Signs He Wants To Get You Pregnant (23 Sneaky Signs To Look Out For)

Ideally, the decision to start a family should be taken by both parties in the relationship. As a matter of urgency, couples must provide an answer to the question of whether or not to have children at the beginning of the relationship. We all have dreams, goals, and plans for our lives – all of which an unplanned pregnancy can disrupt. 

There’s no gainsaying the fact that you love your boyfriend and that you are committed to the relationship. However, like most millennials, you may not be so keen about starting a family. You are not a selfish or self-absorbed person for choosing not to have children at the moment. 

I, for one, believe that your partner should respect your choice despite his convictions or desire about children. Strange as it may sound, there are guys who are not wary of the commitment and responsibility of starting a family. I mean guys who long for the joy of fatherhood. 

So, let’s say your partner falls in this category, you need to keep an eye out for signs that he is trying to get you pregnant without you knowing. Speaking of which, here are some telltale signs he wants to get you pregnant.

23 Sneaky Signs He Wants You to Get Pregnant

1. He can’t stop talking about having children

he can't stop talking about having children

In a situation where your partner is ready to start having kids, chances are he won’t keep quiet about it. That is one of the major signs he is trying to get you pregnant. Any guy that always talks about children is ready for a baby. 

Your partner bringing up the prospect of kids when you are married is understandable but not when you are just dating. Besides, it is assumed that both of you have discussed the subject and reached a compromise.

So, why does your significant other often talk about his love for children? Chances are, he wants to get you pregnant but needs you to be on the same page as him.

2. He doesn’t joke with family traditions

It’s somewhat interesting to note if your partner comes from a proud stock with a rich family culture spanning centuries. Each generation is handed the already established family traditions with clear instructions to pass them on to the next generation. These traditions give us a sense of identity, teach values, strengthen the family bonds, and offer security.

If your partner comes from a family with rich traditions, notice how he cares for these traditions and how much premium he places on them. Be rest assured that he would want to pass on those traditions to his children. 

3. He fantasizes about baby names

It’s common knowledge that women fantasize about baby names more than men. What’s more, very few men think about the name to give their unborn kids. However, when a man starts thinking of what to call his future baby, he’s likely ready for fatherhood. 

In your case, your significant other calls your attention whenever he sees or hears a cute baby name. You may have probably caught him poring over a couple of baby name books for suggestions and ideas. When your man suddenly starts fantasizing over what to call your future baby, that is a subtle sign that he wants to get you pregnant. 

4. He never uses a condom even when you insist

Most men don’t find pleasure in wearing a condom while having intercourse with their partners. There’s this satisfaction and sensation they get by going raw. Notwithstanding, unprotected sex is unarguably the fastest way a woman can get pregnant.

If your boyfriend refuses to wear a condom during intercourse, it’s one of the signs that he is trying to get you pregnant. Despite knowing the consequences of engaging in sexual activity without precautions, he remains unbothered and goes ahead to do so.

Refusing to wear a condom is one of the signs he wants to get you pregnant. If you know that you are not yet ready for parenthood, always insist that your significant other wears a condom whenever you are intimate. 

5. He refuses to pull out when you have sex

he refuses to pull out when you have sex

Remember, we mentioned something about how sexual intercourse feels good without a condom. Consenting to have sexual relations without a condom comes with a clause – that the guy pulls out at the point of ejaculation. 

As risky as it sounds, many couples pull off that feat several times. The guy tries not to get carried away at the moment and is quick enough to pull out to avoid ejaculating inside his partner.

Let’s say the both of you agree to have unprotected intercourse yet he intentionally ejaculates inside you each time. You don’t need anybody to tell you that your partner is trying to get you pregnant. This is one sign you shouldn’t neglect so you don’t end up with an unwanted pregnancy.

6. He keeps track of your monthly cycle

Most guys are not remotely interested in knowing when their partner’s monthly cycle. In fact, some of them see it as gross or awkward to know such things. This is why you need to be extra cautious when you notice your partner keeps track of your monthly cycle. 

Some men can detect when a woman is ovulating through the changes in their body system. Most men that keep track of their partner’s monthly cycle usually have an ulterior motive behind doing so. 

We often presume it to be that they love us, especially whereas they are trying to get you pregnant. If your man asks you if you have started ovulating, take it as one of the signs he wants to get you pregnant.

7. He doesn’t mind having sexual intercourse with you when you are ovulating

To be fair to men, most of them don’t know when we are ovulating. However, I know for a fact that couples who don’t want kids abstain from sexual intercourse when the woman is ovulating. Most women let their partners know on time so they don’t get annoyed when they refuse them sex.

