Signs You Mean Nothing To Him (27 Signs)

It's one thing to meet someone and fall in love with them. It's another thing for whoever you fall in love with to reciprocate. And it's an entirely different pain to know that someone you once loved now sees you as a stranger.

It's more painful for a lady to be seen as an afterthought in her relationship when she already felt good to be part of a guy's life. Sadly, this is what happens to most women, and no matter how much they try to get back, some don't succeed.

From research, different women's experiences have proven that when it gets so bad, you can't do much to remedy the situation. Guys become consciously or unconsciously uninterested mentally before it materializes physically. 

And some women still experience this. If you're in a relationship or met someone you would like to be with, in the long term, but you have mixed feelings because of his attitude; like caring less about you or barely noticing if you exist, keep reading to learn 27 signs to know if you still mean so much to him or not. 

27 Signs You Mean Nothing To A Man

1. You beg for his attention

There’s always the desire for a man who’s in love with you to give you full attention without your request for it. That’s because they don’t want to miss anything that would improve or increase their connection with you.

Not all men are alike. The one who doesn’t care about you would treat you like an afterthought. When you try to ask or beg for his attention, he’ll see you as a clingy girl who is dependent and has a problem keeping to herself. If you experience this, it is a sign you mean nothing to him.

2. He doesn’t place you as one of his priorities

The truth is any man who loves you would see you in his future. He’ll tell you about his plans, and schedule, and manages his time in a way that will accommodate you. A guy who respects you will trust you to let you into his personal goals, asking for your suggestions and permission.

But, a guy who doesn’t care enough would tell you about none of his goals. He’ll barely make out time for you, will not involve you in his future plans, and even when you try to involve him in your plans, he won’t seem interested. This is a sign you mean nothing to him.

3. Your texts are left unreplied

When you’re in a relationship with someone who’s there for you, he’ll always be expecting your messages. That’s because you’ve both built a connection, and having a conversation with you is enough reason for him to smile and have a beautiful day.

If you’re dating a man that doesn’t text, waits for you to text first even when you both have a problem he may have caused, or doesn’t respond to your messages no matter how sweet or important they are, that’s a sign you mean nothing to him.

4. He forgets details about you

The men who are really into their women like to get updates about them whether they’re dating or not. They want to know and be involved in every detail a girl is comfortable sharing about her family, friends, past experiences, and future plans.

It’s not the same thing with cases of men who don’t care about you. They may not care to ask about things you feel they should care about. And if you eventually force yourself to share details about yourself with them, they pretend to listen and forget about them in no time.

5. You’re not seen together in public

When you have a loving and caring partner, he would want you to be with him everywhere he goes, publicly or otherwise. He'll be the one to introduce you to his friends, family members, colleagues, and everyone he respects without you asking.

If you don't receive this kind of good treatment, or he always makes excuses for not having you around him, especially when he's outside, it means he doesn't value you as much as you think. This is a red flag and a sign he doesn't see you as an important person in his life.

6. He doesn’t care what he says to you

Many guys would filter their words or say less to a lady during a relationship problem to avoid causing more harm. Some would remain quiet to be on the safe side or avoid hurting a lady’s feelings. To show how much he loves you, he won’t tell you hurtful things he heard people say about you; instead, he’ll ask you to avoid them.

This doesn’t apply to a man you mean nothing to. He would say things without caring so much about how you’ll feel in the short and long term. This kind of guy could body shame a lady or be mean to her and move on without feeling guilty. This is a sign that in his head, you don’t exist to him.

7. You both don’t talk about little interesting things

A good relationship is when the two partners involved talk about everything, whether senseless, silly, dirty, or meaningful. They talk about things they both find interesting, no matter how little or significant they may be. Imagine talking about how an ant walks; that’s a loving partner.

This doesn’t apply to a partner who would prefer to use his phone to play a game, make an unimportant call, or choose to hang out with his friends when he should be talking and laughing with you. If you experience this with any man, it’s one of the signs he doesn’t care about you.

8. You’ve not been on a proper date before

youve not been on a proper date before

Anyone who's eager to get to know you more or be in a relationship with you will always make plans for dates whenever he can. He would go as far as asking you questions to know your likes just to know different date ideas to arrange to make you feel comfortable, whether it's at a park or restaurant.

On the contrary, if you meet someone and you've never been on a date, you've been on one insignificant date, or he keeps canceling any chance for both of you to hang out together, this may sound sad, but it's a sign he's not interested in you.

9. He rarely texts first

Apart from the part where many men dislike texting, some still do when they value a girl. No matter the kind of relationship you have with a person, if he cares about you, he would put in some effort to text you first, even if it's once in a while.

If he doesn't care, he won't try messaging first, and when you ask his reason, he may snap, ignore, or make it seem like you're bugging him a lot. Depending on the situation, he may start a fight for nothing. That's a big sign he doesn't love or value you.

