Signs Of A Coward Guy (17 Obvious Signs)

When you hear of a coward, you may be thinking it’s a rough-looking guy or someone who is potentially harmful to other people or the environment by mere sight. Or, you may feel they’re people you can quickly identify from their physical looks.

The truth is, the modern-day cowardly person appears very decent, harmless, and a sweet talker you would find hard to resist. They walk around looking better than great minds and achievers. As sad as it may sound, it’s not a new thing.

Cowards are people that lie for a living. They believe in creating and putting up a perfect life that is not real. They would do anything possible to make any individual see them as flawless and maintain that picture with more lies without caring about the consequences.

Many women meet men like this. If you’re seeing a guy who may show signs of cowardice, and you’re still confused about his behavior, or want to be sure if he’s a coward or not, keep reading to learn 17 signs of how cowards behave to know the next step to take.

17 Signs Of A Coward Guy

1. He's barely honest

The modern-day coward lives a lie. He's never honest with people. Not because he chooses to be dishonest, but he has created a special niche for himself to be a perfect character that he isn't, or live a false life just to deceive people.

He's deluded in his fake world and would train himself to be dishonest even when he knows telling the truth would be of great benefit to him in the long term. If you see any guy displaying behavior like this, who would prefer to be dishonest whether to prove a point or not, he may be a coward.

2. He has his ways of manipulating words

Cowardice is one trait that could give a man the gift of manipulating words. Any guy who is truly an achiever doesn't need words to express his success. His actions would show you how great he is, effortlessly. But a coward has nothing to offer, so he would speak to make you believe what he's not.

A guy like this could convince you to do anything to be in a relationship with him. He would apply the same skills to win a business deal he may be unable to handle or impose a false investment on people. This is one of the signs of a coward guy you should look out for.

3. He's always flawless

A coward has all his moves calculated. His thoughts, words, and actions are wholly arranged in ways that would manipulate people effortlessly. He's a self-conscious person and constantly worries about how others see him or think about his actions. He always looks to know when people are watching him.

A guy like this never tries to speak his mind the way it is for fear of how people would react to a way of life full of flaws. He would dress in a perfect way, talk, and act like a saint just to attract more people to come his way. If you see a guy that does or acts this way when you meet him initially, he may be a coward.

4. He always has excuses

It's a normal thing for people to make mistakes. Nobody is perfect, even when they all strive to achieve perfection. It's not wrong to have reasons for messing up or doing something wrong. The bad part of it all is confusing those reasons with excuses.

That's usually the case of a cowardly guy. He would mix things up, arrive late for a meeting, cancel an appointment, and have enough excuses to back his bad attitude up. For a guy who has an excuse for everything, maintaining any kind of relationship is almost impossible. Except the girl he's involved with can cope with this without much stress.

5. You hear things he can’t say to you from others

you hear things he cant say to you from others

It doesn't matter if you're in a relationship with a cowardly guy or not; he wouldn't express his feelings to you when you offend him. This is because he's afraid of your reaction or how bad things may go between you two if he does.

Instead, he would unconsciously talk about it to people in public. This is typical cowardly behavior. He wants you to believe your relationship with him is perfect, so he'll hide his emotions from you and pretend all is well. If it feels like you're involved with a perfect man even when you know something doesn't feel right, he could be a coward.

6. He’ll deny most things he says

When people try to hide or deny the things they say, it’s because they’re not proud of them and would not be proud if anyone knew they did or said them. This is the same thing that applies to a coward. He would only accept the good things he does, that’s if he does any.

But if he says something negative, especially when he knows it will affect his ego or fake a perfect lifestyle, he would deny it. That’s because he doesn’t want anything tampering with his unique way of manipulation. As minor as this may seem, this is one obvious sign of a guy affected by cowardice.

7. His friends are weak

A cowardly person is always the leader of his clique, a clique with weak friends. That's because he can manipulate his way through to make them feel he's smarter. He'll deceive them with fake achievements, making them believe they should look up to him.

Even when it's obvious that his friends are more intelligent than him, he'll make sure he brings them down to a level where he can control them to act just the way he does. When you notice his friends acting just the way he does, look out for this sign; it would guide you to know when you meet a guy who is a cowardly person.

8. You always hear him apologize privately, but not publicly

An apology is a usual humble act to perform, especially when you've wronged someone dear to you. It applies to everyone, including cowards. But, cowardice makes a person shy away from apologizing to people. Instead, they'll prefer to do it privately or not do it at all. If you confront a coward in public, expecting him to apologize for hurting you, he may fight back.

Or, try to defend himself because of how embarrassed he'll feel seeing others take him for granted or looking down on him for such an act. A coward would remain quiet, walk away, or bring up meaningless facts to justify any bad thing he did. When you see something like this, don't worry about defending anyone. Just walk away.

9. He doesn’t mingle with smart and confident people

One thing about great minds is their curiosity and willingness to mingle with intelligent people. They love to interact with confident people knowing they'll gain many things from them, from just listening to what they have to say or their actions. 

But, a coward would prefer to make friends with weak-minded people so he can quickly shut them up or bully them whenever they try to speak up. A coward guy has a high probability of surviving with people who are not confident compared to intelligent people. When you observe this attitude or something close to it in a guy, it's a sign he may be a coward.