If after you have told your partner that you have started ovulating and he insists on having sexual intercourse, it’s a sign that he wants to get you pregnant. Of course, he knows that is the time you are most fertile to conceive a baby.

8. He punctures holes in the condoms you use during intercourse

For those who might be wondering, puncturing holes in condoms is actually a thing. Both sexes are complicit in this desperate act and they do so when one partner doesn’t want to have a baby. If you ever discover that your significant other has been poking holes in the condoms he uses during intercourse, make no mistake about it, he wants to get you pregnant.

Love and respect must go hand in hand for any relationship to thrive. Your partner should love you enough to respect your wish not to have kids. Anything short of that should be frowned at and seen as a betrayal of trust.

9. He stops you from using contraception

Every romantic relationship that allows sexual relations opens you up to the possibility of getting pregnant. Thankfully, science has provided couples with a safety net in the form of birth control and contraception.

However, when your significant other stops you from taking a birth control pill or any other form of contraception, chances are he is trying to get you pregnant. Everyone knows that you can’t make a baby when you use protection.

10. He shows less concern when you tell him you are off contraception

Everybody knows that having sexual intercourse with a woman who is not on birth control increases the odds of her getting pregnant. Normally, your significant other is expected to talk to you about the implications of coming off birth control or whatever contraception you are on.

If your partner is not bothered about whether or not you are using contraception, he is trying to get you pregnant. What’s more, it’s likely that your man has already embraced the prospect of having a baby prior to now. However, if you are not ready for a child now, don’t hesitate to let your partner know.

11. He regularly sends you baby pictures

he regularly sends you baby picture

Looking at cute baby pictures can make the toughest of persons feel warm and fuzzy inside. It can have powerful effects on your mind leaving you craving for a baby of your own. One way to know when your significant other is trying to get you pregnant is when he starts sending you cute baby pictures. 

In fact, whenever a family member or close friend welcomes a new baby, your guy is quick to send you a picture of the bundle of joy for your viewing pleasure. It is a subtle way of preparing your mind for what is to come.

12. Children easily catch his fancy

Any man who is ready for fatherhood would cherish playing with kids. Some men are so good with kids that there is never a dull moment around them. Heck, you may even find them offering to babysit other people’s kids. This sort of behavior should not be dismissed as normal, rather, you should see it as a sign of the man wanting to carry his own baby. 

In your case, you may have probably noticed how excited your man gets when one of your mutual friends has a baby. Don’t presume it to be nothing, your significant other is likely warming his way into parenthood.

13. He is taken aback by the way you handle kids

Make no mistake, some men closely watch how their partners attend to children. They are always in the background paying attention to how you hold and care for a baby, even though it’s not yours. If he is trying to get you pregnant, he may likely be checking you out to see if you would make a great mom.

Try to observe your partner whenever you are with a loved one’s baby. Chances are your eyes will meet his staring at you and a bundle of joy in your arms. If you are looking for signs he wants to get you pregnant, here is a good place to start.

14. He compliments you on a regular basis about how you will make a great mother

For your partner to start complimenting you in this manner, the thought of having a baby has crossed his mind. In fact, this is one of the most obvious signs he wants to get you pregnant. What’s more, your significant other has watched you and seen the possibility of you becoming a great mother to your kids. 

Now that your partner has found a mother figure in you, there’s nothing stopping him from trying to get you pregnant. Don’t always wave off comments like “you’ll make a great mother someday” as mere compliments especially if your partner is open to having kids.

15. He jokes about being a great dad someday

Men are very egoistic and it is often seen in their thoughts and behaviors. Recognition and attention are some of the things that drive a male ego. Little wonder, you find men singing their praises and blowing their trumpets to boost their ego.

With that in mind, one of the obvious signs he wants to get you pregnant is by mentioning how he thinks he will make a great dad someday. As long as your partner nurtures the hope of being a father in the future, he is bound to bring it up at some point in the relationship.

It’s important to note that men say what they want to do regardless of the implications. So, it would be best to pay attention to your partner’s words.

16. He’s talking about getting a bigger apartment

he's talking about getting a bigger apartment

People move into bigger apartments for various reasons ranging from social to financial. Oftentimes, people move to meet their growing needs as they have outgrown their current apartment. They may have acquired more properties and the current space can’t accommodate them all.

Another reason people relocate to a new apartment is when they have or are trying to have kids. If your man starts considering buying or renting a bigger apartment, chances are he is contemplating the prospect of having a baby. This is one of the signs he wants to get you pregnant.

17. He repeatedly makes reference to the future

It’s always a good thing when the person you love sees a future with you. What it means is that your significant other is prepared to go all the way with you in the relationship which should make you happy. 

