Signs He Has Bad Intentions (13 Signs To Watch Out For)

Let's be honest here. There's so much we choose to ignore in relationships in the name of love. If you're able to identify a player and a guy with bad intentions, then you'll know all the red flags of dating early on in your relationship. Not all men come with the reddest of flags, which is why we can choose to be oblivious to the few who exhibit them. 

If you're sick and tired of always meeting low-standard men who don't seem to respect you, then this article is for you. In this article, we help you get on the same page as your partner or potential partner. You get to identify if his generous spirit comes from a place of love or indifference. 

You learn how to identify a good guy by paying attention to all the things a toxic person might show you. If you're up for it, continue reading. 

13 Signs He Has Bad Intentions

1. He is superficial

In counseling women who have been hurt by men who came into their lives to use them, one sign always pops up. A superficial man. Many of the men who always brag about their looks, their muscles, and how silky their hair is are bad news. 

There's nothing wrong with a man with looks. Physical features are elements that we all look out for, but these features become an issue when you man always feels the need to state or rant about them. One reason why many superficial men do what they do is that they usually don't have much going on for them. 

2. He says he's a nice guy

And he's always insisting that he's a nice guy. These guys can be a lot sometimes. Any man who constantly talks about how great a guy he is, and how he's not like the rest every time you're on a date is potentially around to cause you pain. 

Guys like this often jump the gun, even without being certain about whether you're interested in them or not. He's sketchy with his words, and now he paints himself as a saint. In summary, any man who has to convince you about his goodness all the time is someone who isn't good. 

3. He's needy

he's needy

Another sign that comes from counseling women dealing with heartbreak is neediness. A man with the sole aim of coming into your life to hurt you is always clingy and needy. This man treats you like a little girl. He's always calling to find out where you are, what you're doing, and who you're with, among others. 

If he doesn't receive a reply he throws a nasty tantrum in your presence. 

Needy men are needy mainly because they wish to control you, your actions, and your movements. They try to use guilt to stop you from living your life without them, even if that means doing the things they like and ignoring your desires. 

4. He keeps things vague

A man might always talk about the future but might not include you in it. He might always talk about the bigger picture of things, and will never narrow down to detail these plans. Any man who constantly talks about his future plans without factoring in your needs is probably not planning to stick around for long. 

Keeping things vague is one thing the right man will never think of doing in any of their relationships. 

If a guy sees himself going the long haul with you, he sees you in his fruit. He's not afraid to discuss these future plans with you because he wants to keep you in the loop. He wants to know how your goals and his can coexist, and how both of you can make the relationship work. 

5. He's always the critic

he's always the critic

Any older guy who is always putting down is a guy with bad intentions towards you. One might think a critic will not be best for you. Well, any man who is constantly criticizing you is giving you one of the obvious red flags in the book. He might do it jokingly, especially when you're around close friends, but that doesn't take away his intent. 

Any man who criticizes you in public is not showing you the kindness and generosity you deserve. He's putting you down to make himself feel and look good, and this signifies the action of someone in love. 

6. He's in a hurry

All the time. You might have had your first date on Monday but on Wednesday he's asking you about what your future plans for the relationship are. This man is always rushing you to make decisions regarding both of you, and usually, it's not for your benefit. 

Any man who wants to move too fast with you is someone who isn't whole in himself. He isn't a whole person and he wishes to attach his super needy self to a complete person to give off the impression he’s a great guy. There's no point wasting time with such a person.

7. He makes you compromise

Any man who always gets you to do what's convenient for him is showing you blatant disrespect, and he had bad intentions for you. Such men love to get things done their way all the time. They have no regard for what you think, how you feel, and how their actions can affect you. After being super needy, this is another obvious red flag.

Compromise can be in getting you to do the things he wants and also in reducing your standards. For example, for some reason, you've decided to be celibate before marriage. 

This man, however, doesn't agree with your decision and forces you to change your mind by sending you inappropriate texts, or he jokingly shows you news you'd rather not indulge in simply because he loves it. Such a man doesn't care about you, and only thinks about his comfort.

8. He's great at making excuses

No one tells a great white lie like the man who has bad intentions for you. This man is to be feared. He shows you blatant disrespect by never being accountable for his actions. 

This man hates it when he's reprimanded, especially when it's in relation to how he treats you. He doesn't see anything wrong with how he treats you, or how he speaks to you, and when his attention is brought to it he's quick to come up with flimsy excuses. 

