Tinder Lingo (11 Common Tinder Lingos You Should Know)

Do you belong to the school of thought that believes in love at first text? Perhaps, you’re more realistic and accept that it’s possible to find your soulmate on a dating app after multiple exchanging text messages and getting to know each other better? 

If yes, have you ever stumbled on a dating app before and wondered what the heck is going on here? Which dating apps have you tried and how easy was it to find the exact match you’re looking for?

Have your matches been made easier by your understanding of the dating terms on such apps? Or are you still a newbie avoiding catfishing while practicing kittenfishing yourself? 

Dating apps (like other digital and social media platforms) are fun to use. Yet addictive if you are not careful. Also, it is very easy to get swept away by the perceived glamour and falsehoods of strangers on the other side. 

While social apps such as Tinder presents each player with the simple choice to either say yes or no through the left and right swipe options, you can get blindsided by the wrong dating profile. You’ll then get overwhelmed with blocking the accounts later.

Getting to understand some basic words an average Tinder player uses will help you avoid ending up with a fluke or hooking up with someone not right for you. Below are some Tinder lingos and what they mean; knowing these dating terms will help you get better informed about what happens on Tinder.

11 Common Tinder Lingos You Should Know

1. Kittenfishing

It can be a bit difficult approaching someone you like or even love face to face and the dating process can also be a bit tedious when you get to see the person all the time. A dating site or app is like a safe haven for daters who are afraid to dive into a meaningful relationship in person. 

A dating site is a perfect place to practice fun dating without having to commit to a man or girl you have no active obligation to. However, dating sites are also the most common places to experience kittenfishing. 

Kittenfishing is the less cruel sister to catfishing and it simply means projecting an identity that is different from who you are in reality. You could blame kittenfishing on the multiple personalities syndrome but it doesn’t erase the fact that the player is misleading others by pretending to be someone else than what they are in real life. 

People kittenfish in an attempt to get good matches out of which they can pick the best match; so they put up wrong but attractive profile pics, tweak their dating profiles, and overall, embellish their Tinder account. To avoid being kittenfished, you might need to do background checks on any match you think you want to connect with.

2. Left Swipe

The left swipe culture is Tinder’s trademark meaning ‘rejection'. If you right swipe someone but you don’t match with them, it means they’ve left swiped you. This is one of the dating terms you could liken to a brushoff or outright rejection in real life. Once someone right swipes on your profile, it means they are not interested in knowing you at all.

Also, it is just about impossible to come across that same profile again because the man or woman relegated you to the bottom of the data abyss that is Tinder. The free plan of most of these sites doesn’t allow you to see those who swipe right or left on you but the premium plan does. 

Knowing who swiped left or right for you will help you streamline the people you want to match with within or outside the app.

3. Cuffing season

Consider the cuffing season as the ‘heat period' for animals when they are ready to mate with their, well, mates. The cuffing season is said to be the time of the year when people want to try out for relationships. 

Meaning you can compare this dating season, which is between autumn and winter, to the period of sports or movie audition tryouts where people try to find the perfect love match. 

Although this lingo started as a joke, it has become a part of the vocabulary and practice that people in the dating scene take seriously. Some people believe that it is the coming of winter that makes people grow the desire to ‘couple up' and tie the knots. 

Meaning, the cold season gives them the false sense that they can’t survive another winter as a single person. In reality, it could probably just mean an excuse for people to have exclusive partners they have can have sex with anytime they want.

When next you see this phrase or notice this trend, you’ll know and decide if you want to be caught in the heat of the moment or avoid the frenzy.

4. Thirst trap

thirst trap

The term thirst trap is an offspring of the selfie culture and it refers to a dater's ability to arouse the need for sex in you through a sexy selfie. This is one of the dating terms whose usage is not limited to the app but is used on other social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, or Facebook. The term was first widely used on Twitter before anywhere else.

If you’re caught or catch someone in a thirst-trap, you or they have become a sort of obsession. You can thirst-trap someone with a picture of your flat-board abs, sexy cleavage, or just your attractive face.

5. Delayed match

Like delayed acceptance in the regular offline courting scene, a delayed match means receiving a notification that lets you know someone has right-swiped on you many days after you first right-swiped on them. 

Girls are usually the ones who practiced delayed matches because they can. This practice is not that different from the chase and catch process of regular courtship. One reason it’s important to pay attention to delayed matches is to have an idea of the time when the guys or women who delayed the match with you are active.

