Things Guys Do That Girls Love (71 Impressive Things)

If you are to ask guys “what do you love the most about your woman?”, you will probably get differing answers, yet relating to physical attributes and maybe one or two personality qualities. 

When the question flips to the other side and you ask “what are the things girls love you doing?”, guys become a little bit confused because they are never truly sure what makes girls go crazy and loyal to them.

As such, most men are still sometimes clueless when it comes to their babe and so, they still want to know the things guys do that girls love. This article includes 71 things that guys do that girls love but, the most amazing thing about some of these tips is that they are the little things that most guys consider unimportant. 

Most guys would rather go for extravagant gestures, thinking that is what a girl needs to be satisfied, then get disappointed when she doesn’t accept his gesture with the expected exuberant response.

Therefore, most guys like to agree that women are complicated beings but, with the right knowledge of what girls love, any man would find it easier to please his woman. So, get your boyfriend here to read this article to understand you better.


71 Impressive Things Guys Do That Women Love

1. Constantly reminding her of how much he loves her

Girls are emotional beings who love to be stimulated by sweet and sincere words. So, she will love it if you keep reminding her that you love her as often as possible. 

If your relationship has reached the state of exchanging love words, by all means, use the word love a lot in your conversations with her. When you shower her with such a reminder, she will easily return your love in words and actions too.

2. Letting her know how much you prioritize her

A relationship involves two people united in love but their unity doesn’t erase the fact that they have other things or people they focus on. As such, other relationships will also struggle for the attention of both parties.

However, if you can make your girl know that she matters a lot to you and you will put her first as much as possible, she will adore you in return.

3. Showing that he values her opinion

It takes two to tango and it takes two people to make a relationship work. One of the things guys do that girls love is when they take their girls' opinion to the heart or follow the advice she gives.

She cannot be right all the time but, a sensible girl will have worthy opinions to share most times. When you show that you love and value her opinion, she will support you more.

4. Giving her full attention

Most ladies love the attention a guy pays them more than the expensive things they buy them. When a lady needs you to focus on her, she wants you to do so without any distraction. At that moment she needs you, make her the center of attraction and this will please her.

If you do one of these things girls love that guys consider ‘little things', your girlfriend will be loyal to you beyond your expectations.

5. Listening to her

A girl knows the difference between when you are listening to her versus when you’re pretending to hear what she is saying. Boys will pretend to hear what she has to say while men will truly listen to what their girlfriend has to say.

If you can perfect the art of listening to your woman, you will not only avoid getting into trouble with her but, you will also have her heart in your palms.

6. Sending her messages or making a phone call for no reason

If there’s anything a girl in love likes, it is when her man dotes on her when she expects it and when she doesn’t. Calling her in the middle of work just to check on her or shooting a sweet message telling her she’s on your mind is a thoughtful gesture she will love.

Sending a funny message can be the exact thing she needs to lift her spirit on a bad day at work. 

7. Holding her hand in public

Some girls are more touchy-feely than others and so, they love it when you are in tune with how they are feeling. If your girl likes holding hands in public, let her hold your hand.

As long as you are proud to be her boyfriend and have nothing to hide, you should be okay with holding hands both in private and in public. 

When you do this, you assure her that she can be as expressive as she wants with you.

8. Allowing her to buy them things

The common myth is that guys should be the ones buying the best gifts and girls should be more on the receiving end. This wrong notion has created unhealthy precedence for many relationships. And so, when a girl buys something for her man, he feels surprised and thinks she wants something in return too.

However, a good girlfriend will desire to buy her boyfriend nice things and she will love it if he accepts this gesture as the norm in the relationship. 

9. Calling her beautiful in the morning

This might sound cliché but it is what it is! A girl wants to hear the words, “you are beautiful” even if she looks like she fought with a cat in her dreams and her hair looks like a bed nest.

All the same, kiss her sweetly, look at her like she means the whole world to you, and inform her just how breathtaking she is and she will worship the ground you walk beneath your feet. 

