Spending Too Much Time Together (11 Clear Signs You Need a Break From a Partner)

Before you unintentionally ruin that perfect relationship, you might want to know that spending too much time together as a couple can also be one of those things that diminish the spark between couples. 

If you've heard of “diminishing return in business,” it'll interest you to know the principle technically applies to romantic relationships too. 

Therefore, if you care about nurturing what you and your significant other shares for a long time, then read on. 

This article details all the signs that'll let you know when you are spending too much time with your partner. By the time you are done reading, you'll know if you are going overboard with the togetherness thing and probably need to create a healthy balance in your life.

11 Signs You're Spending Too Much Time Together as a Couple

1. It's been ages since you had ladies-night out

it's been ages since you had ladies night out

Don't get me wrong; It's all good if all is going well between you and your man. Nevertheless, feeling complacent with your man can only be a sign you are ignoring the importance of having good friends around you. 

Therefore, if you notice you've been missing out a lot with your gang, then it's clear you and your partner have been spending too much time together. Good friends can be helpful because they sometimes see things that may not be visible to you. After all, emotions can cloud sound judgment.

2. You are getting fewer invites among family

Ouch! I know it could hurt if you find out about family get-togethers through a posted picture on social media. But it's not their fault they've been cutting you out of the action. You've been taking too many rain checks lately because you are with your boyfriend. So they decided you don't need them as you used to. 

If this scenario is becoming frequent in your life, you need to spend some time apart and start investing in other loved ones in your life. As friends, families are also important because they may be the only ones to help if all goes south.

3. You are getting on each others' nerves quickly

Of course, a couple may have arguments in a relationship and get on each others' nerves from time to time. However, when you notice every little thing now gets you worked up, e.g., you suddenly feel your partner is breathing too loud or eating too fast, then it's likely you've been in each others' face too long. 

Look at it this way; it's natural that you'll cherish moments of togetherness when you see each other only once in a while compared to when you are always together. You tend to ignore or not even notice each others' shortcomings with the former; while the latter may cause you to take each other for granted and have arguments for no reason at all.

4. You can't remember a day without your boyfriend

Think back, has it been a while you spent a day apart since the relationship started? Now, I'm not talking about those periods you spend at work or school, receiving separate lectures.  If it looks like it's been a “century” you did your own thing without your partner for a whole day or more, then you need to revamp that relationship. 

When you start dating someone new, it's okay if you are all over each other. However, if this has become the order of the day after many months, trust me, it's only a matter of time before things start getting weird. Having regard and respect for each others' engagements could even bring you both closer.

5. It's now more common that you don't have things to talk about

it's now more common that you don't have things to talk about

It's quite normal to have some moments of silence during a long car ride or an evening stroll after spending some time at the park. However, if you notice you guys hardly ever have something to say to each other to keep the conversation exciting for hours, honey, it might be that you are starting to overdo the togetherness thing. 

Here's the thing, when you do things together in a relationship almost every time, there's a tendency you'll not have different experiences to share as well. Yes, you could come back home after hanging out at the beach to talk about the experience you had over there; well, that's probably all that there's left to say. 

Why don't you try to take a breather, spend some time apart and observe the huge difference from when you are always in each others' faces. 

6. You can't remember the last time you got a heartfelt message from your partner

You are, no doubt, spending too much time together in the relationship when you both don't spend time apart enough to send each other romantic texts. It's not like you can't text each other anything, but what’s the need? You are always in each others' faces. You know, absence can make the heart grow fonder. The lack of absence leads to lacking interest in life.

If it's been a while you've seen each other, it's normal you'll get a text from him that'll excite you. It could be a text to tell you he misses you and to plan a getaway weekend or to tell you how beautiful you are, and he can't wait to kiss/ make love. Trust me, those short heartfelt messages that come in when you've not seen each other for days make you even love each other more.  

7. You don't miss each other

Yes, you love each other. Okay, so you can't take your hands off each other, that's great too. However, if your relationship has gotten to that point where there's no build-up of anticipation in seeing one another, then you undoubtedly spend too much time together. 

