Signs You’re Meant To Be Together (21 Clear-Cut Signs)

It’s easier for some people to find life partners and hard for some others to connect. But the question is ‘are you really destined to be together?’ 

Sometimes, you both have to let your guards down to be able to let your feelings flow in. But another problem comes in when the person you have feelings for does not reciprocate. It takes time for two people to meet and get used to each other without too many issues. For a few people, it just takes some moments to click with each other even though they may still need time to understand each other more. 

Whether you’ve been together for a few weeks or longer period of time, when you see someone you’re really into and dream of being with, you know. Your heart tells you all. Everything about you begins to long to be with that person whether they’re into you yet or not. 

Although, some people get those feelings and still let their heads lead them into making a decision. Wondering how to know when you’ve met someone you can feel good being with for a very long time? Keep reading to get 21 tips on how to find this out.

21 Signs You’re Meant To Be Together

1. No secrets

For some people, it’s weird telling their partners about some ‘personal’ issues. Some feel there’s no point if they can sort it or deal with it themselves. It could be because they’re not willing to be open yet or their partners are not patient enough to listen to them.

So, if you have a man you can talk to or easily share your secrets with and he can do the same with you, you should hold on to it. It’s amazing to know that there’s a man out there that knows, understands, and accepts everything about you from your most embarrassing moment to your greatest achievement. 

2. Effortless commitment

So many couples fight and long for each other’s commitment but sadly, it’s not that easy for some of them to achieve this. They either fake it or use other excuses like work to cover up their dishonesty. Some could also do it to satisfy their selfish needs for a certain period of time.

When you’re both into each other, you no longer look at other people or try to see how good they’d look if you were with them. You unconsciously commit yourself to this man without any questions or suspicions of him cheating with other women. That’s a little bit more than a short-term thing. 

3. You agree to disagree

A lot of partners argue, some fight in the process, while others stay quiet for so many days without saying a word to each other. If it’s in a marriage, it affects communication. Their daily life activities as a whole and in some cases, their kids and it’s not a good feeling for everyone involved. 

Arguments are normal especially because you both come from different backgrounds. If you can both manage that and end your disagreements, discussions, or arguments amicably, then you’re meant to be together. One of the great attributes of a great couple is their ability to handle misunderstandings amicably.

4. There’s mutual attraction

There should be mutual attraction every day in relationships. No matter how old or new the couple maybe, it’s healthy to always be attracted to each other physically, sexually, or otherwise. 

As a lady, if your man still compliments you on how beautiful you look, how lovely an old dress still looks on you, how good you look with your new body shape, then you’re meant to be together. What’s more, if you look at each other and just start admiring yourself or blushing for no particular reason, it’s one of those positive signs that you’re meant to be together with your entire life. 

5. You share the same sense of humor

you share the same sense of humor

Laughter brings life to every relationship. It opens your heart to perceive things from different angles. A guy that laughs at the same kind of jokes as you, is the man. If you both react to the same thing with laughter or you laugh at random things that nobody would laugh at, he is your man.

According to relationship experts, partners who laugh together stay together for a long time. He should make you feel relaxed with him and if he does that, that’s one of the signs you need and you’re lucky you’ve found someone that shares the same sense of humor as you. 

6. Gift surprises

One of the most beautiful and easy ways to have a good relationship is to give thoughtful gifts to your loved ones. Although not all partners recognize this as a necessity in their relationships, it helps make things better especially if it’s marriage. 

If you have a man and he gives you gifts occasionally or randomly, it means he’s truly into you. Your relationship should make you feel like giving your gifts as well, and if it does, then it’s a place you need to be. It’s a feeling you don’t want to lose.

7. No pretense or hidden feelings

This is hard to come by with the people you spend time with. Initially, when you meet someone, you want to please them either to make yourself look perfect or to make every moment you spend with them perfectly.

On the contrary, you can’t hide your true feelings when it’s true love, likewise him. It doesn’t matter if you’re happy, sad, irritated, or grumpy, it always spills. You feel much better when they know exactly how you feel. If it’s true love, no matter how you feel, he’ll always handle your vulnerability with care.

8. You want each other to meet your loved ones

You’re destined to be together if you both are excited to introduce yourselves to family and friends. Introducing you to his loved ones or him to your loved ones is a way to show how much you love and care for each other.

It’s like a way to say you can’t wait for the whole world to meet you and your partner as a couple for the rest of your lives. You keep talking about each other as examples whenever you find yourselves in a group of people. It’s a good feeling and that’s one way to know he’s your life partner.

9. There’s good chemistry

Good chemistry is easy to come by at the beginning of every relationship because the spark is still so much alive. You see love when you look into each other’s eyes with a couple of other things that could make you both blush or have a whole new feeling for each other’s vibe.

But if after some months into the relationship, you can still look at each other and smile, feel good having sex, cuddle or hold hands, or play with each other’s nose, then that’s something very special. It has great potential and the ability to last for a long period of time. So keep the positivity going. 

10. A lot of teasing. 

a lot of teasing

Even with your close friends, this is one of the best feelings; to tease each other and make everything that seems serious as light as a joke. It helps reduce stress or tension depending on the situation. 

As a couple, if you’re both fond of each other’s habits and you laugh together about them, he could be the one. As long as you don’t take the teases too personally and you accept them as a form of love, it’s a sign that you’re destined to be together.

