Texting After Your First Date (Should You Do It?)

Have you just been on a first date with a guy and you are wondering when to text him afterward? Should you text after the first date? Should you text him straight away and thank him for a great date? Will texting after a first date improve your chances of a second date or will it ruin it. 

This is a question that a lot of women ask after a first date. This article will help you to figure out whether you should text after the first date. If he texts you straight after the date, you may want to respond by saying that you had a great evening with him too, and say that you hope to see him again. If he reaches out to you, this is a good sign.

However, if you are still waiting for a text after your first date, you may be wondering if texting after the first date is a good idea or not. It is not always easy to tell how to act at the beginning of a relationship, especially as early as the first date. It may even seem a bit awkward. 

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Think about whether you want to go on another date with him and if you do, you should probably tell him so as he won’t be able to read your mind. It is normal for there to be some awkwardness at this stage of a relationship, but if you really enjoyed your date with this guy, don’t be scared to tell him so. 

It is also important at the same time that you don’t rush to any conclusions after the first date. Even if you had a great time on the first date doesn’t mean that this person is perfect for you. But if you did enjoy his company, give him another chance and ask him for a second date. 

Texting After First Date

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How did the date go?

Before you think “should I text him” after your first date, think about how the date went. If you were bored the whole time you were with him, there is probably no need to message him as you likely don’t want another date with him. If you are not excited after the first date, then there might not be any reason to pursue this. 

You need to be honest with yourself and really consider whether the first date went well. If the conversation flowed naturally the whole evening, you laughed the whole time and you felt chemistry with him, then you probably want to see him again. If you both got on really well on your first date, you probably want to text straight away. 

If you want to see this guy again and you really liked him you likely want to send him a message straight away to keep the conversation and the energy between you high. 

If the date was only okay, but you think that maybe nerves got in the way and there could potentially be something there between you, you may want to go on a more casual second date. In this situation, you don’t want to wait too long to text something to tell him that you do want to see him again. 

Did you get to know him?

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If you spend a long time with him on your first date and you feel like you really got to know him. If you went for a long walk and then went for dinner and cocktails, then you probably had a deep conversation and got to know him really well. 

If you did spend a lot of time with him on the first date there may be no harm in waiting a few days to text him. A little break in conversation might be a good idea. 

However, if you only spent a short amount of time with this guy, you likely want to see him again really soon. It is probably better, in this case, to text him shortly after the date in order to make sure that he continues to think about you and doesn’t forget you. 

Think about the timing.

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When you are considering whether to text after the first date with a guy it is important not to stress too much. It is easy to get caught up in the moment– you may be trying to figure out what he thought of you, how you acted during the whole evening, whether he wants to see you again and whether he feels the same way that you do. 

You may want to send a text on the same evening as the first date. Or you could wait until the next day to send him a text message. Try and send a text that is intriguing and that will make him respond to you. You can figure out whether he is interested in you based on his reply. 

If you are sending a text after the first date, keep the text simple. If you are interested in going on another date with this person, there is no need to send an over the top message. Make sure to keep your text simple and calm to tell him that you had a lovely evening with him and that you hope to go on another date with him. 

There is no need to wait days after the first date to text someone. You don’t need to play games if you like this person, then you want to see if he feels the same. You can text someone straight away after the first date or on the day after the date. 

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If you are friends on social networks such as Instagram or Facebook, you may want to send a casual message the next day after your first date to tell him that you had fun. This will show this person that you want to communicate further and that you want to see if he feels the same. However, avoid speaking on social media if you have no previously communicated here.

Texting after a first date is not something to be scared of. Don’t be too stressed about whether or not you should text him to see if he thought that the date went well. If you had a great time with this guy then there is no reason why you shouldn’t text him something afterward.

Men have feelings too and there is no need to play games and wait days to text him after the first date. If he likes you and enjoyed the first date too he will be pleased to see a text from you. If neither of you has texted each other after a couple of days then it is clear that neither of you is that interested in each other. 

If you had one of the best dates you’ve ever had and you are certain that he felt the same way, there is nothing at all wrong with sending him a text straight after the date. He may even be waiting for you to text him. 

By texting him a simple message, you are starting a conversation and allowing him to respond. If he responds to your text straight away, then you should have no doubt that he likes you too. It completely depends on how you feel like the first date went. 

How did your date end?

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What did you say to each other at the end of your date? How did the conversation end? This is an important thing to consider when you are thinking of texting him after your first date. If you both seemed really interested in going on a second date then it probably is okay to leave a few days before you text him again. 

If you both left saying you wanted another date, then you both know how you stand and how interested each of you is. In this case neither of you need to worry about whether you liked each other. If you told him you would text him in a few days, then make sure that you keep this promise if you do want to see him again. 

However, if you both merely said goodbye and neither of you mentioned going out again, you may need to text him quite soon after the first date to let him know what you thought about the initial date and that you’d like to go out again. 