10. Giving her unsolicited massages

giving her unsolicited messages

After a long day at work (or shopping), a girl needs to be pampered and massaged from head to toe, especially if she has no Jacuzzi or jet bath to turn to.

By offering to give her a rub down you’re saying, “I love you and want you to be comfortable all the time”. There’s hardly any lady who wouldn’t appreciate and love a guy willing to loosen the knots in her muscle and induce a night of peaceful sleep. 

11. Baring himself to her often

Many people think it is a weakness for a man to be emotional or show his lady how he is feeling. However, showing your girl how you are feeling will not only strengthen your relationship but will also increase her trust in you.

Whether you are feeling joyful or unhappy, don’t hold back. Let her in on how you feel and you’ll be comforted by her genuine feelings towards you.

12. Sharing stories of his past with her

One of the things guys do that girls love is sharing stories of themselves, including those from your childhood. Girls know that when guys start to divulge personal information about themselves, it means the guy is quite serious about them.

Share with her whatever story you know she will either connect with or make her understand better why you are the way you are now.

13. Touching her as much as possible

One other thing guys do that girls love is touching them. Most girls love physical contact because it makes them feel their guys are truly present with them.

A lady craving physical contact doesn’t mean she is always in the mood for sex. What it just means is that she wants to feel close to you for as long as she can whenever you are with her.

14. Grooming himself well

If a lady tells you she likes a rugged-looking guy, she doesn’t mean she likes a dirty-looking one. You can look rugged but be clean. If you’re into beards or mustaches and she loves it, groom your hair well.

Don’t think she likes that your hair gives her breakouts after kissing and rubbing her face with it. She might love you but she hates that your hair isn’t neat or well-trimmed.

15. Using a deodorant

This should be a fact all guys know. However, some guys still need a daily reminder that their natural scent doesn’t do it for women. Even if your babe (out of respect for the budding relationship), keeps quiet about how you don’t smell so well, you should know now that she wants you to smell amazing.

So, get a deodorant that smells nice. This way, she won’t close her nostrils when you stretch your arms above your head.

16. Asking her what physical outlook appeals to her

Most guys may not know this but, girls have ‘a type’ too. Yes, she is in love with you whether you’re 6 feet tall or not. However, that doesn’t remove the fact that she had the type of guy she hoped to date in her mind.

Take time to ask her what kind of physical look does it for her; what kind of outfit or haircut makes her feel hot and bothered in a good way. Then, watch how much your thoughtfulness will please her. 

17. Letting her know she’s a best friend

One of the things guys do that girls love is taking your lady as your best friend. The idea of being her best pal will make her happy and also feel secure in the love you both share.

Even when challenges arise, she will have your back because you’ve proven to be not just her friend, but the best one too.

18. Indulging her in the bedroom

Your sex life in the relationship will also determine how much your lady likes you. What kind of sexual partner are you? Are you the selfish kind who doesn’t care if his partner reaches the peak? Or are you the type who notes all the things that heighten her pleasure?

Ask her what her fantasies are and where she wants you to touch her, then see how she opens up to you like a flower.

19. Introducing her to the family

introducing her to the family

While most girls now know that being introduced to the family is not a guarantee that it will soon be raining wedding bells and babies, they also understand that it is a huge step for the guy. 

As such, if you introduce her to your family at an early point in the relationship, you will score big on her card. This gesture will make her love you even more, especially if you’re both on the same love wavelength. 

20. Playing with his hands in her pockets

Playfulness is one of the things guys do that girls love. This is because they want a guy that will make them feel like a girl, even though they are fully grown adults.

So, dip your hand into her pocket in a playful way. This may or may not lead to making out or making love. Again, she just needs you to have different fun ways of hanging out with her.

21. Attending a wedding with her

Like the ‘introducing her to the family’ tip, taking or going with her to a wedding is a big deal. This is because she will feel you’re not afraid of the commitment that comes with marriage.

Even if your relationship is still at an early stage and marriage is not in the works yet, you will be assuring your girl that marriage is not out of the equation for both of you.

