Signs He Wants To Be Exclusive (23 Sure-Fire Signs)

Relationships have different stages, meaning it's critical to be aware of when yours is progressing. Staying informed keeps you one step ahead and helps you prepare adequately.

Exclusivity is a stage most associations eventually reach. It demands a higher level of commitment, so you need to be aware when your partner wants this phase.

If you want to determine whether he's thinking about an exclusive relationship, you should pay attention to the following vital signs he wants something serious.

How do you know a guy wants to date you exclusively? Take a look at these twenty-three clues to find out.

23 Signs He Wants To Be Exclusive

1. He introduces you to his family

he introduces you to his family

You can quickly identify that a man wants to be in a committed relationship with you when he introduces you to his loved ones. This classic move shows that he wants you to stick around for as long as possible. The only way to accomplish this is by ensuring his family is aware of you. 

If he wants a casual association, he wouldn't go through the trouble of introducing you to the people he loves. He'll acknowledge that the association is short-term, and would try to keep everything silent. You can rest assured that your partner is not a commitment-phobe when he tells his family about you. 

2. He makes your wants a priority

One of the signs that a man wants something serious is when he prioritizes your desires. Someone that's not invested in you entirely will look for reasons to avoid doing what you want. Their lack of affection will prevent them from compromising, which would make them crave to have their way all the time. 

This notion proves that a male individual that wants a severe relationship will be more willing to listen to your opinions, unlike someone looking for something casual. Your partner may be kindhearted naturally, but his quest to see you happy will show his commitment. 

3. He publicly displays affection

Some men dislike announcing they're off the market officially. Any commitments phobic will avoid showcasing their love to their partners in public places because it reduces their chances of mingling with people as they please. You can tell that a male wants a serious relationship when he's not afraid to hold your hand in public, hug, or even kiss you in front of others. 

If he puts his arm around you confidently, telling the world that you're his girlfriend, it highlights his level of devotion to you. Such male individuals crave exclusive associations with their significant others to display their affection wholeheartedly.

4. He asks for your opinions

One of the signs he wants an exclusive relationship is when he's more open to your ideas and points of view. Someone who's not interested in anything serious will have a reduced amount of interest in their partner's opinions. They'll operate with an individualistic mindset instead of a joint partnership with their significant other. 

Plus, they'll focus more on their wants and desires, and what they think is best for the association, and wouldn't consider asking for input. Therefore, if your partner asks for advice on his outfits, finances, or any personal matters, it shows he wants to be with you for an extended period.

5. He talks about the future

A male individual who discusses the future and includes you in his tales wants to date you exclusively. If he doesn't think the association has potential, it will be challenging to think far. Moreover, it will be more difficult to envision you in those plans. 

This notion proves that a male that wants a long association will talk about you being in his future. He'll make statements about what both of you will do next year, or perhaps, during the following Christmas. Each of his plans will have something to do with you, and that's how you'll know.

6. He touches you regularly

When a male individual wants to be exclusive, they wouldn't be able to get their minds off you. They'll want to be close to you at all times and touch you if possible. Although there are men in casual relationships that connect with their partners, this will happen less frequently, or perhaps, only when they're in the mood. 

Physical touch is a way people show their affection. If your partner always seems to have his hands close to you, it shows he wants to be serious with you. His body language is unconsciously revealing that he's interested in you immensely, and plans to take things forward.

7. He posts your pictures on social media

he posted your pictures on social media

One of the signs that a guy sees you as an extended love interest is when he doesn't hide the relationship from the world. If he posts your pictures online or posts pictures of both of you, it proves that he wants to spend a lot of time with you. 

A male individual that doesn't see an association lasting long wouldn't tell the world about it. He would prefer to keep things a secret to prevent people from asking questions when the association eventually falls apart. On the contrary, if he's willing to take things far, he'll make telling others about you a priority.

8. He wants to spend time with you

Quality time is a common love language because people spend the most time with what they cherish. If a male individual is excited to be with you and initiates this process, it's a clue that he wants to make you his girlfriend officially. 

