Surprises For Husbands (151 Surprises He’ll Never Forget)

Are you looking for ways to make your husband feel like life’s greatest gift to you again? I mean he probably already knows, but a little reminder now and again never hurts a marriage.

Whether you’ve been married for eons or are only just returning from your honeymoon, your relationship with your hubby can always use that spark. What better way to communicate your gratitude, love, respect, adoration, and the host of other positive things he makes you feel than with a well-thought-out surprise?

Like most, you probably only find ways to surprise your husband when special days like his birthday roll around. While that’s not a bad thing and the reasons are honestly understandable, what really makes a happy marriage is finding ways to make your husband feel special every single day, birthday or not.

I have here a few ideas that can, hopefully, give you a nudge in the creative direction and help you create the best of surprises based on what your other half enjoys.


151 Surprise Ideas For Your Husband Birthday Surprise Ideas

1. Make an ‘x reasons why I love you’ jar

Prepare to get cheesy with this one. X can be anything, but since it’s his birthday, you can make it the age he’s celebrating (33rd birthday = 33 reasons…). Write your reasons in cursive on strips of colored paper, roll up or fold them individually, and put them in a transparent glass jar. If you get him multiple birthday gifts, make this one the last to max out of the feels.

2. Mirror mirror on the wall…

Or write your sweet things on sticky notes and arrange them all over your bathroom mirror while he’s still asleep. You can do them in the shape of his new age like this one, spell out “happy birthday,” or add your creative spin to it.

3. DIY room décor

Give your bedroom or living room a makeover with the right lights, balloons, candies, petals, and the likes. The decoration can spell out whatever you want, from a simple happy birthday to a secret message.

4. Pop pop, happy birthday!

Send him a box of pop me balloons with a birthday surprise (more balloons, love note, confetti, bouquet, secret message, etc.) enclosed! You’ll find tons of DIY ideas online, and you can just as easily place a custom order.

5. Surprise birthday party

Act like you forgot your husband’s birthday, plan with his close friends not to make plans, and also to keep him from committing to something else. At the end of the day, when he’s starting to believe you actually did forget, yep, you guessed it, surprise!

6. Good, old get-together with the old gang

If you want to get your husband bleary-eyed on his birthday, add a touch of auld lang syne to your plans by bringing old friends he’s missed together. It may not be easy to get everyone in one place, but your hubby won’t forget it in a hurry if you manage to pull it off.

7. Or a virtual hangout with friends and family

Where factors like distance or a pandemic can put a dent in that previous one, technology offers the next best thing. Get your hubby’s favorite people together on Facetime or Zoom to celebrate his birthday with him live if they can’t all make it in person.

8. Lead him on a treasure hunt

Get him a bunch of gifts and hide them in strategic spots at a location of your choosing, like where you had your first date, your first apartment, or within your current home. Each find provides a clue to the next stage until he gets to the big picture, better make it worth it.

9. Plan a road trip with his closest friends

The road trip can be a surprise in itself. Or you can blindfold him if it’s a short drive and have the surprise (his friends, decorations, gifts, party, etc.) wait for him at the destination.

10. Take a page in his favorite newspaper to wish him

Make your husband popular on his birthday by taking out a slot in the local newspaper he reads to wish him. Imagine the look on his face when he flips a page and sees his face staring back at him with a heartfelt message from his beloved wife.

11. Bake him a cake

Cake on his birthday is hardly groundbreaking, I know, but it just might be if all you’ve ever baked before then is your face.

12. Give out his number and have people call to wish him a happy birthday

give out his number and have people call to wish him a happy birthday

Receiving love left, right, and center from coworkers and strangers alike on top of wishes from his family and friends ought to do it.

13. Do something sentimental for him

Has your husband talked about missing his mum more than usual lately? Or perhaps your relationship with her is not quite as cordial as he'd like? Do something he'd never expect, like inviting the woman for his birthday party, and he might name you the wife of the year.

14. Custom portraits

Print some of the countless pictures of your best moments together and frame them. Can include portraits of him, you, the kids, your pets, or all of the above. Speaking of, if you want to see a grown man cry, dig out an old picture of his beloved childhood pet and retouch before printing, so it looks like you took it yesterday.

15. Plan a date around his interests

Plan a birthday date that’s just about him. Everything from where you to what you eat and drink to the things you discuss should all scream HIM.

