15+ Signs A Taurus Man Is In Love With You

Are you starting to fall for a charming Taurus? 

Perhaps this is beginning to frustrate you, because this sign is often known for its stubbornness.

Taurus men will often try to hide their feelings before and during the initial phases of a relationship, leaving their partners unsure about their intentions. 

Thankfully, there are a few signs they tend to give away when they are falling in love with a woman – and I’m here to let you know what these signs are. 

Read on for 16 telltale signs that a Taurus man is falling in love with you.

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If you’re only after Taurus-specific advice, scroll down and keep reading.

Must-Know Personality Traits Of A Taurus Man

Must-Know Personality Traits Of A Taurus Man

When it comes to Taurus signs, they can sometimes be hard to read. To the outside world, the Taurus man is macho, the epitome of stereotype masculinity. They do things to contradict their own emotions and do everything in their power to remain guarded and safe from the possibility of being emotionally damaged.

Taurus men are extremely sensitive, so everything they do until they are comfortable in their relationship with you is an act to protect them from your charm and guiles. Despite their outward actions at first, the Taurus man is known to be a Zodiac sign that is sure to meet and exceed your romantic expectations.

But before you go careening headfirst at your Taurus love interest, there are some things you need to know about his personality. These tips and tricks will help you unlock the key to your Taurus man’s secrets. Taurus is a patient Zodiac sign, so taking the extra time to understand him is something he will greatly appreciate. 

1. He can be argumentative and stubborn.

The sign of the Taurus, regardless of gender, can be some of the most difficult people to disagree or compromise with. When they get their mind on something, it’s like trying to stop a speeding train. Much like their animal representation, the bull can be unmoving and even aggressively resistant to things they don’t agree with.

A good way to handle this particular quirk is approaching a touchy subject gently. Instead of being demanding, or giving ultimatums which will ultimately push your Taurus man away, try being suggestive instead. A big part of the Taurus man’s obstinacy is the need to be in control of the situation, and resistance will be met with more resistance.

Trying to resolve a disagreement with the stubborn Taurus can be tricky if the disagreement started out quickly and heated. The key is being gentle, but firm about your standpoint. Arguing with a Taurus man is almost impossible, it’s better to wait until he is in the mood to listen and talk. If you press the issue in a negative way, more than likely your stubborn bull is going to dig his metaphorical hooves in the dirt and plant himself even more in his stubborn point of view.

2. Taurus are known to be headstrong.

Taurus are known to be headstrong

A very dominant trait in this particular zodiac sign is they are headstrong, independent, and do not like being told what they can or cannot do. This can be both a blessing and a frustration for anyone who is in love with a Taurus man.

The Taurus signs are very resourceful. If they are told they can’t do something, they will find a way to do it in any facet of their life. It goes hand in hand with that bullheaded stubborn mentality.

This is why Taurus men can succeed when people think they will fail. Not only is it a matter of pride that they prove people wrong, but this star sign on both genders will not be told they can’t reach whatever goal they are reaching for.

One thing to remember when handling a Taurus in a relationship is to try not to make them feel as if you are controlling. This may seem ironic as Taurus men are very possessive and sometimes a bit controlling themselves. The key to understanding your Taurus love interest is realizing that he likes to be in control of most everything in his life. From his finances to his partner’s safety and success.

When faced with a situation where a Taurus is being held back or controlled, they tend to get progressively more aggressive about the situation until it is resolved if they didn’t immediately shut the situation down. A Taurus will openly rebel against authority telling them they cannot do or accomplish something- and their will is a force of nature all on its own.

If you don’t want your Taurus to do something, it’s better to express it as an emotion. Language such as “it would make me feel this way if you did that,” or “it’s up to you, but I don’t think its a good idea because…” If you want your Taurus to listen, it’s much more effective to express your feelings clearly, and request they consider your feelings.

