Should I Text My Ex? (What You Need To Consider)

You should probably only contact your ex if you want to be back together with them. If you are contacting them just so you can try and get closure, you are likely wasting your time. Even if you do receive answers to your questions, these answers are likely going to lead to new questions. It definitely won’t give you the closure you are looking for or help you get over them. 

Texting can be a useful way to get your ex-boyfriend back if you broke up with each other. However, if you use this tool incorrectly you could risk losing him forever. This article will give you some tips on whether you should text your ex-boyfriend and how to use text messages in the right way if you are trying to get back together with your ex-boyfriend. 

If you are wondering how to get your ex back fast by text message then continue reading this article.

Why Start Off With A Text Message?

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Text messages are probably a better way to contact your ex compared to email or call him. If you send an email it will be really hard to have a conversation with them, and a call may make him think that you want him to do something for you. 

An email may suggest that you don’t want to take to him and may lead him to think that you want to end the relationship completely, you want to move on or you just want closure. A text message is probably just right when you want to contact your ex. He will wonder why you are contacting him and this curiosity may make him become attracted to you again. 

If you start a text conversation with your ex-boyfriend, you may be able to build a rapport with him again and maybe even start to build up the trust between the two of you. However, you need to be careful about what you text your ex if you want him to revive his attraction for you. If you want him back then be careful with what you do text him. 

So, Should I Text My Ex?

You can’t simply message whatever is in your head and expect him to come running back to you. Moreover, if you send him the wrong message he will likely be completely turned off by you and will lose any attraction he ever had for you. Sending the wrong text messages to your ex may make you lose him forever if you are not careful about it. 

Texting is often seen as important in reconnecting with your ex after you have broken up with each other. If you want to get your ex-boyfriend back with the right messages then keep reading this article. It will help you figure out how to text him for the first time after the breakup and how to turn these first messages into a more meaningful conversation again. 

When should you text your ex?

Before you text your ex you may consider why you are texting him, whether you want to get back together with him, whether it is a good idea to get back together even if you want to and whether anything has changed that will improve your relationship if you want to be back together. This will help you decide if it is a good idea to text him in the first place. 

Maybe you are considering texting your ex because you want him back, because you miss him, because you just feel like talking to him or because you have questions that you want to ask him and you want closure from him. You might want to try again because you still love him because you think you can’t live without him or the breakup is too painful to stand. 

You may want to try again at your relationship but it may not be a good idea. Consider this when you are thinking of getting your ex back. Think about whether it is actually a good idea to try again in your relationship. You may think it is if you promise yourself not to make any mistakes this time because he is special and you have never loved anyone like him. 

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It is also important to consider whether anything has even changed since your break up. If you try again at your relationship will anything even be different? You may be considering that you will do whatever he needs to make sure that he doesn’t leave, you have figured out what mistakes you made and you won’t make them again, and you will do anything to keep him this time. 

However, these things may not be the right reasons to text your ex. You should only consider texting him if you want to try again in a relationship with your ex. You are likely wasting your time if you are messaging him because you feel like you need closure. This will probably only lead you to want the answers to more and more questions. 

It won’t help you to get over him and it probably won’t give you any closure at all. If you are only contacting him because you miss him, then this will probably make you look a bit needy and it will likely put him off wanting to text you. Also, just because you are thinking in this way does not mean that your ex feels these things too. 

Would the relationship work if your ex no longer loves you, if he is fine without you or if he is not feeling the pain that you are feeling after the breakup? It may be a difficult thing to consider but your ex may not feel the same way that you do. It won’t make any difference to how he feels about you, you can’t force him to love you. 

Consider whether the reasons are the right wants for you, to want him back in your life. If he doesn’t feel the same way as you then no text is going to convince him to come back into your life. Just because you would do anything for the relationship to work, doesn’t mean it is the right thing to do at this moment in time. 

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If you can see all of your mistakes now and you can promise that you won’t make them again, then why did you not do this when you were still in the relationship? It is easy to look back now and say that you wouldn’t make these mistakes again but in reality, it is not that easy, if it was, then you wouldn’t have had to break up in the first place. 