10. You never meet his friends and family

The first thing most men do when they like a girl is to tell her about the people they care about. They'll even tell her memories they have with their loved ones and ask her to meet them when they feel comfortable enough around her.

The opposite thing happens when they don't see a girl as an important person in their lives. They may even deny having friends or family, and if they don't, they say very little about them and make excuses whenever she asks to meet them. If this happens to you, it's one of the signs you don't mean anything to him.

11. You’ll have awkward conversations

Talking to a partner who loves you with his whole heart is like reading exciting stories of different genres without taking a break, feeling uncomfortable, or getting tired. It will flow from one topic to another, and he would enjoy it too, of his responses, curiosity, and excitement.

When you're with someone who's not that into you, it would be as good as discussing with yourself. That's because he may not be interested in what you have to say, and if he is, he'll give one-word and awkward replies in a way that will discourage you from talking further. If you observe this, it's a sign you don't mean anything to him.

12. You initiate most or all calls

Men would hardly give you breathing space when they begin to like or fall in love with you. They'll call to check up on you, tell you about their day, or ask if there's anything you'd want them to help you with.

Like most men call when they're into a girl, they have the same energy when it comes to leaving the girl to initiate the call when they're not in love with her. The kind ones may answer and give an excuse to cut the phone call short. But, the rude ones may either be busy with the phone call or ignore it.

13. He casually talks about other girls

When you’re with a guy that respects your feelings, he would either find it hard or never flirt with another girl. If he meets another woman, he may find it unnecessary to tell you about her, except he has a significant relationship with her, like a work colleague he feels you should know just to build your for him more.

He’ll openly tell you about girls he meets daily and may open an account on different dating apps just to meet and flirt with other girls. He’ll make you feel like an option out of the other women he talks to daily.

14. He only reaches out when he needs a favor

When a man reaches out to you often or frequently without you requesting it and without him complaining, it means he cherishes you. It doesn’t matter if you’re in a relationship or not. He’ll call or message to check up on you whenever he has the time.

But, if you observe you’re always the one reaching out for a discussion to start, he only calls if he needs help or favor from you, or starts a chat because he’s bored and there’s no other person to talk to, it’s a visible sign he’s not really into you. So, keep that in check.

15. There’s no excitement to see you

No matter how often a guy sees you, if he’s in love with you, he’ll always be excited and happy when you’re around him. And, if he doesn’t see you even for a minute, he’ll make plans for date ideas or find a good reason to convince you to show up.

When a man looks irritated, tired, seems to be in a bad mood, or gets busy with an irrelevant thing with no reason or explanation for it, it means he doesn’t want to see you in his space. It doesn’t matter if you’re in a relationship or not; it’s a warning sign you’re not appealing to him.

16. Little, failed, or no promises

little failed or no promises

Most men, whether in relationships or not, who care about their women, make and keep promises to them. It doesn’t matter how poor they are or how little their promise is; they put in some effort to do this to spice up the relationship a bit more. 

On the other hand, a guy who doesn’t value you will not make any promises. Even when you complain or force him to, he makes empty or senseless promises and may not care to fulfill them. This is one of the signs he doesn’t care so much about you.

17. No gifts or surprises

Men love it when their female friends, wives, or lovers are happy. They try their best to maintain the emotional connection between them and their woman. They’ll buy little spontaneous gifts or write little pop notes to cheer their wives or girlfriends up.

But, when a guy doesn’t care about a girl, he doesn’t see the need to do anything nice to make the relationship bond stronger. Even when you drop obvious clues to guide him, it won’t matter to him even if he understands what you mean. This is one of the signs he doesn’t care enough.

18. He openly flirts

You don’t need to follow or cling to a guy who’s genuinely in love with you to prevent him from talking to other girls. That’s because they can’t create the same physical, emotional, and mental connection they have with you with other women. 

A different thing happens when you’re with a man who cares less about you. None of your worries means anything to him, even if you let him know about them. His behavior towards you will be nasty, and if possible, he may join dating apps to flirt more. If this happens to you, it’s a red flag.

19. Your stories with other guys don’t make him jealous

Every man that is in love with a woman gets jealous when she mentions it or sees her with other guys. He'llHe'll feel threatened or uncared for even if they're not in a relationship. Most men who are into a woman don't need to hear about the others to feel jealous or treat her right.

The opposite happens when he sees you as insignificant in his life. A guy who doesn't value you will not feel uncomfortable seeing you talk with another man, even if he's flirting with you openly. If he does, it's for selfish reasons and will only be for a while. He could even encourage you to give other guys a chance to get to know you.

20. He expects you always to compromise

If a guy truly cares about you, he’ll try not to consciously make you make compromises, especially when it pleases him more or it’s for his own growth. He’ll try his best to always be on track or keep to time if you both have a date or a hangout, and he will make logical explanations to calm you. 