22. Dropping sweet notes for her

Ladies adore love notes. Even if you being romantic doesn’t come to you naturally, you may want to learn how to write words that will continue to capture your woman’s heart.

There are templates of love notes online or in stores. Pick up some of them to learn the right words to use to make her feel beautiful. Make sure you don’t copy these templates verbatim or she'll know right away that they are not your words.

23. Constantly dropping kisses on her forehead and hand

Girls like to be babied and treated like the princesses they are. So kissing your girl's hand and forehead is a beautiful way of saying you cherish her.

Even if she is very independent, don’t assume she only likes heavy petting and sex. Every woman wants you to not only kiss her on the lips but also on the forehead and hand when you’re leaving for work/saying goodbye. 

24. Sliding his arm around her shoulders

Another thing guys do that girls love it when they slide their arms around her shoulders. That is, in a gesture of friendliness and companionship. It is possible to love someone and not like them. However, it’s not better to like someone you’re also in love with. 

When you include platonic gestures such as sliding your arm around your girl's shoulders, she takes it as you liking her just as much as you love her.

25. Letting her have an extra key to his crib

You don’t need a soothsayer to tell you that giving your partner a key to your place will make her trust you more. Apart from the convenience of seeing you whenever she wants, with this gesture you’re telling her she is a bonafide part of your life.

With time, you’ll both get to know each other more because of the trust you’ve established with this act.

26. Letting her keep stuff at your apartment

Giving her a key to your place and enabling her trust in you are not the only things guys do that girls love. When you start encouraging her to leave some of her items behind, you’re informing her of her potential place in your future.

If and when you both decide to move in together, it will be an easy transition for both of you.

27. Boosting her sexual confidence by appreciating her body

Sexual confidence is a thing that your lady should have in spades. If your sexual experience is not being directed towards making your partner feel more confident about her body, you’re not doing something right.

Whether you’re having sex or not, appreciate your woman’s curves to boost her sexual confidence and make her feel amazing about herself. She should have her self-confidence but your boosts will also help her a lot.

28. Being his goofy self around her

Some guys think ladies want only serious-minded macho men who will take on their problems and be in charge always. However, most girls want a balance in their man's characters. 

They want a man who can be both playful and serious when the need calls for it. As long as you make her happy and keep her smiling most of the time, being goofy will work in your favor.

29. Being kind to her other best friend

While you’ve established a deep friendship with your girl, you need to also understand that she has other relationships that she values. One of the things guys do that girls love is to treat their friends right.

Beyond her regular acquaintances and friends, take extra care to be kind and good to her best buddy and she will love you all the more.

30. Allowing her to pamper you sometimes

allowing her to pamper you sometimes

Underneath all the bulky muscles and strong visage, guys are just boys who love to be pampered. If you can make yourself vulnerable enough for your lady to spoil you with words, gifts and other gestures, her love for you will grow even stronger.

Let her take you out if she wants to. Also, put your head on her lap and let her give you a massage and so many other things that put her in a mothering mood.

31. Opening the door for her

This tip might sound old-fashioned and too used but, it still works. Even if your lady tells you she doesn’t need you to get the door for her every time (because nobody does that anymore), still do it.

Genuine chivalry never gets old and deep down. She loves that you’re practicing an act that is going out of style. It doesn’t have to be every time but opening doors for your partner is one of the things guys do that girls love. 

32. Holding her hand unexpectedly

You are walking in public and suddenly, you grab her hand for no special reason but to be closer to her. If her eyes don’t mist with unshed tears they will go softer at your sweet gesture. 

Your girl doesn’t need to do anything special before you create a physical connection with her. Hold or stay close to her body just for the hell of it.

33. Offering her relief by rubbing her shoulders

You might not be able to offer a full body massage all the time. So, kneading her shoulder to remove the knots caused by stress will go a long way to help her gain relief.

Rubbing her shoulders is one of the many little things guys do that girls love and your girl will appreciate you more if you do this constantly without being asked.

34. Taking her on unexpected dates

Having specific date nights can become monotonous but introducing special surprise date nights (or staycation) can be the right boost your relationship needs to continue thriving.

