43 Things That Turn Guys Off In Bed (What You Need to Know)

As a girl, it’s important to know the things that turn guys off in bed. You want to make sure you aren’t doing things that are major turn-offs, right? But, how can you know what a guy is thinking during sex? You may feel like you are doing everything right when really you have completely turned off the guy and just didn’t know it. So, what’s a girl to do??

You may be thinking you have a weird vagina or are just bad in the sack, but don’t know why. After all, you had pleasure during sex, so why hasn’t he wanted to have sex again? Did you scare him off somehow? How can you know what went wrong

It can all be overwhelming at times but don’t worry; we’ll cover it all in this article. We’ll look at some of the top turn-offs for guys in bed, so you will know if you need to change the way you are doing things. All will be revealed in this article, so buckle up and get ready for a great ride!


What Are Turn-offs for Guys In Bed?

1. She wears unsexy clothing

she wears unsexy clothing

Guys love it when girls wear lingerie to bed; guys get turned on, and you can increase their interest in you by the way you dress. Don’t wear a baggy nightgown or homely dress to bed. Think about what is sexy and try to dress that way. When you are doing the deed, you want your man to feel like he is your sole interest, so dress to impress!

2. She acts like a porn star

You may have watched some porn and know some moves that he doesn’t realize that you know, but really? You don’t have to act like a porn star to get his attention. He wants to be with you, a sexy fox who he isn’t afraid to introduce to his friends and family; don’t go overboard with the sexual moves you’ve seen in videos. 

If you are having sex with a man for the first time, you certainly shouldn’t act this way; he may get the wrong idea. Wait until you are in a relationship before you bust out the porn moves and make sure he’s on board. Don’t know how to tell if he’s into it or not? Ask! There are no rules against communicating your sexual interests with a man! Talk!

3. She has piercings in unexpected places

Guys get turned off by girls who go nuts with the piercings unless they, too, have many piercings and find that appealing, but you may want to talk about it before you have sex. If you are self-conscious about the piercings on your body or feel like he may not understand why you have them, talk about it! Mention what you have down there.

4. She is not clean

Men don’t want to have sex with a girl who doesn’t have good hygiene. Think about it; you are being intimate with one another and sharing your bodies; hygiene issues are a big deal! The last thing you want is to have a weird smell going on down there, especially if he has ventured down south to please you! Wash everything well!

It doesn’t hurt to add a little body spray, deodorant, baby powder, and perfume to your body. Think about what men love in bed – a girl that smells nice and yummy! They even make perfumes that have pheromones in them! Check it out on Amazon or something like that, and you may just find a secret weapon for the bedroom!

5. She isn’t passionate enough

If you aren’t into sex, why are you doing it? If you aren’t in the mood, tell your man that you don’t want to have sex right now! I’m sure he’d rather know how you really feel than to be having sex with someone who has no interest in the act of making love. Guys get majorly turned off by girls who just aren’t into what they are doing, so find your niche!

6. She plays dead

Your sexual partner probably expects you to participate. He doesn’t want you to just lay there, acting like you are a dead body, which is opposed to the touch of a man. Figure out how you can join in the fun, and I bet you’ll enjoy it much more than if you just let him do all the work. What turns you on? What turns him on? Find a way to connect with him!

7. She has hair everywhere

I think once upon a time, it was normal for girls to be hairy, but today, men want you to be clean and shaven. You should shave your legs and more, depending on where you have hair on your body. I know some guys don’t care that much about this, especially if they have been in a relationship with a girl for a long time, but many guys do. 

Don’t forget about the normal places that you may not usually think about – your stomach, face, and arms. Guys get annoyed when girls have poor hygiene, especially if they have gone to the trouble of looking hot for you. A lack of hair and a smooth surface makes the romance in the bedroom much easier and more fun. 

Plus, don’t you feel hotter when you’ve got everything clean and shaved the way you should? I bet you’ll be more turned on if you know you look your best when having sex. You don’t have to act like a porn star with your moves, but you can really get into it if you feel like Victoria’s Secret model with your lingerie and smooth body.