6. Mutually assured attraction

Just like in a real-life situation, it is important to know if the person you’re hoping to date is suitable. The term ‘mutually assured attraction’ refers to your level of compatibility with whoever you’re matching with on the app. It also refers to the assurance you get when the person you right-swiped for has also done the same for you, thereby having the go-ahead to flirt with them. 

Compare it to a real-life scenario where you swap numbers with someone you want to date. There is an unspoken word giving both of you the green light to go to the next base, which could be knowing each other more or having sex.

7. Instant match

This is the opposite of the left-swipe feature and it means the other player swiped in your favor first. As such, immediately you swipe right, you automatically become matched with them. Compare this case to when the other person makes the first move and approaches you with an offer to connect with you.

If you swipe right but change your mind about matching with them, you can always use the block option and they’ll never find your profile again.

8. Calling card

Consider the calling card the first impression you make on someone you like. What picture does your outfit paint? What part of you draws the most attention at first sight? What idea do you intend to project or paint in the mind of your potential date?

Like in real life, you have to be careful about the picture you first put up on your Tinder profile. Do you want to appear like someone interested in a serious relationship or do you want to paint a picture of someone looking for casual sex only?

As such, your first picture determines if someone will swipe right to see other pictures you’ve put up or get to know you more.

9. Tagline

The tagline refers to the open-ended chat part of Tinder where you can talk about yourself. It is an important part of your profile because everyone trying to connect with you would pay attention to who you claim to be. It is located right below your pictures, so they’ll be looking at that area after they check out what you look like.

While it is important to paint yourself in a good light to better your chances of getting good matches, it is also good to be as truthful as possible; you wouldn’t want to be cat catfished or kittenfished either, right?

10. Tinder out

To Tinder, out is similar to getting lost in your Netflix ‘n' Chill moment or binge-watching HBO series, whilst forgetting you have a life to live outside of these entertainment options. 

When you Tinder Out, you forget other things in favor of swiping left, swiping right, swiping right then swiping left. You then repeat the motions until you’re satisfied with the matches you’ve made for the day.

Just like how you swipe up and down on Instagram looking at beautiful pictures and funny reels or scroll through Twitter for hilarious savage responses, you can also Tinder-Out and abandon other important things. 

This idea might seem ludicrous and you tell yourself you can’t do that on a dating site. But, if it wasn’t possible, they wouldn’t invent the term.

11. Tinder-king

A Tinder-king is the master player of the text-game but on Tinder. He or she knows the right word to use to get women or men to have sex. If he were a man, you could say he is the perfect example of a sincere ‘fuckboi’ who makes it clear from the beginning that all he’s after is a casual hookup.

If you find this slang on a person’s profile, they are a self-proclaimed fuckboi or its equivalent term for women hoping to hook up for casual sex only.

However, if you are the “I desire commitment before I drop my pants” type, you want to avoid this self-proclaimed king because he is adept at the game. You can’t be too sure you won’t fall flat on your face for his charms and increase his ego


What does GGG stand for on tinder?

GGG stands for ‘good in bed, giving of equal time and pleasure and game for anything. In short, it means good, giving, and game. If you’re GGG, you are open-minded and generous with your time and body.

What does NPR mean on tinder?

This acronym means, ‘No Prior Record’, stating that you don’t have any criminal records. This will boost your chances of matching with people looking for someone like you. 

What does SN stand for on tinder?

SN stands for ‘Swipe Night‘ and it refers to a feature where you get to go on a personal Tinder adventure. It’s like a game where you’re shown videos that you can either swipe right or left for. You get to see the option other people select. 

What is SC tinder?

SC is the acronym for Snapchat. When a player puts up SC on their Tinder bio, they are hoping to redirect you to Snapchat where they’re probably more active. This dating slang could also be used in regular conversations on other social media platforms. 

What is SWT in dating?

SWT is an acronym for ‘Single White Transgender’. This is usually put up on a profile to streamline and attract only the right matches. If a dater is not interested in a Single White Transgender, they could easily swipe left. If that is their preference, this bold declaration makes the search easier.


The dating game (especially on Tinder or any other app), is not for the naïve or clueless and so, you need to know the dating vocabulary to navigate through an app like Tinder.

Hope this post helped. If yes, do leave a comment below and share the article with someone else. 


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