Things That Girls Do That Guys Hate (19 Things Girls Do That Guys Hate)

There has always been a tussle as to who is more complicated between the two sexes; the man or woman? Who is the most annoying? Who is the most tolerant and understanding? 

While people vary based on so many factors such as temperament, zodiac signs, background, and personalities, women are the emotional ones. Because most women tend to submit to their whims and intuition, they don’t take the time to consider how their spontaneous actions affect their men. They just want to feel and be allowed to do what they want.

Some women believe guys are on earth to satisfy their every desire, so they do anything and everything that suits them. Are females a special breed or what? 

However, love and solid relationships don’t work that way. If you want a long-lasting relationship with a guy in the first place, you should know the things guys hate and try to be more sensitive to your man's needs as well.

Perhaps, you aren’t exactly sure of the things you do to make him mad at you? This article will provide you with some of the things girls do that men dislike. From the knowledge of these things, you’ll be able to avoid doing them and therefore, make your relationship a happier one. 

19 Things Girls Do That Guys Hate

1. Guys hate it when you don’t tell them what you want

One of the things girls do that guys hate is making them guess what you want. It drives them crazy trying to get into your head and knowing what you want without saying a word. If you were to be an old or longstanding couple, one can quite understand why your man will get you even when you don’t say anything. 

However, as a young couple yet to know each other so well, you must communicate with him constantly. With time, you’ll reach a level of understanding that won’t require you to explain yourself too much.

2. He hates it when you are too focused on your phone

he hates it when you are too focused on your phone

He gets it, social media is a big thing for you and you love chatting with your girls. However, there is something called bonding time and he doesn’t expect that anything will disturb the time you spend together.

Whenever you are with him, try to satisfy him first by paying attention to his needs. Afterward, you can surf the internet all you want. Nothing gets a man mad like trying to get your attention because you’re pressing your phone. 

3. He hates when you’re ‘selfie-obsessed’ 

Another thing that you do that makes your man angry is taking too many selfies, especially when you involve him in the process. Men wonder why women really need that much pictures and end up not using them for anything. As long as you don’t make him take the pictures, he doesn’t need to understand anything about your love for selfies.

Stop punishing him by making him take multiple pictures of you or with you, especially when you’re aware he dislikes it. It almost looks like you’re trying too hard in the first place. When you have the opportunity to get out together, surprise him by simply enjoying the moment before trying to find the perfect lighting for a selfie afterward.

4. Guys hate it when you try too hard to be one of the guys

There is always that one girl who has only male friends, not because she sleeps around with them but because she is closer to them than any girlfriend she may have. However, if you’re not really ‘one of the guys’ but insist on hanging out with the boys just because you want to, you would be doing more harmthan good.

If your boyfriend is one of them, he’ll have to fight off advances from one or two of his friends. If you don’t want problems caused by jealousy in your relationship, you shouldn’t force your presence on your guy's friends. 

5. When you say you’re fine but you’re not

Men hate it when you use the words “I’m fine” even when it’s obvious you aren’t. A woman can act complicated sometimes because she expects her man to already know her in and out. However, you can’t expect a man to think the way you do.

You may understand his moods because you’ve taken time to deliberately study him but, it may take him time to get you in the same way. As such, you should let him know when something is wrong and what he can do to fix it.

6. Gossiping


Gossiping is one of the things girls do that guys hate because they prefer facing their business. They understand swapping stories and sharing gist but dislike unnecessary chitchats that have the potential to hurt the person you’re discussing. 

Also, a man might think you’re saying something about him when you’re whispering with a friend rather than talking normally. Good men don’t want you to stop spending time with your friends, they just want you to have healthy conversations instead of gossiping about others. 

7. Too much lipstick while kissing doesn’t sit well with most guys

You look sexy with your lipstick on but, there’s nothing sexy about staining your guy's teeth with your vibrant lipstick. He will appreciate the way you look when you first show up all dressed up nicely but when it’s time to kiss you, he wouldn’t like your lipstick to get in the way of his pleasure, especially if it has an unpleasant taste. 

As such, it will be best if you clean off your lipstick, apply the merest hint of lipstick or simply stick with a colorless lip gloss. This way, it won’t get on his face, clothes, or teeth. So yes, while guys want us to look good, they hate when they find a hint of lipstick on their whites; be it a shirt or their teeth. 

8. Stop whining about your weight if you won’t do anything about it

Your man loves you and that’s why he’s in a relationship with you, regardless of your weight or the way you look. If he has anything to say concerning what you look like, he’ll be sure to tell you in a good way.

However, complaining every time to him about how you look won’t change anything. It will only piss him off because he knows he’ll still end up in trouble with you if he says the wrong thing. So while they want us to be confident in our own skin, they’d prefer it if you get a diet plan, head to the gym, and do something about your weight rather than whining and doing nothing about it.

9. He hates it when you compare yourself to another woman

Men hate it when you put them in a tight position where they are scared you’ll get mad at their response. You want them to be sincere but, you also want their answer to favor you. They know this and it really puts them in a tight corner most times. 

As such, stop comparing yourself to another woman, especially not to your boyfriend because he doesn’t like that at all. If he says you’re more beautiful than the other woman and you know she is more attractive than you are, you’ll think he’s lying. If he says she’s a fine woman, you’ll get jealous he even noticed that. Give him a break, please.