Find out the places your girl will love to go and surprise her with tickets or reservations. You will see her light up with love for you. These trips don’t have to be expensive for her to enjoy the date because spending time with each other is the most important thing. 

35. Offering her your jacket or shirt to stay warm

This is another old tip in the book of sweet nothings guys do that girls love. Offer your jacket to your girl when it’s getting cold outside. Even though she knows she should have brought a thicker wrap with her, she knows you will offer her your jacket for warmth.

You can also offer her your shirt when she sleeps over at your place. You’ll both enjoy seeing her in your shirt.

36. Walking her home

Only boys will need the reminder that you should always walk a girl home before going on your way. Even if you’re yet to start dating the girl, always walk her home or ensure she is in a cab after a date before you go home too.

Not only will your gesture say you care about her security, but it will also make her feel giddy with affection for you. 

37. Letting her stay on the safer side of the road

This is another unwritten rule that every guy should know but some people are still clueless about it. When you are taking a stroll together or simply walking to the bus stop to catch a bus together, ensure she is on the pedestrian side of the road. 

You, on the other hand, should stay on the pedestrian path that is close to the road where numerous vehicles are passing. This is in no way to put yourself in danger but to show your partner you’re willing to protect her from potential harm. 

38. Giving her side glances

One of the sweetest things guys do that girls love is giving side glances when they think she is not watching. Stealing glances at her and looking away when your eyes meet will make your girl blush. She will most likely return the gesture and play along. 

Such gestures as this will help your relationship maintain a freshness that is missing in boring relationships that lack love and companionship. 

39. Giving her smoldering looks

giving her smoldering looks

Not every man can perfect the art of smoldering because there has to be chemistry between the couple and experience on the part of the guy. 

Turn on the heat in your eyes. Speak a thousand words without moving your lips and watch how your lady will literally burst in flames for you. The heated looks can easily escalate into passionate kisses and touching which are also great relationship boosters.

40. Saying her name in a thick sexy voice

When your smoldering gazes have succeeded in putting her in a sexual haze, complete your seduction by saying her name in a litany in your low baritone, thick and sexy voice. There’s hardly any straight babe who can resist the allure of a deep male voice.

Turn on the charm by singing her praises on words and let your voice take over every part of her body by setting it on fire. This is one of the things guys do that babes love.

41. Dancing with her without music

If you are a fan of romantic or love-themed movies, you’d have seen a few scenes where couples dance without music and probably ‘awww-ed' at how sweet such scenes are. There’s no harm in replicating such a scene with your girl. 

The gesture of dancing without music or dancing inside the rain is a sweet one. It inspires feelings of giddiness and freedom in both parties. 

42. Creating a playlist of songs she loves

Creating a playlist of songs both of you love is another thing guys do that girls love a lot. For date nights, picnics and hangouts, your playlist will come in handy and will help to strengthen the bond you both share.

Also, on bad days, this playlist will be a good reminder that you both have so much to lose if you don’t try harder to make the relationship work.

43. Taking her to a live concert by her favorite artist/band

It is the dream of every music lover to see their favorite artists perform live on stage. So, taking your girl to a live show of one of her favorite artists/bands is a sure way to her heart.

Her love for you will double because you made one of her wishes come true. Also, she wouldn’t have to save towards ticking that particular item off her bucket list. 

44. Gifting her an author-signed copy of her favorite book

To make your lady love you more, get her an author-signed book from one of her best authors. Fangirling doesn’t get any more interesting than when a girl has a signed copy of a book

She will adore you, love you, and easily forgive you when you offend her. 

45. Getting her the first edition of a book/music album

This is an expensive gesture but if you can afford to do it. Get your lady the first edition of a book she has read, an album she has heard or planning to read/listen to.

This act is like a mini-proposal that will make her say yes to whatever you might ask her at that moment. Meaning, she will absolutely love you more!

