What Do Guys Think After You Sleep With Them? (29 Unbelievable Things)

What do guys think after you sleep with them? It’s an interesting question to ask yourself. I mean, are they thinking about what just happened, or are their brains completely shut down? It is hard to say because every guy is different.

If you are a curious person like me, you probably have asked yourself, “What do guys think after you sleep with them?” I mean, women have all sorts of thoughts floating through their heads. 

Does he feel something now that we have made love? Is this relationship about something more than just sex? Will he call me after this, or does he think I’m too easy?

Our minds are full of all these thoughts and questions, but we never stop to ask guys what’s on their minds after sex. I mean, that would be kind of an awkward conversation if you do not know the guy very well, right? 

In this article, we are going to explore the question, “What do guys think after you sleep with them?” This way, you will have a clear picture of what might be on their minds after sex.


What Do Guys Think After You Sleep With Them?

While there will always be men who love sex and fall in love with the girl they are sleeping with because the sex was so fantastic, there are those men who are just jerks. In this list, we will start by going over some of the things guys think about after having sex for the first time with a girl they like. These guys are awesome because they truly have a thing for the girls after sex.

However, we will end this list with the things that guys who are jerks would say to themselves. They may think unpleasant things but don’t assume that these awful thoughts are what is on the mind of the guy you are sleeping with. He may be Prince Charming, so give him the benefit of the doubt. Just remember that there are jerks out there who don’t care as much about you. 

No list would be complete without including the nasty thoughts that guys have after having sex, so I feel obligated to share those things with you. If the guy you are sleeping with doesn’t want a relationship and isn’t in love with you, he may be thinking one of those thoughts. However, it’s always best to look at the positive side of everything, so don’t make assumptions.

1. I’d like to do that again

Most men, unless the sex was just awful, want to have sex more than once. Most guys think that sex is awesome, and they want to do it as often as possible. They look forward to every sexual encounter they can have with the girl they have a thing for. They may even fall in love with her if the sex was phenomenal and mindblowing! 

2. I think I am in love with her

i think i am in love with her

Many guys feel love after having sex with a girl for the first time. Usually, this happens because you feel so close to someone when you make love with them. Think about the connection you share when you open yourself up during sex; it’s amazing, and it can really bring two people closer together in their relationship. 

3. I wonder what she is thinking right now

If you haven’t been dating your guy for very long, he may be thinking a lot of different thoughts. He may wonder what in the world you are thinking about now, but he could be too shy to actually ask you about it. Lots of men wonder what’s going on in the heads of women, especially if they are quiet (women tend to talk more after sex).

4. Wow! That was awesome

The majority of men think this after sex because, well, sex feels good and makes you happy (usually) because it releases endorphins, which make you feel happy. When you have a sexual experience, you may notice that the two of you have bonded more than you expected, especially after the first time you have sex with each other.

Often, this is because of the closeness that the two of you feel for one another. A sexual experience is where you share yourself with another person. Usually, guys are excited after sex because they feel like the experience was so awesome that they could not wait until the next time they get to do it with you. If you feel the same way, great!

If you and your guy have just begun a relationship and had sex for the first time, you may notice a new kind of connection. This is because your relationship has moved on to the next level. Sex is fun; it’s something that the two of you have shared with one another, and you’ll probably do it again if you both had a great time!

5. I’d like to make her my wife one day

Believe it or not, there are many men out there who feel such a great amount of closeness after sex that they are thinking about what it would be like to have you as their wife one day. He may be picturing what marriage with you would be like, how much fun the two of you could have together, and where your relationship is headed.

6. I hope she wants to do that again soon

If your guy enjoyed the experience you had, he would most certainly want to do it again. He may be thinking about what the next time will be like, wondering if it’ll be better than this time, or how he can improve his performance in the bedroom. If you gave him an awesome orgasm face when you had sex, he’d think things went pretty well.

7. I have absolutely nothing on my mind right now

I asked my man what he thinks about after sex, and he usually said nothing is on his mind. He may be thinking about what he needs to do next during the day or how his sexual performance was in comparison to other times. 

