Stressed Out Guy (11 Ways to Handle a Man That’s Always Stressed)

We all go through stress one way or the other. It could be built up pressures and expectations from work, school, family life, etc. Sometimes, when we realize someone close to us is dealing with anxiety as a result of stress, to the point where it affects their behavior, we tend to avoid them or pull away instead of helping out, and this withdrawal can worsen their case.

It is even more painful watching your partner go through constant periods of stress, and this can cause unnecessary tension in the relationship. I say this because nobody is nice when they are stressed, and if they have been going through stress for long, expect withdrawals, silence from your partner, or mean words that may translate into arguments.

Sometimes, you genuinely want to help, but it is either he wants to deal with the issue by himself or he tells you he is not stressed, even though he is exhibiting stress symptoms. Or you may be bewildered as to what the best way to help could be but the truth is he really needs you than he cares to admit. So here are some ways to manage a stressed-out guy.

11 Ways To Manage A Stressed Guy

1. Be Compassionate and patient

To be able to deal with a guy who is stressed, you ought to be very patient and compassionate. According to sources, men deal with stress differently from women, so do not expect your partner to come to you and cry that he is stressed. Men like to deal with issues by themselves, so it is up to you to realize when he is stressed and encourage him to open up to you. 

It is not going to be easy, because it is so like men to ignore that they are stressed. So they continue moving on, even though it is so obvious they are stressed. When you realize that, talk to him about the signs you have seen that suggest that he is stressed. Do not think he will readily admit it. And if he doesn’t, be patient and reassure him with kind words or gestures.

When he realizes that you are doing what you can to help, he may open up to you about what is disturbing him.

2. Caring Gestures

One way you can manage your stressed guy is by showing him that you care about him a lot and that you have got his back. When you see the signs of chronic stress he may be experiencing, you can give him a hug to put a smile on his face. You can also hold his hands to give him the impression that he is not alone or you could give him a massage so that he feels relaxed. 

Or you can post love notes concerning things you love about him all over the house so that he sees something to smile about each time. Cook his favorite food and have an intimate dinner. Be creative! All these will definitely ease whatever burden your man may be carrying.

3. Understand that different genders deal with stress differently

Men handle stress differently from women. While women tend to talk more about what is stressing them, guys withdraw and even ignore they have a stress problem. To be able to efficiently manage the stress your partner may be going through, you need to first understand that this is just how guys deal with stress.

According to experts, a man would appreciate it more if you offered practical help and pitched in to help with his activities, unlike women who want to be pampered and told all the right words. 

4. Listen to him

listen to him

Talking to someone you trust about issues bothering you can be a bit of an eye-opener because it directs you to solutions you never thought of, but that would be possible if there was someone to listen to what you were saying. 

In the same way, listen to him, it does not matter whether you don’t understand a bit of whatever he is saying, just be interested and listen. Make him feel like his opinions matter.

The mere fact that someone is there to give him her time and listen to him vent, while being judgemental about what is bothering him is enough to make a difference, no matter how small.

5. Help him get help

If your partner’s stress levels are getting out of hand, it is time you admit that you cannot do it alone and seek professional help. Sometimes, the effects of stress are short-lived, other times, they have long-term effects on his body which include low sex drive, blood pressure, premature aging, heart issues, etc. which may affect his life and the relationship in the long run. 

You both cannot solve his stress issue alone, especially when his stress levels have heightened. So take an empathic step to help him go through stress management.

6. Take very good care of yourself

It is imperative that as you deal with the stress of your partner, you take very good care of your body. So exercise, and take him along as you go. Exercise is a great stress reliever, so is eating healthy food and can keep your man refreshed. Engage yourself in different kinds of self-care activities. Meditation can also help.

Also, visit a therapist to discuss how you are also dealing with your partner’s stress because it could be rubbing off on you and that wouldn’t end well.

7. Learn to identify their stress triggers

You could help them to identify negative patterns in their behavior that you never noticed in them previously. So it is up to you to be very observant because most men are going to deny that they are stressed anyways. Talking to your man about negative behaviors you have noticed about him is a very sensitive issue, so clearly bring their attention to that fact without being judgemental.

As you observe the negative, learn to observe which activities affect him positively and decrease his stress level. 

For instance, whenever he takes a walk, is with friends, or plays video games for a while, his demeanor gives the impression that he is more in control of himself and less stressed. Any of these activities is a stress reliever to him so you ought to encourage him to involve himself more in those. 

8. Do something every day to help ease his stress

do something every day to help ease his stress

Men love it when they are offered practical help. So if he has spoken to you about what heightens his stress level, try to do something each day to reduce his stress. You should however not do it in a way that would suggest that he won’t be able to do it without you. That feeling can make him helpless.

Research suggests that open support can actually stress people the more, because they feel you are going all out for them, causing them to be in your debt, so you could help by working behind the scenes. Give him that support he needs, and he doesn’t have to know.

9. Take him out on a date

Help him manage his stress by taking him out on a date, planning a very intimate outing, having fun, then having great sex. Experts say that sex is a great stress management procedure because it results in a positive mood and less stress levels. 

Physical touch to the body has a way of releasing chemicals that are really good for managing stress. If this is the case, it is bound to lead to more sex and a healthy body.

10. Ask what you can do to help

Occasionally ask what you can do to help whenever he may be involved in an activity, do not assume that once he has you, the stress issue is gone. He may obviously say he doesn’t need you to do anything, but prove that you are always available when he calls for you. 

11. Don’t Get Emotional

One of the many effects of stress is that it can rub off on you and you can get overwhelmed. When that happens, it can negatively affect the bond between you two. Studies show that men are likely to react positively where stress is concerned when their women are less emotional. So, instead of having a competition of emotional responses, respond in a way that is neutrally void of emotions.

You will get a better reaction to this than also telling him how bad your day has been. Most men have difficulties managing their emotional response, adding to it will cause a wedge between you two. 


How do you tell if a man is stressed?

A man is stressed when he starts to exhibit these stress symptoms all of a sudden: chest pain, high blood pressure, diarrhea, upset stomach, repression of feelings, anxiety, trouble sleeping, trouble eating, declined sex drive, memory issues, constant worry, bad decision making, unmotivated, etc.

How do you help him when he is stressed?

To help a man when he is stressed, take good care of yourself first, be kind, ask what you can do to help, be caring, listen to him vent without judgment, and be very observant of him. Also, don’t get emotional, and when all these don’t make him better in a few weeks, seek professional help.

Why do guys pull away when stressed?

When men are stressed, they pull away because they need their space to deal with the issue alone.

Can stress make a man distant?

Yes, stress has a way of distancing two very close people; disconnecting even the strongest of relationships. So stress can make a man distant.

What are the 5 warning signs of stress?

Five warning signs of stress include headaches, shortness of breath, increased heartache, dizziness, and depression.

In Summary

In the nutshell, in this world of ours where stress is the daily trend, helping your guy to manage stress can help nurture the bond between you and your partner greatly. However, you should know when the matter is out of your hand so that you can allow your man to seek the help he needs.

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