8. She doesn’t have a clue what to do

she doesn't have a clue what to do

If this is your first time having sex, you don’t really need to worry about this one. You can’t help it if you do not know what to do, but be sure you tell your guy that you are inexperienced. Request that he take the lead and help you out a little bit because you don’t know what to do. If you are honest, your man is much more likely to be turned on.

9. She doesn’t act sexy

Do you act sexy when you are in bed with your man? Do you act like it’s a weekly chore you are required to do to keep the relationship the way you want it to be? Get into the act of making love; show your man you want to be there with the way you participate in the act of making love! Let him know that he turns you on!

You’ll have much better success in bed if you let loose and enjoy yourself. How can you be even sexier than you are? Buy some sexy lingerie and look your best; that’s right; get your hair and makeup done, and don’t forget the little things like a manicure and pedicure. The chance of increasing your pleasure will increase with the hotter you look!

That’s because you’ll have a great deal of confidence in bed when you look your hottest. Let him know you love sex and appreciate him as a person by really fixing yourself up to make you look your best. Check out a sexy lingerie runway show and the moves the models make; adopt some of those when having sex. 

10. She doesn’t seem turned on at all

If you’re not into sex, your man will find that to be a major turn-off. He wants you to enjoy yourself. If you aren’t in the mood, tell your man you aren’t feeling it. He’d rather you be honest about sex than pretend you’re into something you have no interest in. 

If you never feel horny, you may want to see a doctor to see if something is affecting your hormones. Many women have things like this, so get help if you need it.

11. She smells

Smells are the worst when making love. Men really find it distasteful to have a woman who doesn’t take care of herself. If you have a smelly body, you should find out what’s going on. Do you need to see a doctor, or are you just not cleaning yourself well? If your man acts turned off by something, ask him what it is so that you can try to fix it.

12. She pretends to be into it

Guys get really turned off by girls who just pretend to be present when they are really a million miles away. Faking it is one of those major turn-offs that guys may not mention. They may not want to embarrass you if you are just pretending to be turned on, but they know. 

Don’t think that just because they didn’t say something, they do not know how you really feel about having sex with them. If you feel like, “I could take it or leave it,” learn how to fake it a lot better than what you are currently doing. 

13. She is selfish

I always liked the phrase, “It ain’t over ‘till you both get your cookies.” Too often, I’ve been in relationships where the guy thought the act of making love was over as soon as they got theirs. 

Don’t neglect him unless he’s really into that. There are guys who get a great deal of pleasure in seeing a woman climax. However, you shouldn’t assume your guy feels this way. 

14. She acts annoyed by everything

If you aren’t happy with the way things are going, make some changes! Don’t act irritated that he can’t read your mind! Instead, show him the moves you enjoy during sex or talk about what turns you on. Being that guys think about sex hundreds to thousands of times a day, they would probably welcome a conversation about your sex life.

15. She compares him to other guys

No guy wants you to talk about other guys in front of them, especially if you are not in an exclusive relationship. Your partner wants to know that you are only interested in him when you are making love. Men don’t want to be compared, and if you talk about other men in the bedroom, they are sure to get turned off pretty fast.

16. She gets distracted by her phone

Unless you are listening to music or something like that, you shouldn’t even have your phone on during sex. If you must, turn the volume down and don’t let your phone time get mixed in with your sex life. Guys want to know they are the only thing on your mind. Don’t take calls during sex, and definitely don’t text or get on social media!

17. She is very bossy during sex

While it’s true that some men like to be bossed around, in general, they hate this in the bedroom. During sex, you can lead a man in the right direction without being too bossy. Don’t overpower the sex talk with commands that are rude in tone; just move his hand in the direction that turns you on if you need to give him some idea of where to go next.

18. She is sarcastic

Imagine being in bed with a guy who talks “the talk,” but you can tell by his expression that he is not into it at all. You don’t want a guy rolling his eyes when he says, “Yeah, that really turns me on!” You would be able to easily tell that he isn’t into the experience. Don’t do that to a guy! Either be present and real or don’t do it at all. 

19. She makes him do all the work

she makes him do all the work

Sex is a two-way sport. You’ve got to pull your weight. Show your partner that you are just as vested in the experience as he is. This means putting his actions as a priority. What is he doing that you love? Show him you want him to feel good, too, by doing things in bed that makes him feel awesome! Don’t let this be a one-way street.

