21 Signs Of A Passionate Relationship

A passionate relationship often equals a strong relationship. When two people have such a relationship, they have the foundation for a strong, intimate relationship. 

Passionate relationships are the ones that last for years to come. They are the ones that survive through thick and thin. That’s why most people crave and envy passionate love. 

Signs Of A Passionate Relationship

There are quite a few people that mistake being passionate for being lovey-dovey. Passion is so much more than simply being lustful toward one another. These are the most common signs of a passionate relationship. 

1. Sexual intimacy

While experiencing lust for a person isn’t a guarantee that the two of you will have a blissful future full of passion, it definitely contributes to the passionate love that you see in a passionate relationship. 

Having physical passion for one another is one of the biggest signs of a passionate relationship. 

2. Emotional intimacy

Emotional intimacy is another one of the main signs of a passionate relationship. This involves sharing thoughts and feelings with one another. 

When two people are intimate on this level, it helps to establish trust. This is a necessary part of the foundation for a passionate relationship. 

If you feel like this is lacking in your partnership, you’re not stuck with a passionless life. There are several ways that you can bring your relationship to the next level. 

Start by being vulnerable with each other. It’s important that both of you trust each other, and create a safe space for conversation. 

Talk to each other every day. Positive affirmations and compliments are always great. Show interest in what your partner has to say. If you are filled with happiness, share what’s going on. Talk about your emotions with your partner. 

This can also be a sign of a healthy relationship. 

Passionate love involves more than one type of intimacy. It involves things on both a physical and emotional level. In order for there to be passionate love, a relationship must consist of both passion and love. 

3. Planning a future life together

planning a future life together

When you are passionate about your partner, you share more than just how your day went. One of the main signs of a passionate relationship is when two people are ecstatic about their future together. 

They plan a life together. This is a sign that you both have an interest in sharing a life together. 

This can take on various looks. Perhaps you wind up discussing a vacation a few years away. Or maybe you’ve discussed whether you both want to have children and your views on marriage. 

The more serious the conversation topic is, the more serious the two of you are about having a life together. 

4. Wanting to learn everything about them

It’s common for people to want to learn more about someone when it comes to personal relationships. However, a passionate partner does this on a new level. During the early stages of passionate love, the two people will want to learn every single thing about each other. 

It’s common to ask questions, in the beginning, to learn about a person’s favorite food. People continue to grow over time, though. Throughout the course of a relationship, both people are growing continuously. 

Through positive interactions and communication, you will both continue to learn everything about each other no matter how long you have been together. 

When your partner expresses that they have a new hobby, you’re dying to learn about it. When you try new food and love it, your partner is thrilled for you. 

5. Sexual attraction

Sexual intimacy involves the feeling that two people feel where they are close with one another. It means that the two people are comfortable with each other on a sexual level. 

Sexual attraction is slightly different. This pertains to the lust that two people feel about each other. In most relationships, this starts to dwindle after the honeymoon phase. 

However, it’s one of the signs of a passionate relationship because there are truly passionate relationships in which things never fade. Two people always feel that lust toward one another. 

6. You keep things exciting

you keep things exciting

When people are in a passionate relationship, they want to keep things exciting. They never want that fire of passion to go out. Because of that, they tend to make more effort. This is particularly true in a long-distance relationship

Passionate love means that the two of you love each other, yet there is also passion there. When two people are truly full of passion for one another, it seems easy to keep the passionate love alive. It simply comes naturally in these types of relationships. 

It’s important to note that there are going to be times that your partnership doesn’t feel like this. There are bound to be bad memories alongside good memories. 

You’ll both have an understanding of this, and will be committed to keeping things on the right track though. 

When two people have this type of partnership, the passion doesn’t go away because the two people are going through a tough time. 

7. Mutual respect

One of the biggest signs of a passionate relationship to look for is how the two of you treat each other. With passionate love comes respect. 

When both partners treat each other with respect, it keeps the relationship going through thick and thin

When we think of passionate love, it’s easy to only think of the passion part of that phrase. However, the second word in the phrase is equally important. When two people love each other, they respect each other. 

Instead of belittling each other, you can agree to disagree. You support and respect each other’s decisions. You encourage one another. 

You both know that things like name-calling can be detrimental for a relationship, so you respect each other daily. 

8. Romance

Romantic love is not seen in every passionate relationship, but it is one of the signs of one. When both partners feel intense passion for one another, they go the extra mile to include romance in their lives. Romantic love is often found in relationships with passionate love. 

It’s important to note that this also takes effort. Sometimes, it doesn’t come as naturally as you would like for it to. Every partnership is going to go through a rut at some point in time. 

When two people are committed to making things work, they work to keep the romance alive. 

This can mean scheduling a date night once a week or one person planning a candle-lit dinner for the other person. 

9. There’s mutual marital satisfaction

there's mutual marital satisfaction

When two people are happy in a relationship, that says a lot about the relationship itself. Passionate relationships involve so much that both people are usually satisfied in their relationship. 

Relationship satisfaction and passionate love go hand in hand. This is because passionate love tends to encompass every area of a relationship. 

The passion in the relationship often encompasses every area of relationships. 

When two people feel passion towards one another, they naturally have an amazing sex life. People in these relationships have a wonderful level of physical intimacy. The emotional intimacy and connection naturally follows

10. Long conversations

Talking on the phone for hours feels like heaven. Three hours feels like five minutes. When two people have a passionate love, they also have a companionate love. They never grow tired of listening to one another talk about their day, their dreams or their goals. 

