Signs You’ve Fallen Out Of Love (13 Sure-Fire Signs)

Often, you can vividly see the signs you've fallen out of love with a partner. Falling in love is beautiful. Throughout the honeymoon phase, you will feel like the world is under your feet, that's totally normal. 

However, there's the process of staying in love with your partner people often forget to work with. Love grows, and if you do not nurture it, it dies. If you love someone and you do not spend quality time together, that's one of the red flags that lead to falling out of love. 

It's rather unfortunate for couples in long-distance relationships who try to keep up the excitement of their feelings for each other for a while but end up falling out of love eventually. Communication is, for a fact, the foundation of any relationship. 

Without it, you may never rekindle the bond with your partner when it's lost. Falling out of love with your partner is expected; in many ways, it does not mean the end of your relationship, it could be a sign to keep nurturing the love you share with your partner. 

My point is, love will always be tried, and that's the reality for every couple. The kind of relationship sort of determines whether you can still have feelings or come back from falling out of love. Just in case you cannot see them, I will list thirteen signs that you're falling out of love below and perhaps, how to go about it. 

However, keep in mind there's only so much you can do on your own. 

13 Signs You’ve Fallen Out Of Love

1. You’re avoiding him

It starts with flimsy excuses not to spend time with him, and then it becomes a full-blown session of avoiding your partner because spending time with him isn’t what you would want to do. 

You’re not in love with your partner anymore, or soon you won’t be if avoiding him gives you some sort of relief and even joy. Sometimes, it’s as bad as choosing to do nothing instead; you’re not excited to go on a date, talk on the phone, or anything at all. 

2. You’re a bit secretive

you're a bit secretive

It might not seem like there’s much to hiding stuff from your man until you cannot stop doing it. If you would rather keep it from him than talk about it, there’s a problem. You only hide stuff from a partner you’re not into anymore. 

It’s one of the signs that your feelings for him have changed, whether you want to work on rekindling them is up to you, but if you feel the need to keep things for him, yet put it past falling out of love, you’re in denial. 

3. For some reason, you don’t care

It happens, and you can’t explain why the lack of concern or affection for him is there, but it is. Sometimes, it’s about seeing him differently. The dynamics of being in love with your partner can change at any moment when you stop being affectionate towards him. 

Long-distance is one of the huge factors that promote this nonchalant behavior; over time, it hits you that you can do great on your own, so you slowly go out of couple mode and become way too independent for your love life to function. 

4. You stop seeing a future

Yes dear, when you don’t see beyond the present with that man, you are falling out of love with him. As hard as that pill might be for you to swallow, it’s the truth. It begins as a little thought of uncertainty then it grows to you wanting something else even though you don’t know what exactly it is you want. 

At this point, I’ll advise you to talk to him, try to find out where his mind is at, this might help you figure out what you want as well. 

5. Communication is forced

If communication with your man begins to feel like a chore to you, that’s a red flag. There’s a chance you’re not in love with him anymore. What fuels relationships are healthy communications and I don’t mean the one where you’re talking to each other daily but where you understand yourselves entirely. 

The very foundation of love thrives on good communication. I understand sometimes you just don’t want to reply to that text, call him back, or hear his voice but how long do you want to keep it up or feel some way? You’re tired. 

6. You want out

you want out

If you feel like quitting your relationship, do that. It may not always be because you’re not interested in your partner again but if that’s the case, end the bond. It takes two people for dating to work and if you don’t feel like it, what's the point? 

If you feel nothing, it only means that there’s nothing for you too. Don’t beat yourself up about your decision, it’s normal to change your mind about a man; people do it every day. Communicate with him about how you feel and then, move on! 

7. You no longer find him attractive

Love is dependent on physical attraction too, don’t let anyone deceive you. That you’re not attracted to the way he looks anymore is the most obvious sign that something is off about the way you feel. 

Sometimes, it’s not just about the way he looks, could be in the way he acts or is triggered by something he or is constantly doing. However, if your body doesn’t jump at his touch or butterflies move in your belly, you don’t feel the same. 

8. You’re not thinking about him

When you’re in love, you’re thinking about him and there are no two ways about this. It’s difficult not to think about the man you’re into, I mean, daydreams and all. The moment this man hardly crosses your mind something else is taking your attention and that’s not a good thing. 

To be in love means he’s going to be a part of your day even when he’s not there physically because you're thinking about him and when that doesn’t happen anymore, you’ve lost it. 