20. She has a bad attitude

There’s nothing worse than a girl who complains or gripes about every single thing that happens in bed. Show him your moves but keep your attitude in check. Make sure he is getting something positive out of the experience by smiling and trying to have a good time. This is one of those turn-offs for guys that you can prevent, so don’t complain!

21. She brings weird toys to the bedroom

Some guys are majorly turned on by toys, but there is a time and place for that. If you are going to bust out new moves or toys in bed that hasn’t been mentioned before, you may want to talk about it in advance. This way, he’ll know that you are upfront and honest with the types of things you want to do in bed.

22. She doesn’t control her pets

Go ahead and shut the door to keep the pets out. You don’t want your little fur baby to see what’s going on anyway, do you? If your pets are causing a damper on your sex life, find a new place for them to chill while you are making love. There’s no need for them to be a part of your sexual experience. Keep things private between you and your partner.

23. She says weird things

Learn the best things to say when making a guy get hot; don’t just randomly say things that have no place in your sex life. For example, if you think he has a mole that needs to be checked out by a doctor, just tell him later. Don’t bring it out when he’s trying to romance you. This is one of those turn-offs for guys that you can prevent!

24. She acts like she’s in a hurry

Rushing is a major turn-off for guys. While it’s true that you may have only sixty minutes on your lunch break, you don’t have to act like he is ruining your life, and better come really fast. That’s not going to help things at all. It will probably actually have the opposite effect that you were hoping for on your guy.

25. She seems to be bored

Maybe your partner isn’t the best lover you’ve ever had; he doesn’t need to know that! If you act annoyed or bored with the way things are going, it sure is a turn-off! If you aren’t into it, pretend to be. It’s better than purposefully acting bored with your guy. This is one of those turn-offs for guys that you can avoid by just trying to have a blast!

26. She isn’t into foreplay

Like girls, guys need a little foreplay to get in the mood. Give him a little taste of what’s to come. Don’t know what to do? Nibble on his ear a bit or scratch his back with your fingernails while you moan and make out. All of these things will contribute to a positive sexual experience for both you and your guy! It’s a major turn-on, too!

27. She doesn’t have confidence in herself

Know that you can do this and have every ability, and your confidence will radiate the room and atmosphere! Confidence is a major turn-on, so go for it! Be sure of yourself! A lack of confidence is one of those turn-offs for guys that they may not mention, but they feel it when you are unsure of yourself. Show your guy you love who you are!

28. She fakes an orgasm

Men can usually tell when a girl is faking it. If you don’t think it’s going to happen, just moan so that he has a good time but don’t pretend you are having an orgasm when you aren’t. Guys find this to be a major turn-off.

29. She says unflattering things about his body

she says unflattering things about his body

Maybe his toes are ugly, or his chest hair makes animal shapes; don’t talk about it during sex! Certain topics of conversation are major turn-offs for guys when having sex. You don’t want to cause a major turn-off just because you are curious about something on his body, something you could talk about later on if you need to.

30. She acts very clingy

Guys find this to be a major turn-off! Don’t confess your love during sex. Let him have his space; don’t talk about how you want him to spend every waking second with you while you are making love. Men find clingy acts to be major turn-offs during sex. This is one of those turn-offs for guys that may be hard to contain, but try really hard!

31. She doesn’t have manners

If you have gas or diarrhea, don’t have sex! Just let him know you aren’t in the mood. If you are crass and gross during sex, your guy will find this to be a major turn-off. Letting gas while making love is one of those major turn-offs for guys that totally ruins the mood. If you must, ask to use the restroom or just go to the bathroom right away!

32. She has a disgusting bed

You may fall asleep eating ice cream, but clean your bed up before having sex! You don’t want to roll over and land on a banana peel. There’s nothing more that would turn off a guy than a disgusting bed, so keep it sexy and clean. 

Put cute pillows on the bed to make it look like you make your bed every day and keep a clean home, even if you don’t.

33. She can’t get an orgasm

While it’s true that some women can’t climax the way others do, try your best. If you can’t do it, just be very enthusiastic while you are making love. Get into the experience and show him that you are present for him. Also, you may want to watch some videos or something like that to learn how other women get orgasms, and you never know!