Changing behaviors and habits takes a lot of time and work. So if you just broke up with someone it is likely that these issues still remain and nothing has really changed since your last relationship. He also has no cause to believe that you will act differently this time around. He probably has no reason to want to try the relationship again if this is the case. 

If you do really want him back then you need to really work on yourself so that things will actually have changed if you give the relationship another shot. Only when you have figured out these personal issues will you be ready to talk to your ex again and possibly give the relationship another shot. 

It is probably a good thing to practice zero contact before you do decide to text your ex again. You need time and space to work on yourself and figure out any personal issues that caused the breakup of your relationship with his ex. There is no point rushing into anything again if things haven’t really changed anyway. 

Should you text your ex on his birthday

If you are wondering should I contact my ex on his birthday then keep reading. If you are practicing zero contact at the moment with your ex then there is no reason for you to text your ex on his birthday or on any other special occasion for that matter. Texting him on his birthday or another special occasion will not help the situation at all. 

He may think that you are using the fact that it is his birthday or it is another special occasion as a means to start talking to each other again. This may backfire on you as he may see it as you being needy. If you want to text him make sure it is for the right reasons, and don’t just use his birthday as a reason to start up a conversation. 

If you do really want to say happy birthday to him or you want to text your ex on a special occasion then make sure that you keep the text short and sweet. You shouldn’t use this text as a way to start a new conversation with him. Don’t follow up wishing him a happy birthday by asking him how he has been lately. This may make you look desperate. 

If you do want to text him on his birthday, just wish him well and leave it at that. Avoid starting a new conversation with him about other things. Keep the text short and don’t let the conversation carry on too long or it may look like you used the occasion just as a means to start talking to him again. If he asks you a question, answer but don’t extend the conversation too much. 

How to text your ex?

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Texting your ex does not always have to be overly difficult and complicated. It may be easy to overthink this situation but try not to put too much pressure on this. This is one of the things that may ruin your one chance of getting together with him again if you stress too much and appear desperate or needy in the process. 

You want him to start looking forward to texts from you, to be excited when you do text him and have a conversation with you. You also want him to start being the one to initiate a conversation with you over texts and eventually progress to having phone calls or maybe even going on a date somewhere. 

It is also important that if you do start texting your ex again to remember not to send him any negative texts. If you want him back in your life nothing good is going to come out of you telling him negative things or things that you are still annoyed at him about. Texts that are filled with threats and hate will only make you both feel worse. 

You need to make him remember the good things in your relationship. You want him to associate texting you with being excited and being happy, so avoid texting your ex anything negative. If you don’t have interesting conversations with him, he will start to think of you as boring or negative. 

Try practicing zero contact with him for a while. He will then in this time be able to forget all of the negative things that happened in your relationship and start reminiscing about the good time he shared with you.

How often to text your ex?

You probably should avoid texting or receiving texts from your ex every day. You want to eventually start texting each other more frequently but keep it slower at the start. If you start messaging him every hour, it may cause him to want to back off if things are moving too quickly. Only send him a few texts at first and gradually increase the frequency. 

If you build up the frequency slowly, it will feel natural again and he will start to get used to having you back in his life. However, if it moves too fast, this may ruin things with your ex altogether. Also, remember never to double text unless you have received a text from your ex first don’t text him twice. 

Keep the conversation interesting, don’t text too often and don’t stress too much. Gradually increase the frequency until you are texting them most days and he is also initiating texting conversations. 

What to text him?

If you have had no contact with your ex for a few weeks and you want him back, you may be wondering how to start talking to him again. Try mentioning a memory that you shared together. This will help you to reconnect with your ex and remind them of something good to do with your relationship together.

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Make sure that it stays light-hearted and possibly humorous as you want to make sure that you don’t come across as negative or needy. You could also try asking him for advice or asking his opinion on something that he is good at or you know that he is interested in. 

If something really bad caused the breakup then it may be necessary to talk about what happened first before you can move on to normal conversations. Apologize for what happened and tell him how you have changed since the breakup. 

As A Final Note…

If you are wondering whether to message your ex then hopefully this article has helped you to figure out what to do next. Getting your ex back through texting can be a tricky thing to do but it is possible. Don’t stress too much, try not to come across as needy and take some time to figure out what you really want. 

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