If he stirs up conversations to get to know you more and looks for opportunities to stay engaged with you, it reveals that he wants to take the relationship forward. Individuals only invest their time in what they deem profitable. Thus, spending time with you shows that your partner isn't a player, but has serious intentions for the association.

9. He leaves stuff at your house

You can identify when a male individual wants a serious relationship when he forgets some items at your home. If he does this act repeatedly, it reveals his confidence that both of you will eventually see sometime soon. This notion proves that he only wants to be with you, and no one else. 

No guy would leave anything important at someone's house he's not likely to see anytime soon. If he's the forgetful type, he'll take extra precautions to avoid forgetting his items. However, someone comfortable with you wouldn't mind leaving a few pieces of stuff behind because he knows he'll get them back.

10. He informs you when he makes significant preparations

Guys tend to be more reserved when making arrangements than women. This notion suggests that you're essential to a male individual if he fills you in on his programs. It's also one of the signs that a guy wants a stable relationship with you. He wouldn't inform you about something big if he didn't think you were a vital part of his life. 

More so, he's telling you because he wants you to be around when he has accomplished the program. These are subtle ways male individuals reveal that they want something exclusive, and not just a casual association.

11. He refers to you as his partner

Another telltale clue that a male individual wants to date you exclusively is when he refers to you as his partner privately and publicly. A lot of males will choose to keep their associations simple if it has o potential. They'll refer to their significant others with their names, and wouldn't label them as anything significant. 

On the contrary, if he's serious about the association, introducing you as his woman or referring to you with a unique identity will come easy when talking to friends. He already sees a future with you and doesn't need to pretend about it.

12. He's not secretive

Honesty is a vital aspect of any association. You can determine how much two parties value an association with their level of openness. A man who wants a long-term relationship will avoid hiding essential details from his partner because he's aware she'll eventually find out. 

On the contrary, a person looking for a casual association wouldn't see reasons to update their significant other and would choose to keep secrets instead. If you have an open and honest association with your partner, it shows he wants to have you around for long.

13. He tells his friends about you

he tells his friends about you

There's a difference between a male's friends merely knowing about you, and knowing little aspects of your life. If a guy persistently talks to his friends about you, they'll learn details about you. This action will also prove that your partner desires a committed relationship. 

If his friends send you birthday wishes or check up on you when you're sick, it shows that your significant other updates them about your affairs. This notion also reveals that he's crazy about you, and can't miss an opportunity to tell someone about you. He wouldn't do this if he were unsure that the association would last.

14. He craves deep conversations

A man that merely wants to have fun with you wouldn't see reasons to ask about your core beliefs or any private matter. Instead, he'll keep everything at the surface level because he's aware the association wouldn't last long. On the contrary, guys that want severe associations will ask deep questions. 

He'll ask about your family, childhood, past love life, and anything that will help him know you more. He has a genuine desire to know things about you and is interested in your personality genuinely. These are some of the signs that he wants a severe relationship.

15. He talks about his feelings for you

Men show their affection in many ways, but they refrain from speaking about their emotions because it makes them vulnerable. If a guy opens up about how he feels, it's a positive indicator that he wants to take things to the next level. Any male that's a player, or merely wants to have fun with you will never bring up the subject of feelings. 

Instead, he'll keep things casual so he can call the association off when he deems fit. On the contrary, a male who adores you will let you know how much he values you by subtly mentioning it in conversations.

16. He doesn't have drama with his exes

A guy who wants to move forward in his present association wouldn't immerse himself in his previous associations' drama. Any person that has back and forth arguments with prior partners is certainly not ready for anything serious. It's vital to establish healthy barriers with exes to ensure progress with a new partner. 

You can identify a male's interest in starting something exclusive when his past is not an obstruction. He's mature enough to handle anything that could be detrimental to his current relationship. These are subtle signs that your partner wants an exclusive association with you.

17. He doesn't use dating apps

When a man deletes his dating apps, it shows that he's ready to focus on an essential association in his life. Many men would prefer to keep their options open when they have doubts about an association. On the contrary, you're confident that he desires to make things long-term when he blocks every channel to meet someone new. 

