Superficial Men (37 Ways To Tell If A Guy Is Superficial)

Superficial people are those that don't care about any other person excluding themselves. They're not people who see good in the hearts of people or look for deep interpretations of situations, men inclusive. Superficial guys are all about materialistic things. These are things that make people look physically flashy. 

With the little description, you comfortably tag them as shallow people. These are people you can't look up to, have as an emergency contact, ask for help, or count on whenever you're in deep trouble. They're all about receiving without giving, which means that friendship or relationship with them is based on a one-sided love.

A superficial person wants to know trending news on fashion, the latest clothing brands, people who will boost his ego, and the next step to take to maintain his physical looks. That's where a superficial man adopts a shallow mindset, which is what makes up a greater percentage of his personality.

You may have one as a friend or lover. You may or may not know because of how much you cherish them. But, if you want to know or confirm if you're in a relationship with a superficial man, here are 37 ways to tell if he's one.


37 Ways To Tell If A Guy Is Superficial

1. They're self-centered people

Superficial people are selfish and self-centered. They're not ready to deal with anyone who would need their help in any way. All they can think of is their success and how they can show off to people, and not how to touch lives.

Instead, they expect people to put in their best effort to help them. Most guys like this find it hard to start a family, not to talk of having children. If they do, it's another way of getting more popular on social media and in public.

2. They pay special attention to their appearances

A superficial person could fall in love and date a woman, have children, and be nice to his friends in public, but most times, it's for fame. Even when they want to be genuine about it, it still ends up being to fit their physical appearances.

They could spend money getting many flashy and expensive things to show off. This doesn't mean they'll show off verbally. They could intentionally flaunt it or make reference to a past event that inspired them to do it.

3. Superficial guys love materialistic things

They could spend cash buying many shoes, clothes, cars, houses, and many other materialistic things. Most times, they never get to use some of these things. They just get them for the talk. 

They want to increase their level in society, not for the benefit of anything important, but for unnecessary fame. Not only can they spend or stress in doing something, but they could also buy an accessory they admire from someone else as a competition, or for fun. This is a typical attitude of a superficial guy.

4. They never tell the truth as it is

Superficial guys always twist stories even when it's the truth. Don't get this wrong. They could tell you the truth if it doesn't affect them or has nothing to do with their lives. But, if the truth will mess with their reputation, they won't tell you.

They'll patch things up to make them look perfect, especially if they were involved in the issue. This means you have to be careful while dealing with people like this, so you don't get yourself into trouble, unconsciously.

5. Superficial guys feel entitled

It's not a wonder that superficial guys feel entitled. They feel you should acknowledge them first. They want you to treat them like lords and kings. Whether you're in a relationship or not, they expect you to reach out to them to find out how they're doing.

So, if you want to date a guy and he loves materialistic things, makes you feel bad, and blames you for everything that happens between the two of you, he may be having some characteristics of superficial people.

6. They don't show appreciation

What do you expect from someone who feels entitled to everything good? He won't be mature enough to say thank you. This is one of the characteristics of superficial people and it's called an ungrateful attitude.

Most guys who are superficial believe they're doing you a favor by letting you serve them. They feel you'll gain more ground when you tell people you worked for them. This means you have to develop a thick skin, but still, be nice to people in case you come across a superficial guy.

7. Their social status matters to them

Superficial guys are obsessed with high social life. A superficial guy is someone who could go into a relationship with a high-class woman just to increase his social fan numbers. He wants people to keep saying something about him.

With him trending on social media, he would get all the attention he needs to boost his ego. Most men that are like this, could be in debt just to put up a fake life to be attractive to people. This is why they don't talk to anyone that looks simple to them.

8. They're attracted to superficial and pretty women

theyre attracted to superficial and pretty women

As they say, birds of a feather always flock together. Superficial guys are attracted to beautiful and superficial women. So, it's either she's beautiful enough to fit his taste and general looks, or she's also a materialist and superficial woman.

He doesn't care if there's any love, sexual attraction, mutual understanding, or emotional connection. He also doesn't care about her attitude. He could want to date her because of her pretty face. This is how a shallow person thinks.

