What Do Guys Think About Stretch Marks? (19 Interesting Things)

Okay, so you have stretch marks. I agree that those uninvited guests can be a bother. If you are wishing they'll go away, I'll let you have the bad news before the good one. Stretch marks are almost permanent unless they fade away partially. The good news is, that they are not harmful and you are not the only one who has them. 

Mothers have them. Many single ladies of different sizes have them and guess what? Men are not exempted. So, trust me when I say it’s really no big deal. I totally understand that the issue is about how you feel about your own body rather than the statistics of those that have it. 

However, I'll let you in on an open secret. Many guys find stretch marks appealing. Yes, you read that right. Stretch marks are a turn-on for many guys. Maybe not all the guys but the truth is, It doesn't even bother some of them. They don't care if it's on your hips, butts, thighs, or anywhere else. 

So, if you are worried about how men feel when you want to get down, you might need to take a seat for this one. Here are 19 things guys think about stretch marks.

19 Things Guys Think About Stretch Marks

1. Guys classify stretch marks into small/cute ones and excessive/non-cute ones

Let's face it, all stretch marks are not the same. It's okay to accept yours the way they are or seek help to remove them if they bother you too much. 

However, the truth is, that some stretch marks are pretty light/moderate, while others are excessive and all over the place. If it's about choice, most guys prefer the former, while others may prefer the latter or just don't care about it at all.

2. Guys think Stretch marks are cute accessories

Have you ever heard of colloquial terms, like butt waves, tiger stripes, and lightning stripes? That's how some men tag stretch marks. Trust me, many guys find it pretty cool and they call it a natural body accessory. Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean all guys fancy stretch marks. 

However, you’d be surprised about the number of guys that particularly love the presence of that wavy look of stretch marks on their girlfriend’s butt or thighs.

3. Many guys think it's a sign of being natural

When guys look out for attractiveness in a lady, you might want to understand that they are not looking to check the “stretch mark absent” box. They first see your eye color, smiles, the way your hair moves against the wind, how cute and funny you look when you've got sauce around your mouth, etc. All that is natural. 

Try to forget what Hollywood portrays on the screen for a second or two. Television and social media have almost caused us to forget how amazing nature is. Isn't it ironic that the menfolk are the ones reminding us that a little hint of nature on our female bodies isn't so bad? In fact, this little hint of nature can be cool, sexy, and attractive.

4. Guys think stretch marks are an imperfect perfection

I know that the views of women about stretch marks are almost always totally different from the views of men who like it on our bodies. For many women, even those that have come to accept the natural marks, it's still an unwanted guest they wouldn't mind wishing away if possible. 

So, how come some men see such an imperfection differently? Before you get it twisted, cool your jets. It's not like guys that fancy or don't mind a couple of stretch marks on the girlfriend's body can't see it or have a weird sense of what beautiful means. It's just that these natural marks represent many things to different men. 

For some, it's a sign of being tough, i.e., being able to adjust to all the pressure thrown at the body without breaking. For other guys, it's a sign of not being fake. Physically, it might look like an imperfection on the skin, but it compliments, making it nature’s perfection in every sense of it.

5. Guys think stretch marks are beautiful signs of new life

guys think stretch marks are beautiful signs of new life

For men whose wives develop stretch marks during pregnancy or after delivery, they say it's a constant reminder of the beautiful newborn baby they have together. Anytime they look at their wives ‘ marks, they remember what great stress their wives went through. 

For example, being a bit overweight, the many sleepless nights, and the beautiful person she has transformed into. The scars are a symbol of newness and continuity of life together.

6. Guys have stretch marks too and they don't think it's a flaw in their body

Many guys (like their female counterparts) also have stretch marks from unexpected weight gain. Other guys get theirs from body-building and the use of oral/topical steroids. For the former and the latter, it's a sign of how far they've come in the journey of life. It is also a symbol of their body development goals respectively. 

They don't see it as a flaw or imperfection, so why should you? Unlike women who may not want to flaunt their bikini bodies during summer due to insecurity issues and feeling unattractive, men do it without any care if anyone notices.