If the only time you don't see each other is when you're using the restroom, trust me, you are doing more harm than good to the relationship. Look at it this way; when you spend time apart, it's in those moments you remember what it is that excites you about each other. It also makes you get creative about how you will spend the time together when you meet, which will keep the spark alive.

8. You now engage in the same hobbies all the time

It's fine when you and your partner have a  lot of interests in common. It helps build stronger relationships. However, having separate hobbies also means you are not losing your individuality. Come on; you are different people who fell in love with each other despite their differences. 

So, it's okay if you want to spend a day at the spa and your partner also wants to go scream at the football stadium. You don't have to give up what makes each person excited separately just to be together. If that's the case, then you need to give room for some alone fun. 

9. Reduction in under-the-sheets intimacy

reduction in under-the-sheets intimacy

Now, take a flashback and try to remember how exciting sex was when you and your partner first met. Is it different compared to when you now you breathing in each others' faces? I know the sexual excitement is naturally more initially, but who says it has to morph into a one in a blue moon activity. 

If you and your partner can be together for days or weeks without spontaneously getting naughty under the sheets, it's because you've seen each way too much. It's like a kid whose mother runs an ice cream store. Trust me, ice cream wouldn't excite that kid as much as another child who visits the store once a month when his dad is off duty. 

10. Why bother about going out

Are you at that point where you both suddenly don't feel like going out since you will be with each other out there anyway? It's no big deal, right? No, it's a big deal. Trust me, that relationship needs some overhauling. It's great that you and your partner can enjoy many days indoors. 

I guess that's not a bad thing, especially when we have a global pandemic around. But how long are you going to keep that up that kind of life? Not being open to new experiences is one of the things that can ruin a once-perfect relationship. Things may start to get boring as we humans are natural species that enjoy variety. 

11. He’s all over your cyberspace

Research shows that couples sometimes unconsciously overstep each others’ boundaries while they try to create togetherness. Nevertheless, it would be best if you didn’t underestimate the need for boundaries. 

If your boyfriend (whom you likely spend every minute with), is also in your online chat world and digital forums, girl, you need to consciously set boundaries to prevent issues of an argument. There’s nothing wrong with having some personal space. It’s not an opportunity to cheat or see other people but a time to do your thing. 


Can spending too much time together ruin a relationship?

Yes, it can. We all need a healthy balance between our romantic life and other engagements. Spending too much time with your partner tends to cause monotony and suck out the excitement that usually comes with missing each other.

How much time should couples spend together?

There's no thumb rule here as relationships are not the same. Some couples already work in different time zones; that's enough time already. However, when you stay in the same zip code, consciously infusing a period of alone time will undoubtedly benefit the relationship.

How much alone-time is too much in a relationship?

As long as no one feels ghosted in the relationship, alone time is healthy for couples, especially when you intend to walk down the aisle. You don't want to get tired of each other before the relationship gets a chance to sail. Just make sure there's a perfect balance between seeing each other and spending time away so that no one gets used to the absence. 

How do I stop being so clingy?

Being clingy may stem from a bad breakup in the past, neglect from childhood,  or just being overly used to being with your boyfriend overtime. Either way, engaging in what personally makes you happy as a person before you got into the relationship can improve your individuality and self-esteem. You could also try to invest in relationships with your friend and family, which will make you see you are quite capable of functioning without your man.

What do couples do on weekends?

Well, if both parties aren't going to work, a couple can use the freedom of weekends to enjoy each others' company by visiting the movies, beach, park. Both days don’t have to be spent outdoors. It's also okay to enjoy each other's company watching Netflix or engaging in some DIY fixes around the house.

To Conclude

Altogether, spending time with your partner should be a fantastic thing since that's the only way to keep the relationship alive. You only need to ensure you're not overdoing things; that's where these points come in. Once you can create a balance, you'll be fine. I hope you enjoyed the article. Feel free to comment and share with your friends.

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