Because of the way the Taurus operates emotionally, if they truly feel like something would hurt or upset the person they love- they most likely will not do it- or they will be able to express why they are so set on it. Taurus men, under all the stubbornness and masculinity, are very sensitive and aware of their partner’s feelings. Your objections will be heard and considered- as long as you express them properly without really telling him that he “can’t” do something.

3. Taurus man is possessive and jealous.

Taurus man is possessive and jealous

If there is one Zodiac sign with a fickle jealous bone- it’s a Taurus. Not only are they possessive over the people they care about- but they are extremely possessive over material objects. However, this sign is contradictory when it comes to their jealousy.

A Taurus man can be the most generous person and lover you can find. If the situation is right, a Taurus will give another person the shirt off their back- but they have a tendency to be private about their prized possessions. This doesn’t necessarily apply to valuable possessions either. Things of sentimental value are a big thing for the Taurus and if you try to mess with it- you’ll most certainly be met with horns.

When it comes to the people they love, whether it be friends, family or partners the Taurus man is possessive, protective and even jealous. When it comes to relationships, Taurus men can even be a little bit controlling. They like to know what’s going on, and they like to be involved with the majority of the decisions made. Their possessiveness also makes them at times, overly protective.

In the case of a Taurus man gets jealous over a lover- things can get ugly very quickly. Taurus men have no problem bearing fists against another man if he feels he is trespassing in his “territory,” and if you are in love with a Taurus man- you better believe you are part of that territory. Don’t ever intentionally make a Taurus man jealous.

Mind games will destroy any relationship- especially if they are playing on emotions such as jealousy in the first place. But with a Taurus man, that jealousy can push him to a very dark angry place. So best make sure to just shoot it straight with your Taurus – no matter if they are a man or woman.

4. Taurus men are fiercely protective.

The Taurus man is notorious for being over-protective of the people they care about. As an earth sign, the Taurus is well-known for their absolute need to protect everyone and do everything. While some can think that this may be part of their controlling nature, it actually does come from a place of deep love.

Whether it be friends, a lover, or family, the Taurus man cares deeply about the people in his life. He may take it upon himself to take care of the people he cares about in need, and when it comes to his family or partner you can take it to the bank that the Taurus would kill and die for them.

If you are a lover of a Taurus man, don’t expect any act of malice aimed at you to be taken lightly. Whether you like it or not, he will not tolerate any disrespect towards you. 

5. The Taurus all have a temper.

The Taurus temper is a force of nature. Of all the zodiac signs, the Taurus is well known for being laid back. They don’t really like to expend their energy on unnecessary things. Taurus men generally all have a great sense of humor, they are laid back and don’t get angry easily.

It does take quite a Taurus man angry, but when he does get there you need to step away and let him calm down. They are explosive personalities, and not good at expressing their feelings. Generally, their frustration turns into anger and explodes out of them with force.

There are a few things with Taurus men that will set them off quickly: a threat to their loved ones and being humiliated. The Taurus man is a proud one, and if you embarrass him, or hurt him when he has made himself vulnerable to you, the result is usually borderline violent.

Take care when treading around an angry Taurus. They don’t know how to express themselves, and calming down is a struggle for them. While they are usually always in control when they’ve lost their temper, it still burns hot and they can be frightening. Give them time to cool down, it’ll be easier to have a conversation with them after they have.

6. He is loyal to a fault.

You will never have to worry about your Taurus man betraying you. Even when he hasn’t fully committed to you yet, the Taurus man is a one-woman kind of guy. Even to family and friends, a Taurus is the one person on your team you should be able to trust.

The Taurus man takes his time to allow people into his inner circle. The reason for that is because he gives a devoted friendship that runs deeper than words. He will always have your back, even when you are in the wrong.

Not only will he always have your back, but the Taurus man will fight to the end for his family and friends. As mentioned earlier, it’s no issue for a Taurus to dedicate fighting or dying for the people they love

7. Taurus man is romantic.

Taurus man is romantic

If you are the kind of woman who craves candles, flowers, and wooing, you are in for a treat if you happen to catch the eye of a Taurus man. They are sensual, affectionate, and a very sensitive star sign.

