6 Definite Signs A Taurus Man Is Cheating On You

Men, in general, show certain clues when they indulge in another woman, but Taurus men show specific ones. This zodiac sign can be known for being loyal, so it can be hard to grasp that a Taurus man is in love with anyone else. I have dated one Taurus. His cheating was the end of our relationship so trust me that it is possible. If you’re wondering about your man, look for these clues that he’s seeing someone else. 

Every man shows telltale signs that he has other women in his life. The Taurus guy will show those, but he may also show specific ones that typically apply to his zodiac. It’s important to keep eyes out for both of them to help you figure out what is going on.

Signs Your Man Is Cheating

Men can try to hide their dirty deeds, but there are telltale things that you can watch out for to see if he has something going on. Every man will leave different clues, however, he will definitely display some of these. 

1. He doesn’t respond when he’s with her

If your man usually responds quickly, but you see sudden silence, it’s one of the biggest clues that something else going on. He’s interested in her so he’s spending time with her. This could be while he’s hanging out with groups of friends or claims to be busy with work. 

2. Password rules have changed

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If he’s had passwords that you don’t know since the beginning, this one doesn’t matter. However, if he used to have one password that you knew or did not lock his phone, but he suddenly changed it that can be pretty suspicious. Remember, there are reasons for sudden changes in behavior. 

3. He rediscovers how great you are

Sometimes, a man may experience guilt when they enjoy time with their side pieces. That turns into them making sure that you get plenty of hugs and romantic gestures. They will be extremely kind instead of the usual irritability. It can make them feel better. 

4. They seem withdrawn

On the flip side of men that become extremely sweet can be those that seem suddenly less open. These guys seem more withdrawn because they share less with you. This is because they have something else on their mind. Their energy has been focused elsewhere. 

5. Sudden changes in schedule

You might see him suddenly running errands During odd hours he did not before, or randomly having to run to the store despite the fact that he hates the store. Those sudden changes in his routine hint that there might be something more to it. He may take longer to do those errands. If it takes him hours to go to the store for some pop, he’s up to something. 

Signs A Taurus Man Is Cheating

Most men display the obvious behaviors previously mentioned, there are key things a Taurus man will do that can be outside of the predictable behavior patterns of other men. Different zodiac signs do things differently. Watch for these things if you think your Taurus is likely to cheat. 

1. Unexplained spending

A Taurus man will enjoy wining and dining his lover, even if it’s his side piece. These guys love luxurious dinners and sensual massages. They relish in sharing their lifestyle with their girl. If he starts suddenly spending money on expensive dinners that do not involve you, he could be seeing someone else. This man will not take random friends he is not emotionally close to the fanciest restaurant in town. 

2. He’ll mentally check out of the relationship

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The Taurus guy has become known for loyalty, but that doesn’t mean that he won’t cheat. Instead, he will mentally check out of the relationship and then he will cheat.

In his mind, the relationship has been over even if he hasn’t made it official yet. If he used to enjoy showering you with kisses, buying you gifts and had a date night planned every week but seems suddenly uninterested, it could be because your Taurus started seeing someone on the side. 

3. He mentioned feeling neglected

A Taurus man will always want to feel loved. If things have fizzled out or you haven’t had time for him lately, he may start looking for that ego boost elsewhere. If he mentioned that the love was gone, or made the comment that he does not feel appreciated, it could mean that he is likely to cheat. 

If your Taurus made those comments before displaying other behaviors mentioned, he more than likely has someone else to make him feel the way that you used to. 

4. He’s trying to impress someone

Taurus will always try to impress someone that they are pursuing. This could be with flattering compliments, or it could be more subtle. They might buy them lunch at work, or offer to mow their grass because their current interest has medical problems. 

Those little behaviors might mean nothing. They can be so small it makes them difficult to spot. The thing to look out for is if they continue to do them for that same someone over and over. If it’s been weeks yet they still help out more than you’re comfortable with, they are either still pursuing them with the intent to cheat or they started sleeping with them. 

5. His needs have changed

They need certain things from others. They love attention, from physical to compliments, cuddles, romance, and the occasional ego stroke. If he used to depend on you for those and no longer does, he probably took it upon himself to find someone to meet his needs. 

You should consider his sexual needs too. If he has gone from being insatiable in the bedroom to wanting little satisfaction, that is one of the red flags that someone other than you could be satisfying him.

6. His appearance changes

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This guy likes to look good for you. If you like his hair in certain styles, he has no problem getting it cut to your liking. If you’ve grown accustomed to this and notice that he suddenly stops wearing the clothes you like or has decided that a completely different hairstyle is better, it could be that he is dressing the way that his new interest may like. This guy likes to feel like he is the center of attention, and he will change his appearance to suit that. 

There is another side to this, though. When a Taurus man does not feel the love in the relationship, he can mentally shut down. The things that were important to him in the relationship, such as taking time to dress the way you like, will take the backseat. 

This version is not the same as when they start cheating. Instead, this refers to when they tend to let go of themselves. Instead of new hairstyles, they may just not get it cut. They might dress in sloppily. This means that they are no longer invested in the relationship and are more likely to cheat.

If you see this happening, it’s time to discuss whatever problems there are before he finds someone else to make him feel butterflies in his stomach.

Why Does A Taurus Man Cheat?

These men are loyal, they remain exceptional providers and want a romance that will last until the day that they die, so it can be hard to understand why they cheat. The fact is, they have to have certain things in the relationship. If they don’t they may find it somewhere else. This could be in a string of women throughout the marriage or in one long affair that results in divorce. 

They like feminine women

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This guy loves feminine women. He wants his wife to look beautiful, put together and he wants to protect her. They are the gentlemen of astrology, and happy to be prince charming, but only for their princess. If they cannot protect you, they will want to protect someone else. 

His ego needs constant reassurance

These guys are sensitive, especially to criticism. If he doesn’t feel like the best, he will enjoy other women paying him compliments. When he cheats, he feels like he is on top of the world, something that he needs emotionally. 

Trust is vital 

This guy needs trust more than anything. If they do not feel that they can trust you, it will put a gap in the relationship. Fix that gap or they will find someone that they can trust. It’s important to use effective communication to figure out what is wrong, and for both of you to work together to repair the situation.

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Is Taurus faithful?

Usually, Taurus can be faithful, but there are exceptions. It’s typical for cheating Taurus to be emotionally done with the relationship, not break up yet and cheat. To them, they are single in their mind so they often do not feel guilty about this. 

How do you know if a Taurus is over you?

His actions speak volumes. This guy will stop taking the time to impress you, and will no longer put effort into his appearance just for you. His level of affection towards you will become non-existent. 

Can you trust a Taurus woman?

Yes. The female bull is just as cautious as her male counterparts, but she can be loyal and trustworthy. She is not the type to stray easily, but she will if she feels that the two of you are already over. 

How does a Taurus show love?

This guy shows love by showering their partner with affection, money, and protection. They take time to carefully plan dates and may give small gifts. Expect sensual massages, rose petals and more from them as they are true romantics at heart. 

Does Taurus fall in love easily?

Yes. They love romance and being in love, so they tend to fall fast, fall hard and expect it to last. Typically, this sign will be cautious until they decide you are trustworthy, and then they will want your relationship to last for years. 

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