9. When they give compliments, it doesn't come from the heart

When you hear a shallow person give compliments, it could be that they want to mock you or correct you like a baby. Superficial people never give compliments from the heart, except they want to make friends with you to benefit something.

This is what they do when they need help from someone or need to get specific information. That's when you hear them compliment everything about you. If you notice something like this with a question as to the next line of conversation, know you've met one.

10. Things are always better their way

It's not a wonder to know that a shallow person is never ready to learn. That's because he feels he's perfect and everything should go his way. Even when you're in a relationship with him, there would be nothing like having a two-way conversation.

That's because he'll make you feel like he has put everything in place even though it may not be in your way. You both may not even be talking like a couple if he's superficial. If you're yet to date him, you may want to start finding solutions to this issue.

11. Superficial guys don't know how to relate with people

Because they expect everyone to worship them, they have no skills on how to relate to people. All they're concerned about is your acknowledgment of their presence and compliments on anything that they're directly involved in.

This is why they say just a few words most times. They feel their attractive appearance would say it all to people. But, this is not how things work. If you want to date a man and he acts like this, you may want to rethink it.

12. They love being the center of attention

This is obvious because anyone obsessed with material things wants to be noticed. He wants to be known and talked about by many people. He also wants people to be amazed when he goes anywhere. Superficial people want to enter a place and be recognized by many. 

Even when they're not known, they want people to see their outfit, the kind of phone they're using, the quality of their briefcase, and the scent of their fragrance. This is the life of a superficial guy.

13. They're open to gossip as they love getting information

Most superficial people love to gossip. That's because they're after hearing about someone else’s way of life, living past their standard, or competing with it. So, they wouldn't mind talking to someone they don't relate with, just to achieve that aim.

If they're not good with words, they pay or manipulate someone to do it on their behalf. But, they always find a way to get information. If you want to date a guy and you notice this, you should rethink the relationship.

14. Your secrets are not safe with them

No matter how much love you have for a superficial guy, never let your secrets out to him. Whether he's your friend or boyfriend, he'll let your secrets out to other people either consciously or unconsciously.

He could do this as a way to degrade you, make you feel bad, or make you succumb to their orders. It could be very annoying, but they do it a lot, especially when they don’t value you so much as a person. This is one of the ways to tell if a guy is superficial.

15. They do anything to work in their favor (backstabbers)

If you call superficial people backstabbers, you’re not completely wrong. Why do they do this? Because they want to use you to boost their self-esteem. They don’t mind exposing your way of life to gain favor from someone they respect more than you.

So, you should be careful of the things you tell people about yourself. You should also be careful of the things you say about people, especially to a person who loves talking about the physical looks of things.

16. Nobody, except them, is perfect

nobody except them is perfect

It’s always all about the superficial person. He could spend a whole day talking about himself without getting tired. As long as you give him an audience. He’ll keep talking about how perfect he is and how other people make mistakes. 

The interesting thing is that his talk may not be uplifting because his focus is more on how good he should look and with material things. He’ll advise you to be like him. He'll also tell you to be as calculated and well-groomed, just like he is.

17. They would do anything to maintain their social status

While other guys are trying their best to make their careers better, dealing with all the difficulties and tough times, superficial guys are there trying to maintain a high social status. They live for it and will continue to strive for it.

One funny fact about this situation is that there's a difference between keeping up with a fake life and being only being known by a few people. Some superficial guys succeed in putting up the fairness but have issues raising their social status.

18. They only care about things that directly affect them

If you tell a superficial person that there’s a fire outbreak in his street, he won’t be perturbed. But, if you tell him that the situation affects his house, second car, or a very relevant neighbor’s property, he could have a panic attack trying to save the situation.

It’s a selfish attitude and it's sad, but it happens with this set of people. They don't worry about anything that doesn't have a negative impact on their identity. This is another way you can tell when a man is superficial.

19. They never offer to help

There’s a difference between helping someone because you need a favor from them and helping to make them smile. A superficial person would never offer to help selflessly. He would watch you deal with your problems alone.

They’re always busy doing something else to distract them while avoiding getting involved in any of your life struggles. So, if you want to know if a guy is superficial, this is one of the characteristics you should look out for, and it’s quite easy to confirm.