34. She acts grossed out by sex

If the act of making love is really a turn-off, you probably shouldn’t be doing it. You want to be there for your man; I get it, but if you are disgusted by sex, you may want to talk to someone about that. A trained therapist could walk you through your experience and tastes and maybe give you some pointers on how to enjoy yourself more.

35. She is totally distracted

Women typically think a million thoughts at once, usually none of them relating to sex. However, when you are making love, try to block those distracting thoughts out of your mind and focus. Be there for your man! Nothing is more of a turn-off for guys than a girl who is only pretending to be there. Listen to what he says; pay attention to him.

36. She makes no contributions to the act of sex

Do your part to attract your guy. This is one of the big turn-offs for guys! They want you to participate in bed. Sex is a two-partner activity, and you should do something for him to turn him on, too. Don’t just allow him to do all the work. 

37. She doesn’t want to have fun

If you are treating sex like another agenda item on your planner or an appointment on your calendar, your guy will know, and this is one of those turn-offs for guys that they really hate. Men want to be with women who are fun and enjoy sex, so have a good time! It’s not meant to be torture by any means!

38. She says, “I love you,” too soon

I get it; your bodies are totally connected, and you feel like you are in love at the moment. However, don’t say something you might regret later on. This is a major turn-off, especially with guys who are in it only for a one-night stand. Don’t express your feelings for the first time when having sex. Wait to let him make the first move.

39. She is not into the male body

The female body is a beautiful piece of art; it’s understandable to feel this way, but men find it to be a major turn-off if you are grossed out by their body, even if you are. Just enjoy the parts of his body that you do find attractive and compliment him freely.

40. She makes strange expressions on her face

If you look confused or frightened, you are sure to get your guy’s attention. Men want to know what’s going on in your head, so they may ask you what’s happening. If you are confused about something, either ask him to talk it out later or just keep your feelings inside during lovemaking. 

41. She has too much light in her room

Feeling like they are on a television set is sometimes one of those major turn-offs for guys because there is too much light. They can see every wrinkle and hair on you and themselves, and no one wants to look that closely at themselves when making love. A guy wants to feel like he’s in a steamy romance novel, not a movie set. 

42. She isn’t very naughty or kinky

she isn't very naughty or kinky

It’s okay when you are first making love with someone to be a bit reserved, but over time, this can be one of those major turn-offs for guys because they want a little adventure with the girl they are with. Check out what’s new online or watch a video to learn something new to try when having sex the next time.

43. She complains during sex

You may not like the way things are with your man, but complaining is one of the biggest turn-offs for guys because they just don’t want to hear about it when in bed. This is one of those turn-offs for guys that you can prevent. Duct tape your mouth shut if you are a negative person because your guy deserves to have a positive sexual experience.


What are weird things that turn guys on?

Some guys just want you to show a great deal of interest in what you are doing; if you aren’t having a good time, don’t pretend to have pleasure. Guys can tell when you are faking interest. You might as well have a good time and show confidence.

What turns a man off during dating?

There are times when relationships are just hard to manage, right? You feel like your intimacy is unbeatable, but he doesn’t act that way. Many times, guys just don’t know how to communicate what they want, but it’s true that they need you to have confidence in your relationship.

Is being too available a turn-off?

Some men enjoy the chase, so not playing hard to get is a major turn-off. If you want to show him that you aren’t just sitting around, waiting on the phone to ring, get busy with life, and don’t devote so much time to the relationship that you are in.

Where do you touch a guy?

Sometimes, it’s good to tease the guy a little in bed. Maybe kiss his neck or give him a hickey; let your hands roam his body, and if he’s trying to please you in bed, return the favor and do the same with him. Scrape your fingernails on his back.

How do you tell if a guy is thinking about you sexually?

Usually, if a man is thinking about your sexual relationship, he will contact you and let you know. He may send you a dirty picture on your phone if you are on his mind; that’s his way of showing you that he wants to pleasure your body.

To Sum It All Up

How do you think guys get turned on? What big turn-offs do you think guys have that women should avoid? Do you think a lack of interest in sex makes guys get turned off? We’d love to hear from you on the subject! Leave a comment, and share this article!

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