relationship, make sure that he’s not just after one thing. 

When a man just wants to bang you, he’ll act like this: 

  • His eyes are focused on other body parts, like your chest and your butt
  • There’s no genuine effort to get to know you
  • He rarely responds to everyday messages
  • He mentions the first date, but it’s at his house
  • You don’t think he’s listening to you most of the time
  • Men that just want sex don’t remember what you’re saying
  • He is either vague or changes the subject if you mention relationships
  • The only compliments that you get are for your looks

Men that just want to sleep with you might still show body language that they like you, but they’re only after one thing. 

What To Do If You’re Wondering What Do Guys Think When They See Their Crush

It can be tempting to read through this list again and again, but you might wind up right where you are now: wondering what guys think when they see their crush. If you can’t seem to decipher his body language, you have other options. 

Ask Him What He’s Thinking

This can make things pretty awkward if the man is shy, but it can also offer some clarity. A guy that I used to like did this. A lot. Sometimes, it was pretty creepy. 

Finally, I just asked him. He was wondering if a friend of mine was my boyfriend and watching up, lost in thought, and trying to figure out if he had a chance with me. He was scared of rejection. The guy with a crush on you might just open up to you. 

Figure Out His Zodiac Sign

Certain signs of the zodiac are known for certain things. For example, Aries is known for staring. They do it in a way where you can’t figure out if they like you or are a homicidal stalker. According to the Aries guy, it’s sexy. You can’t seem to convince them otherwise. 

Other zodiac signs are known for other things. A guy with a particular sign might be staring at you because he’s taking his time studying you before approaching you. Other signs might be notoriously shy when it comes to relationships and women. Learning what sign he is can tell you a great deal about him, and what he’s thinking. 

Watch His Body Language

When you take the time to watch his body language, you can learn everything that is going through his mind. We subconsciously do certain things, so you can rest assured that the guy staring at you isn’t intentionally exhibiting open body language to show you that he’s interested in you. 

This isn’t just going to tell you whether he likes you or not. His body language also won’t instantly tell you the exact thought that is going through his mind. 

Instead, it’s going to tell you how he’s feeling. Men that are feeling scared often have closed body language. Dominant body language shows that he likes you, and he’s confident in himself. Nervous body language shows that he likes you, but he’s not likely to approach you first. 

Once you decipher what his body language is trying to tell you, you can usually determine what his thought process is like. 

Compare His Body Language To How He Acts Around Other People

This is an important part of reading his body language. For example, he could be insanely nervous because you’re unbelievably hot and he thinks you’re out of his league. He could also feel nervous because he has social anxiety. Body language itself doesn’t tell you the reason behind body language. 

Because of that, you’ll need to compare his body language with you to his body language with other people. If he acts nervously around large groups of people, he’s more than likely not nervous because you’re standing next to him. When a guy acts a certain way because he has a huge crush on you, you’ll notice that he acts differently around you than he does everyone else. 


What do guys imagine about their crush?

Guys imagine quite a few things about their crush. They could be thinking about sex, or they could be imagining them holding hands. Whatever he wants to do with a girl is what he will imagine doing with his crush. 

How do you tell if a guy secretly has feelings for you?

He’ll stare at you. When men are falling for a girl, they try to be around them more. They’ll talk to them, try to get to know them, and want to see them smile. He’ll have body language that is open because he’s open to a relationship with you. 

What do guys do when they have a crush on you?

It depends on the guy. More confident, experienced men usually approach a girl and talk to her. People that are a little shyer might seem socially awkward. They’ll feel nervous and probably stare at you from a distance. 

How do guys feel when they hug their crush?

They feel like they have a stomach full of butterflies. Some men will feel nervous. Others might feel happy. There’s nothing that can describe the feeling! Keep in mind that most men feel the same way that women do during those memorable hugs. 

Do guys look at their crushes on Instagram?

Yes! This is the closest they can get to staring at that beautiful face without being creepy or caught. If he has social media, he definitely checks out those pictures. He’ll also want to look at status updates on other accounts to see their likes and dislikes, etc. 

In Summary

Have you ever had a crush before? How did you feel when you saw them while you were out? Do you think guys feel the same way?

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