Signs of A Con Artist in a Relationship (13 Red Flags That You Are With One)

Are you dating a man who seems too good to be true? Do you find it difficult to count on this man? If this man is new and you don't know much about him then it is normal to have your suspicions. There was a time when I was dating a con artist and I had no idea until I was duped.

A con artist chooses his victims carefully, and a girl like me who was naive, low in confidence, and vulnerable was his perfect target. When I think about it now, I realize that I ignored many signs in my relationship, which resulted in me being manipulated, tricked, and cheated on

In today’s article, we are going to look at signs, which can help in identifying a con artist in the relationship. These signs will help you to make sure that you are not dating a scammer, and if you are, you can run away before it becomes a threat. We will also see why girls get in a relationship with scammers and put themselves at risk.

Signs Of A Con Artist In A Relationship

1. Extremely romantic in the beginning

As the con artist required your confidence to scam you, he tried to charm you with romance at the beginning of your relationship. Nonetheless, he is not the same anymore and he is hardly paying any attention to you now. The con man was eager to win your trust as he planned to trick you.

2. They will borrow money

A con artist will regularly make a point to gain your trust before he breaks it. He will come up with various emotional reasons because of which he needs your help. These reasons include a medical crisis, serious ailment, or some other financial problem, which needs money on an urgent basis. After this, they will even return your money and gain your trust as this is a game!

3. He wants to move fast

When in a relationship, a con man would like to move fast. He will tell you how important you are in his life and how he cannot live without you. He will sweet talk to you and pressurize you to marry him or at least get into a live-in relationship. He might even emotionally blackmail you and try to manipulate you until you get ready to take the relationship to the next level. 

4. Fake their job

A con artist will frequently take an easy route to acquire your confidence by professing to have a job, which typically earns regard and profound respect. These jobs include being a policeman, CEO, professor, etc. Once the woman is sure that the man has a respectable occupation and earns his own money, she makes the mistake of trusting this man.

5. Disappear all the time

disappear all the time

As most of the time, con artists lead a dual life they will disappear frequently from your life. However, they hardly leave their victims alone and keep coming back after giving some emotional reasons for their disappearance. These excuses sound so genuine that the victim falls prey to them and believes the words of the con. 

6. The gut signal

It might sound weird but you should learn to listen to your gut. Your gut gives you signals and listening to these signs can prevent you from becoming the next victim of the con artist. You might not always have a reason for why you should not trust a guy but you should listen to your instincts and you should become careful when you see red flags. 

7. Vague past

A con artist will never want you to know much about their personal lives, therefore, they will always try their best to avoid questions asked about their background. Even if they answer the questions, they will give very few details and if you notice intently you will find that their story changes frequently. This is one of the signs that you are in a relationship with a con artist.

8. Appear professional

Although a con artist will continuously tell you that they are a regular person but their dressing would tell you a different story. They dress to make people believe that they are professional and successful so that their victims can confide in them. Therefore, look out for signs before you believe every word that a man says to you like all of it can be just a game to get you!

9. Asking for personal information

Many experienced con artists are actually criminals who get into relationships only because they are trying to scam innocent women. Many times these con artists have done something as serious as identity theft, while many times they have a history of making false promises and borrowing money from people with no intention of ever returning it.

To con you, a con artist will ask for your personal information, such as credit card details, PIN, Social Security number, etc. A scammer can use all these details to undertake any kind of criminal activity. Therefore, you should stay cautious and refrain from sharing personal information with people you have not known for long.

10. Too good to be true

too good to be true

Relationships with a con artist will always be dreamy and they will seem too good to be true. They will try hard to impress you by sending you flowers, gifts, and other surprises. Even if they miss your call, or could not reply to your message, they will call you back immediately and pay you full attention. They will hardly say ‘no’ to you and agree to almost everything that you say.

11. They brag a lot

Truly rich people don't like bragging about their lifestyle and wealth. Con artists on the other hand, continuously boast about their financial assets, future wealth, and possessions. However, this is all a game to charm you and make you believe in them. When you ask them about what they do for a living, they will tell you about financial schemes, which won't seem real.

12. Mention big brands

While bragging, con artists usually mention big brands or Fortune 500 companies, which apparently have been the con’s clients or he has worked for them. So one of the biggest signs of a con artist is when the person mentions working for big companies even when they seem to be very different from his workstream.

Not only big brands, but con artists also pretend to know CEOs or founders of some big companies and talk like they have known these big personalities from their starting days and are friends with them.

If you come across a person who seems to boast a lot, then it is better that you do some research to find out if the person has ever worked for these companies. A quick search of the Linkedin profile of the individual can tell you a lot about them.

13. The promise of a better future

When you are in a relationship with a con artist, they will not only talk about having a future with you early on, but they will also talk about how dreamy that future will be. They will boast about their current lifestyle and at the same time talk about how once you marry them, you both can go on cruises, exotic locations, wild adventures, and have a dream house. 

In short, relationships with con men would be dreamy and filled with fake promises, dreams of an extravagant lifestyle, and a lot of boasting! 

Why Do Women Get In A Relationship With Con Artists?

Con artists are looking for cash cows so that they can cheat them out of whatever they own. These women are looking for love and are a giver by nature, therefore they hardly doubt the intentions of the man that they are dating and just fall for the charming personality of the man.

Con artists are usually very experienced in scamming people so it is not difficult for them to take advantage of vulnerable women who have no idea about the identity of these men. These people lie as they breathe and it does not take much effort for them to fabricate a story, which makes the unsuspecting women transfer their assets to the scammers.

It is not like only young, inexperienced women fall prey to these scammers, but there are many instances where mature, and professional women also fell for the charms of the scammers. So to protect themselves, it is important that women be cautious before befriending a stranger and never share too many personal details with them.


How can you tell if someone is a con artist?

To find out if someone is a con artist you have to look for signs and never ignore your gut feeling. You need to be cautious and be vigilant if someone new asks for too much personal information, like your ATM pin, social security number, etc. Con artists also usually boast a lot and talk like making big in life is extremely easy.

Is being a con artist illegal?

A con artist is someone who manipulates, cheats, and tricks you into believing something that is not true. They use these tricks to con people and depending on the seriousness of the nature of the activity, it can be considered as a crime in the court of law.

How do you deal with a con artist?

To deal with a con artist you need to be confident and be sure about yourself. Make sure that you don't believe a word of what the scammer says, no matter how convincing everything seems. If you have already been scammed then you should file a report immediately and if no harm has been done then you should immediately cut all the contact with the scammer.

What is a con man's trick?

The con man starts by finding his victim and then befriending them. All this while, their trick is to appear confident and show like they are rich and can help anyone who befriends them. Their trick is to befriend anyone who looks like they are vulnerable and lack self-esteem.

How does a con man work?

A con artist works by blending in the crowd and lying and manipulating their way into making people believe that they can enhance their lifestyle just by being with the con artist. After gaining the confidence of their victim, the con artist looks for ways to deceive their prey and get funds from them.

The Bottomline

Have you ever been prey to a con artist? If yes, how did you come out of the situation at that time? Would you like to give a message to help our readers? Please comment below!

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