A similar scenario that proves he wants you around for the long haul is when he deletes pictures and phone numbers that could be detrimental to building an association with you. He ensures everything starts on a clean slate without giving you reasons to doubt him.

18. Both of you share a unique bond

When a male individual meets someone special, he's likely to desire a close association with that individual. If you share a peculiar bond with your significant other, it hints that he wants to date you exclusively. 

Guys undoubtedly know when they've made a great catch. They wouldn't risk losing that association for anything because they're aware that special bonds are hard to find. They'll be more emotionally present than other associations and will strive to make the association work at all costs. He'll talk about spending more time together because he can relate well to you.

19. He wants you to accompany him on outings with his friends

he wants you to accompany him on outing with his friends

When a man has future plans with you, he'd be excited having you around his friends on occasions. He'll want everyone to get along because he intends to have you and them around for a long time. A male individual who doubts the relationship lasting wouldn't put you in the same vicinity as his friends. 

More so, if he's playing games with you, he wouldn't want his friends to reveal this to you. Therefore, making plans with his friends and including you in them is a vibrant indication that he wants to spend a long time with you.

20. He's consistent

Consistency is the easiest way to identify a person who's serious about you from someone who's not. A man that craves an exclusive association wouldn't give you reasons to doubt his affection. He'll show up when you expect him to, keep you updated on occurrences, and will be tenderhearted to you persistently. 

Someone who wants a short-term association will find it hard to stay consistent. They'll channel most of their time into other profitable ventures because they're aware the association will break sooner or later. People naturally don't want to spend time on things that are short-term. 

Therefore, it's the simplest way to know your partner's intentions.

21. He doesn't gaze at other women

A good sign that a guy is committed to you and wants to be in a happy and long relationship with you is when he refrains from staring at other ladies. The urge to look at other people even when in a severe association will undoubtedly arise. 

However, a person in love makes an effort to avoid this action because he intends to build something profitable with his partner. He maintains eye contact during outings and tries to stay engaged with you for as long as possible. You'd quickly tell that his full attention is on you, which indicates he wants to be with you.

22. You already feel things are exclusive

you already feel things are exclusive

A prudent signal that your partner wants an exclusive relationship is when things already feel that way. Both of you are invested in the association equally and make minor compromises to see each other happy. More so, both of you value one another to the extent that you're not looking for new partners. 

You're comfortable with the association and acknowledging your significant other as a part of your life already. Relationships, where the two parties are equally immersed, tend to be longer than other associations. This scenario happens because both parties have the same expectation, even without realizing it.

23. He remembers every vital detail

Men find it challenging to listen to someone they aren't interested in entirely. This notion creates the impression that male individuals are forgetful people. On the contrary, when a guy has a ton of affection for you, he'll pay attention to every critical piece of information you say. 

He'll listen when you speak and try his absolute best to grasp every information he hears. This move will help him when he decides to gift you something you've always wanted or merely make your life happier with him. If your partner does this, it's a sign he wants a stable relationship.


How long should you date a guy before becoming exclusive?

A good rule of thumb to date a man before having a severe relationship with him is two months. This timeframe should give both of you an idea of whether you're ideal for one another or not. If it feels right to start something serious much earlier, then you should go for it.

How do you know if a man is serious about you?

The best sign a man can give you about his affection is consistency. If he spends ample time with you regularly, keeps you informed, and includes you in his daily activities, it reveals how much he values his relationship with you. His actions will help you determine whether you should pursue something severely or not.

Should the guy bring up exclusivity?

It's essential to bring up the topic of having an exclusive association early on, to ensure both parties are comfortable with the idea. A male individual who wants to date you exclusively wants to know your opinions about it and may include it in his conversations with you. 

How do you tell if a guy wants a relationship or just a hookup?

Men that are more interested in having a casual relationship with a lady will focus more on her looks. He wouldn't make an effort to know her personally if he only wants a hookup. On the contrary, men who desire a profitable relationship will be curious about the lady and spend ample time with her.

How do you know if a guy wants you badly?

Men are more reserved with their emotions when they're not interested in someone fully. However, when they have a ton of affection for you, they'll spend most of their time with you. They'll look for little ways to make you happy, which is a common sign of their warmth towards you.


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