46. Engaging her in intellectual discourses

Gone are the days when girls only want to talk about the next best fashion item or the hairstyles in vogue. Girls are now more educated and involved in diverse topics and interests. 

As such, engaging your partner in intellectual discourses such as politics, religion, and the state of the world, in general, is one way of telling her you to respect and consider her brilliant. 

47. Telling both good and bad jokes

The funny truth about girls-boys dynamo is that girls love a funny guy, even if he is not all that good-looking. Women love to be happy and so, they will easily gravitate towards a funny guy than the quiet serious one.

Your jokes don’t have to be good ones either. As long as you make her laugh, it doesn’t matter if your jokes are dry and horrible. 

48. Including her name in future plans

No girl wants to be with a man who doesn’t have any intention of being with her on a long-term basis—except she is only out to have a fling with the guy. Therefore, when you discuss future plans with her, include her name and make it clear that you want to do those things with her.

Even if she had doubts about how you viewed her, you will give her assurance with your words.

49. Complimenting her as much as he can

Giving your girl compliments can never go old because people get the desire to do more when they are appreciated for what they are currently doing. Give your girl compliments when she expects it and when she thinks she doesn’t deserve to hear any.

You will not only increase her confidence but also her love for you. She will also see you as the kind person you are.

50. Wearing signature cologne she associates with that guy

Using a particular type of cologne, soap, or perfume that your girl can recognize even if she is blindfolded will heighten her connection to you both physically and emotionally. 

51. Engaging in PDA

engaging in PDA

If your girl doesn’t coerce you into engaging in public displays of affection, you’ll have little issues on the fact of whether you’re proud of dating her or not. PDAs or lack of them are one of the reasons some couples engage in disagreements. 

If only you can try to become more comfortable with holding your girl’s hands or kissing her in public the same way you do in private, you won’t need to reassure her that you are not ashamed of her.

52. Showing her off to your family and friends

It is one thing to introduce your lady to your family and friends, it is another thing to be constantly willing to spend time with her in the company of other people. 

Take her to family and friends’ hangouts, relate with her and you would if you are having your couple’s hangout and she will have no doubt how important she is to you.

53. Running his hand through her hair

The head ( and by extension hair), has lots of nerves that make it responsive to touch. As such, running your hands through her hair and massaging her scalp will make her relax and become putty in your hands. 

54. Running his hands through his own hair

Apart from running your hands through her hair, you should also master the habit of running your hand through your hair. Your lady might not admit it easily but, it is one of your mannerisms she’ll come to love seeing you do. 

This gesture is one out of many hot superstar gestures she admires in movie characters and one she wishes to see her man do more often.

55. Stretch when you stand from the couch

Here’s another hot superstar move. Stretching when you stand from the couch or wherever, will showcase your pecs perfectly and make her mouth water with sexual longing. Most times, she just wants to see you stretch not because it will make her want to rip your clothes off and have her way with you.

So, show off your nice abs and make her feel so darn proud to have the kind of man most women only dream about. 

56. Keeping fit and healthy

An unhealthy and unfit man won’t have many abs or pecs to show off. So, you need to be in good shape to impress women when you stand up. 

Contrary to popular belief, most women don’t like guys with bulky muscles. If you have lean, well-built muscles, your partner will love you. After all, the goal is to be able to lift your arms above your head and show off your flat abs and you can’t do that with too bulky muscles. 

57. Taking her shopping

Shopping for her is different from taking her shopping. The first one means you shopped for her without her, while the second means that you shopped with her.

The second shopping option is better because she gets to pick out exactly what she wants (with your help) while you do the same thing with her. This way, there will be no disappointment regarding the items you pick out for each other.

58. Talking sports with her

While it may be true that only a small percentage of women enjoy sports or topics relating to them, it is also true that your girl wants to understand (and maybe enjoy) the hobbies you are interested in.

As such, talk sports with your lady and make her understand a bit of it, whether she ends up enjoying watching it or not. The most important thing is that both of you spend time discussing what you love doing.