9. You’re sad

To be sad in relationships translates to having problems in them. If your man doesn’t make you happy, perhaps it’s because you are not in love with him anymore. It may be a bit difficult to accept but it’s the truth. Sadness can be caused by various things in relationships, however, it can lead to a lack of interest in a person. 

To some extent this can be a result of boredom too; your man isn’t doing anything exciting for you in the relationship or he is acting in a way that provokes you. Whatever the reasons, it hardly ends well when you’re sad. 

10. You would rather be silent than disagree

you would rather be silent than disagree

Nobody likes arguments, especially with a partner. However, arguments help both of you grow in understanding each other. If you would rather be quiet than arguing then you're not in that anymore. It’s like not fighting for what you want to keep. If you’re not trying at all, you don’t want this darling.

11. You feel strained

That you feel this way can be directly translated to tiredness. It happens. I’d advise that you speak to your partner about this or see a therapist, there’s a chance you can salvage the situation. 

12. You’re happier with someone/ something else

There’s nothing else you need to prove that you do not want to be with him anymore, you’re in love with another man. Sometimes it’s not about another man, it could be about your job, hobby, or anything that’s taking your attention away from you. 

13. There’s no excitement when you’re together

This is more obvious than anything else I have written. When you no longer feel butterflies or excited about dating this man, it’s over. When there’s love in the air, there’s hunger as well. You’re trying the best you can to spend quality time with your partner or just do things that include him. 


How do you know when you've fallen out of love? 

Love is like a feeling; it's a strong bond between you and your partner. When you've lost that bond or connection, everything else begins to feel strained in the relationship. Most people assume that when the period where you were both fascinated by each other fades, that's a sign that you're no longer in love. However, that's not true. 
Love isn't something you can put on and take off whenever you like. If you genuinely loved your partner, you'll have a strong gut feeling that something is missing. The desire to be with a person doesn't diminish in one day; it takes a while. 

Can you fall back in love with someone you fell out of love with? 

Yes. Like I mentioned earlier, falling out of love with someone doesn't exactly mean the end of the relationship. Couples who have been married for many years confess to falling out of love with their partners occasionally. The thing about finding your way back to love after you've fallen out is that you may not be able to do it on your own. 
You need the support of your partner to rekindle the flame in relationships. Before trying to find your way back, confront your feelings, and be open to face the reality of things, should it not work out. The truth is, if you genuinely loved this man before, you could love him again and again.

How do I know if he fell out of love? 

The love between two people is a bond, and when the signal isn't so intense at one end, the connection is weak. Most people (including me) believe that in a relationship, there's a partner who loves more than the other. 
However true that is, there's always a balance this imbalance creates that's different from when a partner has fallen out of love. It starts eating up his attention, affection, and then communication
In more ways than you can describe, he begins to feel distant, although present. This is crazy, but if you're connected to this man, you will feel the disconnection as you wake to the dawn of a new day (I know I do). On some rare occasions, he could just come clean to you that he is falling out of love if you ask. 

Is it normal for feelings to fade in a relationship? 

Don't let anyone tell you otherwise, falling out of love happens from time to time in relationships. Falling out of love with your partner is one of the difficult and almost inevitably bumps in a relationship, especially if you plan on being together forever. Your relationship may have faced a lot, but falling out of love always makes it seem closer to the breaking point. 
It happens when you begin to lose your time together. Stop overwhelming yourself with a thousand feelings when this happens. You might ruin the entire relationship by doing too much to salvage it, speak to your partners about recent developments, and perhaps discuss how to work on them. 

How do I get the spark back? 

Time together is primary when trying to get the spark back on your relationship. Think of the times you met and how the entire relationship blossomed during its best days, you may find information about where either of you lost the spark and grow from there. Sometimes, it takes therapy to salvage what’s left between you two. 
It’s not impossible to do it on your own, however, if he fell in love with you before it’s plausible that he will try again if you try. Remind yourself of the things that attracted you in the first place and perhaps, create another honeymoon phase. When love is nurtured, it will keep growing. Perhaps you’re both bored and need a time out. 


I have written most of what there is about falling out of love with a guy in this article. If the signs above are not too clear, go over them again and apply your relationship to the situation. It’s not the end when you fall out of love, it could be the beginning of a better phase of the relationship (after you get past it). 

I would love to read your opinion on this article in the comment section and don’t forget to share this article with your friends, thank you. 

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