16. Don a ribbon

You are the surprise!

Date night surprise ideas

17. Turn a chore into a date

The idea is to make him think he’s running an errand, perhaps some mundane task like picking up the groceries on his way back home. Only he’d meet you there, and instead of entering the store, you two would be going somewhere lovely (preplanned by you) together.

18. Drive-in movie date

Go retro and surprise your husband with a drive-in movie theatre date night, even better if they are showing a classic. With the privacy staying in the car affords and the mood the right film can set, who knows what can go down before the night is over?

19. A night with the stars

Plan the perfect stargazing date night with your man, your car, a comfy blanket, and a bunch of snacks. If you don’t have an open-top car, you can use a pick-up van or set up shop in a good spot in your yard and let the constellation bear witness.

20. Romantic dinner under the moonlight

Dinner under the crescent moon is a personal favorite, but doing it under a full moon would also slap. The full moon isn’t just beautiful, it’s symbolic, plus it has a way of making you want to get your freak on.

21. Catch an important sporting event live

If you can’t afford the tickets or cannot physically attend for some other reason, you can stream the event and watch it together. This surprise would hit your husband even harder if you’re not usually interested in sports or the team he supports.

22. Have a games night

Game night for two, anyone? Make it an evening of surprises with a selection of all sorts of games from strategic to the sweet and savory, and of course risqué ones.

23. Set up a camping trip

If your husband loves the outdoors, chances are he’s the one who usually organizes camping trips. Turn the table around for your next date night, even if you can only set up within your compound.

24. Schedule a couples’ massage session at home

schedule a couples massage session at home

One of the best ways to surprise a hardworking man is to get him a massage. Since it’s date night, you can make an appointment for two right in your home and let that set the tone for the rest of the evening.

25. Make art together

Even if neither of you has an artsy bone in your body, it can be romantic to get your hands dirty with your significant other. Make a mess, bond, and keep a memento. It’s moments like these that make the others worth it.

26. Hit an amateur comedy club

You will either crack up at the comedian jokes or his failed attempt at it. Either way, you two will definitely have something to laugh about and at a relatively low price too. Surprise your husband with these tickets after a particularly long and stressful week.

27. Go shopping

I know, I know, shopping is probably not your hubby’s favorite thing. But if you make it all about him, that story might change. Take him to a store that sells something only he uses, like gear for his hobby, and tell him to go crazy. (within budget, of course.)

28. Bar night

Men love their Friday night outs away from home. But who says he only gets to do it with the guys? Turn your date night to a night out at the bar, with drinking sprees, conversation, and flirting, just like the good early days of your relationship.

29. Hello, stranger role-playing

You can make this a standalone surprise or do it along with the bar night out. Any stimulating act will do but go for one he’s likely to catch up on quicker. Like if you two met a bar, you can recreate that vibe again and make him try to pick you up. Dress up, use an accent, wear a wig, anything to make your performance more authentic.

30. Play at a restaurant

On a budget or unable to nail a reservation last minute? Surprise your husband with a pretend restaurant right in the comfort of your home. You can order in or cook if you have the time, the rules are what you make it. You can even have the kids dress up and serve if they refuse to sleep early.

31. Sip and paint in nature

Another date night surprise (I definitely plan to try) is to go somewhere quiet with my favorite person to unwind and create something together simultaneously. You can improvise and replace painting with your preferred activity or do it by the pool rather than at a lakeside.

32. Wine tasting tour

Or you know, just ditch that part altogether and take your husband to Napa, literally or figuratively.

33. Plan something off his bucket list

Shelve your ideas for your next date night and pick something from your husband’s bucket list instead. Preferably something that’s been there for so long he’s beginning to think he may never get to cross it off.

34. Plan a staycation

Everyone loves a good vacation, and husbands particularly can always use some time away from all the responsibilities. If you can’t pull off the real thing, you can arrange for the two of you to have a night away (or the whole weekend) at your local Airbnb. Or cut the additional cost altogether and make it happen in your home with simple little touches here and there.

Anniversary surprise ideas

35. Memory collages and compilations

Pictures and short clips from your previous anniversaries. From the little moments, he wouldn’t expect the most memorable ones featuring the two of you. Tag it something corny like [his name] x [your name]: our love story. You can opt to update it secretly and burst it out again in a few years.

