Should I Text Him Back After He Ignored Me? (7 Things To Think About)

Ever felt like you and this guy were heading somewhere and all of a sudden he starts ignoring your text messages? And you start wondering if he just backed out of your life like that, or he is just taking his time before he replies to your messages.

When a guy ignores your text message this could make you feel bad and devastated. But at the same time, you still have that urge in you to text him. However, you doubt if he is going to reply since he’s ignored your message already.

Most times, when he doesn't reply to your text messages, you may just decide to let him go. However, if you have developed some kind of feelings for him, letting go might just be a difficult task— most especially if you have put more into the relationship.

This can leave you in a state of confusion, that you begin to ask yourself what to do next? “Will he ignore my text again, or should I text him back after he ignored me?” 

If you find yourself in this situation, then don't worry you are in the right place. Here are seven things to think about before deciding if you want to send that text back.

7 Things To Think About Before Texting Him Back

1. Ask yourself his reason for ignoring your messages

ask yourself his reason for ignoring your message

This is a big question you must ask yourself before jumping to a conclusion, why is he ignoring me? The more you get a clearer picture of this answer the more you will be able to figure out what is wrong.

So many relationships have broken up due to lack of understanding, if you have a partner that isn't too attached to his phones then you should know he might not be ignoring you intentionally. 

There are various reasons why he could be ignoring you

So, explore all your options first before deciding to text him again or not. When doing this if you ever realize he doesn't have a good reason for not texting back then there’s no need to send more messages.

At the same time, don't forget communication is key instead of texting him. You could call him and have a conversation on how you feel, be open and free to discuss this. Try and figure out what's going on in his life, he might just open up to you.

2. Evaluate if he is interested in you

Knowing how much he values you is very important. The more you know about his affections towards you, the better. How much does he respect your relationship? Does he want you in his life or does he show interest in talking to you? 

One thing you don't want to do is force a relationship to work when one party doesn't want it to, you deserve more.

If you are in a relationship and you know your man is interested in you do not hesitate to reach out to him again. Don't let pride get the best part of you. If you are not dating this guy, then there is a probability that he is just a playboy and was just trying to explore one of his options. Men that have open options will probably be texting more girls than they can remember. 

But I advise if you think he is important. then you can try texting him one more time to know if he will reply. After this, if he doesn't still give you attention then this is a sign you should let him go. 

You deserve someone better than him— someone that will give you all the attention you need in the world. 

3. Check his personal life

I know finding a way to get these answers might be difficult but you need to try and learn more about him. Who is he? Is he an open person? Does he like his space? Who are his friends? Is he a serious person? Is he a player? Does he like isolating himself from people when he is going through things? 

It is important that you know and understand these things because that is the only way you can be well equipped to handle the situation properly. If you have an idea of his personality, you’ll understand such situations more. It would be like reading an open book. Although it’s not good to assume, sometimes, making presumptions until you get your facts right may help you calm down. 

No replies or late replies and lack of punctuality may be a sign that he is no more interested in you. He could also be afraid of commitment and can't open up to tell you this. So, the best way to handle this kind of situation is to first understand the guy more. Also, be open to accepting whatever you get out of your findings.

4. Am I the problem? 

am i the problem

Texting a guy every second, minute, and hour of the day, chasing him up and down, or leaving him a series of texts could make the guy intentionally ignore you. So, you must question yourself and be truthful, are you the toxic one?

Sometimes, you may feel ignored but in reality, he is not even ignoring you. You just send too many texts and you overdo everything. One thing men are known for is a loving mystery. The more they know about you, the less interested they get. That means if you’re too open with them initially, they’ll easily get tired. They like to chase women who seem like a challenge to them so put more effort into being mysterious.

You will most likely feel ignored when you are up and about in his face or message box more than necessary. Also, some men feel pressured when their relationship is getting serious so they panic and distance themselves a bit to weigh their choices and avoid the rush. This doesn’t mean he doesn't love you anymore so just give him space.

5. Does he always ignore you?

Is this the first time he is ignoring you? Is he the type that ignores you more than you appreciate? If he always gives excuses when you text him back after he ignored you for some time, does it sound genuine?

Does he just send a casual ‘hey' or apologizes for his late reply and gives a good reason for not being more prompt with the reply? 

If you only got a ‘hey' or ‘sup' then he is not interested in you and he doesn’t deserve you. It’s time you open another chapter of your life and close this one by blocking him. Don’t give him more room to make you feel less. Don’t be that girl who ignores the obvious because she is yearning for attention.

6. Did something urgent come up?

You need to think more carefully before deciding not to text him back. He could be genuinely busy or caught up with something more important at the time. Anything could have happened, from family emergencies to important deadlines and even something more drastic like an accident. 

Even though you feel like he is doing this intentionally, you must give your man the benefit of doubt. Whether you text him back when he ignores you or not, make sure you talk to him about your concerns and be more open when doing this. It may be hard to ignore the situation and just move on, that is why I suggest that you talk to him about it. 

This will make you understand things better. Having a proper conversation with him is important, you both have to talk about the problem and set rules that must be followed. Setting important rules is just a sign of respect for each other and to avoid such an event from repeating itself next time.

7. Is he a playboy?

is he a playboy

Some men are very smart and manipulative, he can intentionally play with your heart, spend time with you, get to know you, and act very open with you—all because he wants something from you. 

The worst is when they treat you more special than any guy ever has, so you don’t question their true intentions

After getting what they want, some men would go as far as ignoring your text, just to play with your head. They’ll put you in a position where you ask yourself more questions almost every day when they switch up on you. 

So should you text back a guy like this? I’d advise against it, nothing you do might change their ways, so don’t send any more texts, rather delete his number. If you’re still unsure, you could also open up to a friend, so you know more about your decision.


Should I text him back after he ignored me for days? 

Before texting him back, it is better you have some clues of why he is ignoring you first, and try re-evaluating his level of interest in you. If he is a manipulator and doesn't show interest in you, then don't text him back.

Will ignoring his texts make him miss me? 

Yes this works for the majority of men, they naturally love the chase, so when you ignore a man he automatically feels like he is losing something precious and he tends to want it back more, men never want to be losers.

Do guys come back after you ignore them? 

This depends on why they started ignoring you though. If you both had issues, he might just have walked away for good, if you guys weren't on bad terms there is every possibility he will come back.

Why is he ignoring my texts all of a sudden? 

He could be very busy with work, or he may want to take things slow with you. Plus, he probably has someone else or he is no more interested in you. Also, maybe he isn't good with keeping a conversation so he’d rather not text back.

What to do if a man ignores you? 

The first thing to do is to try and communicate with him through various means and if he doesn't give you listening ears, then let him go, or give him space. You should also try to be open and vulnerable. This could help too.

In Conclusion

I hope you found this article helpful. You must tell yourself the truth, be open to corrections, and know you deserve more. If he isn't willing to invest more time into your relationship, just walk away. A man that truly loves you can't ignore you intentionally for too long. Let me know what you think, and please don't forget to share this article with others.

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