10. When you delay him just because you’re putting on makeup

Oh yes, this particular issue has transcended through generations and centuries of women. It’s almost like all women are born with the ability to spend so much time in their dressing room and drive their men insane.

As a woman, you have several steps to go through before you come out looking gorgeous but, you don’t have to delay your man because of that. Instead, plan to begin your makeup and dressing way before your man will be ready to go. That way, you keep peace in the relationship and you still get to look like you walked straight out of a fabulous magazine. 

11. He doesn’t like it when you talk too much

he doesn't like it when you talk too much

Most men are of little words, even if they are professional talk show hosts. Outside of work and career, you won’t find too many men who talk without the necessity to do so. A man believes that talking too much can lead to divulging too much information, so he keeps his words short. 

Not all women talk too much but if you discover this is one of the things you do a lot, you may want to tone it down a bit. Sometimes, your man will classify talking too much as nagging because you like repeating a particular thing so many times.

12. Some guys don’t like false eyelashes

As much as men are attracted to good-looking and exquisitely dressed women, they also don’t like it when a woman looks too artificial. It is your choice to compensate for your looks but, everything should be done in moderation. You’re at risk of looking trashy if you don’t lay off the extra cleavage sometimes, especially if he has complained before.

Except you aren’t serious about the relationship, you should try to let your partner see you in all your natural glory. That way, he feels like he knows you without your beauty shields. 

13. When you act ignorant just because you don’t want to do something by yourself

Sometimes, some women act coy and dumb when they want their man to do something they don’t want to handle. However, your man knows your tricks most of the time, he just agrees with you because he doesn’t want to get into trouble.

If you continue to act this way, he might flare up one day and you’d wonder what you did wrong. Once in a while, it’s normal for you to act silly with the one you love but, you shouldn’t abuse that part of your relationship. 

14. It drives him crazy when you give him breadcrumbs instead of saying your mind

Men are matter-of-fact people who want the full details, not hints. Making him piece your thoughts together to arrive at a mutual understanding is not something a man likes. He wants you to go straight to the point, not beat around the bush. As such, stop serving him breadcrumbs when you can share with him what you have to say.

15. Guys don’t like it when you make it hard for them to get you

People generally think guys love the chase and to an extent, that’s true. However, they find it tiring when they have to work too hard for a joint purpose that will be of benefit to you also.

Relationships aren’t privileges for one of the parties, they are equal choices for both parties. If you want the guy, accept his offer without stressing him too much. If you don’t, he’ll move on to another woman. 

16. Men hate it when a woman can’t seem to do anything on her own

Some ladies need to stop painting all women as ‘fragile beings’. Even if your physical strength is not as much as that of a man, you can still do a lot of things by yourself.

Stop expecting that your man will do or give you everything you need. You should share responsibilities equally and help each other out when necessary. That’s the only way your relationship will last for as long as you want it to. 

17. Excessive makeup is a turn-off for most men

Like too much lipstick, excessive makeup gives you an unreal appearance that your man may not appreciate. 

He wants you to look great but not at the expense of looking too artificial. Reduce the quantity of cosmetics you slap on your face and meet up with him barefaced on some days. If he really loves you, he’ll like your natural looks just as much as he likes your made-up face.

18. He doesn’t fancy always being the only one initiating contact

he doesn't fancy always being the one initiating contact

There is a popular belief that the man should always make the first move; woo her, kiss her, initiate sex, and make calls or send texts first, among other things. However, it is selfish of you to always put the burden on your boyfriend when you can also do your part to make the relationship amazing. 

Sometimes, be the one to send him sweet messages, give him a call during work hours or initiate sex. 

19. When you think acting irresponsibly is cute

If you are the kind of woman who acts irresponsibly and expects that there will be no consequence, you might be deluding yourself. 

There’s nothing cute about destroying your boyfriend’s laptop, then blaming it on the fact that you were angry with him at the time. If he did that to you, you know there’d be repercussions. You could express your anger in a different way that doesn’t involve destroying things instead.


What do guys find the most attractive in a girl?

Beyond a girl’s beauty, guys like it when you’re intelligent, outspoken without being disrespectful, and emotionally sound. If beauty is the only thing you have going for you as a girl, most men won’t take you seriously because they think your face and body are all you have to offer.

Do guys like nice girls?

Yes, guys fancy nice girls who will make their lives comfortable without too many complications. However, they also love it when the girl can become sexually wicked in the bedroom and humorous out of bed.

What height do guys like for a girl?

Height is usually not a big deal for most men. Some guys would prefer to be taller, but other guys don’t mind. However, on average most men prefer their ladies to be around 5ft. 5in.

What body type do guys like?

Like height, some men don’t care all that much about body types because they are particularly concerned with who you are. However, some men prefer their women slim, while some prefer plump women. As such, they’re easily attracted to such women. 

Do guys fall in love faster?

Some people will argue that women fall in love faster because they are more emotional and expressive in their affections. However, another school of thought states that men fall in love faster than women but take their time before professing it.

In Conclusion 

As a woman, you are phenomenal and your man loves you for it. Nevertheless, you should do your best to please your partner just as much as he tries to do the same for you. Now you know what he doesn’t like you doing, so improve on such habits.

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