36. Reenact the events of the day you’re celebrating

reenact the events of the day youre celebrating

Is it the anniversary of your first date, the day you met, your first kiss, or the big day itself? Do you remember what the room looked like, the music played in the background, the ambiance? Think you could successfully recreate it? There you go…

37. Always and forever

If not, you can just stick with the specifics. Like with the wedding, remind him that your promises still stand by bringing back your vows. Break them down into multiple notes and get him equal numbers of gifts to boot so you can slip one into each box.

38. Make an artwork of your wedding vows

Instead of splitting it up, you can simply type your wedding vows out – yours and his – separately, design to taste, print, and frame them. Or commission an artist to do the legwork. Those words will serve a subconscious purpose in your marriage long after the novelty of the gift has worn off.

39. Keep a love journal

Get an original leather back journal old-school style and fill it with random musings about him, heartfelt notes, gratitude list, and more, then present it to him on your next anniversary.

40. Cocktail, music, and slow dancing at home

Romantic gestures like these tend to become less of a priority in marriage as the years pass, and understandably so. If the mundanes have taken over your life, too, use your anniversary to remind yourself and your hubby that you two still got it. You can use your special playlist, scented candles, and other personal touches to make it you.

41. Book an entire venue for just the two of you

A movie theatre, restaurant, private jet, sports complex, coffee shop… talk about a grand gesture.

42. Anniversary dates frame

Do you know what would be a fitting gift to wrap up an anniversary? A piece that tells your story in one glance. The most important dates up to that moment, from the day you met to when you chose to become life partners to each of your kid’s birthdays, on one frame.

43. Record his heartbeat and tattoo it somewhere special


44. A full week of treats

Have activities lined up for the week leading up to your anniversary, like it’s his birthday, for seven days straight, dinners, walks, spa days, staycation, treasure hunts, etc. Naturally, you want to preserve the intrigue, so make sure to save the best for last.

45. Try something new together

How cool would it be to have something different to point to that you’ve done with your hubs for each year of your married life? The surprise would be that he doesn’t know what you have in store for each anniversary, of course.

46. Cook his family recipe

Something new doesn’t always mean never being done. You may have cooked him a special meal or two as an anniversary gift before, but how often do you take time to study and try to recreate his late grandma’s long-forgotten recipe? The one he talks about ever so fondly. Even if you flop, it’s the thought that counts.

47. Arrange something wild to spice up your sex life, like a threesome

If you and your husband are open to it and you’re convinced it won’t ruin your marriage, but don’t do anything radical you two haven’t discussed before.

Valentine’s Day Surprise Ideas

48. Put your love in the air

put your love in the air

Go old school and dedicate a special song to your big baby on your local radio station. And if that’s a completely lost art in your home, you can try something similar with his favorite talk show or even podcasts.

49. Where the heart leads 

Use rose petals or heart-shaped cutouts to create a love trail leading him to a place where you have his main gift (an even bigger surprise) waiting.

50. Play the game of love

Who needs the Superbowl when you can play the game of love with your Valentine, courtesy of the real housewives of buck county?

51. Send him a handwritten love letter in the mail

Pick up your pen from the basket of love and pour your heart out on paper. Then mail it so you can watch him blush when he finds it under a pile of bills.

52. Picnic in the garden

If you can’t remember the last time you and your honey just chilled outdoors with blankets, music, and some edibles, then this might do the trick. You can set it up in your yard or have him meet you somewhere scenic.

53. Dice and spice

No marriage is too old for a little naughty fun between couples. Spicing things up with some adult game can add some life to an otherwise routine relationship.

54. Breakfast in bed, with a side love note

Give your baby that Airbnb treatment right in his own home or go all out and lodge somewhere for the season. But only if he doesn’t wake up to his favorite breakfast with a love note on the side from you every other day.

55. Love explosion box

If you’re looking for ways to surprise your husband like never before, this one most certainly packs a punch. You can order online or assemble one yourself with scrapbooks, cutouts, pictures, more gifts, or where your imagination takes you.

56. Do something grand

You don’t have to break the bank to pull off grand romantic gestures for your special someone. Although money does help, you can still liven things up on a budget. You can make a trail with balloons, pictures, candy, or love notes spelled out and arranged letter by letter in addition to the classic petals. Add lights and the right scent to perfect the ambiance, and your surprise is set.

Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

57. Scavenger hunt

Maps, clues, action! Send your husband on a scavenger hunt that ends in your big news.

58. Custom coffee mug

You’re serving him coffee as usual, right? Only this time, it ends with a reveal at the end of the mug. “We are pregnant!”

59. Or a bland one with a hidden message

Or you can write the news legibly underneath your usual coffee mug, then sit across from your husband and take slow sips.

60. Cupcakes


Spell out the announcement on cupcakes to surprise your husband and satisfy your cravings in one slick move.

61. Chocolates

Same idea with cupcakes above but with chocolates.

62. Customized keychain

He doesn’t eat cake or chocolates? Engrave the news on an accessory he does use, like a keychain.

63. Candlelit dinner and a little more

Set up a romantic dinner, gourmet style with petals, candles, the whole works. Then dish his food on a customized pregnancy announcement dish and be sure he finishes his meal.

64. Write the news on his favorite drink

Print the big news out on labels and slap them on his six-pack. Try not to place them somewhere too obscure like an underground wine cellar, though, else your baby bump might be a faster way to reveal.

65. Pop me, we’re having a baby!

Remember pop me balloons? You can use all kinds of ways to surprise your husband, not just on his birthday.

66. Float the news

Balloons, again. Tie your news to a colorful piece at eye level and keep it in place with a baby item like a pair of boots. Then place the package somewhere he can spot as soon as he walks in the door.

67. Get him a book on parenting

If your husband likes to read, get him a book for dads-to-be or something and wrap it up so the anticipation can build before he gets to his surprise.

68. Say it with pizza

Order him a special pizza and have them write “you’re gonna be a daddy” with his favorite toppings. Or meet the delivery guy outside, scribble the news on the inner part of the lid, and hide the wrapped PT result somewhere in the corner.

69. Write it, seal it, and mail it

Picture this: your husband goes out to bring the mail in, and somewhere among the countless bills sits a tiny envelope with a card that says, “we’re having a baby!”

70. Send a box with the positive pregnancy test enclosed

Straight to the point also packs a punch when the news is this big. Trust me.

71. Enlist your pet(s)

Write the news on a little cardboard and have your furry kids deliver the joyous news.

72. Or the soon-to-be big bro/sis

or the soon to be big bro sis

If the pets can, so can the big brother/sister-to-be. If your other child is still too young, print the news on a pair of socks or onesie, where your husband will be able to see it as the baby does their thing.

73. T-shirt/onesie gift set

It’s never too early for matching outfits when you know the news is going to be welcome. Or print something fun that passes the message across on a tee and wear it yourself.

Every Other Day Ideas

74. Organize a surprise romantic getaway

That cabin your family has upstate no one is using? Dust it up sometime and set it up for a weekend. Then find a way to get your husband there under pretense.

75. Make him a music video

Put random pictures of your husband being himself together with beautiful music, and voila, happy birthday! Or anniversary. Or valentine. Or just another day.

76. Social media shout out with a personalized message

A husband appreciation post, if you will. If you don’t hype your relationship/marriage, who will?

77. Create a set of DIY open when cards

If your hubby travels a lot on business, he’s sure going to appreciate this one. You can make a compilation of printable DIY cards with handwritten notes from you and pictures of you, him, and the kids if you have some. Then slip them somewhere he won’t notice until he starts to unpack.

78. Take up his hobby

Fall in love with that activity he enjoys so much, if only briefly. Learn the basics beforehand, then dedicate a day or so to do what he loves with him.

79. King for a day

Wives are quick to call their husbands the king of the heart, here’s your chance to prove it. Pick a random day to treat your man like royalty by anticipating his wants and bringing them forth before he asks. For the whole day!

80. Have a YES day

In case the name didn’t give it away, yes, it’s exactly like the one the kids get when they’ve been good. A second king’s day, if you will, where you’ll not only not exercise your veto against his suggestions but also have to go along with them.

81. Lunch at work

Have his favorite food delivered to him at work in time for lunch or bring it to him yourself on a day he wouldn’t expect. It always works, especially when the alternative is bland, overpriced office food.

82. What’s the occasion? You, of course

Treat your husband to an unexpected dinner with the people closest to him without celebrating anything but his awesomeness.

83. Get him going in public

Looking for ways to make your marriage or sex life more… spicy? Do something daring like playing footsie or whispering dirty things in your husband’s ears next time you are out.