9. He doesn't have friends

he doesn't have friends

With all the signs we've mentioned, you might think that such a guy will be avoided by many. The truth is, he most likely is! Any man with bad intentions for you might generally be a lame human and friend to have near you. It is highly likely that those he once called friends have ditched him because of all his lies and lack of regard for any relationship. 

Many toxic or evil people don't see anything wrong with being alone. They love it because they don't see the benefit of having people to talk to, or listen to them when they're down. Their primary focus is to cause hurt, break hearts and move on. 

10. Even animals can't stand him

Believe it or not, animals have a great sense of people's innermost intentions, even without professional training. If your pet is usually riled up by the presence of your guy, chances are they know he's about to hurt you. 

They are aware of his bad vibe, and it gives them the creeps. Study your pet's reaction to the arrival of your partner and take it as a sign. Animals can't lie, so when they show you signs, be sure to listen to them. One thing is for sure, they'll save you from a lot of painful feelings.

11. He hides you

 If a guy loves and wants you in his life he's not afraid to show you off. Hiding you is one of the many signs that a man comes into contact with you only because he sees you as a temporary fling. 

12. He admires other women

he admires other women

We all check other women out, it's a natural act and often doesn't mean anything. A guy who can't control himself and is always checking out other women in front of you truly has no regard for your feelings. He might only be in your life to cause great emotional damage. Such a man is showing you boldly that he plans on being unfaithful, without placing any kind of priority on you and your relationship.

13. He never contributes

A man who isn't willing to contribute to activities or purchases you make as a couple might be in your life with bad intentions. He is a selfish individual who doesn't have a generous spirit. Such a man should be avoided at all costs. 


How can you tell if someone has bad intentions?

Anyone with bad intentions towards you might give themselves away via their body language. Someone who doesn't have your interest at heart or harbors negative feelings towards you might belittle you in subtle ways. They might also feed you countless lies that your gut feeling can identify.

A person's intentions towards you can also be evident in the words they use, the look in their eyes, and many more. A nice guy might have bad intentions for you and will make you feel less than who you really are. He might make use of humor as a means of belittling you, he might belittle your fears and lastly, he will keep things vague with regard to your relationship.

How do I know if he has good intentions?

One of the obvious signs that you're with a man who has good intentions for you is when he talks about his future with you. This means, unlike those with bad intentions he plans on sticking around for the long-term and has your interest at heart.

Men with positive intentions are great because they're genuinely eager to move forward with you as a team. He is never afraid to admit that he wants you, and he never flinches when questions about the future come from you or his friends and family.

Body language comes to play even with men of good intentions. They're happier and truthful, they uphold your thoughts and dreams and they help you reach them. They are ever the nice guy, keeping in touch with those close to you, to know more about what you like and dislike.

How do you know if he's playing you?

Dating early on in life has a higher chance of exposing you to men who are players. This is simply because when you're new to the dating scene, you're none the wiser. You love the feeling of freedom and choice, and you make choices based more on your feelings than anything else.

If you're in this stage or phase and you want to identify players from people with positive intentions, check their actions towards you. A guy who's there to play with your feelings often does not keep to his promises.

A player makes plans with you and changes his mind at the last minute. He hardly tells you things about himself, but he's always willing to know more about you. He's a toxic person with his words and makes you doubt yourself and your abilities.

How do you read a guy's intentions?

To know if a man has good or bad intentions, you should be able to read him and his intentions. There are some men who like to keep things vague, simply because they don't see a future with you.

There are others who make you feel special by opening up to you and being consistent in their actions. These people show you how important you are to them, and how much further they want to go with you.

Reading a guy's intentions is best done by looking at his actions. Does he make plans and stick to them? Does he get very shy around you? Does he care to know more about you, your friends, and your family? Or is he nonchalant with regard to your hopes, dreams, and wishes for the relationship?

How do you tell if a guy is leading you on?

Can you tell when a guy has bad intentions toward you? How about when he's leading you on? Well here are some tips. First and foremost, any guy who decides to lead you on is someone who doesn't want to be with you.

He will make you know that he doubts if he wants to spend his life with you. He might take it a step further by always mentioning one or two of his exes, and comparing you to them.

When a guy is leading you on, you might never hear him say I love you. You might think it's too soon, especially if you're both at a young age, but anyone who wants you won't mind telling you that he loves you. If you guys decide to get intimate, he might always find a way to send you home right after sex.

To Sum Up

I hope this article gave you all the professional training required to differentiate between a great guy and a douchebag. We hope this article gets to as many women as possible sharing it with your female friends will be a great start!

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