However, one way to know if your partner is trying to get you pregnant is that he keeps making reference to the future. You’d hear things like “imagine what our kids are going to be like”, or “we will soon have little ones running around”. Talk about the future, especially one that involves kids, should be seen as a red flag if you are not ready to have kids. 

18. He starts considering other means of making money

Raising children is no mean feat especially when you consider the financial implications of doing so. Whenever couples contemplate the prospect of kids, there’s always talk of getting their finances in order and improving their financial situation. 

The reason is – the cost of raising a baby can quickly escalate due to economic and political factors so couples have to plan well. Besides, nobody ever plans to bring a child into the world to suffer.

If you notice that your partner suddenly starts looking for more opportunities to grow his finance base, chances are he is making provisions for a baby. This is one of the signs he wants to get you pregnant, so look out for it.

19. He doesn’t show concern when you miss your period

Any man that is trying to get you pregnant won’t show concern when you miss your period. Telling your partner that you didn’t see your period is music to his ears considering that he wants a baby. 

Of course, missed or late periods are not the only signs of pregnancy, but to your partner, it presents some sort of silver lining. If you want to find out if your partner is trying to get you pregnant, watch his reaction when you tell him you missed your period. He will either appear unbothered or elated at the news.

20. You notice a surge in his sexual appetite

The traditional method of having children has always been through sexual intercourse and that hasn’t changed. Naturally, men think about having sex more than women but that doesn’t make them addicts. 

However, in this situation, when you start noticing a surge in a man’s sexual drive, see it as one of the signs he wants to get you pregnant. Let’s do the math – the more times he has unprotected sexual intercourse, the greater your odds of getting pregnant.

21. He starts buying baby things

There are certain things that couples need to put in place when they are expecting a baby. Baby stuff such as diapers, clothes, toys, feeding bottles, etc. is one of them. Couples usually buy these items in the early weeks of pregnancy.

One of the most obvious signs he wants to get you pregnant is when he starts buying baby things. Last time you checked, none of your friends or loved ones gave birth, so who is he buying them for? Look no further, he is trying to get you pregnant.

22. You catch him reminiscing over his childhood

Revisiting childhood memories can stir up our desire to have kids. If your partner suddenly starts reminiscing over his growing-up years, don’t be shocked to discover that he wants children of his own. It’s almost every man’s desire to teach his son how to drive, play basketball, woo ladies, or something of sorts.

I may be wrong and I may also be right. This sign may not be one of the most obvious signs he wants to get you pregnant but it counts as one. 

23. He wants to make things official

he wants to make things official

By official, I mean taking a conscious decision to walk down the aisle with you. By extension, this may mean wanting to have a family with you – family means kids. Of course, your partner proposing may not necessarily mean he wants to get you pregnant but it could also mean that.

Notwithstanding, deciding to go all the way with you indicates that he will want children eventually. So, the earlier you start warming up to the idea, the better for you. 


How do guys feel when they get a girl pregnant?

Guys that are ready to start having kids feel ecstatic and excited. There’s also that feeling of anxiety and uncertainty which is normal for expectant parents. Conversely, when a guy that is not ready for children gets a girl pregnant, there’s that feeling of uneasiness and unhappiness. What’s more, he may likely grow to resent the child.

Can a guy feel if he impregnated a girl?

Nine times out of ten, women are the first to notice when they get pregnant. Contrary to popular opinion, there are a select few among the male folk that can tell when their partners are pregnant before they do. Call it intuition or sixth sense, these guys know when they have impregnated a girl.

When should you tell him you are pregnant?

Ideally, your partner should know once you are 100 percent sure that you are pregnant – that is if the both of you want children. If your partner is not ready to have a baby, find the right time and setting to disclose the news to him. Change no matter the form can be difficult to accept, so respect his reaction.

What helps you get pregnant fast?

For starters, eat healthy nutritious foods, especially those rich in iron, protein, calcium, and folic acid. Make use of ovulation prediction kits to figure out the best time to have sexual intercourse for optimal results. 

Stop using contraception or hormonal birth control as they can disrupt your menstrual cycle. Lying on your back after intercourse also increases your chances of getting pregnant.

How soon do pregnancy symptoms start?

As it turns out, pregnancy symptoms start at varying times in women. Asides from a missed period, the earliest sign of pregnancy is the tenderness of the breasts and abdominal bloating which starts shortly after conception. 

Some women also experience morning sickness, frequent urination, smell sensitivity, headaches, fatigue, and mood swings a few weeks into the pregnancy


It’s always better to be safe than sorry. The signs highlighted above will help you make an informed assessment on whether or not your partner wants to get you pregnant. Don’t hesitate to share your thoughts and experiences in the comments below. Kindly hit the share button so this article can get to as many women as possible.

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