84. Brunch in the park

brunch in the park

When’s the last time you had lunch with your husband, let alone brunch? Make it a date the next time you are both chanced, preferably without the kids.

85. Send him flowers at work

This may seem like a standard romantic gesture but considering straight men don’t get flowers nearly as often as we do, it’ll make for a pleasant surprise.

86. Saucy texting

If you are the type who usually keeps the bedroom business within those four walls, this will bang. Picture this: he gets a text from you in the middle of a meeting and opens it expecting a reminder to pick up the milk. Only it’s an explicit message about what you want him to do to your body right that moment…

87. Go all the way

To drive the surprise home, follow that text with a timely arrival at his workplace (during his lunch break, maybe?) in the quintessential seductive uniform. Yep, the trench coat and heels combo with not a lot under or something equally hot. However things go from there, just try not to get him fired.

88. Send a pic

Simple things like a picture can make for nice surprises too. It doesn’t necessarily have to be traps, you can equally surprise your boo with a sweet one if you usually don’t do that.

89. Initiate sex in a novel location

And unexpectedly too. Getting frisky with your husband in your vacation hotel room might be nice, but it wouldn’t be groundbreaking. Trying it on a cliff, church bathroom, or a family reunion, on the other hand…

90. Do a new trick in bed

Years of marriage take their toll on marital sex life, all the more reason to shock your husband with a move he never thought you had in you.

91. Do his least favorite chore for him

Is it his turn to do the laundry, and you know he hates it? Do it when he least expects.

92. Build a blanket fort at home

Let him come home to something fun that lets you both be kids again, if only for a day.

Gift ideas to surprise your husband

One secret to never running out of ways to surprise your husband is thoughtful gifts. Even the man who has everything expresses what he wants from time to time, consciously or unconsciously. You just have to pay attention.

Entertainment Gift Ideas

93. Movie buff?

Is he an MCU fan or a DC lover? Get him a keepsake from his favorite superhero, or make him a cake or t-shirt with that theme, just because. Show your man you've been paying your attention.

94. Renew his paid subscriptions

If your hubby is not so into the superhero stuff, you can still surprise him by keeping the shows he does enjoy on. Take the subscription fees to his favs off his plates for a month or a year.

95. Projector

You and your sweetheart can create your own cinema experience in your living room or garage with just a projector, surface, and a bowl of popcorn. Perfect for those date nights where you feel like a movie but don’t want to be around people.

96. Limited edition concert tickets

limited edition concert tickets

I’m sure he’ll appreciate tickets to watch his favorite artist perform, but you can always amp up the surprise by getting him ones he can’t just get whenever.

97. Karaoke machine

Life may not give you two a lot of chances to embarrass yourself together at karaoke bars anymore, but who says you can’t bring the fun home?

98. Tickets to the opera

Make a romantic date night of it or a fun day out sans the kids.

99. A signed copy of a book by his favorite author

If you’re married to a dedicated bookworm, fewer things can rank above this on his list of favorite surprises.

100. A personal message from his favorite celebrity

Between social media and sites like Cameo, you can make your husband’s day by having his fav record a video message or make a video call with him for a fee.

101. Write a short story with him as the main character

Let him read about himself through your eyes. A little embellishment is allowed but try to keep it organic. You can touch on your relationship/marriage, kids, his jobs, hobbies, and his life in general. Writing isn’t your strong suit? Pay someone who can do it.

102. An old-school turntable with vinyl records of his favorite albums

If your husband has a thing for the old ways, a blast from the past like this will leave him in awe of you.

103. An old-school arcade game

More vintage ways to surprise your husband? Try this fun, retro game, especially if he specifically loves the 1970s and 80s.

104. A music instrument with paid lessons

And if he already plays well, you can get him a better model than he already has.

Sports Gift Ideas

105. New York Times Custom Football/baseball book

A perfect birthday surprise for a sports history buff.

106. Frame his college or high school trophies/awards

Was your husband a hotshot in sports back in the day? Help him relive those fun times in a way that doesn’t clutter up the house.

107. Ping pong/billiards/hockey/foosball table

Would you be giving his guys more reason to take your husband away from you? Maybe. But at least this time, they can do it within your sight.

108. His team’s jersey

his teams jersey

If your husband is an ardent sports lover, you can count on a new jersey with his favorite number to burst his head, especially if you can copy a recent or original one.