8. I hope that she enjoyed that as much as I did

Some guys do not know when a girl is faking an orgasm, so they wonder how good of a job they did during sex. He may be thinking that he really enjoyed what just happened and hopes that you did, too. He’s probably hoping you aren’t involved in other relationships where you are having sex with someone else. He wants you all to himself.

9. I wonder if she faked that orgasm

i wonder if she faked that orgasm

As mentioned, many men do wonder if the girl is faking an orgasm. Some guys do not care one way or another; they just want to know you had a good time. Other guys find it to be a high priority that you get as much pleasure out of the act of sex as they did. If you moan and move your body a certain way, a guy may not be able to tell if you liked it.

10. I’d like to have a real relationship with this girl

Sometimes, guys know that in relationships, you must have great sex to make them work. They had a really fun time having sex with you, and know that the relationship has the potential to work, so they want to have a real relationship with you. If you have enjoyed it as much as they have, you should give the guy a chance!

11. Does she expect me to leave right now

Since some women want to be left alone after sex, men often don’t know what to do. It’s almost like an awkward moment after sex because the thought of what to do next is on your mind. He may wonder if he needs to leave the bedroom and give you your space or if you want to cuddle and have him spend the night with you.

12. I can’t wait to brag about this to my buddies

Many guys get excited after having sex with a girl for the first time because they were chasing the hot girl for a long time. He may be thinking about how much fun he had and how fun it will be to tell his friends that he finally nailed the girl of his dreams. It’s not the most romantic thought, but at least you know he thinks you are a hottie.

13. I wish that could have lasted longer

A guy could be thinking that the sexual act didn’t last long enough. He may have enjoyed himself so much that he wished it could have lasted hours. Unfortunately, the male body just doesn’t always do what they wish it would. They get off too fast, ending the lovemaking too soon. So, there’s a good chance that he wants round two soon!

14. I hope she isn’t seeing other guys

Since sex brings closeness to two people, it’s easy for guys to feel a bond with you. He may be wondering who else you are seeing and if you are having sex with other men. If you think this is what he’s thinking, you should reassure him, letting him know that he is the only one for you. 

15. I should have asked her about birth control before we had sex

Yikes! Hopefully, he isn’t thinking this, but it’s possible that he’s wondering if you are on the pill. He may be thinking that you made a big mistake by not using a condom. It’s always best to use adequate protection when having sex with someone, especially if you do not know them very well. You’ll want to use protection against STDs and pregnancy.

16. I wish we hadn’t rushed things

Some guys think having sex this soon is a mistake. They would have rather let the relationship bloom more before introducing that component into the relationship. 

17. Did I give her a chance to orgasm, or was I too fast

Many men question their performance during sex. They wonder if they were inadequate or if they were able to please you. Your guy may wonder if he was the best sex you have ever had or perhaps the worst!

18. I wish I could remember this girl’s name

It is true that many men are not the bests at recalling a girl’s name even after having sex with her. It’s unfortunate, and those guys are kind of jerks for not knowing it ahead of time, but it happens. He may decide to really like you and wish he’d paid closer attention when you talked or when you were introduced to him.

19. I wonder how soon I should call her now

i wonder how soon i should call her now

There are many men out there that just don’t know the dating rules. They don’t know when the best time to call you is. They don't want to appear too eager, but they also want you to know they are interested in you and would like to start a relationship with you. He may think that three days is the norm, but he isn’t sure he can wait that long.

If he’s excited about talking to you again, he may text you as soon as you or he leaves. He may text you something like, “I had a really awesome time! What did you think? Would you be interested in being exclusive? When can we get together again? I’d love for you to be my girlfriend!”

20. I really should get to know this girl

Some men really enjoy having sex with women and find the bond that they create with one another to be unbeatable. If he’s really into you, he may wonder if you are into him because he wants to get to know you better in any way possible. He may want to take you out on dates or court you in some other way.

21. I am so thirsty and hungry

Intercourse can be exhausting! He’s probably not the only one thinking this! Having intercourse is great exercise, but just like riding a bike a mile, you are very tired and sweaty afterward. Your man may be thinking about the fact that he wants to take a shower now and get all cleaned up after being so dirty. Some guys just think like that.