Sometimes, life can be complex with Taurus men. When he really likes you, he will pull out the stops to make you feel special. He will pay attention to the things you like, surprise you with gifts, and give you the spontaneous date here and there when he can afford it.

When a Taurus man falls in love, they have a tendency to up the ante on romance. Don’t be afraid to be romantic back – as it will keep your Taurus man motivated to continue doing what he’s doing. He will feel appreciated and loved, which is something that will keep him coming back with tokens of his love.

8. They are extremely sensitive.

The Taurus man struggles within himself with his sensitive nature, and his fierce masculine bravado. It’s no doubt that the Taurus man is very much masculine, they also deal with deep emotions. While the macho manly man is feeling sensitive, he’s also being hard on himself for caring so much.

The Taurus struggle with vulnerability, because they enjoy being in control of every facet of their life. Once a Taurus man shows his emotions, it’s a type of exposure that makes him feel threatened. They don’t do well with rejection or emotional hurt and sometimes will even avoid situations that make them feel vulnerable.

The Taurus man is not going to trust you or let you in until he is absolutely confident that you have the same intentions as him. Sometimes it can be frustrating, trying to get an exact read on how they feel because they put a lot of effort into keeping it contained. Be patient, one day, he will trust you enough with his heart. 

9. The Taurus man is stable, routine, and dependable.

When it comes to getting things done, the Taurus is an absolute go-getter… so long as it’s something they are interested in. One of the things that a Taurus man is interested in its stability. No matter the gender, this Zodiac likes to live in financial comfort, with all the bills paid first.

They are great workers, they like to be on time, and they enjoy having a fluffy bank account so that they feel secure. Sometimes, however, a Taurus man can get too routine, and may need help shaking things up a bit.

10. Taurus men have difficulty communicating.

Taurus men have difficulty communicating

Using verbal language can sometimes be difficult and even daunting for a Taurus at times. Expressing their emotions is a type of vulnerability, which you already know they struggle with. Sometimes getting a Taurus man to communicate his feelings may feel like pulling teeth from a chicken. This will not make a relationship with him easy.

Eventually, as time goes on and he begins to trust you more, the Taurus man will try to express himself. You can be certain that it will not be easy for him at first, and he will struggle with it.  Be patient with him, and encourage him. Insecurity is a big thing among Taurus men, and sometimes being reassured about his feelings is all he needs..

11. Taurus men need constant motivation.

If there is one sign that people often think are lazy, it’s the Taurus. On the outside, the Taurus man loves to lounge and relax. Sometimes going to work then coming home to watch TV is all he needs to be content. For a Taurus, sometimes finding the motivation to mow the lawn and take care of chores is a chore all in itself.

Remember to keep things lively, or your Taurus man will fall into a comfortable slump. It happens, and sometimes they just need a little motivation to get moving again. Nagging and pestering your Taurus man about things that need to be done will only result in prolonged procrastination. Try to make your reminders or whatever it is fun, as that is the best way to motivate your lounging bull.

For more information on Taurus personality traits, and how to handle them, you can go to Taurus Man Secrets. This website is dedicated to spilling all the secrets about Taurus men, and how to handle their strong-willed personality. A Taurus man likes to feel important, so embellishing it with how much it would mean to you could help step up the pace.

Does He Love You?

Does He Love You?

The entire struggle with figuring how a Taurus man feels about you is his pride and vulnerability. It’s easy for a Taurus man to show affection while he’s getting to know you, but when he realizes he’s starting to fall in love he may pull away for a while.

Love is the ultimate exposure of a sensitive heart, and it’s a hard pill to swallow for someone as sensitive and guarded as this man. So when he starts to see signs he’s fallen in love, the Taurus man likes to take things slow and steady, because he wants to make sure that you are ‘the one’ just as much as you want him to be the one for you too.