109. Autographed jersey from his favorite player

What’s better than a new, original jersey for your sports enthusiast hubby? One bearing the signature of a player he adores, i.e., a limited edition that not every Tom, Dick, and Harry can get their hands on. He’d probably love you forever after a surprise like that.

110. Tie or socks of his sports team

It doesn’t have to be a jersey or boots to count. You can still incorporate your husband’s daily needs with his love for sports. Get him the accessories he uses the most, cufflinks, ties, socks, car sticker, hat, etc., and you’d be killing two birds with one move.

111. Great seat game ticket for his team

This one, I believe, speaks for itself.

112. Dartboard Set

This might be a fun addition to your husband’s man cave. Even better, you can make one yourself.

113. Excellent Nike/Adidas trainers

A solid set of kicks is always a welcome surprise with men who like to get in on the fun rather than just watch.

114. Throwback jersey from his team’s favorite season

As far as sentimental gifts go, this is one of the best to surprise your husband with if he’s a true sports fan.

115. A commissioned comic book of him playing for his favorite sports team

You don’t see this every day, hence the appeal.

116. Update his golfing kit

Make life on the green a bit easier for your husband with gifts like a better club, a new bag, or a personalized golf ball/holder/marker. They would all make pleasant surprises, especially if you don’t play yourself.

Tech Gift Ideas

117. Smartphone-controlled paper airplane

Something to appeal to or release his inner child. It’s not the usual, but at least the kids can join in on this one, and you can always make a family event of it.

118. Key finder

Does your man always lose his keys? Say no more.

119. Power Bank kit

For the adventurous man’s camping needs, it also works if your husband is on the road a lot.

120. Noise-canceling headphones

noise canceling headphones

New dad? Works from home? Occasionally needs to dissociate from the rest of the world? Sound like your husband? Get him these.

121. Gaming laptop

Ways to make your husband love you more? Indulge his hobby by getting him a better gaming laptop than he already has. It might cost you a pretty penny, but knowing he would be thinking of you every time he picks up the console would make it worth every dime.

122. Gaming accessories

If taking funds that big out of the joint account will ruin the surprise, you can opt for accessories that are a lot cheaper compared to the laptop. Mouse, keyboard, headset, ergonomic gaming chair, console, etc.

123. VR Headset

Is your man a bit of an adrenaline junkie? Gifting him a VR headset wouldn’t just surprise him; it’s a win-win for everyone. He can still get his blood rushing as he likes without putting himself in any physical danger. He gets his fix, and you have a very grateful, very healthy husband after each round.

124. Drone

Here is something specifically for the gadget buffs, the travelers, photography-related hobby/work, or if your husband just likes having cool things.

125. Smart Mug

Does your husband like coffee and tech? Bring his two loves together with a temperature control smart mug. He’d love you more every time he gets to keep his drink warm with a tap of his cellphone.

126. Dash Cam

If he’s security-conscious and has nothing to hide, he might appreciate you getting him a dash cam in case of whatever.

127. Lighting equipment

Does your husband fancy capturing moments with you and the kids? Then lighting equipment would certainly be a pleasant surprise. It also works if he makes video calls often, literally helping others seem in a good light.

128. Fitness accessories

Who says staying fit has to be tasteless? Instead of nagging him to work out, you can encourage him with fitness tracking accessories from his favorite tech brands like a sleek Fitbit or an apple watch.

Hobby/Work-related Surprises

129. Sign you two up for a class he’s been meaning to take

Is your hubby keen on art, a cooking enthusiast, or has he been talking about expanding his language portfolio? Beat him to it and surprise him with the details of his (your) first lesson.

130. Get him the needed work equipment

If he’s a photographer, get him his dream camera, lighting equipment, or anything else that would improve his work.

131. Replace or fix a worn-out tool

For someone who probably thinks you don't notice what he does in his spare time, getting him a new wrench or guitar string would sure take him aback.

132. Video games

video games

If you can't buy him the recent Xbox or PlayStation, you can pay for life points and game booster or whatever makes his life better in the game. Hell, letting him play in peace would be surprising enough for some husbands.

133. Art

Does he have an affinity for art? Sign him up for a class or link him with people of like minds. Orchestrate a premium gallery visit for a showing or a tour of a place that’s packing his taste.