59. Watch her shows with her

watch her shows with her

Similarly, you should talk and watch her favorite TV shows, movies or hobbies with her if she is not into sports. No matter how boring or uninteresting it might seem to you, engage her in conversations about her favorite soap operas and sit with her to watch them sometimes.

The goal is to bond over the little things that you both love.

60. Be open with how you’re feeling

Being the man of the house and staying in control all of the time doesn’t always work in relationships. While it is normal and great to be in charge of each situation, it is also wise to let your partner in so she can assist with some of the weight on your shoulders. 

Therefore, don’t bottle your feelings or hide the true state of things from your partner.

61. Keeping his hands longer around her shoulders during goodbyes

Saying goodbye when either of you is going on a trip can be hard and the girl is usually the more emotional party in such situations. As such, she tends to hold on to you longer than necessary.

Rather than see her as clingy, indulge her by keeping your hands and arms around her shoulders far longer than she normally does. She will believe that you’ll miss her a lot too.

62. Smiling more

Not all guys will have faces that smile a lot. If you are one of such guys with naturally brooding looks, you should try to be more cheerful around your lady.

Moreover, if she makes you happy it should be easy for you to have a more cheerful disposition. She needs the validation that she makes you happy, so smile more often.

63. Letting his words match his actions

Loyalty is just as important as giving her a climax. If your words don’t match the words you say to her, your prowess in the bedroom won’t matter to her. Keeping to your words and promises is an even bigger turn-on than your sexy body.

64. Saying thank you more often

Another thing that easily turns a lady on is when you appreciate her efforts more often. Saying thank you is quite different from giving her compliments, which she might sometimes consider flattery. So, say thank you more.

65. Making her ‘one of the guys’ too

A girl who isn’t bothered by you ‘hanging out with the guys’ is one you’ve taken deliberate steps to assure that you are where you say you’ll be. 

However, making her one of the guys by taking her on some of your ‘guys hangouts’ will even make her more relaxed on the days you’re not with her.

66. Giving her a sweet and mushy nickname

Nicknames increase the level of intimacy and friendship in relationships. So, you should try making use of them if you want your lady to feel more cherished.

67. Making her your confidante

When you say your lady is your best buddy, it means she is your confidante who has the most information about you that even your close friends don’t know.

68. Oozing healthy confidence

While some women don’t mind dating a shy geeky guy, they also prefer dating a guy with healthy confidence about his masculinity. As long as you exhibit healthy confidence and not excessive pride, she'll love you.

69. Having an active and meaningful life

Your relationship is not all there is to your life. So, girls love ambitious guys who will also make time for meaningful relationships. 

70. Being generous in every way that matters

One of the reasons many people label most women as materialistic is that many guys lack generosity too. Love is about giving and taking, be it in cash or kind. So, being generous to her and the people around her will make her adore you.

71. Letting her know she’s more important than what he’s doing

letting her know she's more important than what he's doing

It is a fact that many guys love their games just as much as they love sex. So, they can become so engrossed in a game that they ignore important things. If you can put down your gamepads when your lady needs your attention, she will leave you more to enjoy your game.


What do girls find attractive in guys?

The matter of what attracts a guy to a lady differs from guy to guy. However, most guys tend to like a girl’s physical appearance before any other thing.

What do guys do when they love a girl?

When a guy is in love with a girl he finds it easier to pay attention to her and do things that will make her happy, compared to if he doesn’t like her a lot.

What do men look for in a woman physically?

Different guys have different tastes and so, what appeals to one guy might not be the cup of tea of another guy. Once a guy sees the physical attribute he desires, he goes for the girl.

Do girls like shy guys?

Yes, many girls like shy guys but not every girl will like to date a shy guy because he might lack the level of confidence most girls want to see in the guys they date.

Do guys like tall girls?

If the guy is very tall, he might want to go for a tall lady to balance the height issue because a girl who’s too short might cause some awkwardness in physical compatibility

To Sum Up 

A guy will jump at the perfect solution to knowing how to please his girl. However, there is no perfect solution to satisfying anyone, even a guy. So, guys can only try observing what unique things they do that their ladies love in them.

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