When you are looking for signs a Taurus man loves you, don’t take his obvious behavior as any indicator. The Taurus man is very private about his internal emotional affairs.  A Taurus man likes to act out against his emotions, and test you, before giving into handing over his heart. The brief moment before a Taurus finally gives in and lets love win over their pride and let down their guard is one of the most confusing times for everyone involved.

So if you are curious about if your Taurus man loves you, keep reading because we are about to give away all of his secrets.

5 Signs A Taurus Man Loves Someone

1. He may act shy at first.

One of the signs that a Taurus man is in love with you is that he may go through a brief period that he seemed distant or shy from you. He may avoid eye contact, get nervous or even avoid you for a moment.

This is just a sign he is struggling with emotion because being in love puts him at risk, which is not something a Taurus man likes. He likes to be in control, safe, guarded, and he’s extremely picky about who he trusts.

If you find this is happening, get his attention, look him in the eyes and tell him how you feel. Let him know how important he is to you, and then give him some space so he can figure it out. Once he figures it out, he can be devoted to someone for the rest of his life, so he takes his relationship with you very seriously.

2. Lavish gifts and romance.

Lavish gifts and romance

The Taurus man likes to spoil his object of affection, but when the Taurus man in love gets that itch, nothing can compare to the spoils waiting for you. One of the signs that a Taurus man loves you is a sudden intense splurge of romance, passion, and sensuality.

A Taurus has a healthy sexual appetite, but they aren’t very creative when it comes to the act itself. It takes a Taurus a while to feel comfortable enough to get adventurous in bed. But when it comes to setting the mood and lavishing you with gifts, spoiling you with sweetness, the Taurus is king.

If the heat suddenly gets turned up on romance, chivalry, and endless snuggles, it’s a good sign he loves you very much.

3. He starts sharing his feelings.

This guarded zodiac likes to keep his feelings secret, locked uptight. I’ve mentioned several times about how guarded a Taurus is, and how being vulnerable is a fear of theirs. I’m emphasizing this because the fear of rejection and pain for a Taurus is a major part of their personality.

Remember the Taurus man is sensitive, and in touch with his gentle nature, and it creates a conflict in their masculine nature. A Taurus man loves deep and hard, and it hurts just as bad when they get burned. A Taurus man likes to protect himself from this emotional pain. To a Taurus man, heartbreak is worse than taking a physical beating.

Only a Taurus man in love and completely comfortable in his relationship will truly ever let you begin to get to know him. Love is hard for a Taurus because the sense of insecurity never really goes away, they just master their control over it eventually. They have only a few handful of people they trust enough to confide in. So when you become one of those people, you can take it as one of the subtle signs a Taurus man is in love.

4. He may insert himself more into your day-to-day.

This star sign likes to be in control and know what’s happening with his lover daily. He will like to know where you’re at, what your plans are daily, even when he grows to completely trust you.

This is not likely to change as the Taurus always feels like it’s their responsibility to take care of the family and keep track of what is going on.

5. He will pick up the pace of the relationship.

He will pick up the pace of the relationship

One of the last signs a Taurus man is truly in love and ready to take the relationship seriously is that he will suddenly take things a little further. The Taurus is a patient and steady sign, so if he suddenly starts talking about house keys or engagement rings, you’ll know he’s finally ready to take that step.

Remember the Taurus don’t express themselves verbally very well or very often, and most of their communication is through actions. They are devoted and romantic, and if you can get past the guard they keep around their heart the Taurus man can be an epic lover to share your life with.

Final Tips…

Remember to be patient with your Taurus. They don’t trust easily, but once they do they will be devoted to you for life. A Taurus man requires a gentle touch, motivation, and affection to stay happy. Don’t try to meet his stubborn grudges head-on, instead, try to ease him into seeing things from your perspective, and always be honest with them.  Remember these things, and your Taurus will love you for the rest of his life.

We hope you enjoyed reading this article. Remember to share it with your friends, and tell us your story about your Taurus lover in the comments.

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