11. Freedom to build other platonic relationships

Every good relationship should give you enough space to breathe and love other people. You should have an external support system made up of people you trust to hang out or have fun with away from your partner. This builds a good bond between partners. 

So, if you want to spend time with each other but you’re still flexible enough to give yourselves room to build other platonic, business, or profitable relationships outside your relationship, you should stick to each other, he’s the one and you’re destined to be together. 

12. You both trust each other

Trust is one of the key things in a relationship. Of course, there’d be a bit of jealousy which is quite healthy for a relationship, but not too much of it. Even if your heart could skip a bit when he’s being kind or talking to another woman, it shouldn’t affect your trust in him.

These things happen once in a while in every relationship and it’s not a bad thing at all. But it depends on how you both handle each situation. You should learn to trust each other to hang out with other people without any trouble. Trust is one of the signs that he is your life partner.

13. Your differences complement each other

Not all couples share the same thoughts, likes, or dislikes. But this should not control any relationship. The individuals involved should complement each other whether they love the same things or not.

When you meet a guy who’s different from you in so many ways but you can both manage your differences, then you’re meant to be together. This is one of the signs that shows a man’s love for you and it shows his acceptance of your interests.

14. Selfless support and compromises

A lot of people in relationships tend to be selfish when it comes to their significant other. While some are careless, others don’t care at all. They just want to do their own thing and leave you to yours which does not bring good results to them as partners.

When you both feel okay supporting each other and making compromises even when they affect you or make slight adjustments to your own achievements, then you’re both ready together for a very long time. 

15. You listen to and learn from each other

you listen to and learn from each other

When you love a man, you’d be eager to listen to him talk and learn from whatever he says. To add to it, he could encourage and teach you how to boost your self-esteem, that’s a big win for you two.

All that matters is for you to find someone you could listen to and learn from, and someone that is flexible enough to also learn from you without having low self-esteem issues. If you’re with a guy like this, you’ve found love. You’re on the right to a happy life. 

16. Comfortable in spending time together

It doesn’t matter if you talk or not. You don’t mind the silence as long as you’re with each other. It doesn’t matter if you’re both doing the same thing or different things, it should be with him around.

A guy that enjoys spending time with you with or without any reason, and without getting tired or bored of your presence is truly in love with you. He’s the kind of guy whose interests would include sitting down to watch you do certain things for fun.

17. Aligned aspirations

Another sign that you’ve met your one true partner is when you both have aligned goals or you have different aspirations but can both balance them out to suit you both personally. It could be a simple thing to do if you can manage it.

You met a guy and he’s as ambitious or motivated as you are with his goals and he’s willing to work towards achieving your goals just like he would for his, then that’s a dream come true for you. Hold on to it.

18. You both feel at peace together

This is hard for a lot of couples. Some women are afraid of their partners, which could be because of a lack of communication or they just need a little more time for more understanding 

Even the thought of him gives you comfort. Seeing his text or call, no matter how short makes you feel liberated. You want everyone to act like him or treat him exactly the way he does, that means he’s the one and you’re meant to be together.

19. An all-around connection.

There’s a place you find yourself in a relationship, where you feel so connected to your partner that you can’t help but involve them in your daily affairs. You connect with them physically, sexually, mentally, emotionally, and otherwise.

When you get to this stage with a man and he’s okay with the way things are between the two of you, you’re in for a relationship with positive outcomes. It doesn’t mean it’s not going to be roughly a few times during your relationship, it just means you’d know exactly how to handle every situation you both experience.

20. You imagine your future together.

you imagine your future together

A lot of couples that are in love with each other like to do everything together including making long-term plans and working towards them. Some of them even go as far as making investments prior to marriage. 

Any guy who does this shows he loves and respects you. He imagines and sees you in his future life. You also involving him in your future plans shows you share an everlasting bond and you both plan to share moments as partners for life and that’s a very positive thing. 

21. There’s maximum respect

If a guy or man loves you to the point that he places you first, privately or for the whole world to see, it means respects you a lot and that’s one of the signs that you’re destined to be. 

If he asks for your opinion or permission first as the case may be, to avoid hurting you before making certain decisions, he actually loves you. A partner that regards you and respects your boundaries is a partner you’re meant to be with together. 


How do you know if you are meant to be together?

Trust your instincts when it comes to meeting or dating a guy. There should be more positive signs than negatives. You know you’re meant to be together when you both can love, tolerate, and understand each other in every situation.

How do you know if you’re not meant to be with someone?

When your hearts speak the same love language; you like the same kind of jokes, have the same interests, spend a lot of time together whether you have fun things to do or not, you know you’re destined to be together. 

What are the signs that you’re in love?

There are a lot of signs that prove you’re into a man or guy. But to mention a few; you can’t stop thinking or talking about them. Secondly, you would always want them around and you would do everything you can to support them.

How do you know you’ve met the love of your life?

It depends on you as a person. But in general, conversations, plans, and even your aspirations would balance and flow without stress. You may not be attracted to his physical appearance but it could be his approach to certain things or a situation.

What are the red flags of dating?

There are a lot of red flags when it comes to relationships based on the people involved. When your partner begins to disrespect you or your boundaries, talk to you carelessly without listening to you or disregard you as a person or his woman, those are red flags.

In Summary

If you’re in a relationship and you’re not sure if you and your partner are destined to be together or not, look out for a sign or two that I’ve mentioned and you’d be able to know the next step to take. If you liked this article, please share and drop a comment.

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