20. A superficial person has no principles or morals

You read that right. One sign you can use to know if a guy is superficial or not is the way he talks to people. Superficial people don’t know how to control their words or what to say to make people smile. They just go with the flow of their feelings.

So, they could piss you off or make you smile by mistake. They don’t know how to apologize when they offend you. That’s because they feel certain things are not as serious as people think they are.

21. They're always active on social media

Don't forget, all a superficial man is really concerned about, is his popularity. So, he wouldn't mind taking his time to update his social media pages every minute just to have many followers, fans, likes, and comments flooding in.

Some of them who don't have the human relation skill would pay or manipulate someone else to do the job for them. They would check out other popular people’s pages to compare, copy, and keep up to the same standard as them.

22. They're shallow-minded

Superficial guys only live on the surface. If they see beautiful women, they could only be interested in their pretty faces. If they see a professional person who has a lot to offer skill-wise, that's what they focus on

They're not interested in how kind the person is. They don't want to know the lessons a situation has to teach them if it doesn't have to do with their physical appearance or societal status. This is how shallow they are in their thoughts.

23. A superficial person would do anything to maintain his appearance

It's exactly how you understand it. Superficial guys would do anything to maintain their vain life. They could work day and night, steal, extort, and indirectly beg people to keep up the standards. But, who's fault is it? Of course, it's theirs 

They don't mind doing this year after year to achieve their vain lifestyle. It gets so bad that they withdraw from society when they can't keep up with the fake lifestyle. They shy away from people mocking them back.

24. They keep friends who have something to offer

they keep friends who have something to offer

As much as this sounds like a positive thing, it's not. It could be if they have something to contribute to those friends. Like a beautiful relationship, friendship is a two-way thing. Two friends should always complement each other.

This is not the same case as being friends with a superficial guy. They expect you to do everything to keep the friendship. When you don't, it kills everything, and most times, they act like you never existed to them. This is how they behave.

25. They look down on people a lot

Of course, they'll criticize or even gossip about you if you don't dress the way they feel you should. Don't forget they're shallow-minded people. This means that they don't take time to analyze situations.

Even when they have humble beginnings, they tend to forget about the times people have to survive to live life to the fullest. The sad part of it is that they could look down on a person and say hurtful things to them to make them feel horrible. Superficial people openly mock people and situations.

26. They only wear designers

Superficial people only wear designers. This does mean they have enough cash to get them. They only want to flaunt them. A superficial man wants you to look at him and ask how much he got his nice Gucci wristwatch.

So, when he's dealing with other people, he wants to easily mention the brand name for you to know how much he spends on their outfits. Even when he's broke, he could do anything, right or wrong, to achieve that part of his life.

27. A superficial person doesn't want to hear about your problems

Remember it's all about him. He doesn't want to get involved in your problems, except he wants to put up a fake good life to date you. When you try to confide in him, he will find a way to tell you to deal with your problems.

That's because he's not concerned about anything that doesn't boost his vain life. The bad thing is, he'll expect you to listen to his issues and even help to solve them. This is how they behave.

28. They forget you when you don't have anything materialistic to offer

Don't expect a superficial person to remember you when you have nothing materialistic to offer him. Even if it's not riches, you should do something to boost his ego wherever he goes. For instance, if they met you as a wealthy woman, you'd become a past lover or friend when you crash.

If you also promised to be doing one thing to boost their vain lives and you stop, they lose interest in you. This means they'll stop calling, taking your calls, or responding to you when you speak.

29. They're perfect at covering up their flaws

Think about this, when you see a handsome man coming out of his beautiful car with a clean outfit and physical appearance, would you look at his flaws? Maybe you would with time, but for the first couple of minutes, you'll admire him for a bit.

This is why they are perfect at masking their flaws. They spend so much time putting up a vain life, so it fools other people. This is one skill a superficial person has and you could fall for it if you're not careful.

30. They love to give advice, but won't take someone else's

Superficial people are always right. To them, they have everything figured out because of their ability to put up fake life. The only interesting thing is that their advice is to make you feel bad about a particular thing.

They could emphasize your flaws and your inability to manage them. They would talk and make you wonder why you could be so stupid in making such mistakes. But, if you use this approach with them, they pay deaf ears to everything you say that doesn't elevate them.