Is it okay to text him straight away?

Some dating tips may say that you shouldn’t text him something straight after your date on the same evening. It is up to you if you wait or not. You have both spent time together and are both likely still trying to figure out how the date went. 

If you do want to text him straight away send him a simple text but perhaps avoid a long conversation on the same night as the date. 

Don’t wait too long to text him.

There is no clear rule about texting for a date. It is probably better to text sooner if you are worried about keeping him interested. It is usually better that he sees you as interested rather than not bothered. 

Don’t play games and try to build interest in this way. If he likes you then it isn’t fair to make him wait for ages to let him know that you like him too. 

What To Text Him After Your Date?

If you have decided that you do want to text him something after your date, you may now be wondering what things to say. 

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Tell him that you enjoyed your evening and you had fun with him. This guy will probably want to know how you felt about the date. He will want to know that you enjoyed his company. Start the text by telling him that you had a lovely time on your date. Tell him that it was his company that you loved most about it. 

When you are texting a guy after your date you want to make it clear in this conversation that you would like to do something with him again. Don’t play games and tell him how you feel. This man probably wants to know if you want to go out with him again, and probably won’t appreciate you playing mind games with him. 

There is no need to precisely plan your next date but it’s a good idea to get him thinking about seeing you again. If he sends a positive reply, you can either plan something straight away or wait a few days to plan exactly what you want to do with him. Make sure to keep the text quite short and let things go from there. 

Let him know that you were paying attention to the things he was telling you. This guy will like it if you remember something specific that he told you during your date. It will show him that you were listening and paying attention to him. If he talked about his hobbies and interests you could ask him something about these things. 

If you are texting afterward you could talk about something funny that happened. Say things that will make him think positively about your evening. 

Make sure to keep the messages short or reflect how he is texting you. Proper conversations should be kept for your dates with this guy. Texting should just be kept for planning dates. However, if he is sending you really long texts, then it is probably okay for you to respond by sending him long texts too. 

Show him that you like him.

Don’t worry too much about timing after seeing him. Don’t sit there waiting for him to text you. If you had fun and you like him, tell him. You don’t have to organize to see him straight away but there is no harm in sending a short text to thank him for a lovely time.

There is nothing wrong with being open about how you feel about him and what you want from a relationship. This may be difficult at first but he will not be able to read your mind. This will also start a possible relationship between you on a solid foundation. 

Start a conversation.

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If it has been a few days since you first saw him, it may be suitable to spark a conversation with this guy. Send him a song that you like or ask him to an event or just send him a message saying hi. This will let him know that you have been thinking about him. 

It will also help you figure out if he is interested in you. If he hasn’t replied to you, then it may be time to forget about him. 

Find out what he wants.

It is important to make sure that you both feel the same way. Dating can be confusing, as every person is completely different. One guy may be ready for a committed relationship, another may have just starting dating again after a breakup. You may know exactly how you feel and what you want, but he may feel completely differently.

It is important to figure out what kind of a relationship he wants, don’t make any assumptions until you have had a proper conversation about it. 

Stay busy.

While you are dating it is easy to start worrying and thinking about every little thing. Make sure that you stay busy and you don’t spend all your time looking at your phone waiting for him to text you. See your friends and family, go to the gym and focus on the things you love to do. If you don’t see him again you still have all of that to focus on. 

Don’t spend all of your time thinking about this guy so early on. If you have only seen him once, don’t get too invested until you know him better. If you do see this guy again he is likely to be even more interested in you if he knows that you have a busy life and lots of interests. It will also ensure that you have lots to talk about. 

Don’t text him too much.

Another one of the things to remember is to make sure that you don’t text him too often or respond straight away to the things he texts you. If you are having a long texting conversation then there is no reason not to respond straight away, but don’t stare at your phone all day waiting to respond the second that he texts you. 

Make sure not to overthink it or be too over the top. Don’t send him constant texts if he hasn’t replied to you straight away. Carry on with your life rather than worrying about replying to him straight away. 

He will also understand that you are busy with your life and that you cannot always reply straight away. It is important that texting doesn’t replace actual conversations on your dates with him. 

Keep it natural.

If you have only seen this guy once, then it may be too soon to send him flirty texts. However, if you feel comfortable with this, there is no harm in it, especially if he responds positively to this. Make sure that you keep it natural and never force anything. 

Keep it casual.

Even if you love having deep conversations with guys, it is important to keep these for your actual dates and to not bring up heavy topics while you are texting. 

When you text a guy after seeing him it is important to keep it light and casual. This guy will likely not want to have to answer countless questions, he probably just wants to know that you are interested in seeing him again. 

Keep it positive at first and don’t tell him that you had a stressful day or you had an argument with your family. 

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In Conclusion…

If you are wondering whether to text the guy that you have just spent your evening with it is important not to stress too much or overthink it. These tips may help you to figure out what to do. 

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