134. Collector?

Is he a collector? Go hunting for the next item on the list without his knowledge, then hide it somewhere and create a treasure map with it as the ultimate prize. The more removed you are from the hobby, the bigger the potential surprise.

135. Microsoft Flight Simulator

A marriage of aviation and gaming, a flight simulator will make an orgasmic gift if your husband loves either or both. With options that range from standard to premium, your spouse can have the sky at his fingertips on any budget.

136. Bring his dream destination to him

If your husband loves to travel or has a specific destination in mind but is unable to at the moment, a gift native to that place would certainly surprise him. Or maybe a personalized video of the unique places he’s mentioned.

137. Book him a flight ticket to go there alone

Or you know, let your money do the work for you if you can afford to. If you think he’d find it more fun if you went together, you can get two tickets and make a second honeymoon out of it.

Other Surprise Gift Ideas for Your Husband

138. Massage/spa treatment gift card

If he’s been working a lot lately or hasn’t been sleeping well, you can surprise your husband with the gift of comfort. A few hours with the professional, then he can come home, relaxed and ready for your own rub down.

139. Say yes to something he’s always wanted to do

I’m sure you have your reasons for insisting that the father of your kids not get a motorbike but can you say yes to something less dangerous but also fun? Tattoos maybe, or roleplay?

140. Gym equipment

Dumbbells, boxing set, treadmill, etc. Surprise your man with different ways to make him sweat than the usual (winks).

141. Portable espresso machine

You are married to a man who loves his coffee, need I say more?

142. Slip coupons and gift cards into his wallet

Sometimes, slip your man some gift cards and let him redeem them as he sees fit.

143. Grooming kit

Grooming kits are like makeup products, you don’t want to buy them blindly. If you have some ideas in the area and know what works for your man, go ahead. If not, helping him shave might be a close compromise.

144. Funny personalized T-shirt or underwear

funny personalized t shirt or underwear.

“Property of Mrs. Robinson. No trespassing” “Trophy husband.” “My wife said no.” You get the point.

145. Donate in his name

The perfect present for the man who seemingly has it all.

146. A great book on music

Like a memoir of his favorite musician or something closer to the genre he reads.

147. Quirky drinking glasses

If your husband also buys into the idea that life is too short to be boring, he’ll most likely find this amusing, at least.

148. Cocktail recipe book

Does your man like to read as much as he loves cocktails? You can hardly miss a good cocktail recipe book then.

149. Personalized gift box/basket

Curate a gift box based on your husband’s needs and taste, and give it to him just because.

150. Take his car to be washed

Maybe check some items off his routine car maintenance checklist, too, like oil levels and waxing while you are at it.

151. A pet

If he doesn’t already have one or he wants another.


What nice things can I do for my husband?

The best outsiders can do is give you ideas. As his wife, you are in a better position to decide what your husband would actually appreciate. If you hit a block, just do what you’d like him to do for you, or better yet, ask him.

How can I surprise my husband when he comes home from work?

Welcome him with a smile. Have his favorite meal ready. Put on something sexy to give him a nice view when he opens the door. Draw him a nice bath and offer him a massage. Make sure the house is clean and set a relaxing ambiance.

How can I surprise my husband sexually?

Some women just need to throw on lingerie and flirt a little to stupefy their husbands, whereas it takes a lot more work for others. The best ways to surprise your husband sexually are the ones that draw from your existing dynamic. Does he initiate sex all the time? Switch that up. You can learn some new tricks and be more open to trying different things.

What is the sweetest thing to say to your husband?

Generally, men love to hear their partners say things that positively reinforce their efforts and make them feel loved and appreciated. Hence, the sweetest things to tell your husband are words drawn from such ideas, whatever that translates to in your relationship.

How do you make love to your husband that he will never forget?

Simply do something you’ve never done before. It can be fun, hot, sweet, or even crazy. Just make it memorable. Take control of the lovemaking by setting the pace and position that works for you. Express how having him inside you makes you feel. Try to remain in the moment, concentrate on the sensation, and don’t hold back.

To Sum Up

I had so much fun putting this list together. Not to brag, but I know there’s no way you won’t find at least a couple of ways to make your husband go wow! Of course, the comment section is always open for you to prove me wrong (or right!). 

I’d love to hear your thoughts and ideas too, so, seriously, leave a comment and share the article. You definitely have someone in your life who needs this.

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