But when you mean nothing to a guy, he makes you wait with little or casual apologies, expecting you to understand his reasons for his actions. It doesn’t matter if you’re in a relationship or not; he’ll expect you to make sacrifices that are for his benefit without reciprocating.

21. No questions to know more about you

Most guys are curious, especially when they’re into a woman. They ask questions about her, her friends, and her family. They want to know every detail that concerns the lady, including her past relationships and how they ended. Guys would spend time asking girls they love about themselves to understand them more.

The opposite happens when they’re not into a woman. They will rarely ask questions, and when they do, they’ll be light or rhetorical ones, those that are straightforward and don’t require lengthy or interesting conversations. This is one of the numerous signs he’s not interested in you.

22. He gets easily offended

A guy that loves you will rarely get offended by most things you do. No matter how bad your mistakes are, he’ll try to overlook them. Even when you complain about minor things, or you do things to piss him off, he’ll calmly caution you. 

He points out every mistake you make and never tries to understand or listen to your explanations for making them. When you constantly try to correct his behavior or communicate the things he does that you don’t like, he’ll make no effort to correct them and may look at you as a nag. This is one of the warning signs he doesn’t care about your relationship.

23. Your jokes sound boring to him

There’s the urge to laugh at every slight funny thing someone says or does when you love them. This is what mostly happens when two people are genuinely in love with each other. Most men would laugh at your jokes when they’re emotionally connected to you.

But, if he’s not, the funniest joke you say will not sound funny or annoy him more. So, he may try to say or do something offensive to shut you up. If you observe this in your relationship or with a potential future partner, it’s a sign he’s not that into you.

24. You don’t spend time together

you dont spend time together

A man who cares for you will try his best to spend time with you. He’ll make plans for present or future date nights, vacations, game nights, and other things he knows are part of your love language.

On the other hand, if you’re in a relationship and your partner doesn’t create time to spend with you, it means he doesn’t love you, and you don’t mean anything to him. If you notice him always using his time to do things that please him more, not minding your feelings or what’s going on in your head about him, it’s one of the signs you don’t mean anything to him.

25. No help or effort on his part when you’re in trouble

Most men would either go out of their way to help you when you're stressed or ask someone they trust to help them if they're not available. The point is, they would do everything possible they can do to assist in your time of need if they care about you.

The exact opposite happens when they don't see you as an important person in their lives. They may ignore or make flimsy excuses if you suggest how they can help. Any man who treats you this way is not the one suitable for your emotional health.

26. He zones out when you talk

No matter how busy most men are, if they care about you, they try their best to hear and listen to all you have to say. And when they mistakenly zone out, they calmly apologize and ask you to repeat the sentence.

That's not the same thing that happens with someone that doesn't value you. He wouldn't even care about what you have to say, not to talk of having the love and patience to listen to the words. If this happens in your relationship, it's one of the signs you're neglected and not valued. You should look into it.

27. There’s no emotional connection

When love is built between two people, there’s usually no struggle for emotional connection. It doesn’t matter if it’s just beginning, or if they’ve been together for a while. Your partner will be warm to you and do things to make you comfortable.

On the contrary, if he doesn’t love you, he may be the one adding to your insecurities. That’s because he’s not emotionally invested and may make you feel unattractive or worthless to be in a relationship with. This is a sign he doesn’t want you in his life.


How do you know if he’s just not that into you?

When a guy is not that into you, you see it in his attitude, which includes the way he talks, responds to you, and the way he treats you generally, whether you're around him or not. These are the few signs you can use to tell if he's not that into you.

How do you test him to see if he cares?

You can start by asking him for a favor you know would not make him compromise too much or would not be inconveniencing for him to do. It could be cash or kind. His response or reaction to it will guide you to know if he truly cares about you or not. Or, you can take the quiz for couples online.

How do you know if a man is serious about you?

He'll avoid doing things that piss you off or make you sad, ask questions to know you more, and ask to meet with your loved ones. He may tell you about his goals and future plans, maybe include you in them, and ask for your suggestions. When a man is serious about you, he'll listen to you.

How do you know if someone is meant for you?

You'll feel it in your gut. That's because his flaws will be easy enough for you to manage or live with, you'll feel comfortable with him, and you'll trust him enough to accept him into your personal space. These and many other signs will guide you.

Why would a guy text you if he’s not interested?

It depends on his personality. He could be bored and need some company, his friends or people he talks to, texts, and calls could be too busy to respond to him, or he may just feel he should be nice to you if he was mean. 

To Summarize

There are numerous signs guys exhibit when they don’t value or care about you. For a start, you can look out for the 27 possible ones I’ve mentioned to know how to handle any situation you find yourself in. I hope you liked this article. If you did, please feel free to drop a comment and share it with others.

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