7. For some guys, stretch marks are like every other scar, they don’t care about it

Scars are the residual evidence you survived an injury, accident, or other traumatic events. It's right there on your body, It doesn't make you less beautiful. What's more, a scar doesn't have any direct impact on a person's character or what’s on the inside. So, scars are like stretch marks to most guys. Though if you lost weight, they could fade a bit. 

They don't even care if you have them. It doesn't matter where they are: on your breast, butt, arm, hips, etc. It doesn't matter, it's infinitesimal. Besides, unlike scars from injury, which could be virtually anywhere on the body, stretch marks are mostly around areas you cover with clothes. 

They are never on the face (I’ve never seen one). So don’t let it bug you. You don’t want to become the worst critic of yourself over something others barely notice or care about.

8. Some guys think stretch marks are normal

From the moment you step into the world, the world starts to throw everything at you. So, we are all technically flawed, one way or another. Stretch marks or not, nobody is 10/10, whether on the inside or the outside. Some guys believe stretch marks are one of the things we naturally go through while we are still alive. Just as natural and normal as a monthly period is, so are stretch marks

I'll leave this point with a quote. “Unless it's plastic surgeon-engineered, real breasts aren't the same, real skins have freckles, real butts can have cellulite, so it's okay to have nature’s given stretch marks. Only real women have them anyway.

9. Many guys think of stretch marks as a feature love gave birth to

Before you go on thinking your husband or partner may not find you attractive or notice you as he used to because you now have stretch marks, cool your jets. I perfectly understand those marks were not there before. So, yeah, it's possible to stretch marks might represent turn-offs for some men. 

But trust me when I tell you some men even love their spouse more after developing them. Let's face it, after many episodes of love-making, fights, make-ups, and birthing, then came the marks. It's a product of love. You should see it that way too instead of trying so hard to get rid of it.

10. Guys say the emergence of stretch marks is just a change: life is full of changes

guys say the emergence of stretch marks is just a change life is full of changes

Change can sometimes be scary, especially the ones that come with growth and aging. It can be a bit hard accepting we won't look pretty/young forever and the process of aging/dying will eventually catch up with us. 

While we can resist changes with surgeries and advanced medical procedures, we are all going to succumb eventually. I guess more men understand this fact more than women, or should I say more men accept this reality much more quickly. 

It’s no wonder why research reveals that women worry more about appearances, are less satisfied with their bodies, desire to lose more weight, and undergo surgery more than men. Similarly, it's the same reason why many guys don't care about body changes like the development of stretch marks. Why? It’s just one of those changes.

11. Guys say they just love plus-size women with stretch marks

Again, you may have to forget Hollywood's standards for a while. Some men love their women with a little bit of extra flesh and fat. That’s how some men are wired. They don’t like lean women, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise when such men confess they love stretch marks.

Though not all women on the large side have stretch marks, however, many do. Men that are used to dating plus-size women are mostly always used to stretch marks. So, yes, there are men who say they expect their women to have stretch marks.

12. It’s a natural tattoo

If you’re one of those ladies with ripple-like stretch marks on their butts or hips, trust me when I say you have one of the rarest gifts of nature. Many guys have confessed to loving stretch marks that look almost like body arts or tattoos. 

The surface of the body where the stretch marks are remains smooth when felt, yet there are visible, almost looking like perfect waves across the ocean.

I’ve heard some guys say it's one of the favorite things they want in a woman. They say it makes them go “crazy” when the waves on the butt or hips move during sex. This doesn't come as a surprise though. If you understand that men are visual creatures, you’d realize almost anything about the female body can excite, fascinate, or turn them on.

13. Guys say stretch makes their woman unique

You'll probably agree that in this modern age, television and the internet greatly influence almost everything. From the same dress style to hairdo, and even body type among women, uniformity in style is now more common than ever. Guys that desire some uniqueness in women seem not to like this one-way pop culture. 

That said, many men confess their wife/girlfriend’s stretch marks are what makes her unique to them. Think of it this way, like fingerprints are unique to you, it is almost impossible for another lady to have the exact stretch marks as yours. 