10. A cowardly guy is never really straightforward

a cowardly guy is never really straightforward

Of course, you don't expect someone who lies and is dishonest about his lifestyle to be straightforward. He moves towards any direction he feels is right to manipulate things to go in his direction. He's mindful of everything he does, so you suspect or take him as an unserious person.

This is one of the traits of a cowardly person. You can't predict their next move even when it seems like you got it covered. If you're thinking of going into a relationship with a guy and he has this trait, he could be a coward. It will help if you keep it in check.

11. He acts like he has everything figured out

Not everyone has the courage to ask for help openly. They would spend some time trying to figure it out on their own before reaching out to people. Eventually, if they can't solve it personally or get stressed out trying to fix it, they wouldn't hesitate to say so.

The opposite happens with a coward. No matter how stressful solving problems can be, a coward would always pretend like he has everything figured out. He would give you reasons you shouldn't worry about him and exhibit fake, brave gestures just to prove himself right. This is one of the most obvious signs of a coward guy.

12. The only information he processes is the one that favors him

A coward can't process every information he receives. Whenever anybody criticizes him, he would try to give positive reasons why he acts that way, even when he knows it's not true. He dislikes facing reality but would swim in the pool of lies he has created to suit him.

So, he would pay deaf ears to any talk or information that dents his image or fake profile but would become best friends with anybody that supports his flawless facade. Being in a relationship with this kind of guy could be stressful, which is why you should look out for this sign to know if he's a coward or not.

13. He can’t face any trouble or his fears

People have different fears, and they go through many tragic experiences. For many people, it's easier to face a fear or outgrow it, while to some, it may be a bit harder to handle it. Some people live with the pain for the rest of their lives. 

The same thing applies to a coward. A coward guy has difficulties facing a particular fear or trouble, especially if he knows it may take a more extended period to solve it, heal, or make him look imperfect to everyone. He would brush it off like it never happens. Ignoring this fear is one of the signs of a cowardly guy.

14. You won't see him take any risk

This is when you confirm that a coward loves to play safe. While every other great mind is trying to achieve a goal by taking multiple risks, a coward would prefer to use the safest way, which is not to try at all. 

He'll, by all means, wait for outcomes from people's experiences just to avoid making mistakes on their own. A cowardly person would avoid anything that would affect his fake perfection. They may not make it obvious, but you'll see this specific trait in him if you observe closely. This is one of the signs to know a coward guy.

15. He never likes to be confronted

he never likes to be confronted

Many people would prefer not to confront others or be confronted, but they wouldn't mind doing it if it affects their emotions. A coward guy would bottle up his emotions; even when he knows it would affect him in the long term, he would shy away from it.

And if he is confronted, he would carelessly fight back, not because he is entirely right or even right at all, but because he doesn't want to look imperfect to people. He still wants them to see him as that brave, cute, and daring man. As harsh as it may sound, this is a cowardly trait.

16. His physical appearance makes him look brave

There are certain people who don't need to act, talk, or look brave. They don't need to prove anything to you; their lifestyle says it all. For a cowardly guy, it's forceful. He would not only speak or act it but dress that way as well. 

From his outfit down to his cologne and haircut, it shows. He doesn't mind looking dramatic or putting up a show just to attract people's attention. A coward guy would make sure he does anything for people to acknowledge his presence, including bullying if need be. This is one of the signs of a cowardly guy, whether he's in public or not.

17. He hurts your feelings unconsciously

When a guy tries so much to put up a flawless lifestyle and can't maintain it, he could unconsciously hurt your feelings. The same thing applies when you find out he's not truly who he says he is but a coward. This happens mostly if you both are in a romantic relationship. 

You may think you can handle it until you discover that a guy hiding certain things from you when you trust him to the littlest detail could hurt you a bit more than you expected. Showing your emotions to a guy like this may mean nothing to him because living a fake life is normal.


What makes a person a coward?

One of the things that make a person a coward is their inability to face past and present fears, whether they're at fault or not. They also lack the confidence to admit who they truly are, so they lie or deny or put up a brave appearance in front of people.

How do you know if you are a coward?

Observe yourself to know if you can own up to what and who you are, what you said about someone, or are afraid to repeat what you said to someone with courage. These, out of many others, are a few ways you can use to know if you're a coward or not.

What is a cowardly man?

A cowardly man is someone who is afraid of saying the truth about his past or life generally to avoid creating a bad image of himself. He would do anything he can do to please people but may be unable to follow up with his cowardly trait to the end.

How do you know if a man is weak?

A man who is weak is afraid to speak up. He can't handle his problems without someone else's support. Nothing is ever wrong for him because he wants peace, and he doesn't want to hurt anybody's emotions. These, and many more, are signs of a man who is weak.

Are liars cowards?

Liars are not necessarily cowards. This is because people lie for different reasons. It could be to win a contract, escape jail time, get some money, or for other benefits, and may not do this to please anyone but make themselves happy. A liar may most likely accept they told a lie.

To Conclude

Depending on different guys and their personalities, a guy could display many signs of being a coward. If you're confused or still figuring out how to know this, you could start with the 17 signs I've mentioned, and don't forget to drop a comment and share this article with others if you liked it.

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