23. How soon can I turn on the TV without being rude

He won’t say this out loud, most likely, but it may be something he is thinking about. It’s best to read his body language to try to discover what he’s thinking about, or you could simply ask him.

24. I hope she doesn’t expect me to call her after this

Unfortunately, some men are just best at being jerks. They don’t want a relationship with you but would instead just like to move on. He may be concerned that you have become attached to him and think that you two could have something real when he doesn’t want anything at all serious.

25. I’ve had better sex than this

Yes, there are men out there that think this. They compare the sex they had with you with the intercourse they’ve had with other women. Don’t let this get to you if you think this is what he’s thinking. Just enjoy yourself and let him go.

26. I didn’t know she was that easy

Unfortunately, some men think women who have intercourse too soon are “easy.” If he is thinking this, you don’t need to worry about it. It’s already in the past; it happened, and it’s time to focus on the future. Think about what you have in store for your life next. 

27. Now that we’ve had sex, there’s no need to see her again

Men do have a tendency to think, “That is just another notch in my belt.” He just wanted to sleep with you so that he could say he’s been with another woman. If you think that’s the case with this guy, just let it go. It happened, and he’s just a jerk who will probably never pursue you after this. Just forget about him.

28. I should leave right now

i should leave right now

Many guys just want to leave after sleeping with a woman. They believe they have done their part and they’re ready to go home and sleep in their own bed. Men find it comforting to be in their own environment and just want to go to their home after intercourse. Not all men are this way, but there are some out there that are.

29. I hope she doesn’t have expectations now

He may be hoping you don’t want to cuddle now or have him spend the night. Many guys think that girls want to cuddle or soothe them after having slept together when really they just want their space. If they don’t seem to want to do stuff like this, you may have to either ask them if they could do it anyway to make you happy. 

30. I hope she doesn’t think I have feelings for her now

Unfortunately, women often think that having intercourse means that men love them. For many guys, this just isn’t the case. They do not have those kinds of emotions after intercourse. Instead, they just think, “What a fun time!” They think about the fun they are having instead of the emotions they are feeling.

How to Know What He Is Thinking After Sex

One thing you can do is simply ask him what he’s thinking. Some guys find this annoying, though, so you may have to read his body language. Talk it out with him if you are really curious, and you can discover what he was thinking while you were sleeping together. He may want to tell you everything. You really will never know unless you ask him about it.

Your man may feel a new kind of closeness with you now that you have had intercourse. If he’s fallen in love with you, he may want to talk about it. You could always let him know what you are thinking about, which may encourage him to talk about what he’s thinking. If you open up and share your emotions, he may want to reciprocate and do the same for you. 


Why do guys change after you sleep with them?

If you have slept with a guy for the first time, he may feel like your relationship has reached a new level, which has made his viewpoint of your change. Maybe he feels more attached to you now that the two of you have slept together.

Do guys get feelings after hooking up?

It’s possible if your guy thinks that the two of you were meant to be together that he will feel like your relationship is even more special now. Some men want to be in a serious relationship after sleeping with a girl for the first time because it’s special.

How do you know if a guy thinks you're good in bed?

Usually, if a guy enjoyed having intercourse with you, he will let you know how wonderful he thought it was. Some guys find certain things to be turn-offs, though, and may not have had such a great time. In those cases, he may say nothing at all.

How do you know if a guy is catching feelings for you?

After you sleep together, many guys will want to have a relationship with you because they feel close to you. If he feels this way, he may tell you the truth about his thoughts and emotions for you. He’ll share what’s on his mind.

Why do men withdraw?

One reason men withdraw is that they are scared of rejection. The truth is they are worried they will be hurt by the way you respond to them. Another reason men withdraw is that they think things are going too well, and they worry they will ruin it all.

In Conclusion

So, now that you’ve heard my list, I’d like to know your experience. What do guys think after you sleep with them? What is your opinion? What do you think after you sleep with a guy? Please share your thoughts in the comments, and don’t forget to share this post!

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