31. They don't spend cash to make the other person better

Superficial people don't like helping people. This means they'll be reluctant to provide anything for the help and that includes cash. If it's not an investment that would yield more cash for their upkeep, it's a no-no for them.

Some of them even keep their families on a budget just to keep more resources for their personal use. When a superficial guy gives you cash, watch out, it's in exchange for a favor. This is how they behave with people, generally.

32. A greater percentage of their lives is fake

a greater percentage of their lives is fake

Apart from the investments and businesses they do, their family members, and the property they bought and paid in full for, most of the other things they have in their existence are fake. Whether it's a friendship, relationship, or a random meet-up.

From the look of things, you don't need to confirm this. It smells all over them. Sometimes, you could hear it from the way they speak, laugh, or make references to things. It may sound weird, but you can tell when a guy is superficial by observing this.

33. They could be suicidal when things are going wrong

When things are not going the way they want, they get hurt so much. This happens when they hear people say negative things about them and they have no cash to intimidate them or prove them otherwise with their lifestyle. 

That's when they go back into their shell. They deactivate their social media accounts, go silent physically, and become so humble when they come across people they know. Some of them refuse to leave their houses out of shame.

34. They always have negative side comments

Superficial guys always have negative comments and side comments about many things, especially when they don't relate to them. They will say it not minding how the other person feels. Even when they say good comments, they sound unrealistic.

So, sometimes when you listen to them speak or comment about something, pay attention to their tone. Also, watch out for their next line of action or how they behave with the person. It's a way to know when a guy is superficial.

35. Their discussion is all about vanity or nothing

Do you know how interesting a conversation could be when it's diverse? This doesn't happen with a superficial man. When you meet one and start discussing with him, you'll notice everything he says sums up to cash or anything related to it.

He could start asking you questions about your life, so he can compare or make you feel bad about having fewer accomplishments than him. This is one way you can use to know when a guy is superficial.

36. Superficial guys hurt people, consciously or unconsciously

Sometimes, making other people cry or feel bad is what brings a superficial guy joy. That's because it makes him feel intimidated by people like he has the world under his feet. It's something he could do consciously or unconsciously.

The funny thing is that he can't try this with someone whom he feels is superior to him. This is because he'll be scared of what the outcome would be if he tries it. Instead, he’ll take advantage of a more vulnerable person.

37. They run away from problems money can't solve

Of course, their main concentration is on materialistic things, which means they don't know much about real-life problems. So, when issues that don't need cash solutions come up, they run away.

For instance, if a girl breaks up with a superficial guy, he'll try dealing with it in so many vain ways. He could find other girls to flirt with, or buy drinks to take his mind off it. The same thing applies if he's caught in a social media mess. Cash can't solve that.


How can you tell if a guy is superficial?

A superficial guy has nothing to offer, except an attractive physical look. Even when he does, it means he wants to get a greater favor from you, in return. He would have no sympathy and make fun of your flaws. Others include his inability to keep up a good conversation and caring less about your opinion.

What is a superficial person?

A superficial person is a shallow person. It means they're all about the surface or how something appears physically, whether it has to do with them or not. A superficial person judges people by what they see, not caring about how pretty the inner content is. 

What are superficial characteristics?

There are numerous superficial characteristics. Some of them include love for material things, no morals, and with little or no knowledge about many things. They also include the inability to maintain or even have a good romantic and platonic relationship with anybody, and the inability to keep secrets for selfish reasons.

What is a shallow man?

A shallow man is someone only interested in the physical appearance of things. He only cares about shallow-surface things like money, societal status, unnecessary gossip, or fun that requires him to be the center of attention. A shallow man also makes friends based on how materialistic they are to make him look good, too.

Is it bad to be superficial?

Being superficial is not a bad thing, except the person exaggerates it. It's okay for a man to be attracted to a woman for her pretty face. It's also okay for a woman to have a sexual attraction to a cute man with a nice outfit, especially if they both see each other fit to be in a relationship together.


If you're in a relationship with a man who has some or most of these characteristics, it's a sign that he could be a superficial person. If you're not sure, here are 37 ways to confirm. Was this a great article? If yes, please feel free to drop your comments and share them with your loved ones.

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