Typically, this is seen during the early stages of the relationship. During this stage, it’s normal for couples to spend hours on the phone getting to know each other. The passion is already there. 

In many relationships, this same passion tends to fade over time. Then, one person gets off the phone to go to bed early. The other person stops talking about their day as much. 

Couples start to settle into a routine. This is when the passion in the relationship starts to feel like it’s drifting away

However, most people assume that this is normal. They don’t try to correct the relationship or bring the passion back. That is why so many people find themselves in a relationship that is not full of passion. 

If you’d like to bring it back, try going back to those long conversations. Imagine that you’re dating again. This will instantly increase the emotional connection and make two people feel like the spark is suddenly back again. 

11. A strong bond

a strong bond

Married couples that have a lot of passion in their relationship have a strong bond. That is because the bond is based on having multiple types of love. 

They have compassionate love. These couples share a companionate love. Their bond gets them through the tough times and they use the good times to keep their bond strong. 

12. Companionate love

While companionate love often refers to platonic relationships, it’s important to note that companionate love can also be seen in passionate relationships. 

In these relationships, this type of love is seen in the intimacy that is shared between two people. Through companionate love, the foundation is laid for the relationship to last for years to come. 

13. Compassionate love

We often come across passionate and compassionate love as being opposites. Passionate tends to involve more lust and sexual attraction. Compassionate love involves less passion and more trust, conversations, and intimacy. 

In a passionate relationship, both compassionate love and passion exist. The passion keeps the fire going, but the compassion keeps the relationship going. 

14. You love to spend time together

When two people are filled with passion, their relationships are packed with quality time together both inside and outside of the bedroom. 

It doesn’t matter whether it’s going for a hike or having some naughty time in the bedroom, you two enjoy each other’s company. 

This can be seen when you enjoy doing things that you normally would not enjoy as well. For example, you may have hated to go shopping before. Now, however, you love going to the store with your partner. They seem to make everything feel amazing!

If your friends and family have pointed out that you enjoy doing things you’ve never done before, it’s more than likely because of this. 

15. There’s friendship

there's friendship

You’re more than just two people in a relationship. The two of you have a deep friendship that is based on an unbreakable bond. This is one of the top signs of a relationship that is going to last. 

Friendship in a partnership looks similar to being friends outside of one. You laugh and joke together. Sharing inside jokes is common. Talking about things that make you both happy and sad is a part of your day. Think of it like having a best friend that you live with. 

16. You talk about everything

This is a sign that there is trust in the relationship. You don’t have to stop to think about what you say to them because they accept you for who you are. 

There is so much love and respect that you know they won’t make fun of you when you say something. 

Talking about things is important for every aspect of the relationship. It encourages every type of being intimate with one another. 

This is how you get to know what your partner does, and doesn’t, like in the bedroom. It’s how you share things and continue to build trust

Most people do this in the earlier stages, but it tends to fade away as the partnership progresses. 

However, keeping the passion alive in a relationship takes work. So does everything else in a relationship. 

That’s why having those daily conversations with each other is so important to making sure that you two last. 

17. They are your true love

When people are in a relationship full of intense desire, fun, and happiness, they often say that the other person is their true love. If you think that you’ve finally found your soulmate, it’s because you’re in a strong relationship. 

18. Everything is fun

You hate cooking but you love making a meal for them. Their interests are the opposite of yours, but you have a blast because you love seeing them smile. When you’re excited about one another, everything feels fun. 

19. You can’t stop thinking about them

When you are full of desire for a person, that’s one of the signs of being in a passionate relationship. 

You think about them while you’re running errands. You’re in the middle of work but can’t help but wonder what they are doing. You think about them all the time, not just when you’re bored. 

20. Intense happiness

When you feel passionate about a person, you can’t seem to stop smiling. There’s more bounce in your step than there was before. Even your friends and family have noticed that you’re more cheerful. You feel so much happiness that your skin is literally glowing. 

21. You make each other feel special

you make each other feel special

The two of you make each other feel special every day. Whether it’s the affectionate way that you kiss or simple texts to remind them how much you care, you continue to fall harder for each other every day. The two of you never question where you’re at on the other person’s priority list. 


What does a passionate relationship feel like?

When there is passion in your relationship, the memories are packed with good times. Emotions are intense. You often have an understanding of each other without having to explain things. You share mutual respect and trust.

What does it mean to have a passionate relationship?

When you have a passionate relationship, you fall hard for each other. You both love each other, want each other, and have a strong foundation. Your bond remains unrivaled by anything else that you have felt in your life. More than anything, you understand each other. 

What is passion between a man and a woman?

Passion, including passion in your relationship, feels like an intense desire. It’s a powerful thing. You can’t help but think about them. It’s a combination of lust and desire that seems to take over your mind and body. It’s similar to having chemistry with someone. 

How do you know if a girl is passionate?

You can tell if a girl is passionate by looking at the way that she acts. A passionate girl will dedicate the majority of her life and time to accomplishing her goals. She will feel emotions more intensely than other people do. More than anything, she will be more emotional than other people.

How do you find passion in a relationship?

Passion is often rooted in sexuality and desire. When two people have chemistry, they have instant passion. You can increase passion by spending more time together. Become more intimate with one another. Make sure that there is attraction. Passion will grow over time.

In Conclusion

When two people have a passionate relationship, people on the outside can tell. What are other signs that two people are in a passionate relationship? How can you tell?

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