So when your man says he loves you for your stretch mark, you better believe he’s not just trying to make you feel comfortable in your own skin.

14. Young men think stretch marks are a turn-off

I mentioned earlier that not all men think stretch marks are appealing. This fact is common among the younger generation of men. They fantasize and prefer women that are perfect in every outward sense. For starters, this is because the pop culture on television and the internet is targeted at the younger generations. 

Secondly, relatively younger men have no experience, so it's not uncommon for them to find stretch marks a turnoff or unappealing. Don't get me wrong, I do not mean only very young men think this way, however, it's more common among them.

15. Men don’t look out for stretch marks

men dont look out for stretch marks

Women naturally love to appear perfect to themselves and others. So it’s not uncommon for women to pay attention to their flaws even in others. That's also why infinitesimal things like small acne or a few stretch marks can make women feel insecure or less than perfect. 

On the other hand, men don’t look out for things they don't like when they see you. They look at the things that excite or fascinate them. Many guys confess to focusing more on women's shape, hair, boobs, and eyes, and don't even notice things like stretch marks.

16. Some men care about how excessive your stretch marks are

Okay, while we've talked about guys that don't care at all about the presence or absence of stretch marks, some guys worry about it being excessive. I've heard many guys say stretch marks aren't among the list of things they try to notice once a woman is undressed in front of them. 

However, some men that engage in a lot of foreplay, say they'll notice if the stretch marks are excessive or too thick. What's more, it could be a turn-off for them.

17. If it comes down to a choice

There are billions of people on the planet. Everyone cannot have the same choice. Many guys specifically like plus-sized women that may almost naturally have stretch marks. Some will gladly choose women with tattoo-like stretch marks. The truth is most men may choose women that don't have any marks, to begin with.

18. Some men are just able to look past them

The truth is, some men would prefer that their wife or girlfriend's body is devoid of stretch marks. However, the love they feel simply makes it easy for them to ignore whether it's there or not.

19. Men think stretch marks won't be a deal-breaker

In case you are worried if any man would find you appealing with your stretch marks, the good thing is lots of men don't consider having stretch marks a deal-breaker. So it's alright if you want to embrace it. The guy that'll love you with your so-called imperfections will come your way.


Are stretch marks unattractive?

Stretch marks can be attractive. They can also be unattractive if they are too large and excessive. Sometimes, it depends on who is looking. Most women find their stretch marks unappealing. This is perfectly normal for women as research shows women naturally worry more about their physical appearance. On the other hand, men worry less. 

Do stretch marks matter to guys?

The answer is Yes and No. Some men love it. They find it a turn-on and specifically want their girlfriend or wife to have them on the hips, butt, etc. Others don't care and won't even notice it whether it's there or not during sexual intercourse. For some men., it's a huge turn-off.

Should I tell my boyfriend I have stretch marks?

It’s not a bad idea if you guys are having a session of ‘putting all the cards on the table’ before getting serious in the relationship. It can be a funny way of telling him something about yourself if you don’t have anything else to say. 

However, if you are feeling insecure, and hope to drop the bombshell first before he sees you naked will make things easier, it might not be the best idea. You may be sending a message that you are insecure and a needy person.

Do guys care if you have a belly?

If you are young and single, some guys may find having a large belly or tummy a turn-off. However, guys that are attracted to plus-size women naturally don't care if you have a big belly or not. Also, having a couple of kids can naturally come with weight gain, so mature men understand this and don't care about a little belly.

What type of body shape do guys like?

There's no straightforward answer to this question because guys have different preferences. Some guys prefer women with hourglass shapes. Others like their women short. Some prefer athletic/ muscular, while other guys don’t really care about shapes as long as the woman’s personality is great. 

To Summarize

While it may be comforting that your man finds stretch marks attractive and sexy because they add character, what matters is how you personally feel. If your stretch marks come from gaining weight, it’s understandable. 

It might not matter the statistics of women with stretch marks, or the number of guys that love or don't mind, if it bugs you so much, it's okay to seek medical intervention as there are medical procedures that can fade off stretch marks. 

I hope you liked the article? Feel free to drop a comment and don’t forget to share.

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